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on April 27, 2014
// Update June 15 2014 //

** Smart View function **

I just wanted to kind of go into what someone can do with the Smart View function of the TV. I've had time to play around with it a little bit and so far am quite impressed. I'm using an iPad and iPhone with this app, I'm certain that the same type of function is available if you have a compatible Android device as well.

+ You can watch TV on the portable device, while you do other things on the TV, for instance I have my Mac Mini attached to the TV and am editing this right now while watching TV on my iPad. I have also played my game consoles on the TV screen while watching TV on the tablet.

+ You can walk around the house with the portable device, for instance if you need to do something while watching your favorite show you won't miss what is happening. I've been able to walk all around the house and it worked everywhere I went. For me, I can see this being super useful during football season!

+ You can control the TV remotely, it has a very nice remote control screen and it works well.

Things you cannot do:

- You cannot use two portable devices at one time to view TV.

- You cannot view game consoles or a computer on the remote screen and watch TV on the TV monitor. This would be super nice if they would add it.

Minor issue:

- There is a few millisecond difference between the TV and mobile device, so if you're watching in the same room it's a little weird. I guess this is really to be expected though.

** Game Mode **

There is a game mode in the Menu selection. This mode makes video games SUPER smooth. I just thought I would mention it since I don't believe anyone else has. When I switch to PS4/PS3 I turn on this mode and it really makes the action smooth.

** 3D **

You can adjust the 3D depth in the settings, the 3D looks great depending on the source. I've watched several 3D movies and these active shutter glasses aren't as annoying as some of the other manufacturers glasses out there. 2D to 3D works as well as you can expect it to, it does add a neat depth to sources without 3D. I don't use that very often. One thing that is nice about the 3D glasses for this TV is the cost, they are only around $20 per pair, so it's not a big lift to buy extra ones.

Edited Review Follows

I just upgraded to this TV from a six year old Mitsubishi TV which unfortunately began having a LCD issue. I really didn't want to buy a new TV yet, but as it is...

I decided on this model due to price and features. Important features to me included being at least a 55", LED backlighting, Wi-Fi, 3D, and HDMI 1.4a for the Audio Return Channel (ARC). This TV met all of my requirements and includes many extra features as well.

The TV itself is super slim, it's about 1/3 as thick as my Mitsubishi TV was (it was a CCFL backlight LCD), it's also really lightweight and has a really super-thin bezel -- and I thought the bezel on my Mit was thin!

The contrast and clarity of the screen is very good, much better than my old set. The LCD runs on the cool side of the color spectrum -- which is what I like. When set to "cool" in the settings it comes out too blue, I usually set my LCD's to cool but on this one I went with the normal setting as it is already cool enough.

There are tons of built in features with this TV, however I'll discuss some of the ones I've already ran into problems with below.

* Unboxing *

Well packaged, Apple-esq packaging. I received this with the Amazon Enhanced service, so it was unboxed, assembled, and tested by the delivery person (nice touch). In the box is the TV, Stand, a Standard Remote, a Smart remote (which functions a little like a touchpad in the air), an IR extender, and two sets of active shutter 3D glasses. Included also is a user manual and all the usual paperwork.

* Installation *

Easy. I watched the delivery guy assemble -- it had two stand pieces that had to be installed on the back of the unit with bolts, then attached to the stand with bolts. It took him about two or three minutes to assemble and it was ready to plug in and go.

With the Audio Return Channel there are few wires actually going to the TV. I have two HDMI cables, the one from my receiver and one from a security camera DVR, the power cord, and the included IR receiver extender.

* Setup *

Again, easy. It walks you through the usual internet connection settings, and other settings. It's truly Apple-esq.

* Video *

The video clarity is very good, it's very crisp, clean. I popped in Planet Earth and found it to be somewhat better looking on this TV vs. my old TV. The LED backlighting is very even on this TV, I haven't found any "flashlighting" or anything like that. Contrast is very good for a LED LCD, blacks are black without much clipping, and whites are white.

* Audio *

The built in speakers are pretty good, haven't used them much as I use a receiver. It's pretty much what you can expect from a TV today.

