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on January 3, 2013
This isn't a smartphone, but it is pretty simple to use once you take the time to figure it out.

We bought it for one of our teenagers who doesn't have the kind of social life that requires a big cell plan. We decided to get the S390G because of the 3 G capabilites. Our family cell phone plan doesn't include 3G, but we don't have need of it most of the time anyway. We all have smartphones, but our carrier allows purchase without dataplan so we just use wifi. Anyway, that's why we decided on this Tracphone. When we go on trips, this phone should allow us to do any browsing for information we may require. It's pretty simple to get wifi running. He loves the ability to watch youtube videos, and look up things using the wifi. Also, if you download youtube videos to the mini sd card you can actually watch them on the phone (mp4). To view them, he had to go to camera, and view, play and then it will say too large; but then hit the arrow play button and an 8 min video will play. Ones that are more like 6 min do work without the error, but I have been able to load a few 1/2 hour sitcoms on that are on Youtube in part 1 2 and 3 segments onto his sd card for him to watch on the phone when there isn't wifi (with the error it just takes one more push of a button).

You can download the OperaMini App into the Games & Apps to browse the web instead of using the built in browser (which is kind of clunky). The Opera browser is much better. So I'm sure there's a few other apps that would work also, but I believe they are all online java apps so they won't really work without the browser so unless I'm wrong about that we won't really use many apps with this phone. And he doesn't have a use for FB or Twitter etc. I'll have to do some more playing with more apps to see what can and can't be done.

The phone does have a calendar, notes, calculator, and alarm. But there's really not a way to sync the calendar with your computer as far as I can figure out. I would imagine there's a google calendar app that may work on it's own with wifi connection...?

My only complaints are:
The browser connection is on the front screen, so you do have to be careful not to connect to the browser if you haven't connected to wifi yet.

It would be real nice if the keyboard was a slide-out so that the actual screen size would be larger.

Have to add contacts manually.

For this price (less than $8.00 a month on the year plan on a triple minute deal), the benefits, and functionality are great.

10/3/13 Have to add that Tracfone Customer service is wonderful. Our son lost the phone, and we purchased another since they are under $20 to replace. They moved the minutes, the plan time 1year, and the phone number to the new phone without hesitation. Not only once, but twice! We activated in Jan 2013, and now have one year of service til June 2014 because of the lost time of not being able to use the phone because we spent 3 months looking the last time he lost one.
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on July 25, 2013
*****As of 7/30/13, Amazon has JACKED UP the price of this phone 29.99. Every order I've ever made from that offered free shipping gets its price jacked up within a week. Guess amazon has gotta raise the price since so many people purchased at 19.99 and got free shipping. THUMBS DOWN FOR AMAZON on this. DO NOT ORDER THIS PHONE @ 29.99. Amazon will lower it again sooner or later.

I am not sure why all the negative reviews of this phone.....just got mine today, and I'm very pleased. Previously, I had a Net10 Samsung Flip Phone, which has a measly 1.5 inch screen. It was good for calls, not much of anything else, although it did have a basic camera.
Then I run upon this S390G I first saw at the Dollar General Store(for $40), so I went looking, and wow, Amazon had it on TRACFONE and for $19.99. What sweetens the deal on this phone is that it gets triple minutes when you add a refill, so basically, I got 360 minutes for $28 (slightly better than AT&T's 10 cent/minute), but get this, my expiration date is 12/23/13.
the phone had 20 minutes on after I activated it ending in 60 days. adding the refill extended the airtime expiration ANOTHER 90 days, so my airtime lasts 5 months (150 days)--versus AT&T's 90 days, and net10's $30 for 300mins/30 days). I just use this phone for emergencies and talk while not at home--infrequent. I love the value in the plan and cost of the phone.

Yeah, the phone has a few quirks, but you get used to them. the space bar/period is annoying, until you push it on the left end. I got wi-fi setup in 3 minutes (not sure why all these other folks say it doesn't work). HECK, I can even access ebay, facebook, and amazon, as well as weather on the browser. (on wi-fi)

Haven't had the 911 calls happen yet.

The screen definately is bigger and the resolution is better than the Samsung Flip Phone.

I haven't figured how to access the contacts quickly without going into 3 menus. (loved the samsung flip phone...just hit the down arrow, and there were all the contacts).

