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on June 4, 2016
Got this tv from HH last week. It was one sale for $699. With free shipping and 10% off coupon for new customers I got it for around $672. This tv is worth every penny. As soon as you turn it on you know that you have a premium product. The menu selections, the startup guide is all very well thought out and very top notch. So I’ll go step by step now about.

Stand: The stand is interesting. It is a v shape that attaches to the bottom of the tv involving around 8 screws. It is very strong however I don’t necessarily trust it. I know a team or crack professionals and smart people designed this to work but just how the tv floats there is kind of concerning. The tv is a little wobbly BUT its only if you walk up and poke it. I plan on mounting this next week. I have nieces under the age of 10 and I do not trust them to not touch the tv or bump into the stand. (they are some ruff girls lol).

Mounting: I plan on mounting the tv with a VideoSecu ML531BE. Now the vesa holes on the tv are pretty deep. None of the screws that came with the mounting bag were long enough. However, and I don’t know whether this came from the tv box or mounting bow, there was a small ziploc baggie of 4 perfect screws. I think they are around M8x21 or 22. Just long enough for the tv. I’m pretty sure they came with the tv but by the time I noticed them everything was mixed together. The mounting plate fits perfectly on the back of the tv with the extensions. It doesn’t cover up any ports since they are all to the side.
Remote: This does come with the smart remote. We use an antenna for local channels since we don’t watch much tv. So we don’t have a bajillion channels to surf through. If that’s you I would suggest a universal remote. I’d be pissed not having a number pad. The remote does control my Apple tv 4. When I turn the tv off the AT4 turns off too, so I really don’t need the apple remote except for voice controls.
OS: The tv operating system is snappy. I haven’t had any hang-ups, freezes or sluggish performance. I love the web browser. I can finally watch my html live news sites. Flash doesn’t work. Wifi is strong btw.
Video: The video is great. It is the best video I’ve had on a tv. I used the following settings:
Picture Mode: Natural
Sound Mode: Movie
Picture Size 16:9 Standard
Picture settings under expert settings:
Blacklight- 20
Brightness- 45
Contrast- 95
Sharpness- 45
Color- 52
Tint- 50
Dig Clean View- Auto
Auto Motion Plus- OFF weird smooth moving obvious and distracting. You do get the ability to manually edit this option.
Dynamic Contrast- Med
Color Tone- Standard
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on October 28, 2016
This TV is Amazing. My previous TV was also Samsung smart TV, but from the beginning of Smart TVs. It was great, but not 4k and very slow. Eventually I stopped using all the smart TV features because it was poorly set up, and more trouble than it was worth.

This one is a HUGE improvement, but still with some issues. Let's go though the list..

Functionality: Overall it's a great set up for my needs. Everything is accessible with the "Home" button. It will pop up with a bottom menu (as shown in the pics) and allow you to select what you want to do. Whether it be Apps, Input sources, or settings, it's all accessible from the Home button. It has plenty of settings available to customize your Sound, Picture, Network, and Power saving needs. They're all well laid out and easily accessible. The remote is small and simple..very few buttons. At first I was not sure what to think about it, but it turns out you really don't need more buttons. The apps are plentiful and free. I only, however use three. Netflix, Plex, and Amazon Video. Netflix is slow to load. It's easy to navigate and use, just slow. Netflix has really fine tuned their UI over the last few years, across ALL platforms, and it is no different on this TV. I just wish the TV was a little faster. My internet speed average is 75 mb/s download. I have no issues streaming HD. The apps themselves are just a little slow. Not unbearable though. Not slow enough to "remove a star". Plex runs perfectly and so does Amazon. I couldn't ask for anything better as far as the app UI on the apps that I use. All three of the apps will remember your place in whatever you were watching or listening to, regardless of what device you were previously viewing them on.

Picture: It's 4k and it's beautiful. Any show that was shot in HD will look better on this TV. Even older HD shows look better on this TV than my older Samsung 1080p. Netflix originals shot in Ultra HD are freaking spectacular to watch on this TV. I will leave the picture quality at that. Other thing to mention - Factory defaults the TV to ECO mode. This dims the picture in lower ambient light. I immediately turned that OFF. The bright, crisp, beautiful picture becomes dull with this setting ON. No big deal, because you can turn it OFF.

