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VINE VOICEon September 5, 2010
This is well not a review per-se but It's a video showing the Projector in action, however I am going to take a bit of time here in this written section to speak of some pros and cons that I didn't discuss in the video.

Small and portable
Rechargeable battery.
Internal memory.
read a good variety of video files even subs files, music files (FLAC comes to mind), it can show .DOC .PDF .TXT files too.

Battery, it says 1:30 to 2:00 hours but if having a USB pen drive connected the battery dies very fast.
Touch controls on the top of the unit, is sometimes not very responsive but still works good, also since the controls are on the unit
itself when changing settings or whatever you may accidentally move the player.
at 70+ inches (max 80-85) the image looks a bit dark, I dunno if its cause I don't have a projector screen, I'm getting one soon so I'll post a comment about how it looks after I test it.
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on October 2, 2010
I'm an artist -- drawings and acrylics -- mostly smaller-size 8x10s and 11x14s. This projector is perfect for me. I can work from any digital image... project it on to panel or canvas from 16" away (8x10) or 24" (11x14). I project the image down to artboard on my kitchen table. It certainly will project a lot larger, but as a realist painter I don't have the time to do large-scale art!
Brightness -- I duct-taped a homemade projector mount to an old adjustable desk lamp, and, at 24", can see and draw the projected image perfectly in normal room light... great because you want to be able to see your pencil lines as well as the projected image.
Other comments -- echo the previous 2 reviews. Use it on the wall plug to avoid USB battery rundown. The menus are slightly confusing, you'll need to print out the user manual at Kinko's to get a handle on the choices. And it stays cool -- unlike older projectors, you don't have to worry about melting the original slide or hardcopy photo.
Sharpness -- the projected image is quite sharp, perfect for sketching. Not blurry. The focus adjuster is a great feature.
If you draw or paint -- particularly portraits, where being off a couple of millimeters changes the facial features completely, get this projector. But -- if you want to paint wall art, or large murals, you'll need a much more powerful projector, like the kind in corporate meeting rooms.
Hope this helps other artists out there -- it's neat to have this essential tool available at way under $500!
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on August 9, 2010
After doing my research, I decided to get the Samsung Pico Projector for my wife. She is a school teacher and needed a simple projector for her classroom. It had to be easy to transport and lock up when not in use.

I can't believe the performance you get out of such a small projector. She easily hooks up her laptop or iPad to it in order to show her power point, movies, and websites.

It is not super bright, but as long as you have control over the lighting in the space you are using it, it works great. I love the fact that it is LED so that I will never have to change a bulb and it doesn't get hot at all. I love that it has a battery with about 1.5 hours of use and I especially love that you can hook up a USB thumb drive to it and play movies or power point presentations right off of the drive. You can also use a micro SD card and there is 1 GB of internal memory. The fact that you don't always have to hook a computer up to it is awesome. That alone sold me big time.

It has a speaker, but it's not the best sound or anything, which honestly I really don't care about. It is so easy to hook it up to external speakers if you need everyone to hear it, but it is nice to have a speaker on it for previewing presentations and movies. You don't always have to carry around headphones.

My only complaints are that there isn't a remote control and that it is so small that it is too easy to move it around on accident when you have wires hooked up to it. That is easily solved if you mount it to a tripod, which is very easy to do since it has a tripod screw on the bottom of the battery pack.

It comes with a case that holds the projector and battery, but you will have to carry the cables in a separate case or container. The cables take up more room than the projector.

It's simple to use and honestly for the price, you can't beat it.
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on October 1, 2011
This little pico projector is ideal for dark to soft-light environments. Does it work in bright sunny rooms or with floodlights or outside on a sunny day in the park ? no, of course not. Then again, it's 30 lumens, not 3000. It really does perform excellent for what it is and the size. For home movie/movie nights and such it's excellent. There are a couple of small quibbles.

* Connection via vga instead of hdmi. Not a problem for me, but this may annoy some people.

* Syncing on Connect. The vga detection seems.. quirky. Not a deal breaker, but often it takes a while to get the picture up. I am sure it's something I am doing, or there is a definite process in sync'ing up.

The unit stays way cool (I have felt the large projector at work, this thing is about 1/20th of the heat). Not noisy at ALL (again, some noise but, if you have ever used a business projector, then it's nothing). The inbuilt speaker in the unit I don't use (I have proper speakers).

All in all, I am ~deeply~ happy with the purchase.
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on June 17, 2012
The pico projector is incredible but this have a great limitations . You need to put in the information that you can use this perfectly only in a dark room . If you don't have a dark room the image isn't optimal . When you intend to project in a place with light you can't do it. In midlde conditions of light you can project only in small size because you need to mantain close to for obtain a middle qualaity image . In dark room is incredible or in the night when you can use this atached to a dvd for to see a good movie . Excelent product . Excelent service from the seller , fast , the projector is perfect with all wires and full function . If you want to use it in a conference or bussiness sure that the meeting had a place closed or similar a dark room for it , anything else you 'll be lost in the space without audiovisual.
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on September 8, 2011
Love the size of this thing. And much brighter than I thought. The internal media player and 2 hour battery is what won me over and this product delivers on both accounts. Has all of the connectors you need. I did buy a small tripod to help point the image where I want it. I use it for entertainment while camping. Now I am a happy camper.
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on May 28, 2013
As a refurbished item this projector behaves very well. As many other electronic products of this type the big defect is the battery witch loses its capacity over time. I am glad I can still connect the projector to the outlet and still use it without the battery.

Package: 2/5 (Where is the original box???).

Design: 5/5 (Beautiful little gadget).

Accessories: 4/5 (All the cables are not the original ones but they do the job).

Hardware: 4/5 (Not the best projector but it has a good weigh/performance ratio).

Software: 3/5 (The menu is slow and annoying).
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on September 26, 2011
I was impressed upon first sight. However, the projector doesn't appear to work with my HP laptop 2007, nor my HP TouchSmart Desktop 2009 (No RGB port). So I'm a little frustrated about this. However, I am finding some satisfaction in being able to use the projector with the flash drive. Maybe I'll need to call samsung's customer service to get assistance on how to connect it to my laptop and television. I will update this review when this happens. Never-the-less, I love it, its supurb light quality and clarity makes it a "Good deal".
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on November 15, 2016
Worked fine for a few weeks, then LED's started to burn. Was very difficult to get it repaired because I was working overseas.
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on November 17, 2014
Fantastic at the time, for the discount I got it. Unfortunatelty discontinued. Samsung crappy company in terms of achieving customer loyalty - though great products unfortunately. Apple, can you do something like this Pico-projector.... or better? Lumens very low....
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