* Smart TV *

Ok, this is both good and bad, the smart TV functions very well and is fast with the quad-core processor, however I have ran into some problems with some of the features. Apps work as expected, but the web browser is not so good, it's hard to use without a keyboard and mouse connected -- that in and of itself isn't unexpected, but I tried using it with the Picture in Picture (PIP) function and it didn't release the audio back to the TV upon completion of use, forcing me to unplug the TV and replug to get audio back. In addition it doesn't work with sites like the History Channel for streaming shows, a big deal-breaker for me. This is why I never use these web browsers.

* App connectivity *

It works, you need the Smart View 2 app from the app store. The app says that it is for 2014 and newer TV's, and this is a 2013 TV, however it works. You will get a prompt on iDevices which says something about an older version, click cancel, connect to the TV (enter pin number that pops up on the TV screen), and begin using the app. It works great, I've had a few hiccups, but no big deal.

* Inputs/Outputs *

Probably adequate for most modern setups, however many of the outputs on the back of the unit are not recessed, that might be a problem for some who wish to wall mount this TV.

- Recessed

Three HDMI inputs, three USB inputs, one Coax for Over the Air (antenna) or Cable.

- Not recessed

One HDMI input, a combined component/composite input, ethernet, IR extender, a 3.5mm audio out, digital optical out (toslink), and another output I don't know what it's for...

* Build Quality *

The unit feels solid and looks nice. The stand is stainless steel looking, it goes well with stainless/black components.

I'll go over the pros and cons:


+ Appearance -- Looks nice, slim, sleek, thin bezel, nice stand.
+ LCD -- Great picture quality, video is smooth, and the LED lighting is very good to great.
+ SmartTV -- Most of the apps work as expected, and there are lots of apps to choose from.
+ Setup/Use -- Easy to setup and use, the Wi-Fi works well with everything I have.
+ Size/Weight -- Super slim, weighs very little. This would be easy to wall mount.


- Physical connections -- Some aren't recessed, might make it more difficult to wall mount, depending on your mount.
- Web Browser -- It's not as full functioning as they might want you to believe.
- PIP function -- Didn't work right with the Web Browser, as I stated above it didn't release the audio to the TV upon completion of using the web browser.


I like it, it was definitely worth the money in my opinion and it's a big upgrade for me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this TV to most people. If you are looking to wall mount this you may need to find a mount which will allow for the inputs/outputs which are not recessed, but that's probably not going to be a problem.

Highly recommended, but with a few caveats.
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on January 10, 2015
I bought the Samsung UN55H7150 for my parents and I've spent enough time with it to give it a fair review.

Setup: 4.5/5. The delivery guys put it together on its stand in a few minutes without difficulty. For whatever reason, Samsung decided to go the extra mile by not only covering this TV in layers of plastic, but also stuck a plastic strip INSIDE the sealed TV frame along the bottom which required the use of an x-acto knife to remove. I really like how little this TV weighs for its size (compared to plasma, CRT) makes moving it around a snap, though unless you have freakishly long arms I wouldn't risk moving it with just one person. Initial software setup was easy and took 5-10 minutes including downloading firmware updates.

Presentation: 5/5. This is likely the best looking TV I've ever seen, picture aside.

Picture: 4/5. It has probably the best picture you can expect to see in an edge-lit LCD this size. I haven't looked at any full array local dimming LCDs to compare it to, so those may or may not be better. The black level seems reasonable, obviously not in the same league as a plasma or OLED but dark enough that it doesn't stand out as a problem when viewed straight on. Move more than ~25 degrees to either side and the picture starts to become whiter. The viewing angle isn't a big deal if you're watching normal TV content or sports, but is quite annoying when watching a movie. If the backlight is set to more than ~50% (10+) flashlighting effects become noticeable in the corners of the TV, especially in content that doesn't fill the screen (movies, 4:3 stuff, etc.). The colors seem quite good with negligible tweeking. Motion blur is handled well enough with motion interpolation (soap opera effect) turned off. No dead pixels or other screen defects were present.

