Customer Reviews: Samsung UN32EH4003 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV (2012 Model)
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon November 29, 2012
So I took the plunge and finally upgraded my bedroom TV to a Flat Panel Samsung LED 720p 32" (Model UN32EH4003). I bought it during the Black Friday time frame directly from Amazon for $247.99 (Free Shipping, 14-Day Price Guarantee). I went in knowing that I was buying the cheapest 32" Samsung Flat Panel that you could buy and knew that I wasn't getting every bell and whistle, which is fine with me. My goal for this TV is to use it as a bedroom TV with a Verizon FIOS cable box and a media player (Ethernet connected, not WiFi) and watch it from about 8 feet away. No gaming, minimal DVD, etc. That's basically it.

Just for some background, I'm upgrading from an old 20" Generic Tube TV in the bedroom. I do have an HDTV in the living room, but it is also a Tube TV. There I have a 34" Sony widescreen Tube TV that I bought about 7 years ago that was basically the biggest widescreen Tube TV made that I know of. Back then a Tube TV picture was much better and cheaper than Flat Panel.

First Impression - This TV looks nice. Clean front. It is extremely light. The base feels sturdy and big enough to support the TV without risk of falling over. It was simple to put together with 8 screws in the base.

Setup - It has 2 HDMI's and then some regular RCA and Component hookups. My setup consists of Verizon FIOS Cable Box and a WD Live TV Media Player (to be replaced by a Boxee Box within the week, but that's another story). Plugged the Cable Box and the Media Player into each HDMI port using new Amazon Basics HDMI cables. The TV on-screen setup was easy enough to figure out without pulling out the instruction manual. Everything came up perfectly the first time with just a press of the Source button.

Picture Quality - I tested the TV out with several different types of media and sources.
1) First with SD Cable. A little blocky up close, which may just be the source, but from a normal viewing distance, I the quality was just fine. The kids' cartoons were fine.
2) Second with HD Cable. This picture seemed really nice. Didn't see any kind of distortion. Seemed nearly as good as the HD Tube TV that I have downstairs from an 8 foot viewing distance. I was happy with what I saw.
3) Third with a normal 720p Video file via the Media Player. Picture was really nice in this case also. Everything seemed crisp. Very happy.
4) Finally with a fast motion 1080p Video file via the Media Player. This is where I expected the worst, but to my surprise, the fast motion scenes seemed fine also. I only tested a couple of files, so we'll see if other scenes have a problem, but so far so good.

Overall I was very happy with the picture quality. The colors on the default setting were pretty terrible, so I tried the presets and settled "Dynamic" Picture Mode and Cool Color Tone in the Picture Options setting which was pretty much perfect in all instances. Looked pretty natural with nice colors.

Viewing Angles - Side viewing angles seemed really good. This was one of my pet peeves and most of my reluctance to move to a flat panel TV in the first place. Many flat panel TV's look terrible when you aren't watching it straight on. This TV seems to have much better side viewing than many of the competing TV's out there.

Screen - The screen edges do have a few very faint white areas that I have noticed, but they are barely noticeable and only when the screen is completely black. I don't notice it at all when there is any kind of picture on the screen. I probably only see it because I am looking for it after reading a few comments about backlight bleed. For me, it doesn't seem like anything to worry about. I always buy SquareTrade warranties with all my electronics, so if the screen does have a problem, I will be set.

Sound Quality - This is where I had the most trouble. Granted, I'm upgrading from a old TV, but out of the box, the Samsung sounded very hollow and words were hard to understand. It seemed to be completely missing any low end, not talking about booming bass, just lower frequencies seemed to be missing. I tried every sound preset that they had and all were pretty bad. I finally gave up on the presets and used the included 5 band Equalizer which finally did the trick. Per request, I posted a picture of the settings in the customer images section of this item. [THIS SECTION HAS BEEN UPDATED BELOW: I basically maxed out the low and high frequencies and made a bell curve of the middle frequencies, raising the one that controlled voices until I has happy. This seemed to do the trick just fine and I am now happy with the sound.] Granted, if you are expecting a booming surround sound feel, you're shopping for the wrong TV, but for what I think this TV is meant for, it sounds just fine.

