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on October 24, 2013
I am not an expert when it comes to TVs, so when it came to deciding on a new 55 inch HDTV, I simply wanted a great picture from a solid company. I researched quite a bit and decided on Samsung as they have the reputation of a high end company with quality service and reliable products.

When the TV first arrived I was quite pleased. The screen size was ideal for my living room and the picture was good -- not great, but good. The best way to view the TV was by sitting in the center, as the colors did seem to fade a bit if you watched from the side. While 3D was not my motivation for buying this model, I did feel it was a nice addition. And, there is no other way to say it, the 3D is exceptionally impressive. Much better than I expected.

My issue arose in the first two weeks as I noticed that, when viewing darker images, there were large cloudy areas that extended from the edges of the TV. Sports and such was fine as they typically consist of continuous bright images, but the problem would continue to be evident with movies and shows that had a darker theme. The cloudy areas never moved -- they were always stable, and they extended about 1/3 from each edge (direct center of screen was fine).

Rather than immediately send the TV back, I contacted Samsung as I figured they would handle the issue and resolve it (plus I really didn't want to have to go through the return process if it was an issue that could be resolved). The customer service individual was very helpful as they assisted me in scheduling a tech to come and check the issue. About a week later, the tech arrived and I shared the problem. He said he was familiar with the issue and, after looking at my TV for about 1 minute, said he would have to call Samsung to see if they would authorize the repair (they promptly declined). He said that previously he ordered new panels with no issue, but that recently he had been instructed to not repair what they were calling "uneven brightness." I was told that Samsung considers the picture normal unless the defect is visible 100% of the time. So, if the issue only occurs when the screen is darker, it's considered normal.

I know another person who had bought the same model and they had not had this issue, so I called Samsung after the tech visited. The first individual I spoke to was very helpful, understood my frustration, and said that a replacement should be OK as I had only had the TV a few weeks. He noted the issue on my account and had me call another number to have the replacement handled. When I called that number, the rep told me that she could find no record of my discussion with the other rep, and that all she saw was that the tech department considered my unit normal. She said that nothing could be done and that whoever I spoke to previously would not have been authorized to offer a replacement in the first place. End of discussion.

Fortunately, I contacted Amazon as it was still within 30 days, and they had no issue processing a return due to this defect. Initially I was going to just do an exchange for the same model as I obviously got a bad one. However, after seeing how Samsung failed to stand by their product, I really could not continue to support their business. I understand that I probably just got a lemon, but it's those instances that I feel truly test a company's commitment to their standards and customer service. In this instance, Samsung failed exceptionally. In the end, I went with a plasma model from a different brand, and the picture has proven to be amazing.

If you do go with this TV, you probably won't have an issue as it does seem that most people are fine. However, it's important to really test your TV out when you get it. If you do notice this issue, you'll want to return it to Amazon right away. Don't bother contacting Samsung -- they won't help you and the process could extend you beyond Amazon's 30 day policy to avoid restocking/shipping charges.

Hope this helps those fellow shoppers who just want a high quality picture! Good Luck.
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on September 21, 2013
I bought this TV for the plethora of glowing reviews it received for its picture performance. I also bought it because it had built-in Wi-Fi. The picture quality is simply amazing! Scenes broadcast in HD look as if they're almost 3D, and by that I mean everything is so clear with unbelievable depth that it makes it look like people and things being broadcast are in the room with you! I previously owned a Panasonic Viera plasma TV, and I can honestly say this Samung LED TV has an even better picture. I didn't think any other current TV technology (except 4K) could touch a plasma. I was wrong. I can't say enough about the picture quality.
Now for the bad/sad part. The Samsung SmartHub and its network ruins the total experience of this otherwise fantastic TV. The wifi connected easily and works pretty well for direct Internet surfing. HOWEVER, when you try to use the SmartHub to view streaming content from Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster, etc, it is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! I have upgraded broadband service from my cable provider so my network connection is plenty fast. However, when I tried to use Netflix, Blockbuster and Amazon Instant Video through my new Samsung TV/SmartHub, my streaming video would constantly pause/stop. At first I thought it was my network connection, so I tried to play the exact same HD movie on Netflix through my Wi-Fi enabled LG Blu-Ray player and it streamed perfectly. Let me say that again: The same movie on Netflix - - through Samsung SmartHub = SLOW/PAUSE/STOP; through my LG WiFi Blu-Ray player = SMOOTH, NO HICCUPS (remember, both are using the same WiFi signal being transmitted by my router).