Sound: Mostly what you would expect. Sound never is "great" on TVs anymore. Watching normal shows and stuff is fine, but for movies this TV really needs some help. I suggest a sound bar or something similar to help. There is a setting than tries to normalize audio, which kind of works. It definitely helps anyway. But we all know the problem when watching movies is: You have to turn it way up to hear the dialogue. Then it blasts your ears at the action scene. So yeah, that's just they way things are. There is also a setting called "Clear Voice" that really help this situation. I'll admit, it makes a noticeable difference. I still have to turn the volume UP and DOWN during movies, but not quite as much as without it.

Apps: I touched on this already but anyway..There are tons of apps to choose from in the apps store. More than you would ever desire to install on your TV, but they are available. You choose what you want and access them from the Home menu. You can organize the app shortcuts on the home menu in the exact order you prefer. The apps I've used are little slower than I'd like, but for this price point you shouldn't expect the latest and greatest internals. I'm sure the CPU, hard drive, and memory are not "top of the line". But trust me, coming from a tech nerd, I'm not complaining about it, because the price is great, and the picture and features are SPOT ON.

Overview: This TV has everything I wanted, and the picture is so good I feel like I am Rick Grimes slashing zombies with an ax. After reading some of the other reviews on this TV, I think maybe you might take them into consideration when making a decision. Some have had issues with reliability. Others state this is the "cheaper" version of the 6300. They may be right. I dont know. I actually found this TV at Fry's on sell for $499, so that pretty much made my mind up for me, after months of internet searching. I have had no issues with reliability - no malfunctions. I couldn't be happier with the purchase. If you do choose this model, maybe consider and extended warranty. It's never a bad idea on any purchase like this, regardless of what the reviews say.
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on September 27, 2016
After moving to another state, I broke from my usual purchase of Sony Bravia to buy the highly acclaimed Samsung. Best Buy brought it over and set it up on June 7, 2016. Soon I realized a problem: momentary and annoying audio and video degradation. I called Best Buy and they told me it was likely a problem with my HDMI cable, so I replaced that, but it made no difference. Then they said it was likely a problem with my cable/internet service. I called and scheduled to have the cable people evaluate my cable/internet. This did not solve the problem and the provider suggested a follow-up visit. This led to yet another visit, where a supervising technician informed me that he himself had purchased the exact same Samsung at Best Buy and that it exhibited the same symptoms. My cable wiring was replaced and did not solve the problem. I was told that the problem was with the TV. Called Best Buy and was told that the unit could not be returned because now the return window had passed; I would have to deal with Samsung. Called Samsung and after emailing my receipt and establishing a case file, and a girl spent considerable time having me unplug & plug various devices. Then she had me perform a reset and some other procedures. None of this did anything. Eventually, a technician came and replaced the main board and the speakers. This solved the initial problem, but I then could not connect to the internet or my apps (Netflix, Amazon, etc.). I was told to call Samsung again and, after the obligatory reset and unplugging ritual, was told by them to contact my internet provider to get my IP address. The provider spent a lot of time digging to find what turned out to be four different IP addresses: an "MTA" address, a "CPE" address, a "CM" address and some other one. I called Samsung and after a long hold, got someone to report this information to. It didn't work and I was then informed that I also needed a "Gateway address". So, I called the cable company yet again and after a lengthy search (and a reminder that they are not a TV repair facility), they provided me with my Gateway address, which I then reported to Samsung Service but it, too failed to solve the problem. They said they would schedule another service visit and two weeks later another main board was installed. Although I could now get internet and apps, I now could not get USB media to play, so I could not show my vacation pictures, etc. The repairman said he could do nothing until I had my cable provider come out again. The cable company sent someone out, but they failed to see why they were summoned---there wasn't anything wrong. I told them that the repairman had said that he wouldn't come back to fix the TV until after I called them out again and he had refused to simply call them to verify what I had said about their various visits. The cable company was not pleased that I was making them come out for no reason and I empathized. I then was contacted by the local repair