Bells, Whistles and Other Stuff - I haven't toyed with this TV too much yet. There are lots of menu settings to go through. The power button on the bottom of the TV seems pretty cool. It is like a combined button/joystick that pulls up a menu when pressed that you can use the button to move through, or just turn off the TV. I won't use it much since the Cable Box remote will do most of the work, but it is a nice to have since the actual TV remote will probably sit in a drawer once everything is set up. It does have a USB port that is supposed to play pretty much any type of media format. If this works well, it is a great feature. For me, I plan on continuing to use a dedicated Media Player, so I probably won't use this much, but for anyone else, it would save you $100 on having to buy a media player if you have a use for it.

I've only had this TV for one day, but this is what I think so far for a pro/con list.

1) Great price ($247.99 at the time I purchased it, put a camelcamelcamel price alert on it for when the price drops again).
2) Great picture quality, especially for the price.
3) Very good side viewing angles.
4) Easy setup and connection to Cable Box and Media Player.
5) Enough picture and sound settings to get the quality you want for your individual preference.
6) Fast motion scenes seem ok so far.
7) Energy Star cost of $6-$12 per year to operate. That just sounds crazy, but I'll take it.

1) Sound presets are terrible, but can be adjusted manually.
2) Concern about possible backlight bleed, but covering myself with an inexpensive SquareTrade warranty.

In conclusion, I'm giving this TV a 5 Star Rating based on how great it is for it's low price. I've only had this TV for one day, but I love it so far. I will continue to update this review as I use the TV more and learn more about it.


ONE MONTH UPDATE (12/26/2012):
So I've had this TV for about a month now, and I still love it. I am very happy with the video performance and I have continued to refine the audio settings. The picture is great. The viewing angles are great. I haven't had a single instance of any kind of motion blur from any fast motion scenes yet. No change in the very minor backlight bleed which I still think is no big deal. Its working great with the Verizon FIOS HD DVR and the HD Media Player (now upgraded to a Boxee Box).

The one negative regarding this TV is the sound. I posted a customer image and talked about my manual Equalizer settings in my original review. Since then, I had found that those setting were still not quite right. During many scenes, the background music seemed to overpower everything and voices were becoming impossible to understand in many instances. I kept tinkering with the Equalizer and finally settled on updated settings. It seems that the 300Hz setting was the one that was controlling most of the background music, so I dropped it way down and words became much clearer. I have now been using these updated Equalizer settings for a couple of weeks now without messing with them, so that tells me that they sound pretty good to my ears. Again, for the low price of this TV, I'm not expecting the best sound, so it hasn't had any impact to my 5 Star Rating now that I have fine tuned the settings. Attached is a link to the customer image of my updated Equalizer settings in case you want to try them.

Long story short, I still highly recommend this TV for the price. It seems to hover around the $250-$300 mark and it is a great deal at that price point.


FOUR MONTH UPDATE (03/28/2013):
Just a quick update. This TV is still performing great. It works great with our Verizon FIOS HD DVR and our Boxee Box Media Player. We love the picture. We have still never seen any motion blur. We have not messed with the sound settings in months so the sound is pretty good with the settings I mentioned above. Still no concerns about backlight bleed or any other quality issues. Overall, this TV is great. I love it. It makes me want to buy a new Samsung TV for my living room.


Just another quick update since we are coming up to the Black Friday/Christmas Sale time frame. The TV is still going strong. The picture still looks great and the sound is still good enough for a bedroom TV. I haven't seen any mechanical problems with the TV at all after using it for almost a year and I still have a 4 Year SquareTrade Warranty (only $35 at the time of this update) in case something does come up. This is still a great TV for the price. After 11 months, we are still extremely happy with our purchase. Still Highly Recommended!


