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on April 23, 2014
Gave this TV 5 stars because it is phenomenal!

I received my product in 2 days with Amazon Prime so shipping was right on time like promised. The factory settings on the TV are decent but you can make the picture look EXCELLENT if you tweak the settings to your liking. The picture is crisp and clear, making anything you watch way more enjoyable. The sound is also exceptional! It has the potential to be very loud if you put it on the "Amplify" setting which is located in your menu settings, and the speakers are in the back for those of you who are wondering.

As for the reviews about the apps not working, I did not have this problem. It seems that a lot of those reviews occurred awhile ago so they might have fixed that problem they were having. I turned the TV on and there was an update & everything works perfectly fine!

As for gaming, this TV is the best you can get at this price and anything below it. The input lag is 88ms but when you put it on PC mode it reduces the input lag to 44ms. If you don't know what input lag is, that is the half second delay when you're playing a first person shooter when you move your character. Input lag throws your game off and literally makes you worse than you really are ha-ha. For those wanting to know how to put it on PC mode, all you have to do is switch the input to the HDMI port you plugged your console in and when you select it you have to click tools on your remote. When you click tools on your remote, click edit name and then you should see where it says "PC." Click on that and BOOM, no more input lag and your video games run flawlessly. You really only need to do this if you're playing first person shooters though because you can't tell the difference on any other game really unless you're a gamer who has never seen sunlight.

I did a lot of research on this TV, so I tried including everything I was concerned about to assist others in making their purchase. To be honest, this is a great TV in my opinion. It is an affordable price, and the picture is beautiful!

P.S. For those of you who are looking to mount this TV as well, the VESA on the back is 200 x 200. It was very difficult for me to find that online so I hope I helped you out :)
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on March 31, 2014
I love it! The delivery company delivered and set my 55H6350 this morning. What an amazing picture. I couldnt be more happy with the picture quality. I have read reviews about people who diss this tv because of the Slow Apps or Poor Sounds. In my experience so far, the apps and web browser ARE slow but I have this TV connected to an Asus Chromebox and use that for web browsing and all apps. So the smart features wont be used by me. The built-in speakers sound okay to me. Nothing spectacular but nothing horrible, just average. However, I am using the Optical Out from the TV to my A/V Receiver and all is well.

I found the following calibration online and seem to really enhance the picture to provide true colors.

Picture Mode Movie
Backlight 15 <---- increase if in a bright room
Contrast 95
Brightness 46
Sharpness 14
Color 50
Tint G50/R50
Advance Settings
Dynamic Contrast Off
Black Tone Off
Flesh Tone 0
RGB Only Mode Off
Color Space Auto
10pt White Balance On
Gamma +1
Expert Pattern Off
xvYCC Off
Picture Options
Color Tone Warm2
Digital Noise Filter Off
MPEG Noise Filter Off
HDMI Black Level Normal (Low if available)
Film Mode Off
Auto Motion Plus Off

10pt White Balance ON

Picture Size Screen Fit

So after 4 hours, I would recommend this tv to Anyone. I'll report back if I have problems in the future but so far ZERO buyers remorse.