PLEASE do your own due diligence before investing in ANY Samsung product that touts its SmartHub if you plan to use it to watch streaming video, whether it's a TV, DVD or Blu-Ray player. There are many web pages, websites and forums which discuss the DISMAL performance of the SmartHub network (should be renamed "SlowHub"!!). There's even one called "OFFICIAL Samsung Smart Hub Fiasco Thread." For as fantastic as 99% of Samsung products are (I currently own/use 9 other Samsung products such as the Galaxy Note and Epic and I love them), I have to think that they have subcontracted their "SlowHub" service to a Third party. If the quality of the network was as good as their hardware/physical products, it would work smoothly and lightning fast.

To be fair, if Samsung actually listens to its users/customers and actually fixes/upgrades its SmartHub network to actually make it perform acceptably, then I will update my review to reflect that fact. Lastly, I was on the verge of returning this TV because of SmartHub's atrocious and revolting performance, but my better half and I loved the picture so much AND we had an alternate means to stream videos to the TV (vice using SlowHub) that it we decided to keep it.

BOTTOM LINE: If you plan to use this or any other Samsung LED TV to simply watch TV for the superb picture, you'll be happy. BUT, if you plan to use the SmartHub and its "features," you will be SORELY DISAPPOINTED. Picture = 5 stars; SmartHub = 1 star (would give it '0' or '1/2' if Amazon had those as selections).

UPDATE 11-30-2013

Ok, so I just got home from my business trip. To answer a previous question, the TV does have a LAN port. However, I have not tested it. I don't think I'm going to test it anytime soon as my TV is 50+ feet away from my home computer and router setup (where I have to plug in the LAN cable). If I happen upon a spool of Ethernet cable somewhere for free, I'll connect it. However, I don't really feel like moving either my computer/router setup or my 50" TV just to test the LAN connection.

I did check again to see if Samsung released any software updates to the TV, and they did on 27 NOV 2013. They released Firmware ver.1117.4, T-MST12AKUC. I downloaded it directly through the TV's Wi-Fi connection, then installed it. Everything seems to have installed ok.

The FIRST thing I checked was the performance of the Amazon Prime Video App through the SmartHub. The time was approximately 09:30 a.m., so I assumed it was off-peak hours for cable bandwidth demand. I was actually surprised as it appeared to be working marginally better. At least this time the HD video ("The Avengers") DID NOT pause or stop. That IS forward progress. HOWEVER, the picture was NOT HD i.e. it was grainy and "blocky" (I believe they call it the `screen door effect').

My next test was to compare the Samsung SmartHub streaming video performance against my Roku 3 Streaming Media Player device. I was hoping that my Roku 3 was going to show similar performance to the SmartHub, BUT it again showed the HD Avengers movie with much better quality. Through my Samsung SmartHub = low resolution/grainy/screen door effect; through my Roku 3 = high quality HD like it was supposed to be. Again, at least the movie DID NOT pause or stop using the SmartHub Amazon Prime Movie App.

