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on October 17, 2015
Okay, let me start this review by saying i'd consider myself somewhat of a tech guru and i'm also a big fan of Samsung products so my expectations of this TV were extremely high as I've always had good luck with every product I've purchased from them which includes cell phones, laptops, and other TV's. Also, I purchased this TV to replace my Top of the line 8500 Series 42" Plasma TV in the living room and that TV has an absolutely stunning picture; in 2012 I paid about $1700 for it (further hiring my expectations of this LED TV). With that being said I'm going to try and be as in-depth as I can in this review because I read a lot of negative reviews that I'd like to address with my experience.

First off, the Shipping (I know this has nothing to do with the product itself but it seems to be something a lot of people worry about and dwell on)
-Like most Amazoner's I was a bit nervous purchasing a $700 TV online, not because of Amazon but because of the possibility of it getting damaged in transit and then having to go through the whole return & replacement process. But the TV arrived in two days from time of purchase (Amazon Prime) via FedEx and the box was in perfect condition, the same as you would expect when purchasing from best buy. As I un-boxed the TV everything was good and the TV was protected with Styrofoam as well as a plastic sleeve covering the base and screen. There was absolutely no scratches or cracks on the screen or any other part of the TV and honestly it would have to be a pretty rough ride for that to happen as the TV is secured in the center of the box by the Styrofoam but these things happen. Before I mounted the TV above the fireplace in place of the old one I wanted to plug it in and make sure the picture and everything was functioning how it should, when I plugged it in it went through the installation process connecting to the internet and updating. Directly after that I went to the Netflix app and that's when I noticed that there was a dead pixel center left. This isn't a huge deal and is in no way a bad reflection on Amazon or Samsung, these things happen (a year ago I bought a laptop from best buy and got it home and it had several dead pixels). This is really the nature of the beast when dealing with electronics and is more of a quality control problem than anything.

Performance & Picture
-Now aside from the pixel issue (which is only noticeable on dark screens) this TV performs like a top of the line LED. The picture is stunningly clear and smooth, the colors are extremely vibrant, and the blacks are exceptionally deep especially for an LED. When it comes to the hertz of this TV I have had absolutely no problems with shadowing or blurring during fast action sequences so I can say it is actively 120hz. I use my TV's for a wide assortment of things, I watch a lot of Sports, play video games, and watch a lot of movies so picture and sound are extremely important aspects for me. This TV performs, I put it to the test with 1080p football games as well as first person shooters on the PS4 and I was extremely pleased. When watching sports I'd suggest turning on the "Sports Mode" too, this further optimizes the picture as well as the Audio. Like other reviews have said The factory settings for the picture will need some tuning (factory is a bit dark) depending on how you like it, I like the dynamic setting with the brightness up but that's all a matter of personal preference. Also, Samsung had a real problem with the 2013 &14 Smart Software in terms of freezing and lag, I can say without a doubt that these have been solved with the latest Smart Hub updates. Keep in mind that this TV doesn't have the Dual Core Processor like the models above it but it is quite snappy when searching the internet browser or opening up your Netflix apps. A lot of other TV Brands have done away with incorporating a web Browser in their iOS and I'm pleased that Samsung has kept it because I think its a great feature. The speakers on the TV are truly impressive, the volume goes 0-100 and in my fairly large living room I would never need it about 40. I was listening to Sirius radio and had it on 75 and it was clear and loud for a TV. Also the pre-programmed Audio settings are great, generally they really don't do much when you put it on "clear voice" or "Movie" but with this TV you can hear a noticeable difference. My favorite aspect of this TV is that it can Identify and open my 2TB Seagate desktop HDD. Now, this is great for people like me who have a ton of videos, movies, pictures and other media on an external HDD and want to be able to open and access it in one spot for a true multimedia center. My other TV did not have the capability to read this, but this smart TV not only reads it but it has all the codecs to be able to play a wide range of media; So with 2 USB ports you can plug in 2 thumb drives or HDD's and switch between them by pressing the Source button on the remote. Lastly, I had read a few reviews about how terrible the viewing angle on this TV was and the fact that it could only be viewed from certain angles, I really don't understand this. I have this TV mounted on a telescopic full motion articulating mount that can go in just about every possible position and I put the TV in the most skewed positions (positions no one would ever watch TV in) and it was just the same as perfectly level. I saw absolutely no difference in picture quality or anything else. I can imagine that in some of those positions there might be a problem with glare in high lighting rooms but that's not the TV's fault.

