Customer Reviews: Samsung UN22D5003 22-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black) [2011 MODEL]
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on June 17, 2011
I brought this TV as a monitor for my computer.

I like that the speakers are built in and if you have hdmi on your computers video card it reduces the need for an additional soundcard and audio cable.

My only complaint is that there is a pc/dvi mode for the hdmi ports that makes the pc image look really clear and it was difficult to find it existed at all. For the first week of use the text was very blurry on the monitor and it was only through reading on message boards that I found this option needed to be changed. It is not an obvious option as I had been through the whole menu on the TV many times. Once this option is set Windows looks great at 1080p.

I also have xbox 360 hooked up to the second hdmi port and that looks great as well.

Overall this is a very nice TV or monitor for 250 bucks if you are going to be sitting pretty close to it when using it.

One other negative might be the stand as it doesn't really allow you to do anything. What you see is what you get. It's not a problem for me though.
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on September 11, 2011 here I was looking for a bedroom TV to hook up to my bluray and Netflix streaming. Finally gotten rid of the old clunker Haier tube TV from years ago.

At first, I was taken by the design of a Vizio 26" somewhat widely carried by many retailers and also on the internet. So I went out and bought it at a local retailer. Psyched. It fit perfectly in the intended bedroom spot. Looked great too. Dead remote....couldn't get past the first set-up page. Tried everything. Very pissed off. A bad omen. Such disappointment. Returned it for a refund.

Then.....I discovered this Samsung. Always liked Samsung. Even though the size was a bit smaller and it looked like everybody else's flat screen, I found that it is 1080p with a 120khz refresh rate. Granted the 1080p res isn't anything to write home about with such a small screen, the 120hz refresh rate (better pic with fast motion) hooked me along with the LED illumination. Bought it. Set it up. Hey! It works!! Fantastic picture.

Pros: Samsung - 120hz refresh rate - sturdy remote control - slim design - excellent picture.

Cons: NONE really. But....there is no audio output on this particular model. You must rely soley on the set's speakers. Some people have complained of this, but they should have inquired first before buying. Some complain of the audio quality, but...if you go into the settings and work with the set's audio equalizer a bit you can get it to sound quite nice for a set of it's size. Remember, this is a small set intended for the kitchen, bedroom, dorm or study. Not a home theatre. Part of this could be worked around if you have a bluray with audio outputs.
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on July 5, 2011
This is used exclusively with The Boss' PS3 console, and it's a very nice screen. Coincidentally, the day this was delivered, she brought home a similarly-priced, identically-spec'd 24-inch Toshiba from a local B&M, and the differences are night-and-day.

Both have a stunning picture, head-on, but as you move off-axis from directly in front of the screen, this Samsung holds color gamut at far greater angles than the Toshiba, and remains viewable at least as far to the side as you can go and still see the screen. Colors may not be so great at that angle, but you can see them. With the Toshiba, all you see is a dark panel.

We previously had a Sony Trinitron CRT connected to the PS3 console, and I thought it worked mighty good at that role. I'm not a gamer, but when I look over her shoulder now, I can see parts of the games I've never seen before, and not because of the wider aspect ratio. Stuff that was hidden in the dark areas now pops out.

This is the first LCD television I bought, and I bought small and cheap because of the problems inherent with LCD screens. This one has sold me. Still have to be careful with brands and models within brands, but I like 'em and am actively shopping for a larger screen for the living room.

As a bonus, The Boss says the games look so much better - and different - she can go back and play her old games all over again. If she does that, this set will have paid for itself in a few months.

Highly recommend this where it's size fits the size of the room. Fantastic, lucky, first buy.
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on July 28, 2011
The TV is great it has a nice bright picture and it is crystal clear. I like the 120Hz refresh rate it makes sports look better. The only thing I was unaware of was the lack of audio outputs. I wanted to hook this TV up to speakers and I can not do so because there an no audio outs what so ever. Other than that the TV is everything that I expected and I would go with a Samsung again in the future.
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on September 21, 2011
Before I wrote this, I searched the net for a fair definition of the phrase "Internet ready" as applied to a TV. Universally, including Amazon's own definition, you can expect an Ethernet port, and usually some means to connect via wi-fi, either built in or by adding an adapter.

