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on November 15, 2014
Samsung is a major player in the electronics and HDTV market and there are many excellent in-depth technical reviews on the performance of these Samsung sets. The purpose of this review is to comment on the overall reliability and customer support on Samsung products and to share my experience.


1. Extremely energy efficient- $8/year
2. Clear, crisp picture when working
3. Excellent price on Amazon
4. VESA wall mount
5. A best buy compared to the comparable 2013 40" version.


1. Reliability: If your priority is features then reliability becomes secondary to many. However, I believe reliability is paramount. I received a lemon from the outset on this Samsung. The unit consistently cycled on and off making it impossible to watch. It was subsequently returned to Amazon and I purchased a 40" Panasonic which performs beautifully. Consumer Reports rates Samsung reliability at 4%. The highest reliability on these sets continues to be Panasonic at 2% with an absolutely stunning picture compared to its Samsung counterpart. The small price differential was more than worth it to me.

2. Samsung and many other manufacturers, continue to participate in "panel roulette", purchasing other manufacturer's panels to save cost. So, depending on the model and version of your Samsung set, you may actually be purchasing a generic Chinese, Sharp or Samsung panel...spin the wheel and good luck! Panasonic now uses LG panels for their sets. However, Samsung has earned a reputation for using low-caliber components, resistors, capacitors and power supply's compared to other manufacturers such as Sony and Panasonic. This also impacts overall brand reliability if this is important to you.

3. Customer Support: Samsung continues to have one of the worst customer support networks available. Support is globally-outsourced to non-native speaking associates on poor VOIP lines and the company has a long and well-documented history of making it challenging at best to receive manufacturer-supported and sanctioned customer-focused quality and attention. Over the years, I have owned several Samsung appliances only to be disappointed at the lack of their interest in your purchase at having their equipment repaired or replaced under the terms and conditions of their "warranty".


1. 2 Stars for reliability and consistently unacceptable customer support.
2. Consider what is most important to you in choosing a TV then select accordingly. Reliability and quality components are highest for Panasonic, LG, Sharp and Sony and lowest for Westinghouse, Mitsubishi and Sylvania.
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on May 2, 2016
I purchased this TV from Amazon in January, 2014. In the last month, THE problem (faulty capacitor) noted in the other negative reviews here has surfaced. The TV will simply not turn on when the power switch is depressed. Pulling the AC plug and re-plugging allows the TV to power on ... some of the time. But eventually, it doesn't and the plug/re-plug scenario has to be repeated. I called Samsung tech support, got a polite rep with a foreign accent on a horrendous VoIP line that was filled with static and noise. After taking down my information, he gave me the phone number of a local "service center" that's closed at the moment. I checked their web site -- they "provide healthcare facilities with excellent service and quality repairs." There's nothing on their web site about repairing consumer electronics! I'll try them in the morning; I'm sure this will be good for a laugh. Will report back tomorrow. I suspect this TV will be headed to the recycling center and I'll be buying a new one. But no more Samsung products for me ... EVER! (BTW, I discovered after purchasing this piece of junk that it doesn't even have a headphone jack for private listening.)

NEXT DAY UPDATE: I called the "service center" that the Samsung rep recommended. As I suspected, they have NOTHING TO DO WITH REPAIRING CONSUMER ELECTRONICS! I called Samsung again this morning and informed them of the problem. They gave me the name of another service company ... 100 miles from where I live! The Samsung rep informed me that my TV was not covered by the warranty and that they would not pay to have the TV repaired. The new service center's website quoted rates of $200 or more. (And I doubt they would travel 200 miles round trip to fix a TV.) So adios to Samsung.

NEW UPDATE: I contacted the Samsung CEO's office via email (you can Google it), explained the problem, and received a very nice response fairly quickly. They asked me to submit proof of purchase and a few days later received an email informing me that Samsung would pay the parts and labor to have my TV repaired. So Samsung has gone WAY UP in my book.
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on May 7, 2014
Best value non smart tv on amazon. This review is of the 39 inch model. I did a lot of research and at the time this was by far the highest quality and best value at this price point and size. It's not a smart tv but most smart tv's apps are hard to use and poorly implemented besides I have an xbox and chromecast so I don't care about it being a dum TV.

