Customer Reviews: Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver) [2011 MODEL] (2011 Model)
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on April 2, 2011
This review is a little long winded. Skip to the bottom for just the pros and cons. Or, keep reading to waste 10 minutes of your life.

Over the last 5 years, I have been using a 58" Panasonic Plasma TV. Not a bad TV, but not the greatest either. It was only 1080i, it got hot pretty fast (which made the room hot and the air condition kick on too often), and the dimensions were weird (I looked at entertainment centers that should fit a 60" TV, but the TV still wouldn't fit.). I felt an upgrade was in order.

I'll have to admit, shopping for a TV was pretty fun. A lot of work though. The research was overwhelming at times. Websites upon websites, magazines, books, different people's inputs, salesmen trying to sell you different things depending on which store you went to, etc. I narrowed it down to one of many Sony HDTVs or a Samsung C or D series. After narrowing it down to those 2 brands, it was a little easier. I went to about 4 different Fry's Electronics and 7 different Best Buys to check it out in different situations. After that, it came down to the UN55D8000 (boy, did I memorize those numbers). To make the decision easier, I was looking on Amazon, and to my amazement, they had it for $500 less that everyone else, plus free shipping. Score!

With the free shipping, it usually takes a little longer. I would say, from the time the order was placed, until it got to my front door, it took about 1.5 weeks. It came delivered from Home Direct, USA and had no issues with delivery. They were going to set up the TV, but I told them not to, since my entertainment center hadn't come in yet. I opened up the box, put the TV on a soft cloth (our bed's comforter) and installed the stand. Eight screws, piece of cake. I connected the Directv receiver and a PS3. There are a few settings you will set in the beginning when the TV turns on. Takes about 2 minutes, literally. After that, the fun begins! Going from 1080i to 1080p is a huge difference! I had a recording of Chuck on the DVR and it almost looked live. I also watched some regular satellite programming and even the non-HD channels looked amazing.

After wiping the drool off the floor, I wanted to check out the 3D part of the TV. I popped in the free copy of Shrek the 3rd in the PS3, put on the glasses and waited to be amazed. Aside from the amazing colors, it looked exactly like 2D! WTH?! Then, I remember reading somewhere that the PS3 does indeed play 3D movies, BUT with an upgrade. I waited about 30 minutes for the upgrade to finish. After that, loaded up the dvd again, and there was the movie with that funky 3D image. Hey wait, I have 3D glasses on, how come I see that. Oh, oops. Batteries need to be installed in the glasses. Finally! The 3D image was awesome! Seriously, watching TV in 3D is amazing. I can't wait `til there's more media in 3D. As it stands right now, the only real movies in 3D are either documentaries or cartoons, with the exception of a few regular movies (i.e. Resident Evil, Step Up 3, etc.)

I just set it up last night, so I can't give you a whole lot more information. But, even if I did have more time, I don't think I can give you the detailed specs that you might be looking for. I'm not an expert on home theater. Here's an overview of pros and cons:

* The lack of a bigger bezel really does make a difference. Not only aesthetically, but in terms of functionality, too (better 3D viewing. It looks like you're looking thru a window.).
* Images are spectacular. Whether it be regular programming, HDTV programming, or Blu-Ray.
* Price on Amazon was very good!
* Delivery was pain-free.
* A lot of settings options, so you can set up the TV to your preference and the viewing scenario (i.e. movie, standard, etc.)
* 3D movie watching is stunning! I just wish Panasonic didn't have exclusive rights on Avatar.

* SmartTV is a cool feature. But, not a necessity. I really doubt that I'll Facebook or Tweet from the TV.
* Audio isn't great, but it's adequate. I wasn't really expecting much from a flat screen TV.
* Did not come with the touch-screen remote as was supposed to be the case in the beginning of the year.
* Have to mail in the vouchers (or register online) in order to get the 3D glasses. True, you do get a 3D starter kit with this TV, which has the glasses, but those glasses are a little different and use batteries. Also, you have to send out to get the free copy of Shrek Forever and Megamind. I really shouldn't complain, though, since these are free.
* Needs a more detailed manual on how to use most of the features. The manual it comes with is thick, but it's just because it's the same thing in different languages.