TWO YEAR UPDATE (12/17/2014):
I've had this TV for a little over 2 Years now and it is still working perfectly. Absolutely zero problems. This has been a great purchase so far and I still have 2 years left on my Squretrade warranty in case I ever need it. But so far, so good. I liked it so much I bought a 46" Samsung 7150 for the Living Room. Again, Still Highly Recommended!
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on September 28, 2012
This is a really sweet Samsung HDTV for the price. The first one I bought at Walmart for $298 was on Sept. 4th. That one had some LED backlight bleed on the bottom center of it. Like a white cloud around 4 or 5 inches long. So I took it back and returned it and went to another Walmart to purchase another one. No noticeable backlight bleed on this one.

I remember reading that there is no noticeable difference between a 1080P vs. 720P with HDTV's under 40". I found this to be true with a 32" HDTV. It honestly looks like a 1080P HDTV. So save your money unless you want a SMART 32" HDTV.

I always grew up being a Sony fan. But Samsung has the best picture quality on the market today. You can see that when you checkout the displays at the stores. Was first considering a Vizio, but they are hit and miss with the user reviews. To me it was worth paying an extra $60 for a Samsung that gets much more consistent good user reviews.

The blacks are a deep black and the colors are truly brilliant. The sound is very good on it. No need to hook-up external speakers to it. Love the thin bezel on it as well. I use this 32" for my medium size bedroom. Bigger is better, but anything bigger than this would be overwhelming.

I would recommend doing what I did and go with SquareTrade on the warranty. They advertize a 3 year parts and labor warranty for $33. Make sure you call them instead of doing it online. When I called the Rep he offered me a 4 year warranty for $3 more. You can't beat a $36 4 year warranty. And SquareTrade has great user reviews.
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on June 23, 2013
Before I bought this T.V (Sorry not in amazon) I read carefully the reviews not only in here but in Cnet, Tiger Direct. Etc. The first thing that came to mind was the "compromises" of this T.V; the fact that there is no audio outputs and the "dreadful" bad sound.

With that said I bought it. I went to a store an saw it in display first. From all the brands displayed (yes including Sony) at least in the store I went this T.V had the clearest picture. I went ahead I check out with the sales guy help the settings. For my astonishment all were standard, I mean the way that the thing came directly from the factory out of the box. I have to say that I sincerely did not see too much of appreciable difference between this one and the 1080p. (except for the price $100 more) and one or more ports.

I asked the sales person who was very accommodating and knowledgeable for some advice. He asked me what would be the main purpose for this T.V? I said Watch T.V in the bedroom. Then he asked what kind of T.V service (Cable/satellite/antenna) do you have? TWC. It results that my cable box Higher native High Def resolution is 720p any way. Your T.V picture would be as Good as the native signal that comes from the box , antenna or DVD so for my main purpose (watch T.V in the bedroom) it does not matter if I paid $100 more for the 1080p or $100 less for the 720p, the original native signal and quality would be 720p anyway...

in the store was impossible to test the quality of sound for obvious reasons. Because the constant complaints in here I have a very low expectations. I found the sound to be similar to any other T.V's of this size (all come with small speakers). I played a little bit with it and I set the audio to "clearer voice" in the EQ. at half high of the volume the T.V works as any other T.V's even the more expensive ones. (I have Vizios, Samsung and Sony) but again I watch this T.V in the bedroom where is usually quieter.

Some other complains where that all the connections are in the back. I bet that if all the connections were located in the front/side people will complain anyway. I rather have it in the back where you can't see all the clutter. There are only two HDMI's connections. If I want to hook up my computer on it My new computer has a HDMI port like all the new stuff do so not biggie for me. i rather have just one a multipurpose cable than all the clutter with RCA's, optical, etc, etc.

T.V is very light. installation can't be any easier as well as navigating from the menu but I had another Samsung TV which could make it easier in my case. (not learning curve)

Some people also complain that this is not the thinnest T.V either well unless you are going to set it in a razor thin wall the difference between 3.5" and 1.5" in back space is meaningless. the deep unless you have serious space problems is useless the wide distance is in the back and you are looking at the screen from the front so who cares? I understand the difference with old TV's and the bulky back side. Having 3.5" against 1.5" for more $100? give me the cheaper 3.5" and $100 back in my bank account.

