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on February 21, 2013
A video giving you the truth about the start up sound...
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on February 8, 2014
Baby monitors are all about peace of mind and security. They need to do their job and they need to be reliable.

When it's working, the 3037W does a good job, nice picture and audio quality, nice screen, good features.

The problem is in reliability.

The 3037W suffers from multiple faults in reliability that make it undependable.
1. "Out of Range" error. Out of no where the unit loses connection to the camera and starts beeping telling you it is "Out of Range". It notifies you with convenient beeping sound. The fix is easy also, put the unit into "pairing mode" then press the button under the camera to reconnect, what could be easier? The problem is when this happens at 3AM, your baby is asleep and the camera is ceiling mounted above the crib! At 3am, go an climd a ladder (above your baby) remove the camera, press a button and put it back without waking the baby. Thank you Samsung for making this so easy.

2. Random freezing. Sometimes it just stops working and doesn't tell you at all. It just freezes the image and stops working. Imagine you're asleep and you hear a screaming baby. You look at your baby monitor and your child appears to be comfortably fast asleep. You turn it off and back on and WHAM your child is screaming their head off and you have no idea how long they may have been crying for since the *expletive* monitor just froze for no reason.

3. Battery life. When it was new, the battery was good, now, after a long and arduous service life of 3 months, the battery life is down to ~30 minutes. We pretend that it doesn't have a battery and move the charger around with it wherever we go.

I came to Amazon this morning to buy a new baby monitor and decided I better write a review to warn others of what they may experience with their units. I'm sure there are others who have had delightful heartwarming experiences with their monitor, but that's not us. Thank you Samsung for numerous sleepless night!
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on December 1, 2012
I have been using a Motorola MBP36 for almost 1 year (purchased on December 2011), and it died on me last month. I have to say MBP36 is quite decent unit until it is broken. Motorola's customer service is absolutely horrible, and they will replace your broken unit with another broken unit. I finally give up with all the hassle and decided to look for another baby monitor. I came up across that Samsung recently released new baby monitors, so I tried SEW-3036, but without pan and tilt, it was no use to me.

Between SEW-3036 and SEW-3037, the price different is $50 and that's the price for pan and tilt function with night light. The parent unit of SEW-3036 and SEW-3037 have very similar design, button layout, and function. In SEW-3037's product description, it advertised as 900 foot coverage when 3036 has 800 foot coverage. But to me, it was pretty much same.

Let's compare between SEW-3037 and MBP36 here:

Resolution: SEW-3037 < MBP36
With level 5 brightness setting, MBP36 looks more colorful than SEW-3037. SEW-3037 is clam and darker display. If you will constantly check the monitor, SEW-3037 will be better because MBP36 is too bright and color smudges when you stare it for long time.

Interface: SEW-3037 > MBP36
Button layout of 3037 is way much better than MBP36 because when you control the baby camera, MBP36 is giving you a hard time since navigation control is located in the left side as vertical line. I always confused with up and down (top two buttons) and right and left (bottom two buttons). On the other hand, 3037's navigation control is round shape which is pretty common for controlling pan and tilt camera and easy to control. Clearly, for controlling the camera unit, 3037 is the winner.

Night Vision: SEW-3037 > MBP36
Because of calm and invisible IR display, 3037 looks better than MBP36 in the night time.

Sound: SEW-3037 > MBP36
The accuracy of sound level is identical between 3037 and MBP36, but 3037 has VOX feature which I really like. I do not know why MBP36 does not have VOX feature when it is pretty much standard for baby monitors. Moreover, accessing volume control in the night with MBP36 gives you pain since you have to go through the main menu to change the volume. On the contrary, 3037's volume control button is located on left side of parent unit which is convenient in the night. 3037 supports mute when MBP36 doesn't.

Pan & Tilt Camera: SEW-3037 > MBP36
Rotating speed and angle is identical. 3037 camera has more slick and professional looking. MBP36 has temperature sensor when 3037 doesn't. Yet, 3037 has night light which can be turned on or off from the parent unit.

In my opinion, these two units are quite identical to each other and have crucial features of baby monitors, but yet, Samsung clearly did their homework to improve down flows of MBP36 by making SEW-3037 more user-friendly and get rid of unnecessary features such as temperature sensor. SEW-3037 is a well-built baby monitor that I highly recommend for anyone. If you are looking for updated version of MBP36, this is it.
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on January 24, 2014
I did a lot of research before purchasing this monitor and am glad I went with this one.

