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on December 7, 2014
This is one of Samsung's entry-level LED entries. As such, it is a no-frills offering providing excellent picture, solid sound and Samsung quality. On those fronts, it delivers, hence the rating. Before buying though, understand what it is not.

- NOT a Smart TV - This is clearly stated in the description and numerous reviews and answered questions, but just in case you missed it... This matters to you if you want to use the TV to view internet content directly.
- Does NOT support HDMI CEC/Anynet+/ARC - You cannot use the TV to control (power on/off, change volume, etc.) other HDMI-connected devices. If you have multiple devices in your setup, you will need multiple remotes or a universal one (not included).
- Does NOT output Dolby Digital surround-sound signals unless input is coaxial - In a fairly common practice, the TV converts incoming surround-sound audio signals to an outgoing stereo PCM signal, unless the incoming input is coaxial. This matters to you if a. you have a surround-sound setup; and b. you are planning on using the TV as an AV switcher for your sound bar/receiver.
- Limited connections: 2 HDMI (including one HDMI/DVI), 1 USB, 1 Component, 1 RF In. (HDMI placement is a little awkward as well: on the side, as opposed to the back of the unit, adding an extra foot or so to that connection in my case.)

If you're still reading and don't care about the above, this may be the TV for you at the right price point. As noted above, picture is great, sound is good, setup was easy and I'm looking forward to many years of use.
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on August 24, 2014
Ordered from Amazon, worked for < 24 hours and display went out. Was satisfied with picture and pleased with the set but it failed within 24 hours of use.

Samsung: Customer service is horrible, they wanted to send a repair man to try and fix it, I requested a replacement and they indicated that all they could do was attempt to repair if possible then replace if not. I did not buy the set to wait around for a few days for repair man, then a few more days for a replacement.

Amazon: AWESOME customer service. New set is on the way with a pickup ticket for this one, fast and easy.

Bottom Line: Set may not be reliable, might want to purchase the optional warranty. I was happy with the picture and have requested a replacement set, Samsung Customer Service is the worst. Amazon was extremely helpful but may not be so easy several months from now. Be careful !!
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on January 11, 2015
This is a review for the UN32EH5000 32-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV, 32" TV. It has the version code on it UU02, so it is a Samsung panel in the TV. I have had the TV about 2 weeks now. My TV requirements are fairly minimal.

I use an over the air antenna with this TV and I find that the tuner in this TV is quite good, it picks up 3 more channels (Denver, CO) than a 2009 model Zenith DTT901 digital to analog converter box using the same antenna (Winegard).

I also use this TV hooked up to a PC (via HDMI) to watch DVDs and stream Amazon Prime and online movies.

This TV has a "glossy" panel, and not a "matte" panel. I prefer a matte finish on computer screens, and apparently on TVs as well. I have to admit that even though the picture on this TV is quite bright and stunning, it seems to cause me eye strain more so than my 2012 Toshiba 32" flat panel TV model C120U (it is 720p, 60Hz and CCFL technology). The older TV just seems easier on my eyes than this Samsung. I think it is the gloss and brightness of the screen and the bright light from the LED technology, which for others would probably be a plus, but seems to be a negative for me. I watch very little TV, maybe 3 hours per week, so it is not eye strain from prolonged viewing. If any reviewers have suggestions on the manual settings that would help with this, please feel free to comment!

This TV has a stunning picture and good viewing angles from the side. OTA HD channels looks very good as well as DVDs and Blue-Ray. During the day, it is in a room with very bright natural light, and at night, this room is rather dark with dimmer indoor lighting or no lights on at all. Both in light and dark, the picture is clear and has the right amount of contrast.

It has a huge number of adjustments for color, contrast, etc. I played around with them some, but have ended up back at the "Movies" preset for now and will continue playing around with the settings.

One thing I don't like as much about this TV is the manual controls for on/off, volume, channel are on the BOTTOM underside right corner, and do not consist of individual buttons to press, but is instead a round "dial" with a button in the center of it for certain functions. It is NOT user friendly, if your remote is working, you'll be fine, but without a remote, it would be rather painful to use this dial for all your daily TV functions. I try and buy products for longevity and assuming this TV will last many years, most likely the remote will die or the batteries will be temporarily dead until changed, and then I like to have manual function keys that work well. The manual dial button does allow you to change the source input, which some TVs don't have a manual button for source, so that is a plus.