Tried different angles and the viewing was good or excellent in almost all. Samsung for some reason have this idea to have a light in their T.V's front side when they are off. this one has a little red light that does not bother me at all. Other Samsung TV I have has a giant blue light that it is annoying if you have the T.V in the bedroom. why they add this lights is a mystery to me you know when the T.V is off and On, has image TV ON, Not image TV is OFF, as simple as that.

Because i am not using any external sources of sound and care too much about that in the bedroom I did not care as much about the lack of outputs for headsets or even speakers like some people in these reviews seem to care so much but if you do it is something to consider. This is the best TV for the price TV for these usages:

1. Bedroom T.V / Kids room.
2. Kitchen T.V
3. To be used as a monitor if your computer HAS a HDMI connection
4. if you use your TV at a regular volume and don't care about external sources of sound.(Speakers, headsets, sound bars).
5. You have a cable box or signal source which native resolution is 720p if you pay the extra for the 1080p the T.V image wont be any better unless you watch blue rays in a blue Ray capable DVD (Timer Warner boxes for instance have a native resolution of 720p).
6. You don't want to break the Bank to have a good quality T.V mostly for regular T.V viewing.
7. Want a flat panel too replace that old bulky TV a flat panel that is it not as thin as a sheet of paper but thinner than old TV's you want to replacement (My case).
8. Don't mind that the ports are in the back (Again except for some TV's where the ports are on the side you usually get them in the back)

In summary;
Excellent price, better than average image (I would say excellent picture), capable but not great sound, thin, light and easy to set up. That's a winner in my book.

UPDATE : 06/29/2013

For those concerned about other sources of audio. If you use either a satellite receiver or a cable box you can use the audio out jacks on either of those. That's what I did to test a new audio bar. It worked!!! so the T.V itself does not have to have audio jacks "IF" you use any of those boxes as a source for signal.
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on October 22, 2014
After purchasing my Samsung LED tv about a year and a month ago I went to turn it on only to see no picture. There was audio and the backlight was on but no picture whatsoever (even when changing inputs and what not). Being an A/V tech I decided to run through some checks to troubleshoot. I had no video on either cable or PS3 but audio was still there (both are connected via HDMI)'s where it gets ridiculous.

This happened on Aug 30. I called samsung that day to see what could be done. Of course I got the usual "reset the tv" and "check your inputs." These initial fixes did not work. Customer service took all my info and told me I was about a month outside of my warranty period. This first person I spoke to was willing to offer me a one time under warranty repair since it was so close to the end of the warranty period. This was the only good thing I heard from samsung and I thought the issue would be resolved efficiently. The rep told me they would have a local repair shop call me to schedule a time to do an in house evaluation and repair. I waited about 5 days without a call from the repair service or samsung. So I called samsung again. This time the rep told me they would not be able to do an under warranty repair because I was outside of my warranty period. I hung up, called back and got a different rep. This rep gave me the one time repair (communication?). The rep then proceeded to give me the same story about an in house repair and once again no call from samsung for a few days.

I called samsung again. This time the customer service rep tells me that my tv is too small to have an in home repair and I will need to send it away to their repair contractors. The rep told me they would send a pre-paid UPS label via email. I waited for a couple days and received no email. I called again (see how this is getting repetative?) and finally received the prepaid shipping label.

I took my tv to UPS to ship it out. I still had the original tv box and the protective foam so I figured I would get some bubble wrap and package the tv myself. After sending it out I waited probably a good 2 weeks to hear from samsung again. I received a call stating that the panel was cracked when the tv arrived at the repair shop. This was obviously not the internal component repair that it was sent in for and the panel was not broken before being sent. So, samsung told me that I would have to take this up with UPS. They also told me that since the panel was now broken they would not be able to do an under warranty repair.

I called UPS. They told me that the front of the box was crushed, the panel was broken and the reason the panel is now broken is because I did not package it properly. Side note: I've worked at amazon loading UPS trucks...the packages are not treated well, however, any competent employee should know not to lay a tv flat. I disputed the claim with UPS. The claim went through a UPS rep that works with samsung at their repair shop. The UPS rep denied my claim and once again told me that I packaged it incorrectly. When I tried to call UPS directly and complain, UPS was unable to even speak to me about my issue because this issue was between UPS and Samsung. Needless to say that makes contacting UPS for help useless.