Sorry for the long review. Us Yelpers write a lot of gibberish, don't we?

UPDATE: After playing around with the TV a little more this weekend, I noticed that the top of the screen had some light flickering (around where the bezel meets the screen and it was about 1/16" tall and went almost across the whole TV. I'm hoping it's not the "edge lighting.") It only did this on some channels on Directv. Most channels were fine and Blu-Ray was fine. I'm thinking it's either the receiver or possibly the cheap HDMI cable. I have a Monster M1000 series cable coming in later this week, so I'll switch it out and update.

Also, there has been talk all over online about people having problems pairing the remote. I had zero problem and did it about 5 feet away from the TV.

One last thing, one of the glasses in the free 3D kit didn't seem to work. I changed out batteries and nothing. Then, the next morning, I tried it again, but this time turning off the bluetooth in my phone, and it worked. Whether this had an effect on it, I don't know. But, just thought I'd throw that out there.

BTW, this weekend, I watched Tangled in 3D and played MLB2K11 on the PS3...... WOW! I'll have to admit, I liked 3D, but I thought it was just a novelty. No way. 3D is much different now than when we had those blue and red glasses. It changes the whole experience.

UPDATE #2: Didn't have to do anything to get the line gone. It just went away one day.

Also, I finally got the 3D glasses from the voucher that's in the TV. Unfortunately, they are the 3300s and not the 3700s that I kept seeing from people at CES. I won't knock the rating down, but I am a little disappointed that the glasses and the remote that were advertised earlier in the year didn't come with the unit, nor even thru mail. Also, the charger for the glasses is $199! No, thanks. I'll just charge it using the USB cable.
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on June 8, 2011
I have been playing with this TV for one week, the image a color accuracy was great until I notice there is a white halo in the left and right side of the TV. After reading other users and expert reviews, seems like the screen uniformity problem is persistent.

I chat with Samsung representative and this is what they told me:

Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Dennis'. There will be a brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today.
Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK4380954317X

Dennis: Hi, thanks for reaching out to Samsung tech support. How can I help you today?
Visitor: Yes I bought a UN55D8000 TV,
Dennis: Okay.
Visitor: have a problem with the image, there is a white halo when watching dark scenes
Dennis: Where is this located on the screen?
Visitor: left side (more intense) and right side (less intense), middle (center) looks fine
Dennis: Is it on the corners that you can notice this?
Visitor: no, more like a vertical line from top to bottom
Visitor: but is not exactly a line, it's a halo
Dennis: Please set the TV to Standard or Movie picture mode and lower the backlight to 7.
Dennis: Use the TV with this setting for 3 weeks.
Dennis: This should go away.
Visitor: tell me more why?
Dennis: This occurs when the LED screen emits more light.
Visitor: are the LED supposed to emit less light after three weeks?
Dennis: Using the TV with these settings will eliminate the excess light.
Visitor: yes, but it doesn't look good since doesn't have enough light
Dennis: Please change the settings and try this for at least 2 weeks.
Visitor: can't understand why 2-3 weeks? what happen after? can I go back and use whatever setting I want?
Dennis: Yes, you can change the settings after two to three weeks.
Visitor: Ok, just to let you know, I will post this in Amazon ratings, if this is not a fix I will say so... Samsung doesn't say this to customer when sell the TV and this seems to be a problem with the design of the TV itself...
Dennis: These are the troubleshooting steps that we can try for this issue.
Dennis: We are not suggesting you to use the TV with these settings for ever.
Visitor: Ok, I will try...thanks.

I will try and let you know, although I'm considering returning it given this is a very pricey TV...

UPDATE: Here is an update on the troubleshooting suggested by Samsung on screen uniformity...

