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on July 1, 2014
Failed at 14 months of age. First audio then video. Disconnecting and reconnecting power brought it back to life for about 15 minutes before failure happened again. Really disappointed after all the time we spent researching prior to purchase. Forget about trying to get service from Samsung. Filling out service requests on their website results in silence. Next will be LED from Costco as I've lost all faith in Samsung.
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I loved this TV until it abruptly stopped working after 2 years. Attempts to fix it have been futile. I've called Samsung several times and received terrible support. In fact, they drop me on transfers, don't have real advice, lost my case number twice, etc.

I recommended this TV to four friends who all purchased. Now I feel bad that I have a $2,000+ paper weight.

If it helps someone else, here is my problem:
Although the TV has power, I am not able to produce a video picture. When plugged in there is a steady red light. When I power the TV on, the red light will flash five times. Upon powering the TV on, I can hear a barely audible mechanical click (which sounds normal) there is a brief 1 frame flash of pixels as if there is colored static and it returns to a black screen. I know the TV is receiving some power because if I turn the audio way up, I can hear sound as I navigate the menus blindly.

Steps I've Tried:
1) I contacted Samsung, they were not any help. In fact, they lost my case number and the numbers they gave me on the phone are apparently "not the correct case number". heh. Go figure.
2) I unplugged the TV several times and even let it "sit" for a week hoping some fairy would magically fix it
3) I have searched the internet far and wide and although I can see others have similar problems, I am unable to see what solution I'd take to fix a $2,000+ TV when money doesn't grow on trees well enough to replace it.

Save your money, get something else.
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on December 2, 2014
I have loved this TV every day since owning it, until today...

As others have already said it has a power issue after 2 years. Today is around the 2 year and 6 month point for this TV and it is turning on for a bit and then going dark. Some times the LED light just blinks on the front without the TV turning on.

I will try to have them repair it, however, it is out of warranty at this point. Perhaps a class action lawsuit will help change their minds as it did for folks who had capacitor issues on older TVs.
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on March 16, 2013
I have had many plasma TV's over the years. Plasma TV's have come a long way in terms of reliability and maintenance IMHO. I have owned and still do own two 50" Panasonic Plasmas and a 58" Samsung Plasma. Now with the addition of this 60" for my "man room" I am very happy.

Out of the box the picture is good. I currently have it in MOVIE mode and I am quite happy with the results. You can have this TV or any TV professionally calibrated. Be aware with any Plasma TV you have to wait a minimum of 150-200 hours (recommended by industry) to have it calibrated. I have yet to self calibrate it myself and I have yet to play any of PS3 on it. I currently have (TV is on now as I write this) about 40 hours on this set. There are a bunch of web site that can give you calibrated settings for this TV, but be aware that everyone's room conditions (ambient light for instance) is very different. Just be aware that settings online may not fit your situation.

I posted a few pictures of my room setup. This TV does and will reflect light from windows or even a table lamp while you are viewing. The only plasma sets I have ever seen that really combats the reflectivity was the Pioneer Elite and the "V" Series Panasonic's. Having said that I am very happy with this TV in regards to the light reflectivity that this screen has.

As far as color is concerned, this TV reproduced black levels extremely well. Again outside of a "V" series Panasonic that I also was able to view, I am very happy with it. Skin tones, white and grey reproduction is on point for me. I am watching the World Baseball Classic on MLBHD and the picture pops out. If I may suggest before purchasing any TV you purchase, is to see it in person first (if possible of course). Go to the big blue and yellow store as I did first to compare the two TV's I had in mind, then look for the best price. Here on Amazon this TV was $500 cheaper than there advertised price.

Now lets get down to the SMART features of this TV. The gesture control is at best fair. It does take some practice to get used to, but in reality I don't use it. This TV is part of a home theater set up and I use a receiver for video and sound anyway. Voice navigation is again at best fair. If the room is at all noisy the TV will not recognize your voice. There is an additional remote that comes with this TV and it has a built in speaker that you can talk into and it does a fair job. Again I use the remote more to do anything over the voice navigation. I cannot speak of how the video camera works (I don't use any social networking site or apps either) so I can't elaborate on those features.

3D is awesome IMHO! I do not see any cross talk as others have stated with this set. I have watched Wreck It Ralph and Finding Nemo in 3D and it is mind blowing. Colors and picture depth are on point and then some! The glasses that are included are comfortable to wear through an entire movie. They are powered by one CR2025 battery. Pairing them to the TV was painless and easy. The only downfall to these glasses are that they are open on the sides. If you have any light source to the sides of the open areas of your glasses, I can see it being as distracting. Until I find another set, these will do just fine and are really priced right.