The "trackpad" is quite sensitive, but you get used to it.

All in all, good, cheap phone. Runs on AT&T here, good reception.
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on January 14, 2013
I like this phone I really do. But Houston we have a problem. I can't put it in my pocket with the natural movements of walking sitting, etc. calling the police. I had the police come to my door once, considering this is a prepaid phone that interesting at best. i live with a conspiracy theorist, who just may be right! You know that show "person of interest?" It starts with "You are being watched..." Well darn of they are not right. This is a prepaid cell phone yet they called me back and knew my name and address and sent a car. I loaded 200 minutes on the phone so I can't exactly sent it back. If there is some way to lock the 911 calling out i would love to know it. This is serious business. I know people call 911 for stupid things, The time, a flat tire, etc. I don't want to be one of them. I even tried turning off the phone and it still managed to turn itself on. I am ordering a case in hopes I can figure a way to put it inside so the buttons do not get touched. We came off Att due to poor signal and the excessive cost. My kids picked out different phones and have had no problem. I got the card so i could put photos of the family on, (as Long as they are small, as you need to re-size all you photos you want on the phone. That is a major task. The phone card is designed to hold 4 gig of data. i have no interest in music, as I have nerve damage in my hearing so photos are it. I found a setting on my camera for size for e-mail and Facebook so that should work for the phone. I realize i am gradually going deaf so I am leaning sign. That will be my world eventually. Thing seriously before buying this phone.
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on November 29, 2012
I got this phone in late August to replace a flip phone that wasn't getting good reception. I thought it would be a bonus to have the wifi connection as well. It has been an OK phone. The reception/call quality is good, much better than my flip phone. This wifi connection was very helpful. I used the wifi a lot at first, but then got a tablet so don't need the wifi anymore. The biggest problem I have with this phone is it becoming unlocked in my pocket (big coat pocket or side pocket of my purse). Twice in one day I got a call from 911 saying that they have been receiving calls from my phone and do I need help. How embarassing! Having read that others have this same problem, I turned the phone off. It is not very useful when you need to keep it turned off. Otherwise, the phone was OK. I just (late November) got an LG800 and hope that will suit me better. (Not the LG840 since I don't need the wifi connection anymore.)

Pros: Good call quality/signal strength, wifi connection
Cons: Calls 911 randomly, connects to internet when not intending to (which eats up minutes).
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on February 4, 2013
First, let me say, it dialed 911 on its own as I was fishing for something else in my purse. But do one or two things: (1) Hold down the Alt key for about three seconds to really lock the phone; don't just tap it once. (2) Hold down the End key to turn off the phone and keep holding it until you see the closing screen come on. After that mortifying 911 event, I feel more educated about the phone. But I do turn it completely off if I'm adding it to my purse on a day full of errands.

Have yet to set up internet connection as I'm on a strict budget, but someone in an earlier review gives a great set of instructions for that which I will attempt at a later date.

Love the keyboard. Yes, it is small, but not as small as the virtual keys on my son's screen phone.

And I love the other review where the guy speaks of paying $80 annually for minutes. Way less than the $10/month plans over twelve months. Oh, and y'all should know that while there is a time deadline added to the minutes purchase, they are consecutive not cumulative. They do not overlap even if you buy two separate minutes purchases only like five minutes apart.

And, yes, this is totally superficial, but I love how it looks similar to my friend's BlackBerry.
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on August 20, 2013
I love the phone! It was very reasonably priced, and I love the triple minutes. The phone is easy to use and set up, I had no problem porting my number, and so far I am very happy with it. I am not always using my phone and was tired of paying the high fees for my old cell phone. I don't need a smart phone, and this phone meets my needs. It has a lot of nice features and very reasonably priced--especially with the WI FI option; the memory card slides in on the side making it easy to access, this was an important feature for me. And so far, I haven't made any pocket calls. I haven't had any problems texting, but I may download a better browser so I could have a better choice of free music and games.
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on April 15, 2013
I bought a Samsung S390G in February. The phone was supposed to be WiFi capable. It wasn't. (Yes, I set it up correctly.)

Let me tell you something about Tracfone: their customer service sucks. Big time. I spent two hours on the phone with a young man who did not know how to fix my phone. Finally, he gave me another number to call. You need a PIN to get service from that number--apparently they don't want just anyone calling up and bothering them with minor details like "Your phone doesn't work as advertised and your customer service reps don't know what they're doing."