I don't see material improvement using the setting that Samsung's representative suggested, and honestly don't think it will make any difference (or at least I do not understand why would be better just changing the setting temporarily). I could wait another week but don't have more time to wait before having my window to return... so I have finally decided to return it since the white halo doesn't go away and this TV is just too expensive to have this type of problem... if this TV would be $1500 or less, I would keep it for sure.

To be very balance in my review, still think the colors are great and the exterior design of the TV is the best I have ever seen, but it seems like this great exterior design is the one creating the screen uniformity due to the thin bezel...I have also notice two additional minor issues with this TV, motion blur issues on fast pace scenes and the remote control range which is relatively short (8 feet or so).

So I'm switching to a recently announced Samsung PND8000 which is supposed to be top rated plasma... same interface and remote control than the UND8000, I will write a review once I get the chance to play with it...
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VINE VOICEon April 23, 2011
I wanted to give this TV a glowing review; after all, it has some of the latest LED technology, and the style is trend setting. After a week with this TV, I am less than satisfied with the 'Samsung Experience'. Let me get this off my chest first. Did you ever go to an event, like a county fair, early, when not all the rides and attractions were open? You're excited because it looks like it can be a lot of fun, but it's just a bit too early for the full experience. Well, that's the way I feel about this TV. First of all, the 3d glasses that are supposed to ship with this TV were not in the box. Instead, there is a voucher you may mail in, or go online to order (which I did). After a week and no response, I called to find out why the delay. I was told to read the voucher's fine print, which said there was a 10-12 week wait for the glasses. Not good. Secondly, I found an issue with the remote control unit, which is not a fun thing to have in your hand. It is sort of short and stubby, with two sides. One side has a QWERTY keyboard for text entry, and a touch-sensitive pointer. I find that the up, down, right, left controls do not work correctly with my unit, and called support to report this. They seemed very interested in the matter and told me they would call back in 45 minutes (after they set up a testing unit) for further info. There was no call back. Another reviewer mentioned the difficulty in pairing the remote with the TV, via Bluetooth. I also found this to be a problem and not consistently easy to do.

Samsung has incorporated a feature called Smart Hub into their 'Smart TV'. This is a portal that has Netflix, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Pandora, a web browser, and several games and applications that are either free or paid for. The feature is nice and I look forward to seeing it develop. You need to register your TV and create an account, similar to an Apple ID, before you can purchase any of the apps. You would think you could do this from the TV, but you can't; you need to go online to do this. Not a big deal, but it was confusing. The Samsung website is not ready for prime time either. The discussion board is not yet running. One nice thing is the Live Help, which works VERY well. However, I was not able to get the level of help I needed.

Okay, enough with the gripes. This is one fine TV. It is very light, has a narrow profile and includes a nice, chrome-plated stand that lets you to rotate the TV about 30 degrees in either direction. A big factor for me was the thin bezel, which allowed me to fit a 46" set into my 43" wide cabinet. The TV has plenty of inputs, including some strange connectors that let you to connect component and composite video. I do have a non-HDMI DVD that uses the component connectors, and it worked well. The setup of the TV is not difficult if you have some experience with hookups, and I was able to get all the components and my receiver working in short order. As I mentioned above, I am not a big fan of the shape of the remote, and I am trying to duplicate most of the functionality in my Harmony universal remote.

One thing I did was hook up my TV to my iMac to show photos to my photo club. I was not expecting the quality to be better than my 27" iMac, but it was FAR better. The color was most natural in Movie mode, Warm 1 setting. The sharpness was uncanny. I saw no obtrusive artifacts on the screen and was pleased as punch at the jaw-dropping quality of my photo images (and so were the club members). The TV is connected to our UVERSE system, and the HD quality is very good. I have no measurement or calibration tools, but I have a fine eye for photography. The color balance, contrast, and sharpness are excellent. The only thing I need to get a handle on is the 'Film mode', which can turn watching Modern Family into a strange experience; it almost makes some programs look like they were videotaped like a soap opera. I leave this feature 'off' for the time being. Tonite we watched the 10 Commandments (1956), and the quality was incredible! I have yet to see any Blue Ray DVDs, as I haven't purchased a player yet. And, of course, I don't have the glasses for 3D. I do plan to update my review as these things change.
This TV merits at least a 4-star rating. I may add another depending on how things develop.