The remote has a backlight for the keys, and I found it very user friendly with fairly large buttons for the most-used functions.

I have not tried the USB in port yet, but will soon, so I will post back about how it performs. HDMI 1 and 2 are working good from an HDMI source. Picture quality was much worse with HDMI to VGA cable.

I found the speakers to be louder and of better quality than my 2012 Toshiba 32" TV. I am not that picky about sound quality from the TV, so I found the built-in speakers to be just fine for OTA TV and watching streaming movies. I do have some external speakers that do sound better than the built-in, I could get the volume quite loud.

I had trouble with the screws to mount the stand on the TV. Seemed that the threads did not fit and I had to apply a good amount of force to get them all the way screwed in. I think I read another reviewer had this same problem. It is almost like the screw holes in the TV are not threaded. It worked out OK and then I was able to remove the base as long-term, this will be going on a TV arm mounted on a wall.

Longevity will be the next factor to this being a great TV for the price, so I will post back on if/when the TV bites the dust. All in all, I am happy with this purchase even though I think I am one of the few people that prefers CCFL technology to LED.
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Top Contributor: Petson November 17, 2014
Since so many other reviewers have gone above and beyond in that department. There's no point in me boring you with another technical review.

The bottom line is, I really like this TV! I bought it to replace my 32" Sony Google Smart TV because after only two years, it developed a problem where it would shut off and turn back on every few minutes, making it unwatchable. I took it to the shop that Sony recommended and after they'd had my TV for a month, they told me it was a board that costs more than $800 to replace! (more than the TV cost) After speaking with the TV repairman at length over the problem, he told me his opinion of never buying "Smart" TVs because they all have problems and are very expensive to fix. He said, "You're better off to get a good regular TV and then use a cheap bluray player or your computer to connect to things like Netflix and Amazon movies." So that's what I did!

I did change the picture settings over to Dynamic because out of the box, the picture looked a little dark to me. This simple fix gave me the picture I wanted. I also really liked how lightweight it is. I can easily lift it with one hand whereas my old Sony, (the same size) weighed a ton.

So I'm thrilled with my purchase and for the reviewer wanting to know version numbers- mine starts with a "U".
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on January 6, 2017
Sound is terrible after a year. Now capacitors blown after 28 months. I thought this would be a quality television, I was wrong. A year after purchasing it the speakers started to warble on the high end and with bass. The television is on for maybe two hours a day, and I'm not pumping loud music or sound effects through it. Now the power is blown, a Google search indicates that it has a capacitor problem which is apparently a known issue with Samsungs. A television should last more than two years without defects and in total. Piece of junk. Avoid.
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on October 20, 2012
***UPDATE 2014 - July 17th ***
-Added updated panel identification information in the review and at the bottom. Credit to review comment from Dawn B. Roy.
-Added brief subjective experience.
-Listing of which panels to expect depending on the model/series (still, check your box, or the back of your TV as described below) - also credit to D.B.R.

Short version: A "TV" is a container for its panel, with some additional features (such as speakers). Buying a TV with a different panel, even if it's the "same TV," is buying a different TV. Samsung seems to think we don't care - and many consumers may not. Most buyers may compare their new TV to an old one that isn't even full HD or to a typical* computer monitor, so any panel will look great, even if it costs more than it should due to (arguably) deceptive practices. In my experience, my TV seems to have the deficits listed for its panel - subpar viewing angles, especially with dark colors.

*TN panel or a CRT, as opposed to IPS or anything with better viewing angles, color, etc.

Many of these TVs don't have a Samsung panel (the screen/the part that has/makes the image!)! I cannot believe this has not been mentioned. It makes a SUBSTANTIAL difference, because some panels they use should be in TV's that cost $100 less.

Can you imagine buying a car because you know its manufacturer uses great, reliable engines, only to find out that they use completely different engines without telling you, all of which are of lower quality? Samsung does this with their TVs, and some of them don't EVER have Samsung panels (e.g., the 37" model will NEVER have a Samsung panel because they don't make 37" panels). Samsung uses 4 different panel types from four different manufacturers - each with a substantially different technology.

