Customer Reviews: Samsung UN32EH4000 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV
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on April 20, 2012
Hi, This 32 inch Samsung TV will meet the expectations of people who don't want to shell out much money as compared to other RCA and some cheap brands which sold out on your local stores but want good looking and nice features in their TV. It has nice contrast, color and brightness combinations. Movie and dynamic modes will meet most peoples viewing criteria. Sound is also good enough and can be used in bed room without any home theater system or external speakers. Remote control has back lit feature to be use in dark room. Thickness as you see in pics is not bothering as it can hardly be seen from front and gives you the impression of slim TV. While connecting it to laptop you will require to adjust the screen resolution of your laptop to accommodate the complete picture on TV screen. It does not have VGA port which is merely require as most of the laptops sold in last 3-4 years does have HDMI port which can be used for laptop connection (I used amazon brand hdmi cable 5-6 dollar cost which is best in its class). Personally if you are looking something for your living room then you should go with at least 40 inch tv but for bed room this 32 inch size is perfect pick. Black contrast is good enough when you set the level at low. Gamma settings can be changed and cool/warm settings are also present to increase/decrease the amount of blue/red shade. After using it for few days i realized that 1080P TV is not at all required for that extra money as you will hardly be able to recognize any difference between full definition Vs 720p definition. Completely satisfied with my purchase and didn't have any complaint about it. I got what i was expecting in 350 bucks backed by amazon's trust of new unopened product. it would be nice if amazon can sell any low budget TV stand also so that people can buy them together (in range of 20-30 bucks) as you wont prefer spending 100 bucks just on stand for the TV worth cost of 350$. Highly recommended, go for it, you wont regret on your purchase. Also its very light weight to pick easily from one room to another whenever you want to shift it to other place (of course this is not daily moving item)

satisfied with picture quality
Nice set of features in low budget tv
look wise it is same as other costly slim TVs
Back lit remote is useful
USB port to play images, mp3 and movies (most of the formats are supported as per samsung website manual)
easy firmware upgrade via USB flash drive

Missing VGA port
Little thick in the back but hardly matters
Universal remote feature is missing to control all other appliances related to TV
Should have been sold with TV stand as bundle package

Will definitely recommend to friends and family

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on April 29, 2012
This is a great TV. The image quality is exceptional (just what you'd expect from a Samsung product) I have come to trust Samsung products. They never disappoint. The size is fine for a small room and 720p is fine, no difference between the 1080p for this size TV.

This was purchased for a 650 sq. ft. condo and also had to fit into an old style 30" square opening in an oak bookcase/wall unit. Absolutely a breeze to set up. A few screws to put the stand together, connect the cable, plug it in and you're ready to go.

I had read that the sound quality was very poor but that didn't turn out to be true. Only drawback is there is no audio jack to attach external speakers but it really isn't a big problem. For the price this is a terrific TV.
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on June 22, 2012
I bought the Samsung UN26EH4000 and the Sharp LC26SV490 at the same to compare the pictures. Since the Samsung costs $40 more than the Sharp, I figured I would pay the extra if the Samsung's better. The Samsung's pictures are so much better than the Sharp. The Samsung is 720p and the Sharp is 1080p, but the Samsung is more clearer and more define. The only disappointing thing about the Samsung is it's much thicker than the Sharp, 3.6" vs. 2", and it's protruding out of the wall too much.
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on May 18, 2012
This is a great TV at a great price. Sharp clear picture, great sound with options for movie, standard, clear voice and music. Extreemly easy set up. It literally took minutes to attach stand, hook up cable and DVD player. Great picture right out of the box, tho you can tweek it to your preferences. I bought the 32" and am very glad that I did not move up to a larger size. In my 15x15 room this is plenty big without becoming a focal point and interfering with the decor.

The only thing that would have made it better is if it came with a swivel stand; other than that, it's perfect.
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on October 10, 2012
I have this TV in a kitchen (large kitchen) and, so far, I am very happy with it, although I had to fiddle with the settings and connections a lot to get it set up the way I wanted it. The picture, now that I have it set right, is excellent (especially for HD signals, but also decent for standard TV) and the sound is surprisingly good as well. As other reviewers have said, it has a lot of configuration options for a "low end" LED TV as well.