Picture: super bright amazing image quality for the price point this tv will not disappoint! Extremely customizable image settings allow you to adjust the picture just how you want it. A quick google search will yield settings that work well but I had to fiddle with the backlighting and black levels to get it how I thought looked best.

Sound: other reviews say sound sucks on this tv. The sound is actually quite good as long as it's not mounted to the wall. When wall mounted or pushed up against the wall the sound sounds tinny like how your cellphone speaker sounds when placed speaker down on a table. When the tv is on a tv stand one foot from the wall it has great, clear very loud sound that is more than adequate for my use. That being said a external subwoofer and/or sound bar would be advisable for anyone who likes a lot of extra "BASS"

I love the power button on this tv! It is a small joystick located on bottom right of TV. It gives you easy access to the settings and menus in a easy to use and intuitive design. Compare this to many tv's which you can't access the menu without the remote.
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on June 3, 2016
Lasted 15 months before it broke. Warranty expired at 12 months. When I contacted Samsung they gave me authorized shop information and that I was responsible for payment. Then in the mail a month later an offer an extended warranty arrived. Price was outrageous at $200 for the one year needed to fix the set. Plus it was offered after the fact which I feel is an unethical business practice, I was shocked and surprised with this. Still have the broken TV, need to get it to the shop to see if it is even worth fixing. I bought a new smart TV, not Samsung. Originally bought Samsung for the quality and good name brand even though it cost a little more. They showed their true colors.
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on October 31, 2014
I've had my unit now for 4 months. I was only looking for base model for the bedroom. I went low feature (very few inputs, no PIP, etc) with this model and really didn't expect much. WOW am I ever pleased with this TV. Picture and Sound are really good, picture is exceptional for a 60Hz model. I don't have cable or a dish. We get broadcast HD and streaming for all or TV use.

Broadcast HD:
I live 10 miles outside the perimeter of Atlanta. I hooked up an unpowered DigitalHD antenna I bought at Walmart a few years ago and got over 60 broadcast digital channels. It was easy to filter out the channels I didn't want and the reception on all the major networks is great 99% of the time.

HDMI: This unit only has 2 HDMI ports. I'm only using one for an Amazon Fire TV box. The HDMI port works great most of the time. The only complaint I have is that the unit is 'smart' with the HDMI port. If nothing is hooked up to the HDMI port then it cannot be selected as a source for viewing. Every once in a while it thinks the Fire is disconnected when it isn't. Probably because the FireTV unit shuts off if there is no activity for a while. Disconnecting the FireTV from the TV at either end and reconnecting resolves this every time so it's only a minor hassle.

