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NOTE: Scroll to bottom of review to read 2014 updates -- I am returning this TV.

This TV was released in February as Samsung's "budget" 32-inch As of this writing it's going for around $475, so about $200 more than the budget Smart TV's from Vizio. First my review of the TV, then I'll compare it to Vizio's product VIZIO E320i-A0 32-inch 720p 60Hz LED Smart HDTV, which I have also purchased and decided to return in favor of this unit. As you would expect, the TV has a great picture. Smooth, no pixelation, even sports look great on here. It's advertised as a 60hz -- but then the box refers to "120 Tru Motion" so I'm not sure what to make of that, but suffice it to say that refresh rates are good. The remote control is decent - lights up at night and has good sized buttons, but I'd like dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon VOD. This TV begins to blur the line between TV and computer... the internet browser is competent, but pretty frustrating to use without a keyboard. You can hook up a USB keyboard through the TV's slot. This TV does NOT accommodate bluetooth keyboards, so wireless is out of the picture. I believe the next model up of Samsung (the 6000 series) accommodates Bluetooth as that is referenced in the manual. The "Smart Apps" section reveals many apps (Pandora, Picasa, etc) that you would find on your Smartphone. Due to the dual core of the TV's processor, apps load quickly and the TV starts immediately. As for the sound, it's really decent to good. You're not ever going to get good base etc without an external sound source on any HDTV... but this provides a good viewing experience. Figuring out the DLNA networking (to watch videos and pictures stored on my computer) was unnecessarily complex (very simple on the Vizio). The TV couldn't "see" other devices on the home network until I clicked "Play to" on the computer in the right click context menu and selected the Samsung. The Samsung asked for permission to link to the computer and then I was able to browse. I'm sure this will be fixed in a future software update. By the way, Netflix, Amazon, every app I have tried works great.

I think the software on these "smart TV's" is still overly complex to navigate... At some point a company like Apple is going to figure this out and make a truly seamless intuitive experience. For example, to get to my media on my computer, I have to click "smart apps" then scroll to video, click that, then select a source, then start scrolling through files on the computer. There has to be a better way. Having said that, it's not terrible, and the dual core makes for gorgeous animated menus and really nice response time.

Comparing it to the Vizio... if you are thinking "Should I spend the $200 more for the Samsung?" here's why I ended up returning the Vizio in comparison to this unit. First off the positives: The Vizio had a gorgeous picture also, comparable to the Samsung. So it's a draw between the devices. But in every other aspect, Samsung wins. Setup on the Samsung was a breeze -- it scanned all of my Comcast digital channels WITHOUT a converter box, and then automatically subtracted out the scrambled channels. Vizio couldn't/didn't do this. Samsung also has an interactive/nice guide much like the guide you'd see on digital TV/satellite... grid format that tells you what's on all the channels. Vizio didn't have that. The Vizio TV took 5-9 seconds to start. That's a long time when you're trying to catch the end of a show. Samsung starts up instantaneously. The Vizio had TERRIBLE sound -- everyone sounded like they had a lisp when watching TV... the Samsung has a million sound options including even an equalizer. Great sound. There are many more apps on Samsung's unit, and there's also the Samsung version of video on demand where you can download and watch movies. Vizio has placed a button for this on their remote control but it is still a "coming attraction."

If all you care about is a nice picture, get the Vizio. But if you care about sound and the internet apps, as well as platform stability, get the Samsung. They are both energy efficient - the Samsung is $6/year according to the Energy Wise label on the set and the Vizio is $8.

This TV actually begins to blue the line between TV, computer and tablet. You can attach a keyboard. You can also attach a webcam and have Skype video calls. There's also a social app integration that I don't plan to use where you can link everything to Facebook and other social sites, sharing comments on TV shows etc with your friends. Not my style but some might like that. As I use more of the functions on this TV I will update this review, but for now, hope this helps!

