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on February 5, 2014
Sadly, I am fairly disappointed in my brand new Samsung UN60F6300 Smart TV. Although bright scenes look very good, dark scenes suffer from severe screen uniformity issues (flashlighting, asymmetrical backlighting, dark & light clouding, etc.) on my particular 60" unit. This makes the overall viewing experience unsatisfactory. This took me by surprise, given the great review that CNET gave for their 55" evaluation model. I understand that many edge-lit LED televisions suffer from some uniformity issues, but I believe that the level of non-uniformity that I am experiencing goes well beyond the norm, into the realm of defect. Somehow, this particular unit must have made it past Samsung's otherwise excellent quality control procedures. Sadly, Samsung disagrees with me. I've contacted them multiple times regarding this issue. I've had a service technician on site to evaluate the unit, and confirm the issues. I've even elevated the issue to Samsung 'Executive Customer Service'. However, we seem to have reached an impasse. Samsung continues to state that the issues that I am experiencing are 'normal', despite my assertion that they are beyond the norm. They have denied my seemingly reasonable request to simply exchange the unit with another under warranty. This disappoints me greatly. I have always been a loyal Samsung customer, and have purchased 4 separate Samsung displays in the past 6 years. I've always recommended the brand to friends and family. I paid a *PREMIUM* price for a premium product. I paid hundreds of dollars more than a equally sized smart TV's from one of the 'second tier' TV manufacturers. I feel that quality is worth paying extra for. Sadly, I did not get that premium experience with this particular Samsung TV. I fear that this one isolated negative experience will impact my future electronics purchasing decisions, as well as the recommendations that I give to friends, family and co-workers. I wish Samsung would have just honored this customer complaint, and exchanged the unit.
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on June 7, 2014
The hdmi1 input quit working within the first 6 months of use. Of course, they will not replace the unit even though it is obviously a poorly constructed item. A clear hardware problem with poor quality. Of course they will be happy to send a service person over the next few weeks so you can miss 4 hours of work waiting for someone to show up to fix the poor quality item. I would buy from a different manufacturer. Just my opinion. I had another problem with a Samsung TV product and they refused to fix it 2 days after the warranty ran out. I researched the problem and found out on the net the capacitors were unsized on the unit. I had to change them out myself and then it worked. Samsung knew the problem and refused to stand behind their products. It's my fault for buying this item, I thought they were doing better but sadly these are the same BAD company.
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on September 9, 2015
So after having this product for a year and half now, I can write a review based on our everyday use. We set this TV up in my daughter's room so she can watch Netflix and Amazon Prime. She loves it.

It was an easy setup. It was ready for use right out of the box. We were able to connect to our internet in no time.

The quality of the pictures were amazing. It was crystal clear. This is our first ever smart tv and the pictures were just beautiful.

My daughter was 4 years old when we got this for her and she was able to navigate thru the tv and remote controller with ease.

After having this for a year and half, we recently have been experiencing some technical issues. As of last month, my daughters tv started to act up. The tv kept turning on and off on its own. To the point where we can't even control it anymore. It happens everyday now. The only way to stop it from shutting off and on was to unplug it. So we've unplugged it for a couple hours and then plugged it back in and it kept turning on and off on its own again. It's actually really irritating. We are able to watch tv but only for a few hours until it starts turning on and off again. I've read online that a lot of consumers actually have the same issue with their Samsung and it's apparently the capacitors that need replacement. I've invested a lot on this product just for it to start causing problem after a year and half of use. I don't feel like I need to go out of my way and spend more money on a faulty capacitor. I work extremely hard for my money just to throw it away on something so inconvenient.

The product was great...while it lasted. After spending so much on this...a year and half of use is really not worth it.

I highly do not recommend this product. Maybe I'm the unlucky consumer but this issue was an inconvenient.
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on February 26, 2015
One month after the return date expired the television started randomly turning itself on and off. After a little research I easily discovered that the batch was built with bad capacitors. In all of my life I have never had a television break so quickly.
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on December 9, 2013
Pro 1: The picture quality on this thing is amazing. I was also able to tweak the "Soap Opera Effect" with custom settings, turning up the clarity while turning down the ultra-smoothness. Looks absolutely outstanding.