USB Port:
TV has built-in USB port. The manual claims that it doesn't support HDD's but it does, it just can't power them. I hooked up an external USB 3TB HDD that stands upright behind unit on the base. One simple push of the Media Play (Media P.) button on the remote and a selection pops up offering me the choice of Videos, Music, and Photos. It only supports JPG for photos, which works for me since they all are. It also only support MP3 files for music, again that's okay by me as well. Where this feature really shines is Video. It supports AVI, MPG, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MKV, TS, TP, TRP, M2TS, VOB, 3GP, and FLV. I've played MP4 and MKV and they both work great. It even supports internal or external (to the video file) subtitles. The options for Video play from a USB device straight to the unit are impressive.
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on September 12, 2014
We have been loyal Samsung customers having purchased 3 flat screens in the last 4 years and two new ones, including this one, in August. This was the first time I needed to ask for service for a problem. I checked an online site that said Samsung is good at backing up their warranty. After contacting them over 3 weeks ago a service person is coming over to repair it this week. I did the tests and resets over and over as requested by Samsung on their online request for service. They kept emailing me that if they send a service person I will have to pay if it is not a repair problem. That wasn't pleasant to hear but I just want the thing to be fixed! I finally started calling them which is a challenge that requires patience. When asked to again, after 3 times, going to the TV and running the "test" I became impatient. I said: No, no I can not do this again just send a repair person! We waited a couple of days and someone called. He said he knows the problem, a shadow ring on the screen, and has to get the part and can take care of it. Who knows, this is maybe what we have to expect. Anyhow, other than my first service problem the TV is ok and I think a good price for a 39" flat screen. Now I hope this service guy shows up and I don't have to pay him because Samsung doesn't consider it a problem.
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on December 4, 2013
I finally stepped into the 21st century and it only took me a decade and a half. I bought this to replace an old work horse of a 20 year old analog magnavox in my living room. I didn't need to join in the digital switchover years ago since I was hooked up to cable but I finally decided to take the plunge and get rid of the 300 pound magnavox before it outlived me.
I didn't need a huge screen because we sit about 9 or 10 feet from the tv. This is the perfect size so I couldn't see spending extra to get a 40 inch when 39 looks good to me. I didn't need a smart tv because my husband is a gamer and we have internet through the xbox so again this was perfect. Let me say first off the picture is gorgeous. It was easy to set up right out of the box even for someone like me who has never had a digital tv or seen these types of connections before. The on screen menu made it easy and it basically set itself up. When it was done I connected both the xbox 360 and the wii to it with no problems. That was good because the owners manual leaves a lot to be desired and the sections written in English are not grammatically correct. When streaming netflix in HD the picture is incredible. The sound could be a little richer and fuller in my opinion but as far as getting my money's worth I am pleased with my purchase.
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on August 14, 2016
After 2 years and 2 months, the screen just went black. Customer service is not authorized to help yet there are many reviews online across several models of this television that depict this exact problem. We loved the television until this happened. We received positive comments from family and friends. Now we sit and LISTEN to television. I am older and remember hanging out with my friends listening to the radio so for retro tv or the news I guess that is what I have to do with this poorly engineered machine. My wife is terrified to turn the tv on in the bedroom because it will be "out of time" and "use up" soon too. Samsung should be embarrassed and fix the problem. The service rep. actually suggested I take it up with Amazon and see if they would deal with it.....note to customer service - Amazon didn't build this television; your company did.
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on May 14, 2014
This TV looks great, after fine-tuning. The delivery was fast & undamaged. It looks nice, is slim & light, overall. Some things I have to return it for: Using PC DVI to HDMI in to the port specified, TV began to shut off picture and message stating there was no source, displays. (check source, plug, etc) Had no issues previously, I've been a support agent for software & hardware paired with Windows & Mac, Dial-up & cable, built more than a couple long-running systems. I've had the issue repeat after several hours of use while playing a game, or browsing the web. When it became more frequent, I Tried the HDMI out to HDMI in as it does not suggest doing, which,makes the text look rough.. just requires several adjustments (sharpness, clear-type [windows] , etc) That worked fine for about a week. Then it happened with this connection, with a different surge protector, though both seemed to work fine with everything else plugged in, & the video card is relatively new, well-reviewed, worked fine before this TV/Monitor. This unit / stand, doesn't swivel, though it states otherwise in spec.'s, i swear =]~ Technical Support from Samsung... I will be honest & say it wasn't a good experience, thought the agent sounded nice enough, was polite, etc.. just not experienced in troubleshooting in English for PC's plugged into the product, IMO. Well, Amazon is helping me with the return, so thank you for them, good try, Samsung.. this isn't the first story I know of where your products let someone down, early in their service, even though you charge more than the competitors; often with shorter warranties.. just my first personal experience with it.
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on July 10, 2014
This is a very good TV for the money. The picture quality is very good, not right out of the box though but if you apply the settings published by one of the earlier reviewers, you will be rewarded with a top notch viewing experience. This is not a Smart TV but this is not a problem. I paired mine with a smart blu ray player from Samsung and get all the Smart functions for cheap. One remote can control both devices as an added bonus. My main Blu ray player is an Oppo BDP-103D and my main TV is a Panasonic tc-p60vt60. How do the Samsung devices compare? Well, Samsung has nothing to be ashamed of and has held its own admirably. The main set up is better, but by not as much as one may think. You cannot lose if you buy this TV. It's a winner.
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