My second set of tests later in the evening at approximately 08:30 p.m. (which I assumed was a more peak cable bandwidth time on Saturday evening) involved trying the Netflix App through the Samsung SmartHub (using the same movie, The Avengers in HD). When I started the Netflix App through SmartHub, it started a little slow. I started the HD movie and I was again "not surprised" by the low resolution picture. HOWEVER, after about 45 seconds, the picture cleared up SUBSTANTIALLY and it was in HD! No pausing/skipping/stopping. I actually had to stop the movie to double check that I was NOT using my Roku 3, and that I was actually using the Netflix SmartHub App, and I was.

Ok, now I was starting to believe that maybe the software/firmware update actually fixed something, OR they improved their SmartHub network performance between SEP '13 and 11-29-2013. So just for S&Gs, I went BACK to the Amazon Prime Video App through the SmartHub, and resumed playing The Avengers where I left off. Again the App started a slowly, but then `booted up' after about 40 seconds (about 30 seconds slower than my Roku 3). Then the movie resumed and lo and behold if it wasn't in HD! I was standing beside myself! Even my better half couldn't believe it (as she saw how horrible it used to be).

The last litmus test of the evening (at approximately 09:15 p.m.) was to try to stream an HDX movie through VUDU using the Samsung SmartHub. I started the VUDU App through the SmartHub, and it `booted up' faster than Amazon Prime Video App or Netflix App. I really wasn't looking forward to having to rent a movie just to test the VUDU SmartHub App, but to my surprise they had a sale of HDX movies for $4.99 and $7.99 (must be a Black Friday related sale). My better half hadn't seen Wrath of the Titans and I also thought it might give the SmartHub a good test with its healthy offering of CGI and eye-popping colors. Ok, the movie was pretty entertaining, but the thing I was looking for was how it played and how it looked through the SmartHub VUDU App. We were pleasantly surprised that the movie queued up quickly, didn't pause/skip/stop and looked like it played in the max quality "HDX" mode.

BOTTOM LINE: As of today, 11-30-2013, after downloading and installing the Firmware update, the prior issues I was having with the "SlowHub" appear to have been resolved. I haven't drilled down yet on the specifics of what the Firmware update `fixed' and how it did it, but I'm just happy with the outcome at this point. I will continue to test it for several more days to ensure it doesn't revert back to the SlowHub. For now, I have upgraded my rating to 4 Stars from 3. This was a substantial 'fix' in my opinion. However Samsung received its feedback, whether from direct customer complaints, Blogs or product reviews on Amazon, it appears they finally took action to address the 'SlowHub' issues. As I close this reply/update, I am happy to say that I believe the SmartHub is on its way to living up to its name! The only reason I'm not giving a full 5 Stars at this point is I still want to ensure this better performance continues, and it did take several months to fix the issues my TV was having.
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on August 3, 2013
This is a superb TV with lots of connection options. It is also 3D.

About the 3D. I did not buy this TV for the 3D capability. I think it is a gimmick. After viewing some 3D content off the Samsung app, I still think it is a gimmick. Sure, it is fun to watch for a little bit. But the 3D experience on a TV is not like at IMAX. There are too many other things in the room that distract you from the picture.

However, you should still buy this TV. It costs about $100 more than the 6300 (or 6350) but is well worth it? Why? Because for that money you get "micro-dimming". This feature is worth it! The blacks are really black and the picture works well even in a brightly lit room (and my room has lots of windows). Also, the micro-dimming removes glare. Here is how that works. When the TV is off, there is a lot of glare on my screen. Turn on the TV and the glare disappears. Amazing.

You can read other reviews for the optimum settings. I am connected to a Yamaha receiver using a single HDMI cable on the ARC (Audio Return Channel) and I get great 5.1 surround sound.

What if you pay more? You gain little (some more 3D glasses) by going up one step to the 7100 (7050). Go up to the 7500 and you get better micro-dimming. The 8000 gives you even better micro-dimming. The 9000 is a 4K TV. In my mind none are worth the substantial cost increase for the features that are added.