UPDATE: 30 days in and I could not be more happy with my purchase. I did a ton of comparison (probably too much) shopping before buying this tv. Boy did I make the right decision. This TV is SWEET! again, i dont use the smart features so no comment on them.
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on January 17, 2015
Samsung is the leader in flat screen TV's, this TV proves it.
Background-I replaced my 10 year old 42" Plasma with this TV. I loved my Plasma (I better since it cost almost 3 times more than this TV did!) Anyway, my plasma still worked perfect with a great colorful picture. I was a very difficult decision to replace but needed to upgrade to a bigger screen. I gave it to my sister who is a single mom with 2 kids and they love it, so I actually kept it in the family. Seating area in living room is far away (11 to 18 feet) from TV.
Anyway, this is my first smart TV. I have owned this TV for about 8 months. I installed, wall mounted above fireplace and ran all cables in the wall myself. No need for a professional to do this for me. I read reviews that wall mounting TV's that are too high like above the fireplace will fatigue your neck and that is needed to be eye level. That is a bunch of BS. I like it mounted high, guests who come over and watch TV like it high. When my kids & dogs who are always prone to walking in front of my view when watching TV do not bother me anymore. It gives you a movie theater experience.
First of all I gave it only 4 stars due to one reason. About a month after hooking up and using, half the screen went black. I went through all my cabling to make sure the connections were not loose. I read the manual & went on the internet to look for troubleshooting issues and found nothing that would help or explain the issue. I finally called customer service for help. Shortly after going over my issue, the TV started working normal. It may have been I had it turned off for a long period of time and it kinda reset itself? Since I had customer service on the phone we ran diagnostics and could not find anything wrong. We opened a service ticket to document the issue in the event it happens again. After another 5 months it has not happened again....knock on wood. I do not think this is a OBD (out of box defect) because it would have happened again since then, just possibly a glitch that fixed itself.I have read in other reviews that Samsung has poor customer service, but I did not experience that.
Other than this one issue, it has worked flawless.
We have a Cable box, Xbox 360, & a Bluray player connected to it. I also connected an AV receiver for surround sound. All this is controlled by a Logitec remote, if you do not have one...I suggest you get one because an AV system is not complete without it, but that is another review.
This TV has plenty of connections to hook up all your gear. It is connected to our WiFi which is used for things like running diagnostics on my service call, Apps (Pandora, Youtube, etc.), software upgrades (that could have fixed my glitch?), even syncing the TV to my other devices like laptops & cell phones....what???? Yes, I can sync my Samsung Galaxy Phone (and even my sons Iphone) to my TV at anytime and watch things like Youtube to share with others. That is just crazy and I easily impress others when I show them this function.
The screen is crisp & clear. No blurring or lag when watching sporting events or playing video games. Many settings are available and it can take a couple days to find the setting that suits you. I keep it on Game Mode the whole time which is perfect for our uses. I suggest not facing the TV towards a window. Lighting and glare will be its enemy and reduce picture quality greatly. I mounted my TV with the windows on the side of it. The Windows get afternoon sun which will cause glare, but we have blinds and blackout curtains to help compensate during this time of day.
I love this TV just as much as my old Plasma, if it lasts 10 years, then I will consider it a five star TV. This TV is half the weight of my old plasma and if the size was not so large I could have physically mounted without help.
I recommend this TV to anyone wanting to upgrade/replace their current TV. Smart features are nice, but I do not use them much. If you do not plan on using them and you can find a Samsung with same features minus the Smart feature (which is becoming harder to do), it will be cheaper.
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on February 11, 2015
1 tiny dead pixel in the right corner but not very noticeable, smart hub is slow and not very responsive when trying to watch YouTube it will sometimes stop the video and go back to the menu but works most of the time, Netflix works fine.
This is not a true 120Hz screen it just uses a tech that double the frames to make everything look smooth which works fine but it will stutter sometimes, if you don't like the effect you can always disable it by going to the picture options, auto motion plus and turn it off. Other than those issues the picture quality is great with nice vibrant colors and blacks that don't look grey if you set the settings right, the sound is descent but if want the best then you better buy a set.
Overall I'm satisfied with this TV, it looks great and I'd recommend it if you are looking to upgrade your TV with out braking the bank.
review imagereview image
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on January 18, 2015
Let me first say that whenever it comes to making purchases of this magnitude I do an absurd amount of homework. My incumbent TV was a 2007 42" flatscreen from Vizio and for the 7 years I had it I have zero complaints. So, needless to say I'm a big supporter of Vizio products. However, as mentioned above I always make sure and do a ton of homework so I made sure to include the following brands: Vizio, Sharp, and Samsung. After extensive amounts of digging through articles and looking over reviews I landed on the Samsung UN60H6350 and went for it.