You can tell which panel YOUR TV has by the "Version" on the sticker outside of the box. There's also a sticker on the back of the TV; the "Version" code is below the Model number and above the S/N. BTW, reviews can't be interpreted without the four-digit Version code because they are quite simply different TV's. Here's how to interpret them:
("x" means a number, probably from 1-4, that represents the version of that panel - higher means newer but not always better).

TH0x or TS0x: Samsung S-PVA panel (possibly just a PVA, if you're less lucky): This is what you thought you were buying. Best color, best black, best viewing angles.
HS0x: Sharp ASV panel: Lower contrast ratio, more narrow viewing angle. I read HS02 in particular has terrible ghosting.
A_0X: AOU A-MVA panel: Even lower contrast ratio.
CH0x or CM0x or CS0x: Chimea S-MVA panel: You lost the lottery. Markedly worse in every way - way worse viewing angle, color reproduction, etc. Just a terrible rip-off.
UPDATED 2014 July 17th: Quoting Dawn B. Roy, "Just remember A or M = AU Optronics, T, U, or W = Samsung, and H = Sharp. " I have not followed the comment thread (my apologies), and do not know if the stopped using Chimea panels.

Mine, from Amazon, is an HS03, so a Sharp panel. I will be testing it tomorrow (DVD and watching football - no Blu-ray). There is a decent chance I return it, because it is not a Samsung. Also? Sony and Panasonic do much less "panel lottery" and are vowing to stop entirely. LG does not do a panel lottery. Samsung has absolutely no plans to stop, and they only use "standards" that won't reveal a difference between the different panels.

I will update after doing more testing. I just simply could not believe that this was not mentioned. Nothing like finding out you paid $500 (40" model) for a $400 TV when that extra $100 could have been used for sound, Blu-Ray, etc.

**Other reviewers, please, update your reviews to give your version code!**

More reading:
UPDATED 10/24/12: Added info on how to find version number without the box.
UPDATED 7/17/14: A listing of which TV models carry which panels, again quoting the very-helpful Dawn B. Roy:
"Here are the panel codes per Samsung own part site: H7150: 46=TS01, 55= TS01, 60= HH01, 65=TH01, 75=TS01. H6400: 40=unknown, 48=TS01, 50=AS01, 55=TS01,US02, 60=HD01, 65=MD01. H6350: 32=TS01, 40=TS01, 48=TS01, 50AH01, 55=TH01,UH02, 60=HS01, 65=AH01, 75=TH01. H5500: 32=TS01, 40=TS01, 48=TS01, 50=WH01.

Hopes this helps prospective buyers. One change from last year is that other then the 60" Sharp, only Samsung panels are being placed in the H7150 line. Also curios is the 5500 series that has all Samsung panels. It makes sense that I heard David K say that the 5 and 8 series were very solid but the middle lines were a mixed bag. "
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on December 29, 2016
This TV was great for 2 years and then picture died. I have the 50-inch version that is still going strong. The reason I'm giving this TV only 1 star is because the customer service support department I contacted to get the TV fixed was horrible. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Lately, Samsung isn't what it used to be so I'm moving away from the brand just like I did with Sony 10 years ago.
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on August 16, 2013
Overall the TV is great out of the box...good picture, good sound, easy setup, awesome delivery / packaging by Amazon. The biggest disappointment is the info display. That being...every time you change the HD channel, and it has a different size or whatever, this HUGE and ANNOYING pop-up display comes up in the LHand corner. It says something like "HDMI-1, 1920x1080/60p and the current time". It stays on for about 3-4 seconds. So if your channel surfing, this thing keeps popping sit there and look at it saying to yourself, "go away....go away...go away...GO AWAY"...and it does so about 3-4 seconds later.