The picture is great. We have the camera mounted on the wall above the crib and with the adjustable camera you can move it around to see pretty much the whole room. Night vision is great, except the zoom feature doesn't seem to work as well at night.

We love the ability to talk to our little one through it, too! I can sing to him if he wakes in the middle of the night, often saving us from going into the room to soothe him.

I like that you can add cameras as your family grows and be able to check in on them (haven't used this feature yet but nice to know you can).

As for the infamous beep, this seems to be a feature of the older version of this model. The 2013 model (copyright 2013 on the box) no longer has this beep! Although the beep wasn't too bad. There is another review on here with a video example of the beep.

As for the quirk I mentioned in the title, when the parent unit is in VOX mode, the unit will occasionally (1-2x/month) beep and a warning of "out-of-range" will appear with a black background. HOWEVER, this doesn't seem to mean it is not connected with the camera. Press any button, and there is your baby. Or if your baby cries while this warning and black screen are on, he automatically appears again. Not really sure why this is occurring because the unit would be stationary in a common spot in the house (at bedside at night, on dining room table, etc.), it has its own wireless connection with the camera so internet outages don't play a factor. I contacted the seller, Soltech Security, and Samsung regarding this issue. Samsung wanted me to pay for shipping to have them investigate the issue. However, Soltech Security replaced the entire unit, twice, free of charge (thus how I found out about the beep removal)! So after figuring out that I do not truly lose connection with the camera, this is more of a quirk to me than a cause for concern. I debated whether I should deduct a star for this but went with no.
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on September 3, 2014
My husband and I were expecting our very first baby so we did extensive research and thought we were making a great choice for the safest baby monitor. We purchased the Samsung SEW-3037W monitor because of all the great features and it had some of the best reviews.

It has been a great monitor and we love the added features with the exception of a couple of instances.

We purchased the monitor in January and our son was born in March. We initially opened it to test it and it worked great but the first time we used it, our son was 1 month old when he started sleeping in his own room.

It has had a few pairing issues but those were resolved using the online tech support. But about 3 months into using it the sound went out in the middle of the night. Again I took to the online tech support and used a "can-o-air" to gently blow out dust. The sound returned so we thought no big deal. It worked fine until August 6th.

On that instance I was sleeping and heard a faint baby cry. When I looked at the monitor it appeared that my little one was sleeping peacefully and no sound was coming from the monitor not were the lights going up and down to indicate sound from his room. I assumed he was sleeping but still heard the faint cry so I got up to check things out. It was in fact my little one crying :( when I took him into my room his sleeping image was still frozen on the screen.

I don't know if I just happened to get the rare monitor in the batch that was faulty or what but
I did what any concerned parent would do so I called Samsung Tech support. After nearly a month of ongoing battles trying to get the monitor replaced through the manufacturer I felt like I had nowhere to turn.

Then I was contacted by SolTech, the seller. They were deeply apologetic that I had had so much trouble. They shipped a brand new replacement and paid for the shipping and return postage to ship back the faulty one. From the day I was contacted to the day I received the new one was less than a week and it was completely hassle free. I was really surprised by their outstanding customer service because they went above and beyond even though my return window had already expired.

If you purchase this monitor and it malfunctions just know that dealing with Samsung directly is a headache so save yourself the time and contact the seller directly as they are a super reliable and trustworthy company.