If I had to have a complaint
--If i had to have a complaint it would be that the TV is fairly thick for a 2015 TV. We have come to expect everything to be as thin as possible with today's technology but this really doesn't bother me, id rather have something with a little substance and built solid. However, for someone that low profile is their number one they may want to look elsewhere. And when I say thicker, I mean about 3 1/2 inches -- the TV is light in weight though. Also, the remote is very simple, I would have enjoyed a TV remote much like the one that comes with Vizio's 70" TV with the built in QWERTY keyboard but oh well. Finally, the HDMI situation, like others have stated this TV does only have 2 HDMI ports, which is a bit disappointing because if your like me you like to have your cable or satellite box, your PS4 or Xbox, and an HDMI cord running to your laptop plugged in all at once. It's inconvenient but it is easily fixed. All you have to do is buy a 3 or 4 port HDMI switch that automatically senses which port has a signal for 10$ here on Amazon. This TV only having two HDMI ports should in no way deter your from buying it, especially when there is such an inexpensive easy fix.

Return & Replacement
-Because of the Dead pixel I obviously had to contact Amazon for a replacement. Now instead of going through the online process I called Amazon's Award winning customer service to talk with a Rep Directly. Keep in mind this TV was delivered on a Friday at about 3PM, I called customer service at about 7pm and after talking with them briefly they issued me a replacement and had it ordered in about 20 Minutes. Within that time I was emailed a packing slip and a shipping label to attach to the box. Amazon then arranged for UPS to come to my house and pick up the TV for return. This worked out great because Monday morning UPS delivered the replacement and picked up the damaged one. I mean honestly, what else could you ask for from a company that deals with online products, they go above and beyond what anyone else in the industry is doing and they truly strive to keep there customers happy and coming back. I will choose to deal with a company like Amazon who treats you like a valued customer rather than give my business to a circus like Walmart who makes you jump through every hoop possible when returning or replacing an item every time.

I highly recommend this TV for anyone who is looking for a Mid Level priced LED TV that performs like the top classed models. This is a great choice if your not quite ready to spend the money to make the jump to 4K and I can't imagine the 60 or 65" TV's in this class perform any different.
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on July 18, 2015
Update: Bought a 65" Samsung UHD 7000 Series, which I put in the bedroom. Moved this TV out to the living room. It is still gorgeous, and people can't stop raving about the picture.

Huge crystal clear picture. Bright and sharp. Bought this to replace a 51" Samsung I had in my bedroom. Fills my room with picture and sound. The smart function works perfectly. Now I have no need for any other machines in order to watch Netflix or Amazon. Nice feature. Very happy with this product. If you are going to spring for a TV this big, you're going to want to get a sound bar and sub-woofer as well. I purchased a Samsung sound bar to go along with this TV. The internal TV speakers work fine, but you won't get that big booming surround sound without an external speaker system. For price and quality, you can't beat Samsung. I won't buy any other. My old 51" Samsung is going on 7 years without a problem, and is now in my living room to replace an LG TV I had out there. I had a 51" LG, and the 4 HDMIs burned out within 3 yrs. I had a Vizio, which went to crap on day one, and if you ask me, Sony is just an expensive name. Nothing but Samsung from now on, as far as I'm concerned.
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on April 24, 2016
I already knew I was going to buy a Samsung. My wife has a couple of smaller ones for her business, and they have been great. My brother has a Samsung and it too has performed great. So, I bought this one. It is a great TV, especially for the money. I only have one complaint. The speakers really are not very good. No big deal, I thought. I have some old powered speakers from a long gone desktop computer. I have used them with my phone for music in the house, so.... Well, it turns out you can't. The RCA audio outs do not seem to work with them. I am not sure why. There is also a fiber optic audio out which does not help. Anyway, this is a bit of a disappointment. If anyone out there has any ideas, I would love to hear them. I would still buy this TV, despite this little annoyance.
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on February 5, 2016
The 'Smart' part of this TV is painfully slow, even moreso than other slow Smart TVs. You will want to refuse to accept all of the Opt-in garbage or the television you paid for will start delivering advertisements.