Overall this TV was a killer buy! It has plenty of options to tweak the picture to your liking. It has a very attractive frame and it small so your eyes focus on the picture rather than the frame of the TV itself. Oh there is no "buzzing" effect as some have stated on this set that is audible. Unless you are specifically looking for it, this should not be a concern. I don't know if I have left anything out, but if you have any questions, please fell free to ask and I will do my best to address them. This is not my first go around with Plasmas and by far this has been my best.
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on May 3, 2015
Today my Samsung PN60E8000 TV broke after 2 years due to the power problem which I am seeing an issue for lot of other people. I had Sharp TVs earlier and they never had any problem. I guess I will never buy a Samsung TV again. If it's a common issue in their tvs they should fix the issue voluntarily by contacting their customers. That's the least they can do to keep their brand name. In fact they charge high price for their TVs and in return customers get inferior quality products.
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on June 10, 2013
I won't bore you with a long review here. I read the reviews about cracked screens, loud buzzing, image retention, and the various other reported problems with this set. I am glad I decided to go to CNET and watch their video review in which the reviewer states this is the best picture he has ever seen on a Samsung tv. I am also very happy I read reviews on other tech sites and forums where it was stated this set had the best 3d they had ever seen. I pulled the trigger and have had the set for a little over a week now and I have been breaking it in strictly on HD programming. The set now has 100 hours of use on it. As far as the "breaking in" period goes Samsung says there is no need to break the new plasma sets in. There is much contention about this on various tech forums and I just decided to play it safe and get at least one hundred hours on it before I played any video games or watched standard definition stuff.

Needless to say there is NO LOUD BUZZING. Sorry about the caps but I wanted to stress this fact. I don't know about anyone who reported this but my personal experience has been no detectable noise at all comes from this set. This also includes the people who claim to hear the plastic expanding and contracting from the heat of having the set on for long periods of time. NONE HERE!

There is no image retention at all on this set. I did use some quick calibration settings from a certain tech site before I started using the set because I wanted to make sure this did not happen. Some folks recommend you set the tv at it brightest level while breaking it in. I chose not to do this because of image retention or burn in. Instead I dimmed the bright level and just broke it in on hd programming only using the calibration settings I found.

The picture on this television is as beautiful as you would expect from a plasma set. This is my first one after having DLP and LED sets. This is actually replacing a Samsung 61 inch LED set I have had for around four years. The picture on that set was excellent or so I thought. I now understand when someone says LED looks washed out compared to Plasma. The colors are so much richer and vibrant on the Plasma set. Blacks are inky and deep just like they should be. You won't get this on an LED set.

Yes, the screen is glossy. My living room window is to the right of where I have the set placed. I have regular curtains on it and they do an adequate job of blocking the light when I use them. Most of the time I just leave them as they are which is cracked open a bit and there is no problem. I like the glossy screen and watch most of my tv at night anyway so this is not an issue. Don't worry about the glossy screen.

I love 3d movies and have been a 3d nut since childhood. I have seen many of the classics and most of the 80's stuff at the theater. I own anaglyphic copies of every 3d movie ever made it seems I wondered why everything wasn't in 3d when I was a So it is with great pleasure I say that the 3d on this set is everything I had hoped for and more. So far I have watched Dial M For Murder, My Bloody Valentine, Piranha, Resident Evil:Afterlife, and Creature From the Black Lagoon. The 3d was excellent in all of them especially the ones that were shot in 3d and not converted. All of the above except Piranha were shot in 3d. When you are watching something in 3d on this set it looks as though you are staring through a window into another world. The depth is there and some items do appear as if they are off the screen and in your lap. Perfect. This tv will also convert 2d into 3d. Not expecting any miracles I tried this a few times on baseball and a few films. It definitely adds depth and works to a certain extent. I would say better than expected but would you want to use this all of the time? I doubt it. Nice to have though. The glasses that are included are fine and work very well but you may want to seek out another pair if you feel these let in to much light. I watch in a dark room so they don't bother me. Those that say 3d is just a gimmick either don't know what they are talking about or have no respect for it at all. 3d truly does make a film more immersive experience and adds a certain level of fun and audience participation to films. If Martin Scorcese backs it people should listen and he is pushing to have ALL of the classic 3d films released to blu ray. House of Wax with Vincent Price will be released on 10.1/2013. I can't wait for this one!

My opinion is you can't go wrong with this set. I had to order it twice though. The first time the delivery company CEVA called me and said the box was so damaged they were not even going to bother bringing it. They sent it back. I had to re-order the set but this time instead of using free super saver shipping I paid the shipping fee and it was delivered by Pilot this time around with no issues. The good news is the price had dropped around 200.00 when I ordered it the second time. I would also recommend paying the shipping fee and skipping the free shipping even though as much as you pay for these TV's I know it is tempting to do.
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on April 18, 2012
Received the tv approximately one week ago. The fit, finish and quality of the PN60E8000 is excellent. The functionality of the basic features is superb but there are plenty of opportunities for improvement.