In summary, for me this TV is the best value in the Samsung line. A superb picture and plenty of features for a very reasonable price.
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on August 31, 2013
Perfect addition to your living room for anyone that wants a great value and every feature you need for HD and 3D viewing. The micro dimming feature and 480 CMR rating (which I didn't see in the description online) gives you the absolute best picture quality you can have in a great HD slim line model. I've read the reviews that mostly indicate that the 3D features aren't all that useful, but viewing any recent Blu-ray HD DVD with 3D truly puts you "in the movie" with this TV set. There's nothing wrong with 3D features, it's like comparing apples to oranges: those movies and documentaries that have been made in the past few years have far superior 3D technology than those made prior to about 2010. You're not just seeing things "pop out" of the screen, it's a total immersion experience with recent releases in 3D! I can't recommend this particular model any higher, it's simply one of the best of the current models by any manufacturer.
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on September 4, 2014
I bought the UN40F6400 Smart TV from Amazon on 8/21/13.

I would really like to love this TV, but I suspect the designers cut corners on the components used to build this TV resulting in very poor reliability. I base this opinion on 40 years in the aerospace industry as a reliability engineer with 3 degrees in electronic engineering design.
I had this TV for only six weeks when it started cycling on and off repeatedly. I couldn't do anything except unplug the TV and wait for service. I enjoyed the beautiful picture and wifi connectivity while it lasted. Too bad I can't enjoy it more often.

Samsung sent out the repair person who replaced the motherboard. The TV was fine again, but it was just a waiting game. Three months later the set failed with the exact same symptoms. Samsung again sent out a repair person who replaced a small module near the power button. Life was good again!

Several months later, my one year warranty was about to expire so I renewed it for two more years. I had never needed an extended service contract for a TV before, but I figured it was a good idea for this set.

I figured right! Seven months after the last repair the TV started cycling on and off again. I tried to submit a third service request, but the website would not accept my request. It stated at the bottom that my warranty had expired. I started calling Samsung to complain and finally got connected with Executive Customer Relations. They took the service request and said I would have to talk to the Media Hub people to update my warranty status on the website. They transferred me to a number that had been disconnected. Sigh!

I am now waiting for my third repair attempt. Fingers crossed, but hope is slipping away fast.
Would I every buy another Samsung anything? Not likely!

I am now looking for a replacement. I heard that LG makes a pretty good TV. Does anybody in Amazonia have some good advice for me?
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on February 18, 2014
Being this is my first venture into HD and TV's that can't fry your morning eggs I'm probably a bit biased but I have watched enough on friends TV's to know that this one is an excellent choice. The first thing I had to do was turn down the brightness. With LED back lighting it was far too bright as set from the factory. This is NOT a bad thing since it was easy to locate the settings and change.

The hardest part to get used to was the VERY small remote. It has a rather serious lack of buttons most of which are replaced with a touch pad. Once I got used to it I was rather surprised at how well it works. Keep in mind that the most used remote I have is to my cable DVR which comes with a universal remote.

For my living room this is about as big as I could go without having to move my head while watching. Did I mention the fact I love this thing?! :)

Very thin but with enough heft that it's obviously not constructed cheaply. It recommends having two people to set it up but I couldn't wait and did it by my self. After removing the obvious bits from the top of the carton I laid the box down with the front of the TV facing the floor. I then cut the back of the box away from the sides and bottom to get it out of the way. With the carton laying on the box my TV stand was shipped in I attached the bottom stand and then gently lifted the TV to an upright position.

Once it's in this position you can squat, pick it up from the bottom edge with the edge in your palms and place it on your TV stand without worrying about mashing the front with your fingers. Worked like a charm and had me back watching TV in no time.