As I write this it is now October 22. I have called samsung 2 or 3 more times, asked to speak to a supervisor and received absolutely no help. They informed me that I would have to pay $150.00 for the repair or have it shipped back to me with the broken panel. There was nothing they could do. They will still be receiving more calls from me as well as reports to the Better Business Bureau and others.

I bought a samsung tv because I always felt that they made a quality product. After this problem I will no longer be purchasing ANYTHING (and I mean ANYTHING) made by samsung. If the internal components/ manufacturer's defect would not have malfunctioned I would never be in this mess to begin with. And if customer service would have been better, this issue could be easily resolved by now. It has been my worst experience I have ever had with customer service.
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on May 23, 2013
Pictures upload 6/3/13

I have three of these, one for each daughters bedroom. Picture quality is just so so, kind of washed out, not bright.

Sound works, all I can say.

Inputs are limited, very much on component or composite, you can use one at a time connected. 2-HDMI on the rear kind of limits it as well, could have added a side HDMI for quick connects.

Forget any outputs, audio, etc.

Well I wasn't thrilled with them and almost returned them. After a little of 5-months one will not power on. It is an internal failure.

I guess you get what you pay for. I have to pay to ship this TV 500 miles for repair. What? It is a 32 inch class, not a pocket watch. I am almost ready to junk it and tell Samsung Nation will they can go. Warranty says owner will be responsible for shipping 27 inch and below, in home service for 37 inch and above. Based on the warranty a 32 inch should be there expense, either in home or they pay the shipping. It doesn't say specifically either way. It is not a 27 inch, so I don't pay, it isn't a 37 inch, so no in home. I say they should pay, since Samsung used to always do in home for over 30 inch TV sets.

It is what it is, not much else. This has cost them additinal sales, i.e two new cellphones being returned. I was getting ready to buy a plasma, for the living room, now I'm running away from Samsung. My daughter wanted a Samsung tablet, she is getting a Toshiba, get the point.

Update #1

Well I need to drop this to a zero star, the second of three has failed with same no power issue as the other one, this is less than five months of service. This is less than two weeks apart, not a good warm and fuzzy on these or other Samsung products now.

Do I think these are going last much past a year or even make it to a year. I'm now out over $100.00 for shipping and packing, two 32 inch LED TV's. Not a bit happy with there products. What else can I say, pure junk, designed to make it ay ear if lucky.

You can expect yours to likely fail after the warranty disappears.

Update #2

I am just updating, the first came back from the Samsung Certified repair center, with a loose power button, missing bezel screws and not properly assembled. I have to say Samsung is not a first rate or even second rate company. I would have to rate them below Coby in quality and Samsung service doesn't even deserve a rating as it basically doesn't exist, a total joke and run around from beginning to end.

This is the worst customer experience I have ever had with any company.
review image review image review image
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on January 1, 2014
I was annoyed to find out, after the fact, that Samsung uses the same model numbers for differently made TV sets with cheap components and boards. If you are unlucky to get one of these sets with cheaper components you are out of luck. All Samsung sets are not alike. You have to find out the letter codes after the model number on the cartons to understand what you are getting. This practice, in my mind, is very deceptive and I will no longer buy their products. I do not believe Samsung is the only manufacturer practicing this deceit. I have heard of others who make computers under what you might consider brand names.
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on June 20, 2013
Waited 7 years for HDtv technology to mature and more HD channels added to my TWC subscription at an affordable price and I'm glad I waited and chose Samsung UN32EH4003 as my first HDtv.

Gorgeous color with clarity and sharpness as long as you use the right settings, which from my perspective as a digital imaging technologist and photographer, Samsung offers a wealth of what I'ld consider highly sophisticated tone/color adjustments for the affordable price of $268 I paid at my local Walmart.

Some research on panel technologies at AVSforums and close inspection of the subpixel structure of the screen with a magnifying glass convinced me my Samsung panel is an IPS type made by IPS Alpha Technologies now owned by Panasonic. SWEET! EXCELLENT VIEWING ANGLES without any image distortion.