UPDATE January 2014: So less than a year later and I'm having some pretty significant trouble with this TV. I've spent four hours on multiple phone calls with Samsung to resolve, but they have been unable to. In short, they released a firmware update last week which made the Netflix app not work... and nothing (factory reset, having them take over the TV from remote somewhere in Japan) will get this working yet. A fix is always "24 hours away" but the deadline comes and goes with no fix. AT this point the new 2014 models should be coming out and perhaps their software will be more stable but this TV has really been a disappointment. One other issue -when you are viewing videos / movies via DLNA streaming you cannot fast forward or rewind, and there is no resume function if you watch half the movie and turn the TV off (or have a power failure) you have to start watching the movie over! I'm not sure it's fair to change my star review on this TV at this time -- I will think about it and see if Samsung is finally able to get this TV working, but I have to say this whole experience has soured me on the Samsung brand.

UPDATE February 2014: After trying and trying with Samsung, it appears they are unable to fix their firmware update. The TV displays a "no new firmware" when you check for updates and Netflix is still broken. Basically, Samsung has great hardware but terrible software, and in the era of Smart TV's you have to have both. Fortunately Amazon stood behind Samsung and is taking this piece of junk back, but I have to go through the hassle of taking it off the wall, boxing it, and then installing a new one (I'm ordering the new Vizio's that are coming out in a few weeks). I don't want to sound like a bitter person ("I'm never buying Samsung again!!!") but I have to admit this experience has soured me on the brand. Their customer support and their software development is just terrible. I'm downgrading this to two stars as the picture/sound are indeed good on this TV but the SMART features... not so smart!!
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on April 4, 2014
I am compelled to write this review for people to think twice before purchasing Samsung TVs. This is my third Samsung TV (different models) and all of them had issues. I have to admit their TVs look nice, but fail on the quality control, have cheap parts, and cease to perform within a relatively short period of time. The bottom line is - it became a gamble to purchase this brand.

Before listing the problems I've encountered, I want to mention that improper reviews lead to boosted ratings and potential customers are led to believe that problems are rare or isolated. Surely you've noticed this.

I have not used this TV for smart features yet, but encountered the following issues:

1. The IR extender does not work properly. It tends to block the signal to the setup box, so the TV remote cannot be used to control both TV and the setup box.

2. If you plan to mount this TV on the wall be prepared to run around looking for the hardware and be creative. The mounting holes on the back of the TV are different. Samsung said it was a defect. In reality, this model is made that way (3 holes with threading and 1 hole without threading) - there is absolutely no reason for that!

3. This is a big one! After 6 months of moderate use, TV screen suddenly went black (no picture). The main panel (screen) was replaced. It was repaired under warranty. Needless to say, you have to go through a torturous process to get it fixed.

Now, on top of all the issues that customers have encountered, add Samsung's horrific Customer Service. Their lack of knowledge, misguided information, complete disregard for the customers' time, and rudeness leaves you with only one impression - they just don't care! They have a big market share and will sell their junk to another victim. They don't care about the longevity of their products, because they want you to go buy another TV as soon as possible. How else will they sell the flood of TVs they throw out into the market if you keep yours for a long time? Think about it!

Well, some of us can't afford a new TV every year! I hope this review helps.
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on February 25, 2015
I bought this TV one year ago today and the screen turned black on February 18, 2015. Samsung was going to send someone out to repair it until they realized it was a Canadian model, I called Samsung Canada to see if I could send it there for repair but since I don't live there I'm stuck with a broken TV (Spent hours on the phone, trying). Be sure to know the model number when making this purchase. Model number must end with an A (for America). Beach Camera is the seller and only has a 45 day return. Very disappointed that the TV only lasted a year and that the seller sold a Canadian model.
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on December 21, 2013
Has everything I want.

PROS: Great picture. Good "smart" interface. Light weight. Easy to use.

CONS: To use Skype you need the Samsung camera. I tried an old USB camera for a computer and it didn't like it.

OTHER: The remote is okay. I suggest getting an inexpensive wireless keyboard (I paid ~$20 for a Logitech keyboard with touch pad). It has an IR receiver that plugs into a USB port on the TV.

