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on February 15, 2012
1.5 Ghz Quad core processor with Turbo Core (2.4 Ghz)
4 GB of RAM
Multi in 1 card reader
BRIGHT, vibrant, matte finish screen
Full sized chiclet keyboard
500 GB HDD
Discrete class graphics processing unit with 512 MB RAM with HDMI capable of 7.1 audio output
Mostly ingerprint resistant
Webcam and digital microphone array
Easy access hardware upgrades
3+ hour battery life on "full" charge
Real, fully functional restore disc set
Can be easily and safely overclocked

Some keyboard buttons are a bit small, placement makes editing your typing a chore sometimes
Touchpad gets in the way when typing
HDD is 5400 RPM instead of 7200
Frame around keyboard and screen is not fingerprint resistant
Battery configuration is slightly annoying
Restore disc set is one part aggravation
3 USB instead of four, no 3.0
Optical drive will not read all types of recordable media
Bloatware is partially necessary


1.5 Ghz Quad core processor with Turbo Core (2.4 Ghz) can be overclocked to 2.4 for base speed and 2.6 for Turbo Core...and it's stable! (The free k10stat program is required, but not included.)

4 GB of RAM, with one slot unoccupied. Throw in a second stick 4 GB and max out the system to 8 with ease. (This upgrade should be a priority. The full 8 gigs really make a difference.)

Multi in 1 card reader (You'd be amazed how much you'll use it. Can also be used to make your spare SD cards function as a ReadyBoost device. (creates a cache to help with HDD read times speed up)

BRIGHT, vibrant, matte finish screen with no glare, no gloss to grab fingerprints. Beautiful.

Full sized chiclet keyboard with numeric pad, really comes in handy since the Fn key isn't always needed.

500 GB HDD is spacious, even with their recovery partition. They even give you partition software that makes it simple and easy to customize your PC.

Bluetooth works amazingly well. Grabs a hold of all the signals I've sent it's way.

Discrete class graphics processing unit with 512 MB RAM is more than enough power to run Source engine games such as Left 4 Dead at 1366x768 with everything maxed out in the graphics settings, along with 2-4x AA and 16 AF! Even Sega's Sonic Generations and Activision's War For Cybertron can be run at 1024x768 to 1366x768 with medium graphics quality and look gorgeous, with no drops in frame rates.

Lightweight. Not a back breaker if carried in backpack, or shoulder bag. Weighs 5 pounds, even!

Easy access hardware upgrades with ONE panel and screw to remove. So easy. HDD, RAM and optical drive access in one spot!

Real, fully functional restore disc set...with a catch. The Windows disc is factory made and comes in the box. The drivers/software disc must be made by the user, through an easy to use wizard interface.

Battery configuration is slightly annoying because of the 80/100 setting. When charged all the way to 100%, the overall life span will diminish like all batteries of this type. You have to go into the BIOS to fully unlock the battery, plus settings in Windows. A real hassle. If you leave it locked at 80% (factory, out of the box setting) it's supposed to ensure long life of the battery.

Restore disc set is one part aggravation because the optical drive is picky about which brands it'll use. Philips will not work. Maxell and Verbatim will. Of those that won't, it won't even read them or detect their presence.

Bloatware is partially necessary to get full functionality, such as enable/disable of: wifi, touchpad, backlight, print screen key, you get the idea. Without it, many important things will not work. At all.

All in all, this is a very powerful system for under $400.00. As is, it's a fantastic multimedia machine. With the mods I made (maxed out RAM, overclocked CPU, Blu-Ray I added) this is a hearty HTPC, with medium to high gaming, that is easily a desktop replacement PC that's portable!

I highly recommend it. Fantastic machine.
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on January 26, 2012
**Initially this computer was very impressive, but significant hardware problems popped up two weeks after buying it. Stay away!**

A quad-core processor, 4 GB of RAM, a 500 GB hard drive, all for less than $500 - and it's a Samsung.

What's the catch? None, apparently. I've had the computer for a week now (replaced a 2007 MacBook Pro that recently passed away) and am overwhelmed by the quality of display, speed, sleekness (it's very light and attractive), and overall package.