Sound: 3/5. The sound is...adequate. Obviously an external speaker setup would be better, but that's to be expected. It gets loud and clear enough that there shouldn't be any problems hearing anything. Normal TV content and sports are fine, non-Michael Bay type movies are also fine. Would I sit there and listen to music via this TV? No, that's more like a chore.

Smart Features: 4/5. When they work, they're great. A fair amount of apps to choose from, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, HBO Go are there and easy to use. The selection is nowhere near what you would find with a Roku or similar box but the apps I want are there. Since smart TVs are essentially stripped down computers, they tend to have computer problems from time to time. This TV is no different in that apps may crash or misbehave occasionally, but 95% of the time I've used it it's worked fine. The Smart Hub favorites launch bar is quite buggy and will often not launch apps properly. If you dive into the Hub itself by selecting the icon above your favorites, all the apps I tested worked. Using voice commands with the smart remote to activate the appropriate app also works. Even though this TV has a quad core cpu, it's still not very fast compared to a PC or even a mid-to-high range tablet/smartphone so be prepared to give it a second here and there for it to do its thing. It has a functional internet browser but I don't see much point in using it.

Extras: 3.5/5. A screen mirroring feature is built in, but only works if you have a Samsung tablet/phone and I do not. Picture in picture is available though I haven't found much use for it yet. 3D works well enough to show off to friends but generally goes unused in day-to-day life. Using the built in guide is oddly inconsistent, as sometimes it's fast and easy and other times it's slow and changes to an incorrect channel (like I select channel 234 but it gives me channel 24). I have to say I kind of love the TV's remote. It's definitely the best included remote I've ever used. The fact that it works as a pointer mouse AND accepts voice commands is awesome. No need to fumble through a bevy of slow, disorganized menus to watch Netflix. Just push the voice button and say "Netflix" or "Amazon Instant Video" and you're there. I just wish these features were better integrated into Samsung's Smart TV platform as they do not work inside most apps. Hopefully the upgrade to Tizen in 2015 will make better use of them.

Overall, the H7150 is a quality product where it matters most. I got it on sale for $999 and it's easy to recommend at that price. For $1397, I'd take the time to more carefully compare it to the H6350/H6400 or even Vizio's 2014 M/P series, especially if you aren't interested in the Smart TV/extra features. Gamers should consider a Sony W800B/W850B as those have the least input lag and similar picture quality.

If you're afraid of the panel lottery like I was, the H7150 isn't subjected to it. All H7150's are Samsung panels, except for the 60 inch which uses Sharp panels. For whatever reason, Samsung doesn't actually make 60 inch LCD panels. If you're unaware of the panel lottery, google it for a more detailed explanation, but basically Samsung will buy TV panels from other suppliers and stick them in their Samsung branded TVs without generally disclosing this fact. The biggest difference between the panels affects viewing angle and to a lesser extent contrast ratio. Samsung isn't alone in this practice, but they are the biggest offenders in my opinion.

*Update 1/20/15*
Decided to try out someone else's picture settings and liked them better. Thanks and credit goes to Z-Mad on avsforum. If you're a gamer, rename the appropriate hdmi input to PC to reduce input lag. This is more effective than Game mode, which leaves on some image processing for a smoother picture.
--Picture menu--
Mode: Standard
Backlight: 8 (equals 40fL of light output - good for most environments, but one can adjust up or down as needed)
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 45
Sharpness: 0
Color: 46
Tint: G46/R54

--Advanced settings--
Dynamic contrast: Off
Black tone: Off
Flesh tone: 0
RGB Only Mode: Off
Color space: Custom [see below]
White Balance: [see below]
10p White Balance: n/a
Gamma: 0
Motion Lighting: Off [grayed out]

--Color Space--
Color Space: Custom
Red: Red 47, Green 2, Blue 0
Green: Red 19, Green 41, Blue 0
Blue: Red 0, Green 12, Blue 61
Yellow: Red 39, Green 52, Blue 0
Cyan: Red 7, Green 57, Blue 45
Magenta: Red 51, Green 11, Blue 43