UPDATE1: I find the web browser to be substandard. It is exceptionally slow and I have trouble getting some webpages to load correctly. Some will say..."hey, just plug in your computer and use it". Well, that kind of makes the whole "SmartTV" feature

UPDATE2: I find some apps like Amazon Prime, Amazon Cloud Player, Pandora, and TuneIn to work very well. Since I use these apps a lot on my PC, it's great to see them work so well on my "SmartTV".

UPDATE3: I must say, if you watch Amazon Prime, this TV is exceptional. I have my wireless router in the basement and the TV works flawlessly in my living room. The Amazon Prime app is easy to use and delivers a fantastic picture and sound in HD.
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on December 25, 2013
My wife and I purchased this 40" model to replace an aging Vizio in our bedroom. De-boxing and set up of this TV was extremely simple - and it connected effortlessly to our wireless network. Netflix works great and the picture and sound quality are superb for this price point. Our biggest complaint (and the reason I can only give 3 stars) is that after about 3 days we had a pixel die (dark red) in the right center/middle of the screen. It's goes largely unnoticed when viewing active TV or movies - but when the screen is predominately dark/black it is clearly visible. Ultimately, this isn't enough of an issue to warrant returning or pursuing alternate brands but it will be something I continue to monitor like a hawk - I will not tolerate even one more pixel dying. Even at the great price we picked ours up at ($488), who wants to deal with the heartbreak of an imperfect product. Fingers are officially crossed!

On advice from my attorney/father I submited a complaint about the dead pixel - not in order to exchange it, but simply to have it documented in case more pixels decided to die.

Shortly (near immediately) after submitting the complaint I received an e-mail response from the 3rd party vendor that sold me the TV - Video & Audio Center of Santa Monica, CA. Once seeing that my TV had shipped from across the country (I live in Ohio) I braced myself for a run-around - but that was ok, as I was just documenting the issue.

Well let me say - Video & Audio Center went above a beyond any customer service experience I've ever had. Aside from responding to every e-mail I sent as quickly as one would expect from an instant message exchange - Video and Audio Center offered to send me a replacement TV upon simply providing them a picture of the defective pixel. Under this arrangement, I was never without a working TV; I was able to re-package the defective unit in the packaging provided by the replacement (since I had disposed of the original shipping box); and they agreed to pay for all the shipping costs so I was never out of pocket another penny.

I have the new unit hooked up and couldn't be happier. All the pixels are in great working order and I couldn't be happier with both the TV and my experience with Video and Audio Center of Santa Monica. I'm sure Amazon strives to partner with great 3rd party vendors - and, in my experience, they couldn't have landed a better one in this case. Although I live on the opposite side of the country, I will go out of my way to do business with them in the future if at all possible.

Upping to 5 stars because I think customer service this good is a rarity these days.
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on November 9, 2013
I love everything about this TV except...I thought that I had read carefully enough to understand how the apps and the Internet worked but there are some subtleties that are keeping me from giving this product 5 stars. While it is possible to use the web browser to "browse" the Internet, this does not include streaming videos from Internet sites such as or When I called Customer Service about problems I was having, I was told that this restriction has something to do with keeping out viruses. It was disappointing, especially since the apps that are provided include HuluPlus but not Hulu. The apps work great for the most part but be aware that just as it took a while for Android phones to amass a collection of apps, it will take time for this TV to do the same so you won't find everything you're looking for. I'm hoping that with software updates the current shortcomings will go away over time. Also, I have not tried streaming from my computer or smart phone to the TV - it's possible that this would be a way to get around not being able to access full episodes from sites for which there are no apps. Otherwise, this is a great product - the picture is great and I keep discovering cool features. I am super satisfied with Samsung's Customer Service. I've called twice and both times my call was answered by a capable, pleasant person almost immediately. So, I am happy that I made the purchase and I definitely recommend this TV for the picture quality, the service, and the currently available features.
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on May 4, 2015
We just had this TV for a year and here are the pros and cons. Most of the points are covered here.
But my 2 cents -

The TV worked ok for the most part last one year. But now is frozen and nothing seems to make it work. But has the following issues -