So I called the new number. A very smart woman (the one person at Tracfone I've dealt with who was knowledgeable and efficient,) told me the phone was borked and they would send me a new phone. After I got the new one set up I was to return the old one to them.

The new one didn't activate correctly. I was left with two deactivated phones.

Two attempts to fix the problem (dealing with bored-sounding people who mumble so that you can barely understand them,) and somebody determines the new phone came with the wrong SIM card.

I lost patience and said I was returning both phones to them and I wanted my money back for one of them (by this time the "Return Window" on my original Amazon purchase had expired.)

Meanwhile I'm out my prepaid minutes, but oh well. At this point I just want to be done with Tracfone for good. Seriously, one defective phone and the replacement came with the wrong SIM? And (with one exception) execrable customer service? Heads up: give Tracfone and their products a pass.
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on August 19, 2013
I've had this phone just over a month . I'm giving it 4 stars because of the stupid 911auto dial (are you listening samsung),and the browser button placement (trac fones fault)

Because of those two faults( my water bottle almost dialed 911) this phone scared me at first , and so I couldnt love it

But a holster and learning to look at the back button fixed those problems

A month later I really like the phone ,it sounds good from both ends even on speaker ,the music player sounds decent and it took a loaded 16g card no prob , the wifi is way fast on any open network ,track is using a different web provider than a few years ago and it seems wide open , even on tracs net the browser is fast ,I downloaded opera mini from the opera site works fine but slower than tracs setup, .

I'm getting old and I need my readers to see the buttons ,,,bummer, and the track pad takes a little getting used to

It gets signal from the mountains around Tucson cricket dident ,and track is way cheaper,,, very cool

I ported in on saterday after 6pm on the web ,it was live 2pm sunday
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on January 22, 2013
I am very pleased with this phone! I've been using Tracfone for years because I don't have the money to pay for Smartphones and their expensive monthly services. However I've always wanted a cellphone with similar features. I believe that this phone comes close.

* It connects to the internet.
If you use Wi-fi, you don't have to spend any minutes.

* It can text quickly.
Finally I can send quick messages without having to triple click the same button for a single letter.

* It can take pictures.
My last phone also had a camera, but these pictures look better and I can put them on my computer using a USB cord (sold separately.)

* I can play good games. I found them while searching the web and downloaded them.

* I can customize my ringtone. I download free midi songs rather than pay for the ones that Tracfone sells.

I am very grateful to the some of the past posters of this product. Their reviews were very informative. If you're looking for a more high tech Tracfone then give this one a chance. It's definitely worth the price.
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on July 2, 2013
The most disappointing:
Evidently a user is supposed to be able to completely manage this phone by using "Samsung PC Studio" (I tried several versions), which includes, backups, contacts, settings and so forth. The truth is, that cannot happen because the phone's operating system will not connect to a PC either by USB or Bluetooth. I am a computer engineer and tried several different things in both Windows XP and Win-7. "PC Studio" resolutely refused to acknowledge the phone was connected. But I was able to connect to the 32G micro-SD card via USB as though it was connected to a card reader. That saves having to removed it from the phone and connect directly to a card reader. But without "PC Studio", I would have to enter 100 contacts and other data, ONE. LETTER. AT. A. TIME. That isn't going to happen! I was also hoping to add my own alarm tones as opposed to spending minutes to get some from Tracfone. Without PC Studio, that function doesn't work either.

The second most disappointing:
I was hoping to replace my Apple iPOD functions with the mp3 reader in the phone. But the functions of the phone's mp3 player are so limited and controls so intractable that, after about a week's experimenting, I decided that really was not a good option. iPOD is much better.

The third thing disappointing:
Right after buying the phone for $30 and spending another $30 for a 32G microSD card which won't get much use (see above), the phone was selling for $21. Bad timing I guess.

On the positive side:
The 390 does have triple minutes, the alarms are handy and work well, the calendar is pretty good, and the calculator is minimal but okay. And it's nice to be able to connect to GSM 2g & 3g.

I bought this particular phone mainly because my view of Samsung quality in products was A++. Now I have revised that to maybe B+. I'm puzzled that anyone would rate this little toy 5-stars. I must be missing something. C'est la vie.

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