White balance:
2 Point:
R-Offset: -19
G-Offset: -16
B-Offset: -17
R-Gain: +5
G-Gain: 0
B-Gain: -50 (shift this to roughly -20 if you prefer "cooler" whites -amazon reviewer)

--Picture options--
Color tone: Standard
Digital Clean View: Off
MPEG Noise Filter: Off
HDMI black level: Low / Normal (depending on source)
Film mode: Auto 1 (this was grayed out and set to off for me -amazon reviewer)
Auto Motion Plus: Clear
Cinema Black: Medium
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on September 15, 2014
Let me introduce myself. I'm a one-percenter! No, I don't mean I'm a mega-rich billionaire; I mean I own a Plasma TV. Now, I understand that people who have never owned a high-end Plasma TV will probably never realize what they are missing. How about natural looking skin tones, or richly detailed dark scenes, or maybe the consistent illumination of bright areas - like when the sky fills almost half the screen?

Anyway, according to my wife, I started hyper-ventilating when my 2011 Panasonic 55" GT30 (and lots of other equipment) was damaged by lightning. You see, having researched LCD/LED TVs every year since 2009, I knew exactly what I was in store for. I was going to play the panel lottery (e.g. lots of lighting, color and sharpness issues). I was going to go cross-eyed watching all the motion blur and judder. I was going to spend my evenings looking at people who spent way too much time in the makeup room (i.e. flat, lifeless skin tones). I was going to suffer the dreaded "black crush" (i.e. no detail in shadows or with dark clothes, etc.) . And I was probably going to receive a tan from the overly bright LED backlighting even though it makes the LEDs look so good in the showroom. Well, guess what? I got rather lucky on my second attempt.

The first LED TV I brought home (from another manufacturer) only lasted 12hrs before it was packed up and shipped back to the hall of junk. Then, reluctantly, I tried again with a 55" 7150 from Samsung. Full disclosure: My TV has the Samsung TS02 panel. I guess I got luckily with the panel lottery because I read that Samsung uses different panel manufacturers for this TV based upon panel size. The 55" gets pretty good marks for consistency because it's thought to be a genuine Samsung panel (panel code TS01 or TS02). Well, I can certainly report that I've never seen a LED panel with such uniform backlighting as my TS02.

Anyway, time is short so I will just say that I'm really growing to like this TV. It has several advantages over the Panasonic Plasma in usability, while sporting a picture that to my eyes is very competitive with my GT30 (now repaired). So, while I still plan to do more picture tuning (maybe with white balance) the settings I'm posting below appear to work really well in medium to well lit rooms with both Cable TV and Blu-Rays. Incidentally, I found the 'Dynamic' picture mode on my new F7500 Samsung Blu-ray player was best for maximizinng the additional color information available on Blu-ray disks. This setup also means that I don't have to toggle back and forth between pictures modes like I do with my Plasma TV.

Update 2/11/15: For a warmer looking picture, which I now prefer over my previous cool settings for TWC, use my 2/11/15 tweaks.

Picture Mode Standard
Backlight 9 - 10 (update 12/1/15: I now use 7 instead of 8 for Cable TV, 8 for 2D disc and 13 for 3D disc)
Contrast 98
Brightness 45
Sharpness 15 (update 12/1/15: switched back to 15 from 35)
Color 49 (update 12/1/15: I now use 50 instead of 49 or 52)
Tint 50:50
Dynamic Contrast Off
Black Tone Dark
Flesh Tone -6
RGB only Mode Off
Color Space Auto
White Balance (factory settings)
Gamma -1
Motion Lighting Off
Color Tone Standard (update 2/11/15: I now use 'Warm1')
Digital Clean View* Auto
MPEG Noise Filter* Auto (update 12/26/14: Set to 'Off')
HDMI Black Level Normal
Film Mode* Off (update 4/7/15 - see separate comment)
Auto Motion Plus* Off
Cinema Black Low
Best looking and performing software version is the latest ver. 2128 (update 4/7/15)

* A global setting for all picture modes on the same HDMI input (not clear from the manual)

Incidentally, quite by accident I found that you can almost totally eliminate motion blur and judder by just switching to the 'Standard' picture mode and turning the 'Auto Motion Plus' to OFF. I know, not exactly intuitive, is it? If you use a picture mode like 'Movie', you may find that you need to turn it back on, but with mixed results. In the past, I have always had better luck with using the Standard mode on Samsung TVs for most of my viewing.