Samsung is able to keep prices low because they make a lot of the components for their computers. This computer would easily sell for $700 or $800 as an ASUS. The only hesitation I had was with AMD, but only because I have only ever worked on Intels. So far, I can't see any difference. Apparently, AMD processors are great for gaming (which I don't do, I use my computer for business, writing, productivity, and photo editing) but can be "unsteady," according to a friend of mine. What he meant by that, he couldn't tell me. I think it's just Intel name recognition, or maybe someone could clarify in a comment?

Overall, this computer deserves 5 out of 5 stars in its own right. I would have gladly shelled out $700 for it (probably shouldn't say that too loud). The fact that this computer is less than $500 (I bought it for $399 at Best Buy) is really startling.

I would recommend it with no reservations.


The computer started freezing and crashing 2 weeks after I bought. Seems like a hardware problem, as even the restore system didn't work. Returned it!
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on January 24, 2012
This laptop would make the perfect family notebook, desktop replacement on the go laptop, or even a college gamer laptop!!

I played Batman Arkham City, Half Life and did the 3d Marked 2011, with low settings and just used the stock unit with out any adjustments:

Arkham City:

Lost Coast- 50fps

I did the free edition of 3DMark 11:
Graphic Test:
Physics Test-6.01
Combined Test-2.06

I got this as a "College Gamer" laptop. I could have spent more, but I don't feel it was necessary. The fastest graphics card in a laptop will cost you thousands of dollars, while a basic desktop card, like the one i got in my desktop, will out perform any laptop. So i saved my money and upgraded my desktop and got this affordable guy!

This little guy has a better multi-touch pad than the silver apple computers, and i am not lying. I can't emphasize on how much the feel of the mouse and the keyboard are when it comes to choosing this laptop. It makes the actual use of this laptop much more worth it! The only mouse that has as good as feel is the $1200 MBP.

This AMD Model is the way to go. From everything i know, the graphics will out perform the stock Intel graphics that are in the more expensive laptops. The quad core AMD is very powerful cpu. The i3 line are just dual core's that are slightly faster, but have way less graphic power! Not to mention that Intel charges more. So you get a great price/performance when you stick to AMD!

Description of Laptop:

It doesn't have any place where your finger prints smudge. The lid is solid and not all shaky. The screen is actually really crisp. Surprisingly there was very minimum bloatware, like a bunch of games, samsung software that is useful and a pack of cyber link software.

The GPU isn't the best you can get, but for under $600 you can't get anything this strong especially on the Intel's. All the other brands at this range all lack in 2 or more places and all the others lack when it comes to graphics.

This one is seriously top notch compared to the others. They all have smudge city, cheap plastic, worth-less touch pad and flimsy keys. The chiclet keys on this make cleaning it much easier. and way easier to use.

The weight on this is very light and I could barely feel it in my backpack. I started a timer from the second the computer booted and the battery said 100%. When the timer started I began playing Arkham City with 75% lighting. The laptop went "4 HOURS", with about 20% left. It probably would have gone another 30-40 minutes, but I don't like draining the battery.

There was surprisingly no heat at all. The hottest spot is on the left side of the mouse, but the other side was just cold. The sound on this can get as loud as you need. The sound played beautifully and was real crisp. I mean it was really nice quality!

Unless you want to spend an extra $250-$500, then this is your best bet for a good gaming/college laptop. Actually this is a laptop that everyone should get! Think of the graphics as the best you can get for under $800-$900!
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on January 28, 2012
Before buying this I had my doubts if I'd ever get used to or get to like this weird keyboard. However, it did not take long. The keyboard is nice. The touchpad is the best I've had so far yet in a laptop.

The screen resolution is amazing once you get the proprietary ATI driver installed.

I had a little trouble with this system at the start. It would boot to blank black screen in Bodhi 1.3 and the current Linux Mint. However this seems to be an issue with "new hardware" and the lag time of linux support for the chipsets related to the amd a6 3400m family. luckily google pointed me to a message board thread relating to this; setting the linux kernel boot parameter with the option "radeon.modeset=0" made mint and bodhi installable from CD.

My summary of pros and cons is listed below.

--speed of quad cores and GPUs, as well as the internal drives and memory; amazing, especially considering the low wattage of the integrated CPU chip--a supercomputer that runs on batteries, something that could not be imagined a decade or two ago.
--great value for a sub 500 usd laptop.
--amazing crisp display; has hdmi output also.
--great touchpad, good keyboard, and first impression makes me believe quality of components seems nice.
--fits in a backpack; light and fairly compact.