I called Samsung (after jacking around trying the internet and/or the instruction manual for 2 hours) to find out how to turn it off. After being on HOLD for almost an hour (at 11 p.m. EST) I get a rep that tells me, "Yeah, this cannot be turned off because it's a factory setting". WHAT!!!!! WHO CARES and WHO NEEDS to know every time the thing changes...I dont. This is like taking your brand new car to the dealer because the engine is making a bad grinding noise...only to have the tech tell you to turn up the radio louder so you don't hear the engine noise.

This might be a deal breaker for me....going to have to see if the annoyance factor wanes over the next couple days...if not, the TV is going back to Amazon and I'll find something better. Thanks Samsung.

UPDATE - The very next day after receiving this TV, Amazon reduced the price by $15. Now this TV has that "TV Low Price Guarantee" that says "If we lower our own price within 14 days after we ship your order, let us know and we will refund you the difference as well." Contacted Amazon and Merlyn took care of this via chat (and it only took about 5 minutes)...AMAZON ROCKS!!!!!
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on May 17, 2014
The price of this TV was outstanding. I checked a few other retailers, and Amazon's price was by far the best. Shipment was remarkably fast, too; it arrived in about two days without having selected any special shipping (I picked the standard option of 5-8 days). Reminded me again just how much I love Amazon.

I've only had this TV for one day, so I can't comment on its longevity. The picture quality is great. Though other reviews note that picture settings need adjusted, the out-of-the-box settings for me were just fine; however, if you need to adjust, it's easy to do so. The menu and options are easy to navigate. Set-up was easy and the sound is good. Up until now, I had a 37" then a 42" in my living room, so I was unsure what a 50" would look like, but the size is perfect.

I LOVE the USB capability to watch videos--it's so convenient to put my home videos of my daughter onto a flash drive instead of having to burn them all to a DVD. The menu for the USB is super-simple; it lists all the video files so you can select what you want, but then it cycles through them automatically, going to the next when one is finished. Such an easy way to view home videos, I love it.

Had I read the manual, I may have been able to find this out, but the buttons on the actual TV are hard to find! I ran my hand over the TV, searched the sides, etc., and couldn't find them, to the point I figured there weren't any. Turns out, it's more like a joystick-esque kind of button. You put your hand under the TV, right near where the red light is, and there's one big button that you press in various places to navigate to the off switch or to a couple other options. It's easy, just hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for.

In short, I'm just an average TV-watcher. I don't know anything about picture and sound quality aside from just looking at the screen. I don't know what the experts look for--I just like watching Netflix movies and my favorite shows. I'm not hard to please; I still have a huge 90s TV in my computer room, and I watch it with no problems. On this TV, HD channels look amazing. It's simple to use, big enough to fill my space, and makes me feel like I'm watching TV in some sort of luxury. 50" is bigger than any TV I've ever owned, and I'm very pleased that I chose this one.
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on January 17, 2015
This is a no frills TV with an excellent picture, assuming you get an actual Samsung panel. Mine is version UU02, which luckily is a Samsung panel. I use it with my Amazon Fire TV stick and while I've only had it for a couple days now, I love it . Out of the box people apparently don't like the picture and recommend calibrating it. I just googled for some calibration settings and set them to those settings and then tweaked just a little from there to fit my preferences.

The settings happen to be in another Amazon review posted by a user going by the name "JR". So again these are the settings this person posted in their review. I'll post them again for future reference and visibility:

Mode: Standard
Backlight: 18 (This is personal pref and will be different depending on where the TV is at)
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 46
Sharpness: 12 (Another personal pref, wouldn't recommend anything above 20)
Color: 48
Tint: G52/R48
Advanced settings:
Color Space: Auto
White Balance:
Dynamic Contrast:Off
Black Tone: Off
Motion Lighting: Off
Picture Options:
Color Tone: Warm2
Size: Screen Fit
Digital Noise Filter:Off
Led Motion Plus: Off
Note: If HDMI Black Level is not greyed out, then put it on low.

I don't know much about TVs, but I can say this one has that "pop" you see in stores, unlike other TV's I've owned. That "pop" is usually due to some ridiculous settings to make it look good in a store setting, but even after making adjustments it's still an excellent picture. It's what I hoped for from this TV and it's what I got. So 5 stars for a beautiful picture.

The included remote with my TV was the Aa59-00600a which you can see reviews for on Amazon.
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