Hook up

I have it connected to the (Comcast) Cable with a splitter. One side of the splitter goes into the TV Antenna input and I used this side to be able to watch "local" channels in the clear as HD. Here I am able to get network, PBS and a few other channels (maybe 30 or so). The rest are scrambled, so not usable on this leg. The other leg off the splitter is fed into a DTV box and then into a Panasonic DVR that I am really just using as a switch. I run component cables out of this side into the component connections on the TV and on this side I can see all the "standard" channels, but not HD, standard (4x3) signal. I tried it first with Composite connections (Component has 3 cables for video, Composite only has 1) and the picture is better with the Component cable connection.

Given that setup, I use the Source button on the remote to flip it back and forth (I watch network on HD, everything else on the Std side).

The TV tuner, obviously, is able to receive and decode the local channels from Comcast "in the clear", including HD.

This configuration irritates my wife (two remotes!), but I really like being able to watch sports, etc, in HD without having the more expensive DVR from Comcast to decode HBO, etc (we have that downstairs on our main TV).

If the TV had two Antenna inputs I could have skipped the DVR I am using as a switch, that would have been easier.

Video Settings

It took me a while to get the settings the way I like them (Marvin's post helped a lot), but here is how I have the video set which, for me, looks great:

Mode: Standard
Backlight: 20
Contrast: 95
Brightness: 45
Sharpness: 40
Color: 53
Tint: 50/50

Advanced Settings:

Color Space: Native
White Balance:
Gamma: 0
Dynamic Contrast: Medium
Black Tone: Darker
Flesh Tone: 0
Motion Lighting: Off

Picture Options:

Color Tone: Warm1
Size: Screen Fit/Zoom1 (HD/Std)
Digital Noise Filter: Auto
HDMI Black Level: n/a
Film Mode: Auto
LED Motion Plus: Off

Audio Settings:

Mode: Standard (must be Std to have access to Equalizer)
Balance: 0
100hz: +2
300hz: +5
1Khz: 0
3Khz: +1
10Khz: +2
SRS TruSurround HD: On
Auto Volume: On

I had some trouble deciding what "size" setting I liked best for the std (4x3) signal. The 4x3 setting is the most clear, but the picture does not fill the screen (you have black borders at least on the side, and maybe on top depending on what perspective is being used for the broadcast). 16x9 fills the screen nicely, but the people gain a few lbs as they get wider. Zoom1 does the best job of filling the screen without changing the perspective, but the top and bottom get chopped off a bit. I am using Zoom 1 (and I move it a bit if I am missing something due to it being chopped at the bottom, e.g. a news crawler). For HD, Screen Fit is definitely best.

One final note, I tried the LED motion out with sports, but the picture looks a lot "duller" to me with that on and I don't see any problem with sports, etc, with it off.

A second final note (is that allowed?), I was worried about 720P vs 1080P, but I think the picture (especially HD) is great, I don't see how it really could be improved much with 1080P (would probably make more of a difference on a larger TV).
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on May 31, 2012
The panel on the Samsung UN26EH4000 is gorgeous. The black level is just as good as an older plasma TV. It is probably the best display quality that you can get in an inexpensive 26 inch TV.

I deducted one star because:

* The joystick is awkward and flimsy. This TV does not have power or volume buttons, which is a design mistake.
* The TV is very deep and has internal space for better speakers, but the sound quality is just as bad as any other small TV.
* The side recess for the two HDMI ports is not deep enough, so the cables stick out unless you tie them back.

This TV has some nice features that are worth noting:

* The built-in speakers are super loud. You could put this TV in a noisy place like a bar or cafeteria and still hear it.
* The AVI and MKV video support is actually compatible with standard "scene" releases. (eg: files.)
* The built-in video player has a setting to automatically repeat a USB playlist, so you could use this TV as a cheap "barker" in a waiting room or retail space.
* It is super light weight. I can easily lift it with one hand. Any VESA mount would be strong enough to hold this TV.
* The ATSC decoder can play audio-only OTA channels.