scheduling rep. at CES in Bradenton, FL and they told me that “This is a problem with your cable provider; we get this all the time.”, even though I tried to explain to her that I HAD internet access and apps on this set all along---until the technician replaced the main board---the board was the problem, not my cable service. “Sirrrrr, I’m not going to argue with you”, she defiantly declared. I told her it was not argument; it was just a fact that she could easily check by speaking with the repairman she had sent. This angered her. I called the repairman and was told to contact Samsung, who reengaged me with the unplugging/plugging ritual once more. Then the woman said that they would agree to my request that they replace or provide a refund, provided I give them just one more chance to repair the unit. I agreed, provided it would be done quickly. This was agreed to, however Samsung relayed my complaint about the local “CES” repair person who I'd mentioned had been so rude to me. This apparently angered CES and they then claimed that their technicians were unavailable indefinitely---they had suddenly been called for jury duty. Oddly, when I then called the technician on his work number, he answered and acted as if he was indeed still working for this CES company. When I told him who I was, he immediately stated that he was busy because of jury duty and had no idea when I would be helped. He also said he had no idea how to get my media to work, and that I must now deal with Samsung. I called Samsung many times and told them that they should issue a refund, due to the fact that they failed to honor their side of our agreement. Seven times I was put on hold---one time for two and a half hours---before being promised that I would actually be put in touch with someone. But, as expected, I was routed to a prompt where I was asked to leave my number and wait for them to call me back. They did not do so. I had been repeatedly told that people would call me back and no one did until yesterday when, after the obligatory discussion with a front line "get them to give up and leave us alone" person, I was put on hold yet again. It was my land line and I let it hold while I was doing work on my house. After a long time I happened by the phone and noticed that the spacey "on hold" music was no longer playing and that there was actually a person on the line. They had me explain everything (now for the umpteenth time) and promised to evaluate my situation and get back to me with a proposed solution. It has been nearly 4 months and I still have a $830.00. TV that doesn’t work. Will report back if I ever do actually receive a reply from Samsung about this...
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on December 2, 2016
Love it !! Researched it in Consumer Reports online. Great price for a 55 inch 4K UHD TV. HD movies on Dish and DVD look significantly better. Especially some older movies that are broadcast in HD look so, so, much cleaner and clearer. Have not yet viewed true 4K UHD on it.
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on October 19, 2016
A significant improvement over my previous Samsung J6200. The SMART functions are more responsive and work well. The picture quality is excellent. It has much color depth and contrast than the J6200, and of course it is 4k capable. The box states that this model has HDR PREMIUM functionality. Yes, tweaking of settings are required for ideal performance.( Motion and auto dimming can be adjusted) Both sports and movies are rendered clear and fluid on screen. I did not prefer the Smart Remote which is included, therefore I replaced it with a different multi-function Samsung remote.
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on November 29, 2016
I didn't purchase this TV on Amazon, but my initial feelings regarding this TV is that you get what you pay for. The price on this was too good to pass up (Black Friday and all) and I was looking to upgrade from HD to UHD. My former TV was a previous-generation Samsung and I was quite happy with it but I paid a premium for it "back in the day". You can tell the difference right away, even just looking at its external appearance. This TV is thicker than my previous one and the base, instead of being solid metal with a horizontal swivel this TV has a flimsy-feeling plastic set of feet. Make sure you secure the TV with one hand before you try to plug something in.

These things are somewhat minor (depending on what you're looking for) and could be overlooked were it not for the image quality.

I'm not saying that the image quality is bad, it is by no means bad. The resolution is there are colors do seem to bright and vivid. The issue comes with its claim to being HDR capable. I say claim, it does in fact support HDR, but the panel itself does not seem capable of handling the levels of contrast between dark and light to provide a proper image. I still see some banding when viewing areas that have extremes between light and dark which I would not have expected given it's HDR capability. Though I have yet to fully put the unit through its paces, the small amount of material I have viewed has failed to impress me.