Well, that's it. Others have discussed the Smart features, etc. but, for me, picture quality comes first and all other things a distant second. I think I now have a TV for movie watching that should last me until OLED comes down in price and makes us Plasma owners a little less sad about the end of the line for that technology.

P.S. Despite what you read on forums, I would try setting Digital Clean View* and optionally 'MPEG Noise Filter* to Auto. In my back-to-back testing with my GT30 using the 2003 Last Samurai and other older Blu-rays, the Auto setting made a huge difference eliminating "snow" in scenes with the sky, etc. Most forums tell you to turn these features off to speed up processing. However, I have never knowingly had a processing problem with any Flat panel TV using these features unless you are gaming using a game console or PC.
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on January 26, 2015
I have the 75". Absolutely amazing. This TV has changed our TV and movie watching experience completely.
Make sure to do some research on Google for a good setting --- it will make a world of difference.

I was debating between this TV and the 70" 4k Sony --- I am glad I chose size over resolution as from my research it seems that 4K is just a gimmick to sell more expensive TVs. You have to sit within 5/6 feet from the TV to see any difference and on top of that there is virtually no 4K content available.
I have spent hours comparing this TV to the Sony 4K showing standard HD programming -- I cannot tell any difference. However, the larger size of this TV makes a big difference.

The picture quality is perfect. I turned off automotion plus to avoid soap opera effect --- however, cannot see any motion blur with my untrained eyes anyway. This is probably why most sites recommend to have automotion plus off for this TV.

Very dark scenes will show some black level uniformity issue, I think this is more commonly referred to as flash light affect --- this is normal for LED/LCD TVs this size.

I paid just under $3K for the TV -- looks like the price has gone up since then.

Overall this was a fantastic buy --- Samsung TVs are simply the best.
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on August 14, 2016
We bought this TV in Nov 2014. Started using it actively about 1-2 hrs a day from March 2015. After providing good quality entertainment for about 17 months (performed when it worked), this set showed us the white screen of death.

Why did it fail? My research says Samsung has some circuit boards inside that are supposed to be insulated for heat. Their manufacturing process misses the insulation sometimes which causes overheating related damage. Samsung is winning in design and features but quality control and customer service are lacking. The latter comment comes from me considering chasing customer service but hanging up after the first 30 min of misery.

Solution? Not knowing what part is burnt, you would have to pay $100+ for diagnosis and another $300+ for parts and labor if you are past the warranty period. Samsung won't help. Not worth the 1 month effort and run around.

Suggestion? I suggest you pay just enough for a Samsung knowing that you will replace in 18-24 month.

What Brand is better? In a competitive TV market, I doubt others are better. But this customer is going to stay away from Samsung for the next 2 TV sets. I owned a Sony for almost 7 years .. and it was still going when we retired it. I will try a Sony again. $200 or so more for the same features compared to a Samsung but if it lasts a few months more, the math works.
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on February 7, 2015
I bought this in November 2014 and decided to wait a bit and use the device for a while after I received it before commenting.

I took a huge risk ordering this TV online for it to be shipped to me as I live in Caribbean, but I'll never regret it. The service from amazon was great it actually arrived exactly on time and once I got it forwarded to me in Caribbean and unpacked it , all I can say is I'm still saying "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

The picture on this beast of a TV is amazing and processing the video at 240-hertz is beautiful, this is my third Samsung TV which I bought to replace another 60"Samsung smart TV that I have now moved to another room. this is my first 3D TV and I love the 3D viewing it spoils you to only want to watch 3D movies on this. The processor for me is brilliantly fast , but ensure that you update the TV set firmware for the initial setup and do all future updates once your prompted to by the TV. i would definitely buy this again.