Update 6/8/2011
Finally received my 3d glasses from the 'Samsung Fulfillment Center'. They are active-shutter type glasses and come with standard USB cords to charge them. You can plug the cords into the back of the set and the glasses will recharge when the set is ON. We watched our first 3D movie together last night. The 3d effect was excellent and I could see no artifacts. The glasses fit over my lenses and were comfortable. They turn on automatically when they sense a 3d broadcast, which is nice.

The chunky remote usually just sits waiting to be used, as I have programmed a Harmony Universal remote to allow me to use SmartHub and control most of the functions. SmartHub is still evolving and there are many update messages that indicate it is constantly upgraded. I do enjoy the Vimeo and Vudu sites, as well as Netflix. The gamed, browser and other 'apps' are not appealing to me yet.

I continue to laud the picture quality on this set. I can't say it is better than a Sony or Panasonic or other brand, but I have no reason to look further. I can only describe the HD quality as 'rich' and brimming with tonality. The shadow detail amazes me, and the blacks are truly black. I never find the the picture to be overly contrasty or saturated. I also find no reason to fiddle with the controls, once they are set. After over a month of viewing, I still find myself saying 'that's remarkable' when I watch high quality broadcasts. Again, I use ATT Uverse as my cable provider, and our signal quality is very good. I don't expect to buy another TV of this caliber for a good long time, and feel confident that this Samsung will grow with us for years to come.

Update 11/18/11
After months of use, I still like this TV. Samsung, it appears, is trying to be like Apple and even sent me a survey ploying me with questions about why I liked Apple computers, iPads, iPods, etc. I can see they are trying to formulate a strategy. Let me say that SmartHub is their way of giving TV users an 'app' experience. It has fallen short IMHO. The apps they have are rather cheesy and I'd rather use an iPad while watching TV, than switch to Smarthub and turn off the programming. Another failing, they don't give you access to Amazon streaming for movies (they used to, but not in the 2011 TVs). Why? AppleTV is a good accessory for Netflix, Youtube, and many other features and it has a far better interface. The only thing I like about SmartHub is the 'Explore 3D' feature that has several creative 3D features on it. With the current dearth of 3D source material on DVD, it's nice to have a handy place to experience it and show it to friends. You should really check that out.
One negative on this TV, the viewing angle. If you are off-axis, the picture washes out and you lose the experience of seeing really deep blacks.
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VINE VOICEon September 25, 2011
So back to my bread and butter for reviewing - TV's!

So I purchased the UN55D8000 even after hearing numerous complaints of screen uniformity issues. Why? I was looking for a TV that was about 4' wide and light enough I could mount it myself. Mind you it didn't hurt that this TV had the aesthetics of a modern art masterpiece. Ok so on to the review...

Having had the TV for over 2 weeks - Here are some observations. Picture Quality is great, colors are vibrant, blacks are really deep.

I've tested the 3D on here as well as the blacks using Tron Legacy 3D.

Tested Gaming with my Xbox and Gears of War 3.

Tested HD movie viewing with various movies, most recently the Bluray release of Star Wars complete Saga.

So what can I say about the TV?

Overall I am amazed with the picture sharpness, vibrant colors, and deep blacks.

I do have some complaints, most notably the price... I was fortunate enough to find this on sale at Bestbuy (aka Worst Buy) for $1979 with free 3D Bluray player and 3D starter kit. The Tv comes with 2 glasses in the box so having spent under $2K pretax for the TV, 4 glasses, bluray player, and Megamind + Shreks 1-4 was a good deal. As of the writing of this review I noticed the price jump back up to $2079 (no freebies) here at Amazon and at Worst Buy. Sorry for the aside...

