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on March 25, 2014
This review is of the first 24 hours of use on our new UN50H6400.

Setup was fairly easy. Onscreen display guides through the basics of source and internet connections. It did have some issues connecting via WiFi. My wireless router is dual band with both 2.4 and 5GHz bands with the same SSID. I ended up having to rename the 5GHz band SSID in my router before the TV would connect. *Update* 03/30/2014 We ended up connecting the TV via hardwired connection to the network for higher bandwidth streaming 3D playback as the WiFi could not keep up.

Initial picture quality is amazing. This is coming from someone who has been used to watching a smaller and much earlier model of LCD HD TV. The contrast between lights and darks and the details that can be seen in high contrast scenes is something I noticed right off. The 3D demos available on the TV also looked amazing as did a couple I tried from Netflix. The simulated 3D looked surprisingly good as well, testing it on a couple of video sources. I'm not sure I would want to watch most shows this way, but it works better than I would have thought. I have yet to calibrate this TV properly, but will update when I have a chance to delve into the advanced settings more thoroughly.

*Update* 03/30/2014
Had a chance to do a full calibration with a colorimeter. The 10-point white balance worked very well requiring significant adjustments to red and some to blue above 50%, although there was not a significant difference in grays at each step < 50%, while grays above 50% were fairly similar as well. The 2 point calibration would probably get most people close enough. That said, once the 10-point was complete, the white balance looked fantastic at all levels. Color was only slightly off from factory defaults at 100%. Lower % values varied a bit, but I did not mess with trying to adjust these because I believe it would require access to the service menu. Sharpness was best at < 10. Much more introduced significant moire effects in test patterns. When viewing full screen grays, there is visible light falloff in the corners of the TV and there is a kind of stage curtain effect at even points across the top and bottom of the screen. I don't know the technical name for this, but it is like stage lights shining up and down from the bottom and top. This must be due to the way they redirect the edge lighting, and is probably common for most edge lit LED TVs. It is not noticeable during regular viewing. After a full calibration, this TV looks even better than it did initially. No serious complaints from me on picture quality.

The remote has been redesigned from the 2013 models which I had considered buying, but did not like because of the lack of play/pause/FF/RW buttons. Samsung has added these buttons to this model and it works very well. The Wii like feature of pointing and clicking works okay, but sometimes the cursor and the remote get way out of sync and are not pointing at the same spot. I quickly learned that having your finger (or thumb) from the touch pad activates the cursor and removing and retouching the pad resets the cursor. Overall this work fairly well. The cursor does not appear to work in the Apps though. Netflix and Amazon Instant video still requires using the arrow keys to navigate and you must bring up the pop-up on-screen remote to use the keys that are not on the physical remote. This is a mild inconvenience. I would personally have preferred that the remote be larger and include all the buttons.

This TV will primarily be used for streaming video through Netflix, Amazon, etc so these features were of prime concern. As noted above, the remote doesn't seem to work the same in the apps. Otherwise, Netflix and Amazon both played wonderful looking HD video. One item I did notice was that Netflix was much darker than all the other sources and apps and I had to turn up the back-light for just this app. Not sure why this is yet. Once, during an Amazon Prime Video playback the sound cut off for no apparent reason. I tried closing the app and restarting but then realized the sound on the entire TV was out, not just in the app. I had to power off the TV and power it back on to get sound back.

*Update* 03/30/2014
I have also tried Hulu and Vudu apps. Hulu has some issues properly refreshing the list of videos after using the back button. There also seem to be some issues during peak times with playback at 3.2Mb/s quality setting. There were no problems streaming at this setting the other night, but today it keep having to pause to buffer the video. Once the setting was lowered to 2Mb/s there were no more issues. This was not our connection as we were getting 50+Mb/s through several test sites around the U.S. at that time. I suspect this is a bandwidth issue on Hulu's end. Also tried a couple movies on Vudu with no issues. Very nice looking 3D as well.

Other Apps: I only briefly played with other apps, including the web browser. After opening the web browser, the first thing I did was set the search engine to Google from the Bing default. As soon as I entered a search the browser crashed and I had to restart it. I attempted to search again and the entire TV froze and required a power cycle to get it working again. I haven't been back to try the browser again. *Update* 03/30/2014 Browser still has issues. I was able to go to a couple sites today, but it eventually locked up the entire TV and only by unplugging the TV could I get it to do anything. There haven't been any software updates that I have seen yet, but its only been a week.