I got this TV from Amazon with the 1011 firmware. The latest firmware version currently posted to the Samsung web site is 1008.
review image review image review image
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on April 6, 2012
Here I was stranded with a Sony piece of junk. For that, I shelled out big bucks a couple years ago sold over by the internal Blu-Ray player and Wi-Fi connectivity only to have it finally die on me last week. All those fancy-smancy Sony adds and paying pretty much top dollar for a 32", and I figured I'd at least get 5 years out of it. Nope. Blu Ray dies ~5 months ago. OK, I can live with that. Just buy an external one. This week, the channel and sound are not able to be changed unless I rebooted (i.e., unplugged and plugged) the TV. So I decide to give Samsung a try knowing how much I've always thought their computer monitors always struck me as better than others. After all, I'm just looking for a good image. I can live without all the other bells & whistles. Boy, if this thing can stand the test of time I won't go back. The picture quality is fantastic. It's got a Dynamic, Movie, and Standard Mode. The modes actually seem to work for what they imply (unlike my Sony piece of junk). The sound is very good too. It's got Standard, Movie, Clear Voice, and Music. Those too actually work like the names imply (unlike my Sony piece of junk). The features are enough to live with. You can stick a USB in it and watch pics and movies. There's no built in wi-fi, but who needs it with most Blu-Ray players? With Blu-Ray players providing the connectivity and online features (e.g., Netflix, Amazon Video, etc.), I figured why bother spending the extra for the same stuff. The 720p clarity is perfect on a TV this size. I see no difference between it and 1080p, but that's just me. The price was right for an LED. So overall, I'm very satisfied and recommend this TV, unlike my Sony piece of junk..
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on August 13, 2012
I got this 26" to replace 32" lcd in bedroom and was a happy purchase. This is my 3rd led tv from Amazon some much larger and has always been a good experience. (With the larger ones they even them brought them in and set them up.)
Took some fiddling around with the adjustments, but pic is very good on most channels and excellent on many- that with no HD box, just cable upstairs. To my joy it picks up 11 "air" channels !!! So if the cable goes out I'm good. "TIP" during set-up put the scan for channels on "auto" and it will include the free over the air ones & it keeps them separate from the cable channels. Sound: In standard mode you can choose surround sound and there is an equalizer to tweek- that vastly improves the sound. The quick "Tools" button on the remote is to great to access menu items you use frequently.
And even tho my upstairs cable did not pull in HD with the 32" lcd (Panasonic)- this tv pulls in many HD channels with Dolby. Very light- 9-10 lbs. I like the HDMI ports on the right side - easy access if using for games. Would have liked a 3rd hdmi port. Good TV.
After having this TV a while I like it even better- great TV. And even tho I have a 40" in the LR- love watching this 26" in the BR- Great picture. (On a side note... the really good remote I got with this TV works with the Samsung I bought 3 yrs ago - different models. This smaller and backlit remote is so good I got another for the older Samsung.) I use a Roku with this set to access Netflix and the picture comes in very clear.
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on August 25, 2012
Just received this 32" Samsung TV the other day and after setting it up we are very happy with it. This replaced a wall mounted 19"CRT that was purchased back in 2003 so this is our first flat screen model. This has proven to be a perfect size for our 12 by 26 foot master bedroom and it is wall mounted as well. I read in some previous reviews that the TV stand was unstable but I have not found that to be a problem, There are 8 screws that have to be attached in all and once they are the TV is stable, Also some have said that the sound was a little on the poor side, Again not so, Plenty of volume and we have a large bedroom. I would say that the instructions were not bad but they were printed on a fold out piece of paper with small print and a booklet would have been better but no big deal. In setting this TV up there are a number of different options for you to choose from to tailor it to your liking. The remote has many buttons but once you see where the main ones are it's fine. The picture is bright and clear and I like the small frame around the screen. On the bottom right side under the screen there is a button that you can control the TV functions if you misplace the remote control, (it's sort of like a joy stick button) where you hold it different ways to commend different functions like channel up & down main menu or on and off of TV. The TV's that you see on the showroom floor are set to (Showroom View) That means that they set at a brighter setting because of all the lighting in the store but when first setting up this TV in your home it will ask you if you want to set it at showroom settings or home setting and I would suggest you set it to the home setting because it will use less energy and the TV will last longer. All in all, were very happy with our purchase of this TV and we got a good price from Amazon with no sales tax and free delivery, What more could we ask for. PS, I did a lot of reviewing of TV's on line and this proved to be the best in my opinion.
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on August 10, 2012
OK, the remote has to many small buttons. There are only two HDMI inputs and the sound system is only acceptable. Samsung omitted some bells and whistles to keep the retail price down, but they did not take any short cuts on picture quality. This 32" 720P/60hz TV has a superb picture. This LED stuff works. Colors are vivid but not overpowering and the black is black. I easily hooked the passable audio to my wave radio and instantly cured the audio deficiency. Yes, I recommend this TV to anyone wanting a 32" basic TV. You can easily spend more money, but you must look carefully to find a TV set with a better picture. Hay, spend more money if you can. Just buy your TV from amazon. You won't be sorry.
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