First and most important, picture quality is outstanding; great colors, no jitter or other distractions. Also, no humming noises - just nothing to complain about. Netflix streaming and digital audio out via optical cable back into the Audio Video Receiver in our home theater system is outstanding. Using the optical cable allows you to feed the audio received directly from the internet into your tv back into your home theater system speakers instead of using the tv's speakers. By the way, this tv's speakers are excellent and loud. I don't use them in our setup but tested them and they work very well. Also, a keyboard and mouse may be useful for use with this tv's web and apps interface; I generally stream Netflix into our home theater system via the Blu-Ray player because it has an easier interface to work with so the sound is piped through the AVR right into the tv along with the video.

Overall, setup was straight forward. But, like most computing systems, setup is where things always seem to get a bit challenging. It's a new unit to us and there are so many features. Samsung made an effort to simplify things through their automated setup process and most of it is clear. And, I called Samsung support toll free when I did have an issue and they provided the answer within 5 minutes.

I agree with a previous reviewer that voice recognition and motion control are not seemless. There's more development work that needs to be done to optimize these features. The digital remote control is interesting but Samsung would be doing great if they could buy Logitec and their Harmony remote controls to more fully integrate remote control features into a home theater system. If you're just controlling the tv with the Samsung remote, it works perfectly.

Shipping and recieving via Pilot was excellent. They delivered on time, handled the boxed unit carefully, unboxed and tested the tv and remote control, were polite and even removed their shoes without being asked.

Will post additional updates.
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on September 19, 2012
First let me say I am not a tech expert or videophile. I bought this because I had an older tube television. My old TV still works great (now in the guestroom), but I just thought it was time to move up. My son and I love TV, and I was really attracted to the 3D capability. I purchased the TV about three months ago after doing some research. I was a bit put off by some of the negative reviews here, but I decided to take a chance. Almost three months later I am very happy I did. Right from the box I noticed this was like no TV I had ever seen before. I put on one of my son's Disney movies (Cars) on BlueRay, and I was just blown away by the definition and the vibrant colors. I didn't notice any buzzing or humming, and I still haven't. No burn in either. My son and I also love the 3D feature which I feel surpasses anything I have seen in a movie theater. 3D greatly enhances the entertainment experience. Friends and relatives who have watched the TV all agree with this. Many comment that the picture is the finest they have ever seen. This is certainly true for me. I am very satisfied with my purchase. It is an excellent value. This TV is amazing, and we have spent many hours enjoying this fine product. One aspect I can't comment on is face or voice recognition. I haven't set either of them up. Perhaps I am one of the lucky ones, but I give this product my highest rating.
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on May 4, 2013
I love it, but then I love big tvs. It has a great picture. It's got a lot of kitchy features, which work but they are a little glitchy so you have to learn how to use them. The 3D is very good, and I was surprised to learn that the 3D worked for Call of Duty on my Playstation 3. The conversion is pretty good too. I usually watch spots in 3D if they aren't on ESPN3D. Most other TV I watch in 2D. If you are going to use the smart capabilities you are definitely going to need some kind of keyboard. I got the Samsung model. It was expensive, but it works pretty well. It's bluetooth so you can use it for other devices that use bluetooth such as many tablets including iPads, and it's customized for the TV so you can use it like a remote (which isn't really practical unless you're already using the keyboard).

My one real complaint is that the picture in picture only seems to work for different sources, so you can't have a cable channel in the main screen and a different channel in the picture in picture box - it has to be a different source I think. That makes the picture in picture pretty much worthless to me. Also, the "special" remote that pairs with the IR blaster is worthless, along with the IR blaster. I wasn't really expecting them to be cool so that's why I am not really holding it against the TV.

The TV you buy is going to depend on what features are important to you and your budget. I rated it 5 stars because I wanted a big TV with an excellent picture and this TV definitely met my expectations, and the 3D was a pleasant surprise for me. If you buy this TV, or any other for that matter, look up your model and find some recommended picture settings. It makes a big difference. I like CNET.

Oh, and I read about some humming. I was a little worried about it cause I read about it in several posts. I now think that I was insane for ever thinking twice. If you put your ear within 2 inches of the TV with volume at 4 or lower, you can hear a very, and I do mean very, small buzzing noise. You will essentially never watch the TV at less than 4 volume and I'd have to question your sanity if you're watching a 64 inch TV from 2 inches away. I would have never known about this "problem" if I didn't read reviews (not that you shouldn't read reviews, obviously since I'm writing one).
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on March 17, 2013
I read so much stuff about this TV. A lot good and a lot bad. Amazon'a scratch n dent selection was very tempting because of the price. I've read delivery nightmares, sound quality reviews, picture quality reviews etc, etc. I eventually just said "go for it and find out". Absolutely everything about this experience was terrific. I love, love my TV. I can put my movies on a flash drive in almost any format and plug it in the TV and watch. I don't need a Blue Ray player to watch my movies. The 3D is terrific even off the flash drive. The buzzing sound some people talk about does not happen at all. Watching a plasma TV in a bright room is no problem at all. I don't know what all the fuss is about in some other reviews. The minor imperfections that are supposed to be on it somewhere I can't even find. The TV is perfect.
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