The obvious fix for the poor performance and invasive advertising is to use this just as a video screen and OTA TV, and use external sources like STBs for streaming and cable. Roku, Apple TV, Kodi etc.
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on August 9, 2015
This TV has excellent, vibrant color, much better than avg. especially when the picture mode is set to "dynamic" instead of standard. There are enough contrast, backlighting, etc. controls to tweak it even better for those so inclined.
UPDATE 9/22/15: I'm slightly red-green colorblind (I fail those dot tests but see bright reds and greens ok) and I am thrilled at how vibrant the reds and greens are -as well as the rest of the colors. For example, I've been watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" for years including frequent reruns and only after getting this TV did I realize that Marie usually wears a pretty blouse that has a lot of red or pink or purple in it. END UPDATE
When you turn out the room lights, the blacks don't become grays as happens on many sub $1000 TV's.
It is a true 120 Hz TV that uses software to push it to 240 Hz, which helps give a tremendously short response time of 7.8 ms - the shortest time measured on any TV by - resulting in very minimal motion blur, which not only makes movie video pop. but it is great for those playing state-of-the-art video games.
At least one review says the picture quality drops off when viewed at a 17 degree or greater angle, but I think it's close to optimum (dynamic setting) at least to 30 degrees.

The same review says that it plays, full screen, 1080i and 480i with a very excellent picture, but for some strange reason 720p (ABC, Fox, Ion, some shows on PBS, old movie/TV show channels, etc.) seems a little softer than normal but "probably not noticeable by most." I think the 720p picture clarity looks as good as on other sub $1000 TV's and, of course, the color looks much better than avg.
UPDATE 9/22/15: After a couple weeks of regular season NFL games, I've been comparing the 720p video quality from ABC and Fox with the 1080i video quality from CBS - flipping channels back and forth - and I don't notice any "softness" from 720p which, by the way, has twice the refresh rate of 1080i so motion blur is slightly less - which is why big-on-sports ABC and Fox chose it over 1080i. END UPDATE

Another review complains about poor smart TV response to WiFi, but I had no problem setting up my Amazon Prime account directly with this TV (no computer, no Roku, etc. needed) and right now I'm streaming, with a slower-than-recommended 1 Mbps broadband service, the movie Star Trek: Into Darkness from Amazon Prime, and I'm getting a just slightly less than DVD-quality picture, in terms of resolution, with wonderful color stretched horizontally all the way across the screen. I'm over 1 hr. into the movie and haven't experienced any interruption at all.
No smart TV's are quite as good as computers for finding things. You can browse the web from the TV, where the up, down, left, and right buttons on the remote move the cursor and a keyboard display appears when you need it. But it's still MUCH easier to browse the web on a computer. I browse Amazon Prime shows with my laptop and store those I want under my Watch List. That makes them easier to find on this Samsung TV.

I do NOT have cable TV, and this TV picks up 52 broadcast stations with the top-rated, indoor Winegard FL5500A Flatwave Amped Antenna ($50.59 here at Amazon as I write this), a thin plastic sheet 13" x 12", pinned (1" diagonally in from each upper edge) to the top of my 1st floor TV room's 8 ft. wall. I live 7-10 miles from most Baltimore TV towers and 30-45 miles from most Washington, D.C. towers.
This TV picks up the schedules of all the channels - broadcast or cable or both - and shows a choice of a detailed Menu list on the entire screen of whats scheduled including details for each show or it shows a list of what's currently playing on the other channels on the right side of the screen while watching your current show.
The audio is not phenomenal, though there are several settings including "movie," "music," and "clear voice."