--bluetooth (nor wifi) cannot be turned off from bios directly or from keyboard fn buttons--needs --software to do it. haven't figured out how to make linux do it yet.
--no caps or num lock lights.
--only 3 usb jacks (1 left, 2 right)
--linux setup and support leaves a lot to be desired; thank goodness for message boards, google, and the kind geniuses posting on said boards.
--I'm still very bothered and annoyed by not being able to shut off the RF of wifi and bluetooth with a single tap of two buttons like I was in my old laptop.
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on August 27, 2014
We purchased this laptop from another vendor on June 8, 2013. The hard drive failed on June 15th of 2014. The system began running slow a few weeks after we got it home, we took it to the vendor at which time I voiced my concerns and they 'checked and cleaned up the hard drive.' The computer became slower and slower until it stopped working. This laptop was purchased for my husband who only used it to play the games that came on the system, an occasional Excel document, to use with Tangle and the occasional movie so there was minimal use of this hard drive. I previously used Dell which I am going to return to. My husband purchased a Samsung camera which we returned 1 month after the purchase date because of malfunctions so it seems the problem is Samsung products. We will NEVER buy another Samsung product again.
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on August 8, 2013
I've owned this laptop for 1 1/2 years now. Now, the keyboard keys have worn to the point where they do not work correctly. The keys have "loosened up" so that you get 2 letters showing when you press the key only once! So I'm having to constantly retype my work which is a pain as I do quite a bit of work on the computer. This has gotten to be so annoying that I've decided to buy another laptop soon and it won't be a Samsung! I believed the glowing reviews about Samsung laptops but based on my first and only experience I will never buy a Samsung laptop again! Lastly, I should mention the delete button(which most people use a lot) is very small and located at the top right corner of the keyboard. Hard to find!
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on February 9, 2012
I picked this PC up at Best Buy for $399. I always investigate extensively before making purchases, big or small. This is by far the best deal in laptops available. Best Buy doesn't currently have it listed any more but even at the extra $100 from amazon it's well worth it.It's quick, the screen is very nice, the touchpad is one of the best I've used. This thing is also dead silent. Nice job Samsung!
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on January 3, 2013
I got mine at an big name office supply chain, it was only a few days before it started freezing and becoming unresponsive. I read the windows system logs, it had 100's of entries for drive/controller communication failure. It appeared the hard drive was defective. If a drive is going to fail, it will usually do it right away. I was thinking no big deal, Ill send it back in and get it replaced. Thats where Samsungs terrible support came in.

I tried to get support from Samsung, they gave me live chat, they said I just needed to reinstall Windows with a system restore to solve my hard drive issue. I went ahead and did a system restore and of course it did not solve the problem and in fact it froze while trying to install Windows. I emailed them back, said I did a system restore as told by your support in a chat session and it did not solve the problem, can I get an RMA # to have it serviced ? The emailed back and said first do a system restore on the laptop that should correct the problem, showing they do not even fully read the emails.

It took several more email and chat sessions when they told me to goto a web page and file a warranty claim. I went to the site, filled out all the info and hit send, it sat there for 45 minutes saying submitting and never got anywhere. I tried it again the next day, again the page hung and just said submitting for an hour. After a few more times I gave up, ordered my own drive from newegg and problem solved. Overall I spent about a week trying to get samsung to fix their laptop before I gave up, they must hope that's what happens.

The battery also is much shorter than they claim, I think it said 5.2 hours, after 3 months of only being used 1 or 2 times a week it's only lasting around 3 hours now.

Other than those issues, it's fairly fast, keyboard seems well built and less likely to loose keys than other keyboards Ive had.
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on May 30, 2012
Love this computer has to be the best that ive ever bought!! Its is super fast and it's great for school and whatever u need it for!
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on February 4, 2012
This laptop is an excellent value! I purchased mine at best buy for $400 plus tax. what a steal!

For a pc, Samsung always seems to have high quality trackpads & keyboards so i am partial to the samsung brand. I have a Samsung Netbook that has served me well for the last 4 years, but I am back in school so I need something more powerful. I recently ordered the 12.5" samsung laptop but when i saw this deal I ordered this too. (The idea was to return one of them, but I may end up keeping both because this laptop is a bit large to lug around on campus....)