The sparseness of the remote control was a little jolting, but it gets the job done. It feels like there are more steps than there needs to be to navigate the TV's functions, you have to work through menus when a button on a remote would have been faster. First world problems. It's a Smart TV and has the usual assortment of apps pre-installed. It was handy to have a 4K capable Netflix client pre-installed so I could take a spin with 4K content right away. That said, I plan on disconnecting the TV from the network now that I've updated the firmware.

It wouldn't be a lie to say I'm a little disappointed, but I did purchase this knowing it was on the lower end of the price range so I can't fault the TV for being what it is. If you are on a budget and upgrading from a 720P TV or making a jump from a 32" or smaller, this is a worthwhile purchase. If you are purchasing it for its HDR capabilities, you might want to bump up to a higher model. It would be worth the extra coin.

In summary: Not a bad TV, not a great TV, but it will certainly serve it's spot in my living room well.
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on December 3, 2016
The TV looks great so far, however, I was very disappointed to learn that it does not have any means of connecting wirelessly to a soundbar / external speakers. Your only option is to use an HDMI or optical cord which is not ideal if you are wanting to wall mount the TV and not look at a ton of wires. Pretty disappointed Samsung left out this basic feature. At least the TV has wifi so you can avoid plugging in an additional device like Fire TV or Apple TV.
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on August 17, 2016
My sister had been asking me for 3 years if I would sell her my top of the line $2000 Samsung 55 LCD HD TV that I had bought and enjoyed for 7 years. I reluctantly said yes knowing that todays TV prices were low and high on quality. I knew that I would find a TV comparable to the TV I sold to my sister. I went out and bought an LG 55UH6090 4K TV at Walmart. It cost $699. Took it home turned it on and low and behold picture brightness was too low. The TV's backlight was really dim. Checked the settings. Settings for backlight were set at maximum from the factory. Picture looked horrible compared to my old TV. The colors looked faded and dull. There was something definately not right and it had to do with the brightness of the backlight. Then I turned off the lights and I could see this tv had some serious edge bleed problem top left and bottom right corners. I was mad and not happy. How could LG put this thing in a box and sell it in a store thinking that people wouldnt notice. Disconnected the TV packed it right back up and took it back to walmart for a full refund. Disapointed and almost giving up I tried looking for another tv that was priced at $700. Hello Samsung! I found this 6290 that was not even up front on display in the store but hidden somewhere in the stock room at Best Buy for $100 cheaper than the 6300 model. Took it home. Turned it on. Crossed my fingers. Wow!!!! 2X better than my original old Samsung. And 4X better than that LG I returned to Walmart. This thing reeks with quality through and through. The picture quality is absolutely amazing. Backlight is super bright. Picture quality is sharp. Colors are bright and life like. I am amazed at the darkness of the blacks compared to my old tv. Great contrast ratio. Should i add that the sound is amazing. Lots of deep bass. Smart remote is amazingly simple and easy to use. I love the menu system. It is responsive and new to what I was used to. Turned off the lights. Screen adjusts to ambient light! Amazing. Backlight even from edge to edge. No uneven bleed. What a big difference compared to the other LG. And this one was also $700! What the heck is wrong with LG? I had to write this review and say that this is a high quality TV for $700. It absolutely far surpassed my expectations. My original intent was to match the quality of my old tv and this one did it. When you get this home and turn it on you will see what a great job Samsung did with this TV. I mean do you know the feeling you get when a product emanates quality? Like an Apple product? Absolutely happy customer.
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on December 29, 2016
Great TV. I have purchased nothing but Vizio TVs for several years due to price. I have been wanting to upgrade to 4K for a while and was able to pick this model up at Target on Black Friday. I have been very impressed with it. The picture is bright and vibrant even on standard HD video, and the tv's menu interface is snappy. The TV also boots up quickly and I was pleased that it was able to control my Samsung sound bar right out of the box.
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on July 6, 2016
This TV would be perfect only if it didn't sporadically have a black screen at times for a 1 or 2 second period. Wouldn't happen all the time but when it did it was for a while, very annoying. The video quality on this UHD TV is great, everything else was great except for the sporadic black screen. I returned the TV fearing that it could be a furture problem maybe when the warranty ran out then it would be very expensive to fix.
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