i have seen reviews that are from bad to worst about this TV , but im hoping that this last me for years of viewing pleasure :-).
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on December 22, 2014
Let me start off by saying that this was the Hardest TV to calibrate. I tried using the Disney WOW disc but was firmly dissatisfied with the results. I have been a plasma owner since 2007 with the introduction of the Pioneer Kuro (The Undisputed King of Televisions) even in the year of our Lord 2014. I believe that Pioneer came to the realization that they reached the pinnacle of picture quality and everything else would be just marketing gimmicks so we may as well shut it down. These new TVs are a perfect example of that hypothesis.

It doesn't matter which television brand you purchase they all have the same problem, Over-Processing! More than half if not more of the crap that they put into these TVs will eventually be turned off in the calibration process which makes no sense because these useless gimmicks were used to sell you the TV in the first place.

There will always be problems with LCD, yes LED is still an LCD TV. Although you can turn the backlight down it will always be On, so when it comes to 'True Black' you will never achieve it. LCDs are too bright for there own good. I like a TV to be somewhat a reflection of real life but with an LCD it is truly a daunting task to say the least. Finally, motion-blur! For those plasma lovers going from a plasma to an LCD can be a huge culture shock! Plasma is more 'fluid' in motion and excellent for fast moving scenes. Now the review.

This is the Big Dog! 75 inches of pure 'Say Whaaaat'? I was moments away from filling out the return form when something told me to change a few settings and BOOM! Perfection. Now my main purpose was size and I was willing to sacrifice things like black levels etc. I can happily say that I am thrilled with my results. Like I said LCDs are extremely bright so turn the backlight DOWN or you will have bleeding lights in the corners of the TV. Color reproduction is excellent and the color black (not the screen) is beautiful.

Professional calibrators are trained to adjust settings according to industry standards which is not always the average everyday persons' taste.
Your eyes are the best calibrators. Take the time out to explore your new toy and learn it. You will be amazed at your results. For those in the market for a 75 inch this may be your best bet. An 80 inch is over the top if you ask me because looking at this 75 I can see its pushing the limits of how much of a big screen is too big before it is no longer 'HD' quality. Remember, the bigger the screen the more the image is stretched which leads to artifacts you normally would not see in a 50-65 inch TV. Don't get me wrong, from a quality source or signal the images are stunning be it Blu-Ray or a good cable HD channel but the sheer size of the screen will show the quality of the source. Overall this is a great television that can challenge a plasma and can probably win a few rounds but in the end "Plasma Will Always Be King"!
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on December 19, 2014
After my experience with Samsung customer service I will never buy another Samsung TV. After 6 months and still under warranty, my UN65H7150 65-Inch developed dead pixels - 8 or more by my count - which is supposed to be enough to warrant repair/replacement. After weeks of making me jump through hoops over the phone explaining the problem and sending them a photo of the dead pixels, they gave me an in-home warranty repair ticket. I was hopeful. They then referred me to a local repair guy in Jersey - who said he's just a one-man shop and I would have to bring my 65" TV to him !!! Then he asked me to take more pictures of the dead pixels which he sent to Samsung. Next think I know the guy calls me back and says Samsung won't fix my set because there are not enough dead pixels. So I spent over 2 Grand for the set and I have to live with this dark spot on my screen. That really isn't right - SHAME ON YOU SAMSUNG - YOU JUST LOST A VALUED CUSTOMER.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on March 27, 2015
Amazing television. This was the 6th or 7th Samsung TV I've purchased over the years now and I have never been disappointed. But this TV is truly mesmerizing. It's worth 10 stars. If you watch a 3D movie with a 3D Blu Ray player, that is actually a 3D movie, it's breathtaking. It's like being there.
But what's so cool about this TV is you can watch normal TV in 3D mode. Now that is totally awesome. it isn't quite as immersive as some of these 3D movies themselves. But still being able to switch over to something in 3D is really neat. I thought I would have to replace my entire library of DVD's. Actually went shopping for 3d movies. Picked up a couple, Like The Hobbit (Battle of The 5 Armies), but I have all the others just in Blu Ray. And I couldn't justify replacing them all. So I came back home and popped in one and tried it, then another. And wow, it may not be quite as 3dish as the 40.00 disk, but it is 3D nonetheless. Now, one other cool feature of this set is the extra remote. it's like a mouse. You plug in an IR adapter and this mouse serves as a pointer. And you can control everything just by pointing at the set. So when you want to go to the SMART Hub and say pull up you Amazon Prime Account, you just use the Mouse. this TV is really cool. And now, very affordable. I love it. And if your house bound like I am, you'd love it. Samsung TV's are simply the best. Walmart may be selling the 60hz for 600.00. But spend a few more and get a really cool TV. The picture on this TV is absolutely AWESOME. And with Amazon Prime, it's delivered right to your door.
March 2016. I've had this set a full year now. Haven't had a single problem. And still when people come over they are awestruck at the picture quality of this set. I have Samsung's in every room of my home, but none quite as brilliant as this. Before I posted this update I looked over some of the other reviews, and for the life of me, with so many positive reviews I don't understand why Amazon is posting the negative reviews on the main page for this set. This is a kick ass TV. In all aspects.
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on February 24, 2015
I've used the Samsung UN60H7150AF 60" LED/3-D television now for a month, and I've formed my own opinions and judgments about the set.