Easy to eyeball calibrate especially with the included "Wide Color Enhancer" which is pure genius and a surprisingly added benefit for those who care about correct looking color on such an inexpensive HDtv. Here are my calibration settings using a THX Optimizer image target which is included on many DVD's (just look for the THX logo on the back):


Movie Mode
Backlight: 20
Contrast: 70 (increase too high-watch for white detail blow out, skin tones going off color)
Brightness: 57-60 (increase too much & blacks lighten with an overall washed out flatness to entire picture-reduce gamma & adjust Black Tone to Darkest for added definition)
Color: 38
Tint: 50/50
Sharpness: 15
White Balance: Warm1 with Offset/Gain adjusts (Warm1&2 look too greenish yellow on my set-Standard is WAY TOO blue):
HDMI Black: Low
Gamma:-2 (affects definition especially with faces)
Black Tone: Dark
Color Space: Auto (This is your "Wide Color Enhancer" tool and is best left at Auto)
Noise Filtering: OFF
Dynamic Contrast: OFF-(Useful if increasing Brightness to match bright room ambience when Gamma/Black Tone don't help)

See my posted photos of the results I get with these settings in Amazon Customer Images section.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on December 2, 2013
This tv is 7 months old, and the panel went. Completely no video image. I took it 20 miles from home to the authorized repair business, who, once they determined that the panel was defective and tried to order one, found that it was on backorder with no estimated date of availability. I've been trying for 10 days to get Samsung to replace the set. They will not without a 3-5 day wait for a "review." It's clear what they need to do - replace the set immediately, but they refuse.
Samsung does not have customer service. I will never again buy a Samsung product.
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on January 8, 2015
Alright, I'm going to start off this review by letting you know that I am an 18 year old boy, technically savvy, a gamer, and that this is my first flat screen that I have purchased with my own money. With that out of the way, I needed to get a flat screen for my room; so when I found this tv I thought it was too good to be true, so like anyone else, I read some reviews and I saw that a lot of people aren't satisfied with the audio quality of this tv (Yes, it is a bummer that there's no optional audio output) and that some referred to the picture quality as "Alright for 720P". But I bet that over half of these people didn't take the time to go through the tv settings, because if you did, you'd find that there is a setting named "True Surround HD" or something along those lines in the sound section.. And as for the picture quality, I find that setting the picture to dynamic, turning the sharpness all the way up, and slightly lowering the color provides a very clear/sharp picture, I cannot tell you how much better the quality and sound of this gets after you toy around with the settings, it's something you have to do on your own. As for the 720P, you can still play games at 1080P on this TV, it automatically upscales to 1080P and it looks fantastic..! This is a wonderful tv that is worth way more than what Amazon is selling it for, and I totally think it's worth the purchase..!
review image
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on November 30, 2012
I'm always puzzled by reviews that complain about stated features of products. In this case, I have read several reviews by people that complain that this Samsung TV is not a Slim model. Apparently some people rely only on pictures and not on detailed descriptions of things like Specifications, or Product Measurements.

Being a reasonable person, I was able to successfully determine the TV's measurements - it helped that they were obviously stated in the product description. Having determined (prior to my purchase) that these dimensions would fit my requirements, I purchased the TV on Amazon during a Samsung Black Friday promotion in 2012 for about $50 less than the typical Amazon price.

I should point out that, contrary to another reviewer's statement, this TV is indeed VESA compatible for wall mounts. I had no problem attaching the TV to a Cheetah mount (also purchased on Amazon). In this case, the Amazon description was not clear what the mounting options were, so I was forced to (gasp!) visit the Samsung web site. A quick search on the model number and I was able to download the manual and review the detailed specs, including mounting hole measurements.

This TV fits perfectly in the corner, and it is very light weight so it puts very little strain on the wall mount. Even though the design is not a slim style, I found that the shape of the bezel allows it to fit perfectly in the corner, with both edges of the TV right up against the wall. If it were to be mounted against a flat wall rather than a corner, it would stick out a little further.

Be sure to register the TV on the Samsung website, as you will get an extra 3 months or warranty support for free.
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