Summarizing my initial impressions: The picture seems great. Software is buggy. At least software can be fixed with updates. Hopefully Samsung will address these issues. I will try and update this review as I use the TV more.
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on May 20, 2014
Thin profile, thin bezel design, unique remote, excellent picture quality. The default picture profiles unfortunately are horrendous. I can't watch any darker screens without turning off all the lights trying to get rid of any glare on the screen. Going from Movie to Standard to Dynamic didn't really help much either until I found a website that publishes video calibration settings. These are what I found for the UN60F6400 (2013 model). It works so much better. I don't need to flip back and forth between settings for night or day time scenes. Good luck!

Picture Mode Movie
Backlight 16
Contrast 96
Brightness 47
Sharpness 13
Color 50
Tint G50/R50

Advance Settings
Dynamic Contrast Off
Black Tone Off
Flesh Tone 0
RGB Only Mode Off
Color Space Auto
10pt White Balance On
Gamma +1
Expert Pattern Off
xvYCC Off

Picture Options
Color Tone Warm2
Digital Noise Filter Off
MPEG Noise Filter Off
HDMI Black Level Normal (Low if available)
Film Mode Off
Auto Motion Plus Off
LED Motion Plus Off

10pt White Balance On
Interval Red Green Blue
1 0 1 0
2 1 0 -2
3 0 0 2
4 0 0 0
5 -1 0 +1
6 0 -1 0
7 -1 -2 -2
8 0 2 1
9 1 0 0
10 2 1 0

White Balance
Setting Value
R-Offset 25
G-Offset 25
B-Offset 27
R-Gain 19
G-Gain 22
B-Gain 21

Screen Adjustment
Picture Size Screen Fit
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on May 13, 2014
I am a bit of a techno-file and this TV was an upgrade from a 6 year old 46" Samsung LCD. Anytime you purchase a TV these days you roll the dice a bit as far as quality of your particular set. I'm happy to say in my case I have no issue. I don't even have issues I expected I would.

I have...No stuck or dead pixels No flashlighting at all. No clouding, a dark screen is perfectly even. Colors are accurate and vibrant. I disabled the eco-sensor right away since it dimmed the screen far too much.

The menu system is very full featured with just about every setting or feature you can think of easily modified.

Blacks are not perfect but they are far better than most LCD's. I am fairly critical and the black level is perfectly acceptable.
I did notice a very minor case of the Dirty Screen Effect. However 99% of the time it can't be seen at all.

The SMART features are very well implemented. Youtube streams perfectly and apps open up and navigate with reasonable speed. I was able to plug a USB into the TV and watch the HD videos taken with my Sony camcorder as well as other video files with no issue. This is a big convenience.

I must confess I do love 3D,and this sets 3D is amazing! The 3D experience varies by source type. A good 3D Blu-ray is every bit as good as the theater. The first 3D Blu-ray movie I played was Prometheus and it was spectacular! The detail is so razor sharp and yet with good depth and pop. In viewing store demo's I really thought I preferred the passive 3D more than the active but I wouldn't want to lose any of that beautiful detail this set can deliver. Active it is then! The glasses are very light weight and fit over my prescription glasses very comfortably. It's not a feature that I will use very often but when a movie I want to see comes out in 3D, that's what I'm going to watch, It really is as good as the theater.
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on December 20, 2014
Impressive picture for an LCD HDTV. The contrast is very good, even better than the Panasonic plasma set it replaced. On letterbox movies the bars above and below the picture are completely invisible in dim lighting (as would be used when watching movies). The Wi-Fi connection was established quickly. Although I don't need to access the web directly for content having the internet connection allows easy software updates. I did run into one problem that couldn't be solved by the first tier support at Samsung. This set, as is typical with all brands, is set at the factory for "overscan". This means that the entire picture is not displayed but a significant amount around all four edges is cut off. If you were watching TV or Blu-Ray you wouldn't realize this because you couldn't know what the entire image consisted of. However, when connected to a PC (via HDMI at 1920 x 1080) this becomes immediately apparent. The Windows menu bar is only partly visible and the Start button is off the screen. In addition, if a window is maximized so much is cut off that you can no longer access the top bar including the window size and close buttons. Out of the box the set cannot be used as a PC display. I looked in the menu for the setting to turn overscan off but there is no such setting on this unit. I then contacted Samsung support and they were unable to explain if or how to display the full picture. I then did a search on the web about the problem and immediately found the answer. By default the display is set to 16:9 aspect ratio and this setting overscans. Overscan really doesn't have anything to do with aspect ratio so I didn't look further in that menu. Turns out that menu does allow defeating overscan, it just doesn't call it that. To see the full picture the setting needs to be "Full Screen". I recommend that every owner adjust the unit to this setting. You do not actually get full resolution if overscan is set. The screen still has 1920 x 1080 pixels but the image being displayed is less (probably about 1850 x). It is obvious that if there is not a one to one correspondence between the display pixels and the input picture then you are not looking at full HD. After turning off overscan not only could I use the PC but even the DirecTV input looked clearer.
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on May 6, 2017
I bought this television in late 2014. It is almost mid-2017 and it died last night. If you buy this unit, I recommend an extended warranty when you purchase. Luckily, I bought that too.
What a shame! It had a great picture when it was working.
I bought the Assurant 360 Protection Plan when I bought the TV. I'm in process of seeing what they will do to make this right. Stay tuned...
Suggest you see my review of events as they unfold during my adventure in frustration in trying to get a broken TV repaired under Assurant Protection Plan.
This is my fourth Samsung flat screen TV. Two of those units have been disappointing. I also had a Samsung plasma set that failed in about two years. I paid a small fortune to have it repaired and only got about two more years before it totally died.
Reading other reviews of this product leads me to believe Samsung should go back to the drawing board in designing this set's successor.
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on December 9, 2014
Smart TVs have come a long way since the first clumsy tries at integrating TV with access to the Internet. This one is a good example of what's been done right, recognizing that there are still problems with the interface. The TV has a neat remote control that projects on screen when you're setting it up so you can easily enter the info needed to get access to the Internet features. You point at a series of on-screen prompts and you use the same interface to navigate the on-screen keyboard when you set up the TV, so you get through the setup process quickly and painlessly -- very different from the not-so Smart TV I tried about 2 years ago.