Other things I noticed - Sound - Though vastly improved from prior LED's and LCD's the sound is something that suffers due to the design. You just can't get quality sound in such a svelte package.

Last item to note 3D performance. I have the PN58C8000 (Last year's Samsung Plasma high end) which had good 3D picture. When I compare the C8000 to this TV - it appears last years Plasma (C8000) is still superior to this TV in terms of 3D performance. I noticed more flicker and image "ghosting" when off angle. Meaning that only the person at dead center or persons near dead-center will enjoy the 3D on this unit. Now I must admit, I am not sure if its the TV or the change in 3D technology. Last year Samsung used an IR (infrared transmitter); This year Samsung is using bluetooth. So I can't say its a true apples to apples comparison.

Other thoughts...

Smart Features - Wow is everything "smart" these days? Well I used the apps - they are fairly slow and a pain to use as a result. If you want a video streaming service (use a separate item like AppleTV, Xbox, PS3, Roku). I also seemed to have problems using other DLNA compliant items (Read Windows Home Server) to play video on the TV over the network - appears this TV is very picky on the movie formats it will play over DLNA (like the PS3).

So performance - Out of the box the Picture Quality (PQ) is very good. Once I calibrate it I will share in an update.

Setup - If you've set up a computer recently its pretty straightforward - appreciate the built in WiFi for network connectivity.


Overall 4/5 stars

*Picture Quality - sharp image, vibrant colors, deep black level
*Design - Samsung's "One" Design is stunning. I must say its the most visually stunning design and minimalistic
*Smart Features - If you dont have another box, you can stream video using many popular online streaming services

*Price - The plasma at a larger size is actually less costly I usually go bang for the buck, in this case due to the numerous picture uniformity issues I have been hearing about I must note that, I must admit I only saw it while watching Thor (and I am looking for it)
*Sound - Well this goes without saying most TV's these days don't have the rich sound they once had.
*3D viewing - If you buy this to primarily watch 3D you will have "ghosting" at off center viewing angles.

All credit to CNET - I will do my own THX calibration when I get a chance.


Found the calibration settings - NOT on AVSforums, but CNET per their review

--Picture menu
Mode: Movie
Backlight: 10
Contrast: 96
Brightness: 51
Sharpness: 0
Color: 47
Tint: G50/R50

Screen adjustment submenu:
Picture Size: Screen Fit
Position: [no change]

Auto Adjustment submenu: [Grayed out]

Advanced settings submenu:
Black tone: Off
Dynamic contrast: Off
Gamma: -1
Expert Pattern: Off
RGB Only Mode: Off
Color space: Custom
White Balance: [see below]
10p White Balance: On
Flesh tone: 0
Edge enhancement: Off
Motion Lighting: Off
xvYCC: Off
LED Motion Plus: Cinema

Color Space submenu:
Red: Red 59, Green 0, Blue 0
Green: Red 10, Green 55, Blue 10
Blue: Red 0, Green 6, Blue 61
Yellow: Red 53, Green 50, Blue 0
Cyan: Red 4, Green 49, Blue 50
Magenta: Red 37, Green 4, Blue 41

White balance submenu:
R-Offset: 19
G-Offset: 18
B-Offset: 20
R-Gain: 31
G-Gain: 29
B-Gain: 24

10p White Balance submenu:
Interval 1: Red 2, Green 2, Blue 2
Interval 2: Red -1, Green -1, Blue -1
Interval 3: Red 1, Green 1, Blue 0
Interval 4: Red 3, Green 3, Blue 2
Interval 5: Red 6, Green 4, Blue 3
Interval 6: Red 7, Green 6, Blue 4
Interval 7: Red 5, Green 6, Blue 4
Interval 8: Red 3, Green 3, Blue 2
Interval 9: Red 1, Green 1, Blue 0
Interval 10: Red -2, Green 0, Blue -1