*The set-up was quick & easy, I did not have any issues whatsoever.

*It is definitely a pretty zippy laptop. My first restart was kind of slow but then a window popped up asking me if I want to optimize for a quicker start-up. I hit yes & it took 3 mins to configure. I restarted again, and it was much much faster. No issues with speed.

*The track-pad & keyboard are working great, as I expected, and I am quite pleased with their performance. No weird flexing on the keyboard & the keys are nicely spaced. No issues typing. The track-pad works PERFECTLY, I am very pleased with it.

*I have tested the battery out & got roughly 5 hrs out of it while running security updates, surfing the web with several windows open, playing mafia wars on facebook, & then running a netflix movie. I recharged fully and tested again, this time playing a movie from the disc drive. (the departed, run time 151 minutes) then surfed the web and I got about 3 1/2 hours out of it.

*The screen is matte which some people do not like, but I much prefer the matte to glossy screens so I am making this a pro. (with glossy screens I always end up having to purchase a glare filter.)

*The sound is good, I am happy with the quality.

*I can sit comfortably with this on my lap, at around 5lbs it feels very light and it is almost as comfortable as my netbook was on my lap. After a long time I can feel the difference. (especially with my legs outstretched on the coffee table, when i finally went to get up i noticed. but we are talking several hours...)

*The fan is silent. Granted, I haven't used it for heavy gaming or any intense programs like Photoshop, so I can't comment on how it would run then. But for web surfing, streaming netflix movies & other basic uses it is very fast & the fan is very quiet.

*The 4 usb ports (2 on each side) are more than enough for my needs. I am glad to have more than 2 as many of the new smaller, lighter laptops have. I don't really use any other ports so i'm not concerned with them.

*It's nice to have a CD/DVD drive, the new ultra-portables sacrifice a disc drive for a lighter build.


*The case isn't quite as pretty as other Samsung laptops out now. It is light silver with a thick black strip. I'd prefer it to be the same color black or gray all over like the others have.

*Lack of pre-installed software---it comes with a trial of Norton security & a limited version of Microsoft office that has just word & excel. Otherwise you don't get much besides "easy software manager", "easy support center", and "easy settings". (this is ok by me, i usually delete all the bloatware and I have my own preferred programs for security.)

*The wireless connection isn't as strong as on my Samsung netbook. I live in a basement apartment and the netbook detects everywhere, but this laptop doesn't connect when I was in the very back of the apartment, in the area farthest away from the wireless router that I share with the upstairs. Also it shows a weak connection of 2 bars in all areas of my apartment but there has not been any disruption to the service so I guess that is no big deal.

*The CD/DVD drive feels flimsy. When I push the button it ejects it out partially & then I have to pull it all the way out by hand and it does wobble a bit once fully extended. Also the quality isn't the greatest. I inserted a disc to play a movie. It made lots of noise like it was trying to read the disc but it didn't play. tried a few times, same result. Finally figured out that you have to open media player first, then insert the disc in order to play a DVD movie. Otherwise it won't play. And it does make detectable sounds at times, like between the previews and right before the movie came on, and i noticed that if you pause, reduce the screen while it is running, or switch from full screen and back you can hear it. Once the movie was running it was silent for 10 mins, but then inexplicably i could hear the drive running for a few moments again. then it stopped for a minute before starting again. this cycle continued off and on throughout video play. It would be less noticeable if it was just running the whole time. (It's not really loud, but when it keeps starting and stopping it is more noticeable.)

*My Samsung netbook's track-pad has a spot on the right side that you can run your finger on to scroll up & down. Very handy. I was a little disappointed to see that this laptop doesn't have the exact same track-pad & is missing that feature. The features it does have work properly, but I will really miss having the scroll function.

***Overall I definitely recommend to give it a try. Just order from best buy to save some $. Just hang onto your receipt so you can return it for a refund by mail or in-store, within 14 days if you are not happy.

EDIT 2/6/12---i just a rec'd a 12.5" samsung laptop that i ordered, it came with info on the trackpad, states that if you drag two fingers up or down on the trackpad it scrolls. So i tried that on this laptop and it works but it is not sensitive to always work if you go too fast. It may take some getting used to but at least it has a scroll function :)
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