A range of Internet services including Netflix and Amazon Prime are included so you can stream movies and recent TV shows. You can select from a range of inputs including a Roku or Apple TV box, cable TV, or a computer, and the TV comes with built-in wi-fi that's simple to connect to your home network, You can also plug it directly into your router using standard Cat. 5 cable, or connect it via a Powerline adapter. This model has four HDMI inputs and various other ways of loading content, including a USB port. What's still missing? The Netflix and Amazon Prime apps don't take advantage of the excellent user interface built into the Samsung remote, so you're back to moving around their on-screen keyboards using direction keys rather than simply pointing at the letter or number you want. You can make that process less painful by buying a Logitech keyboard for 70 - 100 dollars, but that shouldn't be necessary. Perhaps someday soon, all of the installed Internet apps will respond to the type of remote interface that Samsung has come up with.

Of course all that connectivity stuff wouldn't be much good if the TV didn't have a high quality HD picture, and it does. The contrast ratio is good -- deep blacks and reasonably white whites, and you can tune the color rendition to your liking by getting into the setup menu. We haven't used the 3D capability yet, but it's there if and when you want it. (The Samsung 6350 is missing that feature, and it's a somewhat less expensive choice of you're sure you won't want to watch anything in 3D.)
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on February 12, 2016
Samsung continues to advance their technologies in all their products and this TV does not disappoint one bit. The first of the two of these delivered to my house was damaged, the screen was cracked which obviously allowed zero functionality in the unit. What a bummer, but not one I would typically blame on the company. Customer service was quick to have this unit picked up the next day and already began shipping out a replacement unit which I received in 5 business days. Kudos to them on making this right.

The TV has so many smart features to list. The picture looks crisp and clear, plenty of brightness and is easy to view at all angles. Sound quality is about a 7 out of 10 and probably my only gripe about this TV, deep bass in movies can sometimes rattle the speakers into a tinny sound that is unpleasant forcing me to lower the volume to a level that doesn't boom the sound you'd like in an action film. Nevertheless I don't typically listen to the sound through the TV, I use a home theatre system which is proper to do when pairing with such a nice TV. The TV comes with 2 remotes, your standard everything-included remote and the most awesome smaller remote that has Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to place your thumb on the trackpad and move your hand or arm to gesture where the "mouse-pointer" that appears on screen should go. This makes a lot of the web-enabled features packed into this TV a breeze to use! Just think of all those annoying setup screens that we're used to entering ALL our signup information being completed in a much quicker, less annoying process that has been simplified down to pointing and clicking.

3D is awesome, works like a champ though it's not something I use too often. Pandora, Netflix, Hulu and everything else that comes along with your typical smart-enabled television all are consistently updated and work very well. Lastly, having other devices like your laptop, Samsung smart phone or tablets around connected on the same Wi-Fi network allows you to seamlessly stream content to the television.