Picture options submenu
Color tone: Warm2
Digital Noise Filter: Off
MPEG Noise Filter: Off
HDMI black level: Normal [grayed out]
Film mode: Off [grayed out]
Auto motion plus: Custom
-- Custom settings:
Blur reduction: 10
Judder reduction: 0
Smart LED: Standard
Cinema Black: On
review image review image review image review image
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on September 21, 2011
Samsung advertizes that their built in SmartHub allows you to connect to your favorite movies from apps such Netflix & Blockbuster and that you can access other video content from DLNA-enabled devices (e.g., your computer) and from any connected USB device.

This is all true. But here's what they don't tell you -- Samsung SmartTVs don't support 5.1 surround sound from any video or audio sources that originate through their SmartHub. You only get two channel stereo.

In other words, audio from the above sources is sent from the TV back to your home theatre system via either the HMDI 2 connection which has an Audio Return Channel (ARC) or from the Optical Digital Audio Output connection if your AV receiver doesn't support ARC.

Either way, the TV only sends two channel stereo to your AV receiver for any content that you stream from the internet or any of your network devices using SmartHub or content that you connect to this TV via a USB device.

I confirmed all of this with Samsung Tech Support on 9/21/2011.

This is a real disappoint. It's hard to understand why Samsung's SmartHub would not support surround sound. I currently use a $40 Roku box to watch streaming audio and video such as Netfllix and Pandora - all in glorious surround sound!

If surround sound is important to you, I can not recommend Samsung SmartTV.
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on July 18, 2011
I understand there were a lot of people who thought they were buying a TV with the same bezel (the outside frame of the TV) as the 55" TV that came out before it. They were misled by Amazon's picture and possibly the CES information that had shown a smaller bezel. Apparently, from what I've found, Samsung decided the smaller frame couldn't support the size and went with an almost 2" brushed metal-looking frame. I have a "fleckstoned" gray wall and it disappears when the lights go down. Honestly, once past the cool factor of the small bezel is put aside, the TV really shines, in my humble opinion.


1. Awesome looking picture. Not too hard to get settings online to home calibrate it nicely.
2. Good 3D picture. Megamind is awesome on this. Also watched Sanctum, Tron, and Avatar. All good. The 2D to 3D is kinda cool too. Its not the pop-out you get with a 3D movie, but it does a nice job on the fly.
3. The Smart Hub is intriguing. There is a lot there. Other than Netflix, I haven't gotten too involved in it, but I can see potential.
4. The QWERTY keyboard on the backside is handy for trying to insert passwords and when using the net.
5. Multiple inputs are great.


1. Flashlighting. The TV has it. It is apparent when the screen is all black. Fortunately, that is rare and 95% of the time, you don't detect it at all. I think this is overblown in some write-ups.
2. The web browser. It seems really slow- and I have it hooked up through a wired connection (faster than wireless). I can get to websites fairly quickly, but getting video to roll is another thing.
3. Soap opera look. Many had commented on this and I had no idea what it was. It is that video-like image that is almost too clear out of the box. I used some calibration settings I found at Cnet to get some better settings.
4. NO PAPER MANUAL. You pay this kind of money and you have to get the info through the TV or online? That is a bunch of BS.
5. The price itself. Man, I love the TV, but I just am not sure if it is $1500.00 better than the mid=priced sets.

Overall, I can clearly say this was a monster step up from the 55" Hitachi I had before. HD channels and especially Blu-ray look just stunning on the TV. Everything just pops. I feel many of the reviews here are focusing on the "bait and switch" they think happened because of the bezel. Fortunately, I did my research first and knew what I was getting.
There are plenty of ports in back and you should have plenty to get all of your stuff connected. If you really want to do it right, just run everything through a receiver and run one hdmi cable to the tv. If you choose to run multiple cables, you can even have different settings for each port. If you like your TV to pop, but want your movies to look more cinema-like, you can do that too.
Hanging the d8000 on the wall wasn't too hard. I did it myself, but I'd suggest a partner. I used a slim wall mount that tilts and it looks great.