My first hint of trouble was the lack of an Ethernet port. The next hint was the absence of any mention of networking in the manual. I connected a Samsung wi-fi adapter (one that based on the supplied chart should be the correct model). No dice. I have another Samsung HD TV that does work in this manner, so I'm familiar with the procedure and have the online Samsung documentation for connecting a 5000 series unit to back my efforts. It simply did not provide any network configuration options.

I contacted Samsung tech support next. At first the tech said it should have worked, but when I insisted it didn't he went away for an extended period to look further. When he returned, he apologized but stated this TV can not be connected to a network.

And that's it. It is advertised as being " Internet ready" when it in fact is not. That is false advertising.

I give it two stars overall instead of just one because apart from the falsehood it appears to work as your run of the mill small screen HDTV and the picture isn't bad at all.
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on November 10, 2011
We redecorated a small room and mounted this TV at eye-level while sitting. Whoa. Crisp, clean image running off the antenna. Picked up the $15 articulating mount. Makes it easy to adjust viewing angles to different sitting positions. Great "other TV" for family gatherings when you don't want to watch what the crowd is watching.
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on August 15, 2012
I actually did give this TV 2 stars at first, until I read a review by Chris informing me of the PC/DVI mode he found. I was about to start the process of returning it, and I've only had it for a few hours so far. My primary use for this TV is a computer monitor and will soon hook up a PS3 to the other HDMI input.

Here is how to turn the PC/DVI mode on. It is most counter intuitive. It really is simple though:

1. Plug in PC to HDMI/DVI port on back of TV
2. Push Menu button
3. Scroll down to (Input) Source List Push <ENTER>
4. Scroll to Edit name Push <ENTER>
5. Scroll to HDMI/DVI Push <ENTER>
6. Scroll to PC or DVI/PC Push <ENTER>
7. Now Exit the menu, you're finished.

You will notice the picture changes when you scroll over PC selection. The picture for the PC should be clear, text should be clear!
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on June 23, 2011
I don't usually write reviews but there aren't very many for this product so I decided to do one.
I have this tv in my room hooked up to my play station. Picture quality is very good and sound is not bad either.

120 hz
great price
energy efficient.
Looks good in bright environments.

Cons: The stand is very wobbly. I like to rest my feet on the desk but i can't now because it wobbles the tv. which is really disappointing but I'm sure there is something I can do to fix it.

Conclusion: I'm giving this tv 5 out of 5 stars because it was exactly what I was looking for. A solid tv, with the specs I wanted at a great price. 5 stars for the tv. 1 star for the stand. I have only had this tv for 2 days now so I will update if I have any further issues.
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on May 14, 2012
I purchased this TV after being misled into believing it was capable of producing a 120Hz refresh rate, which turned out not to be the case. Samsung's "Clear Motion Rate" is not equivalent to refresh rate, and I'm not even sure what exactly it does to enhance video smoothness. That being said, it's still a decent TV for $220, (which it was at the time of the review, $250 not two days earlier when it was purchased).

If you're looking for a 22-inch LCD LED TV with a 1080p native resolution, this product will suffice. Just be sure you understand that you're not getting a 120Hz refresh rate-capable set; the refresh rate is the standard 60Hz.

One more thing: there's no audio jack on the rear of the panel, so you can't plug in headphones. Not too big a deal, but that would've come in handy for discreet, late-night viewing where nearby persons may be sleeping.
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on May 21, 2012
I was very disappointed to find that this TV lacks even the most basic audio output, a headphone jack. I cannot understand why Samsung chose to save a few cents and not include user outputs. Furthermore, the built in speakers are tinny and weak--thus my preference for headphones or my own speakers. Otherwise, the TV is fine, with a very clear picture.
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