Personally, I planned to spent up to $599 for a TV but went an extra $50 when I got this much better TV for $649.99 with a 2-yr warranty thanks to a $150 off coupon at Costco (where it's sold as the model ...620D instead of ...6200, but is the same TV) that ran thru 8/2/15. But I've done my homework and believe this to be the top under $800 TV because of the great picture quality and the decent quality other aspects. This Samsung looks better to me than the similar-to-$800 offerings from LG, Vizio, and Sony in the same size.
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on March 27, 2016
One of the things that IRKS THE S*** out of me is usibg the HBO GO preinstalled app. After watching content, when I press Stop on my remote or let the program play until it stops automatically, the TV screen goes black. There is nothing I can do to exit the black screen except to turn the TV off and turn it back on. Sometimes, I avoid this happening by pressing Pause (before the credits end), then the Return button to get to my Watchlist section. This does not always work. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the HBO GO app to see if that would remedy the situation, but it has not. This is also what happened with the Netflix app as well, but not nearly as often.

The other issue is that often when I am trying to open an app, I get a message box that reads something like: "It is not possible to sign in at this time. Please try again later." So I have to reclick the app multiple times for it to eventually get it to open.

And what's up with the weird screensaver images?
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on December 4, 2016
I feel bad for giving the TV a 1 star since the display is really solid, only needed to increase backlight from the stock settings.
My problem is with the SmartHub software itself, as a network/software engineer I can't believe Samsung finds the software acceptable.
When you turn the TV on if you immediately try to use SmartHub it will tell you it needs to load try again later. You wait a minute, hit it again, same message. How about a popup when the TV starts (like the icon that appears when you mute the TV) that tells you it's still loading and a progress bar? Is that too much to ask for? Also just trying to update the smarthub and updating individual apps is unintuitive. If this were the only problem I could have overlooked it. The youtube app is nonfunctional. I bought this TV as a gift for someone who regularly uses youtube, you can sync youtube from desktop to the TV (or from phone) so it would be great if they could play 1080p content on the TV, first the content never plays in 1080p, only 720p, second it will randomly pause and never resume. When it pauses you see the video almost completely buffered (whole video is cached and ready to play) but will never resume. It's so frustrating it ruins what would be the best feature of the TV, the ability to play 1080p content from youtube on the TV! If you search online you'll see endless threads on the issue. Note this is probably a youtube issue not a samsung issue, but you're paying for a samsung product who is not pressuring youtube to fix their app.

That said Hulu/Netflix/Amazon seem to run okay, but getting a Roku is just going to be a better option.

Imagine finding a 1080p Documentary on Mars, or whatever, selecting play on TV, the video starting, running in 720p, playing for 5 mins then freezing and never resuming.

If they sold this TV for $225 with no smart software I'd give it a 5 star.
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on March 1, 2016
Love my tv!
review image
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on July 24, 2016
Picture is good and tv mostly functions the way you'd expect from Samsung but the smart tv aspect is garbage. Slow, unresponsive and wonky system. When I hook up my Roku or Apple TV all works fine, but I avoid the smart tv at all costs.
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on February 5, 2016
Having tried Sony, Vizio, LG, and Samsung, the Samsung was my choice. I am upgrading from 32" to 40" for a small man-cave, even the 43" seemed to large. Deep blacks and even back-lighting gives a very sharp pic with 120hz refresh rate, comparable to many 4Ks'. Easy maneuvering thru controls on the remote. Built in wi-fi allows for web browsing, a great plus, but on screen keyboard is a pain. But an easy fix with wireless kb & mouse or universal remote w/ keypad.. Sound is good. Smart apps are well placed at bottom of screen and menu has overlay options to allow continual viewing.
Considering the PRICE, this is an excellent product, with some bells and whistles offered by top end TVs. Samsung quality, great value.
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