EDIT UPDATE: Just am FYI, the flashlighting issue is becoming easier to recognize as time rolls on. Maybe I'm just seeing a lot of dark materials, but the screen is flashlighting like crazy.
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on September 9, 2011
I purchased the UN65D8000 in mid-July. Upon having the television mounted and installed (after testing that it worked), I watched it for about an hour. At some point in that time, the entire left half of the screen turned purple. I spoke with Samsung directly, as the item had a warranty. I called them at least 4 times, twice having it escalated, to no avail. Every time I received the same answer, "We have recorded your issue, and will have a partnering repair company contact you". Days go by, no call; over and over. Then finally I decide to contact their partnering repair company myself. But only after having them repair the television, return it, and having it not work again, did I get the explanation from the repair company of the procedure. Here it is: Basically the repair company has to call Samsung with the diagnosis, and Samsung determines what parts they are to use to repair it, and then they send them. Sounds fine, only that Samsung is trying to complete this warranty repair in the cheapest possible way. So, as much time as it takes going back and forth with repairs is what they are going to do. I bought a $5000 television, only to have 2 months go by without it working and no one seems to care.
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on July 31, 2011
Went to Best buy and look at this unit for an hour. I was allowed to enter the calibration settings found on AVS forums which seemed to improve things a bit.

Some notes about my viewing experience:

2d looked very good. But I am buying this for 3d.

Fast moving 3d exhibited ghosting, I confirmed the image was coming off a 3d blu-ray player, I felt like my eyesight was blurring when trying to follow the action.

There was terrible vertical banding about every 15% of the screen. About 5 vertical bands across the whole screen, mostly visible during brighter scenes. WTH?

I will try going to another best buy, but honestly too many reviews on-line are saying the same thing about this whole D8000 line.

Ugg, I wanted to get this amazing TV with thin bezel into my house. Very sad indeed.



So I went to another Bestbuy about 50 miles away. They also had this 55 inch unit so I asked to get a 3d movie playing and was able to calibrate it OK. I was there about 1 hour also.

On this unit, the vertical banding was not as bad as on the 1st unit above, but I could definitely see small DOTS on the top of the screen, which appeared to be the light diffusion layer cut off points. I pointed this out to the sales floor manager and he had not noticed this until I mentioned it. He agreed it did not look good.

I also was able to watch more 3d content from different demo discs on the show floor; one from Panasonic and one from Samsung. My honest experience was that I could not watch more than about 5 minutes of the 3d without feeling like something wasn't natural about the whole experience.

I think movies may look better since they have controlled panning, but many fast action demos, like surfing and underwater fish swarms were not pleasing to the eye for more than a few minutes. Of course, the wow factor is there and that pulls you in to want to see more.

I go to CES every year and the only demos all over the CES show floor have mainly been of slow moving flowers and trains pulling into stations, and similar. Nothing fast paced like in the demos I was watching.

At this stage I am again saddened by Samsung's quality control and the overall 3d experience. I really wanted to love this and upgrade my 46 Samsung with this 55 inch model.



Went to a third best buy, against my better judgment.

Saw another 55 D8000 and did the same setup the color settings. 2d was looking very nice, no problems here.

Picture was great, 3d was much better now, no ghosting, since I was actually allowed to load a real 3d movie and not some lame 3d demo disc meant for impulse shoppers. We watched "Despicable Me" in 3D for about 10 minutes, which I had seen last week in 2d so I knew what to expect.

I proceeded to put on the 3d specs, they had two pairs of the expensive rechargeable units, so my wife could watch along side me; [note: the cheaper button-battery specs seem better since they block the side light out]

After a few minutes of the opening titles, uhh-oohh... My wife and I could clearly see 2 verticle lines about 1.5 inches thick running down the 33% and 66% positions of the screen. The manager thought I was nuts until he put on the specs. We paused the video and even tried another disc. He said this was odd. He had never seen this issue since he had never tried on the 3d specs to this specific TV after it was installed. Just to be clear again, the 2d looked flawless.