1) The remote majorly sucked right from the beginning. You have to keep pressing the buttons really hard to get it to do anything. We had to also replace the remote once in last 1 year... Especially after having a roku remote that worked great with our other smaller TV, this remote is really not functional.
2) Wi-Fi issues like some other people mentioned here. Keeps disconnecting from wi fi.
3) The apps are really not that great.
4) The TV doesn't have any buttons on it. Not even a On/Off button. This means that if you can't find the remote or if your remote is not working for some reason (which happened a lot in this TV), you can not turn it on/off or operate it at all. Our other TV has all the major buttons you need on the TV. We didn't realize how much this is needed until we had this TV.
5) Biggest Issue, this TV is now frozen exactly almost after we completed a year. I think the warranty is over. Don't know what to do!

So basically don't buy this TV!
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on September 3, 2013
"DAY 4"
After Day 1, on Day 2 I got it hooked up altogether, when not so tired. The TV is awesome and so versatile. If you aren't tech smart, get help with the hookup. Looking back it was very easy to hook up, I was just too anxious and tried too hard. The next day it came together totally! I love the TV. It's all screen with very little frame area so looks larger than tv's with 3 inch frames. The Samsung Smart 32" has about a 3/4" frame.

"DAY 1"
Unable to hook up my Comcast service with coaxil cable; so I've "ordered a HDMI cable", which should have come with the TV and did not. 4 of the screws went into the base stand but the others did not fit when attaching stand to TV and had to find screws I had at home with bolts on the back to get the stand on. The TV looks great and the picture quality looks great with what Samsung has provided. I noticed 85% of the reviews were men! This is not easy for a 69 year old grandma to hook up on her own. Will add more later if I ever get it hooked up. I will call my cable provider and see if they can hook it up. I'm extremely unhappy with how hard this is to hook up. The menus do not say how to hook up cable TV. The should have a training video on it.

If I ever do get this hooked up I will write a better review I hope. All the reviews were so positive except for a few. I guess I'm one of the few. The TV may be Smart, but this lady don't feel very smart! :( (Read updated review at the top - give it a chance and don't be tired when hooking it up.) Not hard at all on second try. :)
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on November 28, 2016
Beautiful picture, easy to use and has been operating flawlessly 12-18 hrs. a day for almost three years. Infinitely adjustable picture options. It's smart features allow me to watch YouTube or enjoy my Amazon Prime movies wirelessly and even check my facebook page. Although, the features of the facebook app are very limited and difficult to to navigate. I don't suggest it for facebook but it is usable for a simple check in. Also, I had recurring problems with having to reset the wireless connection. These may be the fault of my modem, router or the TV itself, I don't know. I eventually just ran a LAN line directly from router to TV and no more problems. I can "cast" my laptop activity directly to TV making it easy to search videos on YouTube with my keyboard (instead of the remote control) and watch on the big screen. It's my first flat screen so I may not be the best judge but, for me, it's fabulous.
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on January 2, 2016
This TV gave me issues from day one. Minor ones at first, which is why I did not return it immediately. OI the minor issues, the one most annoying was the intermittent distorted bass sound. It would come and go. I eventually hooked it up to a home theater setup with a surround sound Yamaha receiver and that issue was irrelevant.

A month after the warranty expired is when I started experiencing some major issues. First, he lighting went berserk. The bottom half of picture went darker than the upper half. It was something that raised all kinds of flags and I knew I was in trouble here. I called up Samsung and they said it was out of warranty and could send somebody to look at it, but was going to cost a pretty penny just to have this guy look at it. So, I said have this guy call me. When he did, he said it would be $75 for him to come plus whatever parts and labor to fix. Minimum was probably going to be $250, estimated. I said "forget it."

Yesterday, 1-1-2016, the whole picture died. It just went black. I still get volume, just no picture.

I thought Samsung made quality stuff. Boy, I was mistaken. I will never buy another Samsung product. Was going to look at a new Samsung Galaxy S6, but not now. Apple Iphone 6S here I come!!!

Now, not everything was bad. Picture quality was good, but not great. Colors were vibrant, but not always accurate.

Just expected better from this TV.
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