Let me start by saying the set is STUNNING. Beautiful, thin design. Crisp and bright picture. Good 3-D performance (though without a blue-ray player, my viewing options have been very limited). You can read all the other glittering comments by the countless other purchasers.

Would I purchase this same set again? Yes.

Having said that, there are SOME things that still bug me about the set, and you may want to be at least fore-warned. None of these are "deal-breakers" in my mind, but you should be aware.

Television/Cable viewing:
Sometimes the picture/video is a bit jerky. For me, it's not a condition isolated to live/cable video or shows recorded on our cable box (PVR).
Remote controls:
I essentially ended up with three remotes instead of one. With my cable box (the "STB" as it's referred to in the manuals), it's been difficult to get ONE remote to turn both on/off or to access the various features of the cable box and TV. With practice, I've found I can get by with just two remotes; but that's still one too many.
The small "Smart Remote" is an interesting and technologically sophisticated device. Just be warned that the voice recognition isn't great, and it can "spin off to another universe" requiring a shut-down. It's also so small that I need two hands if I need to use buttons on the lower half of the remote, and I'm constantly hitting the handy Mute button located on the front edge. Awkward. And be careful using it in the dark, as it's hard to FEEL which end is the front and which is the back.
Web browsing:
Again, the Smart Remote comes in handy, but holding it so the on-screen pointer stays steady while you try to "click" a link or icon is difficult and frustrating.
Browsing the Internet is extremely slow. It's nice to be able to open a browser window right next to the show you're watching, but it's faster and easier to go to your computer to get information than to try and use the built-in browser.
One of the reasons I focused on this set is because it had a built-in app for using Amazon's Instant Prime Video. I've had various degrees of luck with that; but most of the time it either locks up or spends much too long buffering video. I went back to using a separate Roku 3 box.
Help functions:
Having the complete (I assume) help manual on-screen is nice, but it's too slow to be of much real use. It's difficult to find what you're looking for, and when you do you're given only a couple paragraphs at a time, then you have to go back. That may not sound bad, but it's so slow accessing each menu and page, I decided it wasn't worth using. Instead, Download a very comprehensive user manual from the Samsung site.
Be aware that a couple features aren't available on models sold for use in the US. The most important to me was the ability to attach an external hard drive to record shows. The user manual gives detailed instructions on how to do this with almost any external USB hard drive, but it's clearly marked that it's NOT available in the U.S. Bummer.

NOTE: I posted this exact same commentary on Samsung's site in response to their request for feedback. Today (Feb 27th) they notified me they would not post my review on their site. After reviewing their "posting policies" I found that I'd met all their requirements; but for some inexplicable reason they wouldn't allow my post. So YOU be the judge.
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