Keep in mind that i've only had this TV from 2 months - but here's my review thus far:

Picture Quality: The more I read online the more I realized that each TV's description contains a mass amount of "fluff". Basically, each manufacturer adds details about things such as HZ, angle viewing, black color clarity, etc. that don't really matter to the normal person unless you're an insane technology snob. What I can tell you is that the HD quality of this TV is unreal...far superior to my Vizio (although comparing to a 2007). I've viewed in several angles and from every spot in my living room the quality is flawless. I am a huge movie buff so having amazing clarity and colors for Blu-Ray is vital and this TV excels in that area. Also, I love to play XBOX games and the motion features of this TV make it a great experience. So for picture quality - 5 stars all the way.

Audio: This would be my only negative for this TV and it could be a potential make or break for you depending on the sound system used. If you're someone who is looking to take advantage of the "Smart" features (online streaming video apps such as Netflix, etc.) then I would make sure you have a good surround system to use and NOT a Soundbar. I had originally been using a Polk Audio Soundbar and it worked great with my Vizio. Sounded excellent. However, when using internal "smart" apps such as Netflix through this TV with a Soundbar, the sound did not work at all. After researching online I found out that sometimes "smart" apps won't work with Soundbars. Luckily for me I had a Sony Surround System that I setup so no issue. However, like I said if you're using a Soundbar this could make or break your user experience and cause some extreme frustration.

Controls: Remote control is very user issues here at all.

Overall Summary: If it weren't for the sound issue I'd give it 5 stars all day long however it is an issue worth mentioning. One thing I would recommend is upon setting up, make sure you calibrate the Picture Settings and Advanced Settings. This makes a world of difference. You can find what other people input in other reviews for this product.
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on December 13, 2014
Beautiful thin bezel design and great picture quality. What's not to like?

At first I was worried that I'd regret giving up my 5-year old Panasonic 50" Plasma. I typically watch TV at night (dark room), and while this TV is capable of making a very bright image in daytime I was missing the black levels I got used to with the Plasma. I found some suggested picture settings here and elsewhere on the internet, and while they improved things over the factory default settings, dark scenes still looked too "washed out" for my liking.

But since then I've been playing with the Disney WOW calibration disc (highly recommended), and now that I've got the brightness/contrast/backlight settings where they ought to be, I am very happy with the image quality. Colors are true, and while the blacks may still not be quite as good as the old Plasma, they are good enough that I no longer think about it.

Mine is hooked up to an HTPC, so I have not even bothered to try the "Smart" functions and doubt I will ever use them. And I've got some very nice Polk 5.1 speakers, so I won't comment on the sound quality of the built-in speakers either. I don't watch sports often, so am very happy to just leave the Auto Motion Plus feature off to avoid the annoying "Soap Opera" effect.

This one, being a 75" model, is only currently sold with a Samsung panel so I did not have to worry about being a victim of the "panel lottery". All I can say is the picture looks great.

The only bad part of my experience was that the first unit arrived DOA. Fortunately the delivery folks had offered to set it up on its stand and test it without me having to touch anything. When it was obvious something wasn't right they made some calls to Samsung to confirm the problem, and then boxed it back up, took care of the return paperwork for me, and hauled the unit away.

The return/refund process with Amazon was effortless, and the good news for me was that the price had dropped about $300 by the time I ordered the second unit (which arrived in good order). I think the occasional DOA is a fact of life on electronics this big, and since the delivery/return process was so smooth, I won't deduct any stars for this.

There are less expensive TV's in this size class out there. But after having done a ton of research, and now after living with it for a few weeks I am very happy and would likely make the same choice again.
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on February 14, 2015
I've been eyeing this TV for a while and finally committed to buying it. Some really helpful reviews recommended adjusting the picture settings as the 'standard' setting is pretty dim. I've switched to dynamic picture mode and fiddled with the settings a bit for a customized bright look - great especially for sports.

