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on July 6, 2012
Update (October 2012):

There are a few reviews on this camera from people who did not delve into the complex settings of the device you are looking at. Their reviews unfortunately dragged down the star ratings to an unrealistic rating. This camera is great! Image quality is great! However, I have not used the automatic mode very much. You will get amazing quality pictures when you spend time on your shots. There are simple settings like ISO (light sensitivity), aperture, and shutter speed. Toggling these settings will create awesome pictures worthy of your family album, Facebook profile, and personal website.

I wanted a great camera to capture the beautiful landscapes of my life in the Midwest. However, I did not want a big fat DSLR-style camera or a compact camera with 5x zoom. And why not spring for the attractive white version?

Prime shipping is awesome. I received this in less than 24 hours.

Like I did, you may be reading critic and user reviews on various models and you'll be dazzled with each different variation on the same technology. This is an ultra-zoom compact camera which combines automated settings with the ability to vary settings manually, just as the pros do! The critics will say this or that about a camera, but they seem to me to always recommend the newest $300 model.

This camera has an 18x zoom which can be used for both photos and videos. It has a 3-inch LCD screen and a dedicated video record button.
You can actually edit photos during and after taking them, with different effects and scenes that may remind you of Instagram on your smartphone.

Speaking of smartphones, THIS CAMERA HAS WIFI! So yeah, you can send photos and videos to Facebook, email, Picasa, Youtube, Photobucket, and Microsoft SkyDrive. Even better, with an Android or iPhone, you can use two apps that will interface with this camera: Mobile Link and Remote Viewfinder.

Suppose you're taking a group photo, but you want to be in it! You can zoom, change basic settings, and snap the photo from your PHONE with Remote Viewfinder.
Perhaps you want to transfer content from the camera to your phone: Use Mobile Link. In both cases, the Samsung WB150F creates its own wireless access point which pairs with your phone.

The above features may work best with Samsung phones, however my HTC Droid Incredible worked perfectly for this! You won't regret your purchase!
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on February 9, 2013
This compact camera has an outstanding zoom lens. And it reaches to 18x zoom quickly with little noise. Though like most compact digital cameras, the 18x zoom is exaggerated. It's more like 6x to me. It has a wide angle lens so it's great for taking group photos. I didn't have to read the manual to figure out how to use this camera. It's quite intuitive, the way technology should be.

The picture/video quality is not as good compared to my other cameras, which is fine in this low price range. The colors seem washed out a bit compared to my iPhone 5's and Sony Cybershot's. Its anti-shake feature seems to work well.

Samsung puts the flash at a location where my finger can block it partially, so need to be careful when taking flash photos. It does not come with a separate battery charger. We can spend all day taking over 200 photos and a few videos, yet it still have a bit of battery life left.

Overall this camera is easy to use, easy to hold and priced right. If you want a long zoom compact camera at a low price, this is a great buy. Those who want high quality photos should look elsewhere.

Update 4/23/2013 - The SkyDrive upload works now, which allows backing up photos while traveling (without lugging along a laptop.) Apparently SkyDrive has decided to increase the file size limit. It does not allow bulk upload. I need to select each photo to be uploaded, not very convenient when we take 200+ photos in one day.
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on May 1, 2013
This is my first Wi-Fi enabled camera, naturally I'm very excited to try it out, below are my findings:

1. The unit is quite small, even though the body is completely plastic, it feels surprisingly sold.

2. The video recording seemed to have a cap of 20 minutes, which is odd but no big deal.

3. The image quality, not surprisingly, leave much to be expected. Though I can leave with that. After all it's a budget camera.

4. Here comes the fun part, for the Wi-Fi, it has some sharing options:

a)Auto Backup, this is my absolutely favorite feature! With it being properly installed and configured, I can send all the photos and videos from my camera to the PC wirelessly, without the damn old USB cable or flash card reader, how cool is that! The transmitting speed seems to be fine. Beware it only works with Windows.

b)Social sharing, I have no problem uploading photos to the Facebook account, however for the video clips, only those with resolution lower than 320x240 and less that 30 seconds can be uploaded, which practically makes this feature useless.

c)I can only upload photos/videos to Facebook/YouTube/SkyDrive. For some reason I couldn't make Picasa and Photobucket work. The same story happened to Email.

5. Remote Viewfinder allows me to use my smart phone as a remote controller, as well as view finder. It's kinda fun, could be handy for self picture taking. However the feature set is very limited, and the picture resolution is rather low.

6. Text inputting is miserable! After scrolling through all those alphabetic/symbols/numbers, my fingers are crying. I also notice it doesn't remember inputting history, which is quite a bummer.