Pro 2: The Smart TV software can connect to my media server, on my computer. I mean, my PS3 does it already, but it's kinda nifty anyway. It doesn't do the best job buffering though, so I'll need to pick up a hub and make sure it's wired into Ethernet.

Con 1: The Amazon page for this product very clearly states that this model (60 inch, F6300) supports SoundShare. However, this is not the case. I had purchased this tv and a sound system, expecting to hook up the sound system via SoundShare (wireless), and was very surprised to learn that, contrary to the product description, SoundShare is only supported on the F6400 model and up. So, that was really lame. Amazon did give me a 10% refund though, so if I could give a half star back for that, I would.

Con 2: I am not impressed with the "smart" portion's user interface and menus. It all feels very clunky and laggy and slow. Especially the browswer. And the media server reading software. And, the OSD it takes nearly the whole screen, you'd think with a 60" TV they could have an option to shrink down the user interface a bit. Eh.

Final score: 3.5 / 5
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on March 8, 2015
I have had the T.V. for 15 months and have recently started having trouble with the t.v. randomly and repeatedly cycling off and on. I have read other reviews and believe the issue is related to the capacitors going bad. It is such a shame, because the first 14 months were awesome, but 15 months is such a short period of time for failure considering my Sony Wega is 13 years old and still works.
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on November 19, 2013
I have yet to find a flaw with this TV - absolutely stunning picture, better than expected sound (soundbar still a good move), and great price/delivery as usual with Amazon. Would be nice to have a backlit remote but if that is the only complaint I can surface after two weeks of use, that is pretty darn good!
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on September 13, 2013
This review pertains to the the 60 inch version of the Samsung LED F6300.

The picture quality of this set is very good. I am impressed with the colors and black levels.

The Smart TV apps are pretty bad. Most of them I couldn't get to actually stream in HD (Netflix, HBO GO, Crunchyroll) so I plugged in an Apple TV instead and it worked great.

The major issue I have with this TV is that it has a severe dark image ghosting issue. When the brightness level is set below 50 dark objects in games and movies will smear/ghost. I first noticed it while playing Dark Souls and it was quite obvious while watching 2d animated films like Lilo and Stitch or Princess and the Frog. This issue caused me to exchange with Amazon (very smooth return/exchange process) the TV thinking it was something specific to the first TV but the second TV had the same issue. I plan to return it and look for a different model. If someone can tell me this is specific to the 60inch versions maybe I will get the 55inch version.

I do like most things about the TV but the ghosting issue is a deal breaker for me. Avoid the 60inch version.
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on March 16, 2014
First time :

Okay, so I was very excited when I received the product. Opened the box and found the one of the screws has some threading missing. As a result of it, no matter what i do, the screw just won't go in. As a result of this, i can't assemble the stand.

So, I called the Amazon customer service and got a brand new TV as a replacement immediately (I still have the defective piece at my home, hopefully UPS will come and pick it up soon).

Second time :

This time, there is no issue with the screws and I was able to assemble the TV properly. Now comes the real issue....As i started watching movies on Netflix and Amazon instant video, i realized that there is a big black patch on TV on the right hand side. So, I call the Amazon customer service, they made me unplug the wire and some basic stuff, the issue still happened. The customer service from amazon then connected me to Samsung customer service.

This is where all hell broke loose..I spoke to samsung customer service for 2.5 hours (ridiculous) !!!
Those guys accessed my TV remotely and took snapshots of the issue. They then escalated the problem to their "Research and Development" and told me that the research guys will get back to me in couple of days and see if they can resolve the issue or not.

My appreciation to AMAZON for sending me two defective pieces in a row !!!!!

I am not sure if I would buy another TV from amazon.
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on March 17, 2017
After owning this TV do over 3 years I will never buy another Samsung TV again. It has started to repeatedly turn off and on while watching it. This only happens every 2 weeks or so but it is VERY annoying. Only way I have found to fix it is pull the power cord for half a minute and plug it back in. Seriously?!?!?! Thank God I bought a 5 year insurance plan. Going LG from here on out.
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