I rate the actual product a 3 just because it was faulty but I added an extra star because the seller really pulled through to make the issue better. I'm hoping the new replacement is great and has no issues. If so I'll change my review to reflect that. :)
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on January 15, 2016
After much research, this was the monitor my husband and I decided was our best option. It was easy to install and easy to use. It worked very well for about 2 weeks. Then one night it stopped working working. I totally understand that electronics have kinks and won't always work. However, this monitor didn't just stop working, the screen froze meaning it continued to show me my little one sleeping soundly on his back. In reality, he was awake screaming and crying for who knows how long. The monitor woke us up at 11:45, I rocked my so back so sleep and it wasn't until 5:30 when our alamrs when off and I attempted to zoom in that we realized the camra was no longer working. My son was soak in tears and completely out of breath from crying. He now refusing to sleep in his crib because I assume he is scared of being left alone in there again. I am very disappointed in this product and in Samsung. I will be returning and not purchase another Samsung product.
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on April 22, 2014
I am so sad we chose this monitor. One night I woke up and heard faint crying. I checked the monitor and saw our daughter sleeping peacefully in her crib. I checked the noise to make sure it was turned up all the way (it was) but could still hear crying. My husband throughout it was maybe a neighbor's kid. I went downstairs to find my daughter screaming at the top of her lungs. The monitor had froze on a shot of her sleeping AND the noise went out. I felt terrible because I had no idea how long she had been crying. Once my husband switched off the monitor and turned it back on again it went back to normal. We called Samsung and explained the problem and they were not very helpful. We would have to drive to one of their repair centers and leave the monitor there for a week or more. I called the Amazon vendor we purchased it from and they agreed to ship us out a new one immediatley which we were very grateful for. Unfortunately it happened AGAIN with the new one! Furthermore, the monitor very frequently cuts out saying its "out of range" sometimes even when I am in the next room. Our house is about 2700 sq. ft and there are places in our house that the monitor just will not work. Do yourself (and your baby) a favor and pass on this baby monitor. Not only is the out of range issue annoying, but its just downright unsafe since it freezes.
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on May 31, 2014
This is a pretty good video camera to monitor your infants movements and activities, but be aware that the audio capability of this unit fails on a semi-regular basis. After 3-4 months of fantastic use, we noticed the sound was not working. We initially suspected that it was the result of needing to re-pair the camera with the monitor unit, but that did not resolve the audio issue.

The video quality is outstanding. I am always able to see clearly even in my baby's completely dark room. The only weird thing is that you baby's eyes will look a little creepy when they are open (think Children of the Corn or The Stand).

The startup sound is annoying, but you can cover the speaker holes on the back of the monitor when you start it up to muffle it pretty well and it's not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

The battery life is reasonable. I think that over a year of use, it lost 15-20% of its battery life, but I am still able to get almost 3 hours of use before it requires charging.

The range is great. We've been upwards of 45 feet away from the camera and still had signal. The only times we have ever experienced an "out of range" error was when we needed to re-pair the units again.

The camera itself is VERY quiet when panning and tilting so it is highly unlikely to awake or affect your baby's sleep or activity. I think this is important because if you baby moves out of view or is only partially visible, you do not want to wake them in order to see them.
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on February 17, 2017
The monitor is pretty solid. Good picture, good night vision, the VOX feature is a great way to hear kiddos when you need to but not listen to their music all night, and managing multiple cameras from one monitor is very convenient.

But the kickstand. The kickstand. What product designer is responsible for this waste of plastic. If you're on a firm, hard surface, with no airflow, there's a good chance it will stay up. Any other environment, it will fall over. Guaranteed.

UPDATE: ok, we've had it a few months and have found a huge problem. After moving our daughter one more room down, the monitor won't connect. Visiting our in laws, the monitor won't allow us to be in the living room with the kiddos down the hall. Put simply, if you're more than 30-40ft away, this monitor becomes a paperweight. Does not work as advertised.
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on August 12, 2013
Update 9/19/2014
We bought this a little over a year ago and are now condensing our experience into this last update.

This was our third monitor after trying out the Motorola and Summer Infant. We loved this one especially the pan/tilt features which covered more room than the other two we used.

After 9 months we faced the following issues:
-TALK feature sounds muffled and unclear
-Monitor has died at night despite it being plugged in
-Monitor shows full battery bars but is not fully charged

Additional issues we discovered at that time when considering sending it in for repair.
-The model and serial number were never printed on the sticker on the monitor so there's no way to verify model and serial number. We never thought to look for it because we naturally didn't know it was supposed to be there. Please check yours when you buy it.
-Our warranty papers had the wrong years on it. We just assumed they would be printed right so we naturally didn't look for the error when we got it. Please check yours when you get it.
-The warranty states on the last line that monitors without model and serial number on the sticker are automatically voided from warranty.

Samsung Customer Service Review:
-No one picks up the phone
-You always leave a message with them and have to play phone tag.
-Once we spoke to a rep, they just directed us to the Samsung website to fill out an RMA form for repair.
-Note: once you file an RMA, you have 2 weeks to send it in from that filing date otherwise you void your chance to get it repaired.
-We emailed them after we got the unit back and no one responded to our last inquiry about it continuing to die.

Final overall experience:
The baby monitor continues to die at night despite being plugged in. We truly loved this unit in the beginning and are very disappointed its become so unreliable. We have a baby on the way and we will not purchase this unit again. We have an engineer in the family and thankfully they've been able to fix this item for us so it can be salvaged for now.
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