All in all I love this TV.
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Before buying this Samsung we did loads of research and this guy was the final choice. After having it now for a year and a half or so, we can safely say it was the right choice. The picture quality is incredible and the size of course is amazing tp have. My hubby and I are huge movie junkies so this purchase was just necessary! Oh the movies we have enjoyed on this bad boy. :)
So this television is highly recommended in our book.
One thing to mention- now they sell 4k HUD TV's but there are not many types of content that support it yet (maybe if you're super into blu ray as that is basically what is supported currently) , so if you are willing to spend that much then go for it. However, I really don't think it is necessary when you could buy this one which is incredible quality and a truly great choice.
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on April 30, 2016
I have this hooked up to a desktop to watch movies and play games. The picture is great, not the best I've seen but could be due to my computer settings. Since it's hooked up to a computer the smart features are worthless. The 3D is neat but we really only tried it the first week we had the tv and never touched it again. The remote is nice and minimal but I wish there were s couple buttons you could program to do things like turn on the amp instead of using the on screen menu that you point the remote at. Overall I am happy with the purchase but in the future will not waste my money on smart features or 3D and instead continue to invest in size and picture quality.

If you have not had an LED tv before with high refresh rate then you will find that when watching bluray movies it looks like you are there and everything is in focus. People seem to move faster because the image doesn't blur as much as older tv's. It's hard to imagine where tx's will go from here.
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on September 30, 2015
Normally, I would give this TV a 5-star review - the picture is absolutely fantastic and Samsung service (more on that, in a moment) was terrific. The only reason I did not give the 5-stars, is because I have some concerns about the future reliability - but rather than wait 5yrs to be satisfied that I've gotten my money's worth, I feel I need to leave a review regarding my experience to date. I have had this TV for just over 3 months, and already I've had to have the panel replaced - this does not bode well for the future, but I am hopeful that things may work out (**read on**).

I am known for spending COUNTLESS hours doing research on any electronic purchase - especially when it comes to televisions. I don't mind spending a few extra bucks, as long as I know I'm getting a 'top quality' product - so I always spend weeks reading reviews and investigating a product, before committing. So, imagine my surprise (read: dismay) when, after already having completed my research, settled on and ordered this TV, I happen to come across a review here on Amazon that mentioned certain sized panels for this particular model having been 'outsourced'. That startled me and had me very worried!!

A few weeks after setting the TV up, I noticed what looked like a small 'shadow' on the upper-left side of the screen. It was barely noticeable (you only saw it on very dark scenes - there would be an area about the same diameter of a soda can, where it wasn't quite as 'black' as the rest of the screen). I tried not to let it bother me, but after I saw it the first time my eyes were continuously drawn to that spot every time we watched tv - couple that with the burning knowledge that this particular screen size was one of the ones that likely contained an outsourced panel, and I could not seem to shake that uneasy feeling...

...sure enough, 3.5 months later the video went out. The panel would 'light up' but there was absolutely no video (not even the menu options, would come up). I called SquareTrade (thankfully, I was smart enough to get the extended warranty) and they told me it was still under the original Samsung warranty - they were kind enough to call them and transfer me to them, once a live representative was available (kudos to SquareTrade for their part in this issue, by the way - I highly recommend the extra $40-$50 for the extended warranty!!!). The Samsung rep was extremely helpful, didn't waste a great deal of my time having me 'try this/try that' - just listened to my description of the problem and said they'd send a technician out, period. They had my appointment scheduled within less than a week (I believe it was a Thursday that I called them, and they had the technician scheduled to come out the Tuesday after).

The tech came out (as promised and within the 2hr window, they had scheduled), looked at the TV and immediately set about replacing the panel. After installing the new panel, wouldn't you know it, the new panel was broken too!!! So, he had to come back the following day (today) with another panel (which he just installed and left about 5 minutes ago). I'll be honest, I was not very confident any of this was going to work out - I was positive that I had gotten a lemon and was going to wind up eating the $1k I spent on this television. But the Samsung support was fantastic, there was NO HASSLE at all with the fix, and more importantly I noticed that this new panel they were installing had a Samsung sticker on it that the other one did NOT have - which leads me to believe I now have an actual Samsung panel as opposed to one of the outsourced ones!! WOOHOO!!!

I have three other Samsung LCD televisions in my house aging in range from 8yrs old to 2yrs old and these TV have never (**knock on wood**) given me an ounce of trouble - my hope is that now, with an actual Samsung panel in this TV, that string of good fortune will continue!

Putting aside the issue I had and getting back to the television itself, the picture is remarkably crisp - the video is absolutely fantastic and I love this TV. It should be noted that the audio isn't particularly great though (the speakers sound very tinny), but since I have always used a Bose sound system with my TV it's not a problem for me. That said, if you were not planning to use a sound system and you have high expectations for quality sound with your new TV, this is definitely NOT the TV for you. If, on the other hand, you are just looking for great picture at a reasonable price, then you will not do any better than this TV. Dollar for dollar, it is an outstanding value with a quality manufacturer behind it. Just be wary of those sizes (I think it's just the 50 & 55 inch TVs that are affected) that may have an outsourced panel...
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