To note:
- The audio is pretty limited - i added a subwoofer and small side speakers for a more robust sound
- I cut cable a few years ago and an inexpensive digital antennae went right into the coaxial slot for bright and perfect HDTV of all the local channels.
-The smartTV channels are great, a little slow to scroll through but still super high quality. I was surprised that channels that come on my roku box (i.e. ESPN live viewing, Vevo, spotify) weren't available so I've still got the Roku connected - which leads me to think i could've bought the 'dumber' version of the tv. Hoping they add more channels to the lineup so i can connect the roku to a non-smart tv.

In the meantime, thrilled with the high quality picture and would highly recommend it to everyone!
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on February 1, 2016
Either Samsung has taken a serious step back in quality or this TV was made with counterfeit parts.

I own 2 other Samsungs, a 40" LN40C630 and 46" LN46C650, which I purchased back in 2010 and they are both excellent TVs that have never let me down. This Samsung TV isn't even 1/3 of the quality that my other 2 are which is very surprising considering the other 2 I own are the same series models, just 5 years older...

The whole thing feels like its made of cheap plastic, compared to my other 2 which have sleek glass bezels with metal housing and glass stands. The screen quality of this TV (fully calibrated) is just plain insulting, the smart features are dumb & require constant updates which is really annoying when you're trying to watch shows. The app to link the TV as a wireless display for your computer has been updated & modified so many times by Samsung that I've lost track.

I also purchased the bottom-end Samsung UN32EH4003 around the same time I bought this TV and other than the handful of smart features to scoff at and slight swivel in the plastic stand, these two TVs are EXACTLY the same. This definitely cautions me from even considering any of the higher end models above this one, for fear that I will not be getting the quality of product that I have come to expect from Samsung over the years.
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on December 15, 2014
Very happy with the TV. Features were as advertised - no problems or bad surprises. I was thinking this TV had the advanced remote control but had a standard remote. The voice and motion commands are not included on this TV. There is not camera included so if you want to SKYPE, for instance, you'll have to buy a camera. Oh - and be careful which one... they are not all compatible (as I understand). The other critic I've got is the e-manual is geared to the higher end TVs. For instance, there is nothing about the standard remote in the e-manual... its all about the advanced remote which is NOT included with this TV. The initial setup was a snap. The TV starts up and the software begins to walk you through the setup. Very easy and really helped to get things off to a good start. One note - WI-FI... you cannot use 'guest' access. I had to log-on using the primary account, then everything worked fine. The Smart Hub is very cool... many fun things to get involved with. Another primary reason I went with Samsung was the ability to connect it to my mobile device. It won't connect to just any old mobile device... late model Samsung phones and tablets... no problem... older products or other manufacturer products will be a problem. Make sure you check it out before you buy. I have a Galaxy 4 and downloaded version 2.0 of the Samsung App for the phone. There were many poor reviews for it and I was disappointed before I even got started. BUT... my experience was great. I streamed media (pics, vid, music) to the TV flawlessly. The phone works like a remote for the system (Charter DVR/Cbl box and TV) and worked perfectly. I'm really happy about that part of the equation. So far very, very happy with this TV. The picture resolution is fantastic... the size is awesome. This is very immersive... entertaining... big bang for the bucks. OH... they delivered it and placed it in the theater room for me. I unboxed and set it up... but this could not have been a better experience. Thanks Amazon and thanks Samsung!
review image
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on December 20, 2014
Simply the best TV I've ever owned. Amazing picture, easy to use smart interface (which isn't slow at all, like other smart TVs) The only thing I recommend everyone to do is shut off the Clear Motion Rate. This TV already produces at 120hz refresh rate, which is MORE than you'll ever need. The clear motion rate feature, which is set to Auto by default, upscales the refresh rate to 240hz, which is much more than our eyes can process and makes the picture blurry in my opinion. The picture is alot crisper and clearer with the feature turned OFF. (go to settings)

The smart interface is amazing and allows picture viewing, video playing, and music listening from a USB drive that you can plug into the computer. It plays every single file type imaginable. The sound/speakers aren't too bad, but if you want booming sound, I'd suggest buying a Samsung Sound Bar to go along with this TV. You can also use a bunch of apps on this TV, but I haven't bothered yet. I love this TV!
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