Overall a fun toy, it leaves a lot of room for improvement for sure.
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on February 24, 2014
I have used an older Samsung camera (S85) for years; it finally stopped reading the SD card so it was time for a new one. I selected the Samsung WB150F due to the reliability of Samsung products and the features of this camera. I am enjoying the 18x optical zoom, and have be playing about with the photo effects, although I don't I will use them very much in the long run. The Smart photo selection (auto mode) seems to make the correct choices to produce good photographs. I also like that I can use a USB power source to recharge the battery; I am trying to select electronics that recharge via USB, so when I travel I only have to bring one USB wall charger for everything.

The shipping from WorldWide Distributors was fast. The box seal was broken, but the camera did not appear to have been used--and an additional usb-to-video cable was added to the contents. Recommended.
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on September 12, 2014
I originally bought this camera for myself. It never really worked right. It would shut itself off and there was a rattling noise, as if the lens was loose?? I liked it for the filters and the fact that you can shoot manually. The manual is a real pain to maneuver around. The pictures are not very sharp either, which might have something to do with that rattle...but hey what do you want for that price? It is a relatively cheap "smart" camera.

Long story short, my sister really wanted one so, thinking these problems were isolated to my camera, I bought her one for Christmas. Well, I just found out that it never worked from the start. She felt bad bringing it to my attention (I had to ask about the camera to find out!) I wish I had known, I would have exchanged it back in January. The warranty has already expired! What a sis thought she was getting something really cool but instead she got a box with a broken camera!! Thanks a lot Samsung.
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on August 30, 2013
This is a good camera if you're sort of starting out and don't know much about how quickly zooms can work or how sturdy anti-shake options can be on a point and shoot camera.
The camera has some amazing functions and takes really great pictures! However, the zoom wasn't always as clear as what I thought it should have been.
If you're going to be taking any videos with this camera, and you want to zoom in and out on your subject - don't. It takes at least 1 second each time to refocus as you zoom, no matter how slowly you try to zoom in or out. For me, that's too much blur to rewatch with the family back at home.
At the end of the day, this is a descent camera for the price. But before you buy it, I'd go to a camera store and check it out yourself. I didn't and just based my decision off of others' reviews, and I was disappointed. I ended up returning it and putting a little more money towards the Sony WX-300 (which has not disappointed me yet!)
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on September 21, 2012
Before I start, I should disclose that I am an owner of a Canon D-SLR so this review might be a little biased.

I purchased this camera as a "carry around" point and shoot for occasions when dragging a D-SLR is not quite suited. Wanted something with reasonable telephoto and high megapixel (for printing) and was very impressed with the list of features including; wi-fi transfer, upload to MicroSoft Skydrive, Android live-view app (very cool) and some of the other shooting modes. The camera is full of fun features and they all work very well as described, the downside unfortunately is the camera. It takes wonderful pictures in wide-angle, broad daylight but anything beyond that it really struggles with. Night photos are very grainy as are telephoto photos in moderate lighting. The telephoto is understandable as many variables play into zoomed images but the night and indoor shots almost make you want to leave this camera at home and just use your smartphone. The indoor images are very comparable.

All in all, it's not a bad camera and the price I paid on Amazon was fantastic. But in the end, I will likely not use it as much as I had originally anticipated. If you are looking for a point-and-shoot as an everyday camera, I would look to spend a little bit more and go for image quality over features first and foremost.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon February 11, 2013
2013-02-16 Numerous updates and edits made below.

I will come back and update this review with more details as I have more time with the camera, but first impressions are good for the price paid (~130). It is of plasticky construction, but solid and the build quality seems good. The white body looks nice enough. No printed manual, but the manual (PDF) is on the CD and is quite detailed. You can read on your PC. Tablet, or other device or print it out if you like.

The big question for many seems to be the WiFi. I have a pretty standard wifi setup and I had no problems at all. I selected my network, chose the shared setting, entered the password (easy) and it connected right away. No need to even read the manual, just turn the dial to WiFi and you can probably figure it out if you have set up many devices before. Once this was done, I was able to easily upload images to my SkyDrive after entering my login info, again easy to do. I was also able to email photos to my email account. Transfers were quick (normal wifi transfer speeds) for the 4-6 images I tested with. If you try to transfer 500 images it's going to take awhile, probably better to just remove the SD card and use your SD card reader (or plug the camera up via USB). But for casual transfers of images it works fine. So the Wifi was easy to setup and use in my opinion and works well. USB->PC transfers were also easy and fast. And, of course, you can pop out the SD card and use your PC card reader or external USB reader as well.