Even backlighting and brilliant colors - a very good choice and with the faster refresh motion is handled quite well.
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on October 29, 2013
I received the 50" model of this t.v. yesterday, and I have to say that I am very, very impressed. I replaced a 2009 Sharp Aquos, which itself had replaced a 2006 Viera, and the Samsung has, by far, the best picture I've ever seen. I'm currently trying to figure out how to take full advantage of the 120Hz refresh rate--I have an Oppo Blu Ray player and a Roku 3, which seem to broadcast at 60Hz--but I don't know if that'll even make any difference. The picture quality is amazing, colors are bright, and blacks are black.

And I do want to add this for people who might not know how to do it: Samsung (and many other t.v. makers) are including several new technologies that decrease blur in high-motion scenes; Samsung calls this the "Clear Motion Rate." Many reviewers will no doubt love this, as it seems to make characters in the foreground three dimensional, but I hate it. I don't like the way it smooths camera movement; motion looks fake, like the scenes were shot on a Steadi-Cam coated in butter. Fortunately, you CAN turn this feature off by going to the "Picture" settings under "Menu." If you watch this t.v. in a store, it probably has the anti-blur technology turned on. I turned it off immediately, and it made all the difference.
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on December 9, 2016
I'll never buy another Samsung product again.

My TV began turning off/on, which apparently is known as power cycling, about a month or so again. This happens intermittently. We can be watching TV or 20 minutes or be into a 2 hours of a movie on Netflix, and the TV does the same thing; a clicking sound off/on. It becomes an endless loop that is only cured by physically unplugging the TV.

I bought this TV set 3 years ago.

Over the past week in a half, I've spent probably 3 hours talking to reps through Samsung, who put the TV through an assortment of tests (firmware updates, resetting, etc), but none fix the issue. Ultimately, the TV turns off/on; randomly.

Samsung gave me the contact information for an authorized repair shop. After contacting the shop, they quoted me at $300 to fix the TV, which has corrupt capacitors, which cause the TV to overheat quickly.

I bought a $300 dollar warranty (for 3 years), that is now expired and Samsung refuses to cover the price to fix my smart TV.

They essentially told me they are not liable for any problems after 1 year.
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on September 19, 2013
I ordered the tv , I liked most of the features of the tv,it does a lot of things, after the tv came I noticed, the side angle viewing was not as good as I would like, if you are going to be looking directly into the screen it might be ok, but from the side it seemed to washout,I went online to see if I could find the degree of angle viewing,I never could find this in the specifications, I replaced this Tv with Sony 55"3d led tv, they list the angle view, I can see the difference, both are nice Tv's , it just depends what is most important to you.
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on August 16, 2013
This is an awesome TV. I've never had an 3D TV before and this one is a winner. The active 3D glasses are better than the passive ones because you see full images from each eye at quick succession. The passive 3D cut the resolution in half thus loosing a lot of quality. Also the viewing angles are awesome with this TV. I stood up and open my window and did not see any ghosting at all. And to be honest with you I think 1080p will be good for a few more years. Watching Avatar and Life of Pi in 3D is something to be hold. I also played a few games in 3D as well. Stardust HD is excellent in 3D. Batman Arkham City on the 360 is also pretty decent. I have to warn you though. You will get a headache the first time you use the 3D. But you will get used to it. Now I don't get headaches any more.
I also love the smart aspect of the TV. You get all the popular apps out there on the Samsung Apps Store. I love watching TWIT on this huge TV. Now I don't even need to turn on the 360 to watch instant videos. It's all there natively. One of my favorite apps that samsung included is Explore 3D. This app streams 3D content to your TV without a fee or subscription. There a ton of free 3D documentaries on there.
My least favorite thing about this TV is the remote control. I don't understand why there isn't directional,numerical, play/pause buttons on it. Why do I have to use the inaccurate touch pad to swipe when directional buttons can do the same thing and alot faster? I may have to get a new remote. If you have any recommendations please let me know.
Getting back to the positives, I really like how the small the bezel is on this thing. It's about 1/2 of an inch. And it's also super thin as well. It just looks great.

I think that's it. I really do love everything about this TV aside from the remote. A definite buy for sure.
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