In summary, I am done with this TV. It cannot possibly be a good sign that three different 'store display' 55's and also a 65' D8000's have similar issues, within a 150 mile radius. To anyone who is skeptical, I got other employees to confirm each event, just to make sure I was not seeing some reflection or otherwise; we all confirmed these were indeed display problems each time.

Again, love the thin bezel and the 2d, but the 3-D brought out a similar [back light ?] defects seen now on 3 55d8000s, I even tried a 65 D8000, it was worse on that set. I love Samsung, but geez..

I'll be waiting on the next line from Samsung [E8000 ?], I think they need to drop this edge-lit stuff or something. AVSforums is having a field day with these defects as well, it's not just me.

If you don't believe me, ask me what Best Buys I went too and I will gladly reply to you with the city names in California and the employee I spoke too.

Funny note: The 1st store where we saw the verticle light banding on their 65 last week, mostly visible through 3d, had the TV removed from the direct 3d blu-ray feed and is now moved to another wall on the 2d multiplex TV feed; perhaps to not show the TV's defects to perspective buyers.

Buyer beware.
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on September 7, 2011
After one week of trying to watch this TV I had to return the product. Amazon was great about setting up the return.

Pros: very good looking TV. When the picture was clear, it was VERY clear. There were times that I was watching a show and I would actually pause the TV in amazement about how nice and clear the picture looked. I also thought the 2d to 3d conversion was pretty cool. Things don't jump off the screen, but it does provide nice depth and clarity to things.

Cons: This TV looked fantastic about 30% of the time. I have never seen anything so inconsistent. For example, I would watch a show and it would be crystal clear and then a new scene would come on the same show and everything looked blurry and smudgy. Some channels like CBS high def and golf channel HD were so bad that they were unwatchable.

I called Comcast and the tech came over and checked all my wires and boxes and everything and my 2 other TV's in the house (1 older plasma and 1 older LCD) were always clear so it had to be the TV.

I watched Shrek via blue-ray and was so happy because it was so clear. Then I tried to watch The Fighter on Blue Ray and it looked like someone put a plastic bag over my face and I was watching through plastic.

I am not a tech person but it seemed as though the TV had a hard time processing the signals and making them clear and focused. I believe I received a lemon and I am going to order the same unit and try again.
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on March 22, 2011
I saw this TV come available from one of my tech sites, I bought it the same day.

The TV came in and Wow is all I can say.. Now I have seen the posts on Samsung's Website and that really did not deter me as I have been buying Samsung TV's and monitors for years and never once did I have a problem.

The colors and dark levels are wonderful. The 3D effects are so cool and yes this is my first 3D TV, I have seen 3D in movie theaters but its so much better being at home. The added applications are cool and the added NAS support is wonderful. I have a Synology NAS and once I plugged it in to the network the TV detected my NAS and listed it as Synology. Only draw back with the DLNA is that there is no graphic art or pictures of the Movies but the titles show and thats fine. (There might be hack for this and will research)

Of course Amazon delivered the TV with in the hours as I requested and the box was in great shape. Amazon rocks.

Pros: The colors and dark levels, Normal HD programs are so crisp and clear it almost hurts my eye's, The small bezel makes this TV pop on my wall. (Note Painted my wall flat black and with the small bezel it all most looks like its a window), Too many more to list..

Cons: The remote as I really wanted the IPHONE looking remote and the keyboard is really small and I have big fingers. Also the Power plug was on the other side.. Meaning the HDMI, Optical and USB plugs are on back right side and the power plug is on the back left side if facing the TV. As well the power cord is really short.

But even with these complaints I really like this TV and will be enjoying it for a number of years.. This TV gets a five star rating from me.
review image review image review image review image
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