Update: Also tested PC Autobackup via wifi which transfers all pictures from your camera to your PC. This is the most efficient wifi mode and also preserves the image size and quality. Many of the other modes (like SkyDrive, social media choices, compress the file size). You have to install the software on your PC from the CD (which also contains the manual and Intelli-Studio software) and pair once via USB. After that you can use the PC Autobackup option from the WiFi menu on the camera and everything works automatically and efficiently. You can also transfer pictures selectively while browsing via the playback menu. In general, all of the wifi options I have tried have worked well. There was one instance where a transfer "stalled" but when restarted it completed fine and there were no further issues.

Update: In further use AutoBackup has worked fast and without any problems. It is definitely the best mode for saving your images off the camera via Wifi. You always have the option of using the USB connection or removing the card, but AutoBackup works well enough that I don't see any need for that unless some circumstances preclude it. This mode tracks what you have transferred and will only transfer new images/videos - nice! Transfers are placed in a dated folder, also nice.

The camera handles well. The Menus and controls are OK and easy to use. Full manual settings are available which is nice at this price point. SMART mode seems to work OK. Everything works pretty much like you'd expect. Zoom toggle is a bit small, but it worked OK.

PQ Update: Images look soft and a bit low contrast. Picture quality seems about average for a P&S travel zoom camera. Colors are good, saturation on the lower end compared to many. The biggest issue seems to be the aggressive noise reduction (due to the small sensor size) which smears details and causes a loss of sharpness. Contrast also seems low. The end result is the pictures do not have the "zing" that most out of camera jpegs have these days, so many will be disappointed in the image quality, I think. It is possible to add some color saturation, sharpness and contrast, but the loss of detail due to the small, budget sensor cannot be "fixed." That said, apparent image quality when viewing at normal screen and print sizes is OK and this may not be a big issue for some people. This is not a DSLR. At this price, the quality is acceptable, and images can be tweaked in any decent editor (though the lost detail cannot be recovered). For casual use, I think it is OK. I've seen other cameras in this price range with very similar issues. The noise reduction smearing of small detail is the biggest negative, so if you like crisp details, this will not be a good choice for you.

So, picture quality is acceptable, but not stellar. With a bit of care, good images are possible and the wifi and other features are unique at this price level. Decide if you can live with that in exchange for the other fun features offered. In casual use, most people are not going to notice a lot of this. Enthusiasts will.

The many various modes, scenes, and effects are all a fun plus. The "live panorama" mode worked very well in my few tests so far. I was quite impressed, actually. I found the camera fun to use. There is built in help that explains most of the choices on screen and the controls are well thought out (for the most part) and easy to figure out and use.

So far, it looks like a decent deal at the current price. Comes with battery, charger, USB cable, CD, and wrist strap, but no SD card.

2013-02-16 Update: Video - Surprise! The relative quality of the videos are pretty good. The 30fps 720p HD (1260x720) video tests I took looked pretty good. Good color, saturation, contrast, and detail (for video) and all in all very acceptable. The videos also transferred fine via AutoBackup over wifi, thought they take longer due to much larger file sizes. Having an 18x optical zoom that works in video mode is a nice plus, too, and it works pretty well. The video is as good or better than a lot of the small portable video cams I have used and they're in the mp4 format so almost all devices should be able to handle them well. Sound is mono (as usual for low price cam video) but decent. So we have a bit of a "sleeper" here if you like to shoot video as well as stills.
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on December 21, 2013
I read all the specs. before ordering this camera. The software doesn't work with win 8. I just finished a chat with a Samsung rep. The software called Intilli-stuido isn't compatible with win 8. Without the software it's not possible to upgrade the firmware on the camera. However the camera can be used as a plug and play. You don't need a special driver download. I haven't used to camera for any photos yet. I do have it set up. The buttons and the camera body have a poor build quality feel. I'm going to return the camera and find one that is a little more up to date.
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on March 2, 2013
I've always loved long zooms, and so far this is great. As stated in several reviews, image quality is only OK, but in bright light outdoors I think it will be really nice on my next trip.

Wi-Fi is of very limited use. (I didn't read the fine print, so missed that it won't "pair" with my iPhone.) It only uploads to "Skydrive" so again not much use to me. The email is fine...but tedious to send, and so far won't remember my info so need to re-enter too often.

Even without useful wi-fi, I decided to keep camera because of the great price, long zoom and style.

Hope to try out all the special settings that look interesting, but have not had chance to try yet.
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