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on December 5, 2011
I bought a new Samsung 64" plasma TV and after reading the reviews I agonized about if it was a good idea to use this mount or not. Having just hung my TV on the wall I can tell you it is fantastic and I done was start to finish in 20 minutes. I do not know why other reviews had such trouble figuring this out but if you either take the time to read the direction or do a quick search on YouTube to find a number of how-to install videos you will be just fine. You also need to realize that this is just like hanging a large piece of artwork so you have to do a little measuring and a little math to get the TV hung at the perfect height.

Here is what I would recommend to get the best results:
1 - Start by installing the mount hardware on the back of your Samsung TV and be sure to twist each of the knobs on either end of the wire away from the wire to tighten it. also be sure that the kick stand lower knob goes on the side where the AV jacks are located.

2 - Then figure out how high you want to hang you TV on the wall and where you want to position it vertically on the wall. Mark the wall where you want it positioned and at the final height you want the top of TV once it was hung. Once you have that go to the TV and measure from the top of the TV to the hanging wire (Mine was 8 1/2"). Subtract 3 inches off that measurement which will allow for how far the wire is going to sag under the weight of the TV (For me this made took my number to 5 1/2"). Go back to the wall and measured down your height (mine was 5 1/2") from the mark where you want the top of the TV. This will be the height you are going to need to use to install the two wall mounting disks.

3 - The one challenge here is going to be that the wall hanging disks have to be 7 - 7 1/2 inches apart so for the best security to the wall I put one of the hangers into a wall stud and then one on a dry wall mount. I used a stud finder to locate the nearest stud to the center point of where I wanted to hang the TV. This meant I had to hang the TV about two inches to the left of where I ideally wanted it but I thought it was a good trade off for the extra security of having one mount in a wall stud.

4 - Hang the mount on that will go into the wall stud first. For this mount I used one of the longer screws provided for hanging the TV on a concrete surface. You HAVE TO pre-drill the hole for this screw because these screws aren't top quality and if you try to just drive the screw into the stud you are more than likely going to strip it before are able to get it snug to the wall.

5 - For the other mount thatgoes into the dry wall I went to Lowes and bought a heavy duty dry wall mount that could hold up to 300lbs because I hadn't used the types of zip tie mount they provided. Install this mount following the direction on dry wall mount and secure the second mount to the wall.

6 - Put the caps on the hanging disks and you are done. Hang your TV and enjoy.
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on October 20, 2011
This mount is pretty nice. I bought this mount for my 59" d6500 plasma tv. The finished result is very clean and awesome! I would have bought a generic mount for much less, but this was the samsung recommended mount for my TV and I wanted any issues it may potentially cause to my TV to be covered by warranty. I don't foresee any issues, but it is so close to the wall, I thought over-heating of my plasma might be an issue--Now that it is installed, I don't really have any concerns.

Easy to get a level mounted TV that is about as close to the wall as you can get. Connecting cables is easy with the room that is granted by the kick stand. All-in-all, it just works and looks great.

I only ran into one issue in the installation. And that was with the drywall toggle bolts that came with the mount. These aren't typical toggle bolts. They are heavy-duty bolts that have a plastic zip-tie mechanism to secure the in-wall piece in place prior to screwing in the bolt. I have never used these type of toggle bolts before and there is a bit of a learning curve. The first one I tried just didn't work right and the in-wall piece got lost somewhere in the wall. The second didn't get lost, but it wasn't perfectly flat against the wall, so the wall-mounted piece wouldn't attach flat. All in all, I had to knock that one out so it is in my wall now to. I made a trip to Home Depot and found some more of the zip-tie toggle bolts (they are rated to 310 lbs each). These bolts were better designed and went in without any problems. Once in place, the wall-mounted pieces went on in a jiffy, and My TV was hung within minutes.

I would recommend this product to anyone with a Samsung TV, and enough extra cash to pay $60 more than the generic mount. I ran into issues with the toggle-bolts, but that may have just been my dumb luck or lack of experience as I have never had great luck with toggle bolts. This is the most handy-man intensive step and if you can get this step down without any problems you are set.
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on May 6, 2012
After reading the reviews I was scared to use this product for fear that it would not sustain the weight of my TV. I had recently purchased the Plasma version PN59DD8000. The stated TV weight is 80 lbs. Like others said, I considered adding a bracket to make it more stable. I went to hardware stores and looked at other mounting screws that hold higher weight. I watched videos online. And then I finally asked myself, why would Samsung make a device that wouldnt hold their own tvs? And with that I took the plunge and mounted it, with all the supplied parts. I put one in a stud and the other in the dryway using the supplied hardware. Of course the directions are worthless as they are just a bunch of photos you have to figure out what it means. I came to conclusiion from directions that if you are going to use the arm pivot to move it out, then you have to use the method using the spacers (bottom of page). The spacers are not needed in the event that you do not want to pivot the TV out to get at the cables. The other confusing part was how far to space out the 2 wall mounts. The directions say 7-8 inches, but that doesnt say if that is from the inside of the circlular mounts or on the outside. I went with 8" from outside end to end. Yet one other thing is the drill bits. They say metric which is hard to find in the USA. Instead I used a 11/32 and a 1/2 inch bit (the directions say .30 and .50 inches, and .50 is one half inch bit, but they dont make a 1/3" bit). After a week or staring at the directions, doing measurements, searching for alternative hardware that I never used, and setting on drill bits I got the TV mount up and found it to be very sturdy and am so glad I did it. I hope these tips help to fill in the gaps of what was missing in these reviews. I am really happy with the mount and would recommend it. It is made for the TV and does the job once you decipher the crazy instructions.

Pro: high quality parts, custom made for tv, supports the weight well
Con: Samsungs lack of detail in the assembly instructions to do it right.
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on January 5, 2012
The WMN2000C is so amazing that this is the absolute first time I've ever written a review on anything. The reason I'm writing this review is because I was extremely hesitant to purchase this mount, but after reading some of the more encouraging reviews, I dove in.

First off, the samsung mount can hold a maximum of 440 Lbs, and my TV (Samsung pn64d8000), is about 77 Lbs. This kit, along with the power bridge kit, makes for an extremely clean and easy install. The installation of both the power bridge and this mount took no more than 45 minutes.

The mount only requires two holes that are 7" apart. For my setup, I drilled one into a stud and the other into drywall. The hardest part of the entire thing was finding a 9mm and 13mm drill bit. But after that was done it was merely a matter of drilling a couple of screws into the set and the wall and hanging it, like a picture. THE TV DOES NOT LEAN FORWARD LIKE A PICTURE - the TV has four snubs that are the same length and width of the mount to allow the TV to sit flush against the wall once it is hung.

I recommend this for anyone looking for a simple, and clean installation with very little damage to your wall. Samsung warranties their TV's if this mount somehow causes your TV to fall and break. The design and fit are amazing and you won't be disappointed!
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on January 18, 2013
We bought this for our Samsung 7500 60inch LCD and it's great! The TV sits perfectly flush against the wall, it looks very nice. It does NOT give you room to tilt the TV so please know that before you decide to buy. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for something sleek, simple, and you can easily install yourself with one other person for you precious TV!
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on January 1, 2012
Since the two mounts need to be about 7 inches apart (can't be much more than that), and we weren't comfortable putting the mounts just in the drywall, we created a connection between the studs using a rail system and mounted the mounts to that rail, which gave it considerable strength since those were connected to the studs. We did not use the plastic drywall anchors given by Samsung, instead we got some from Home Depot which we thought did a better job. Also, this did not increase the distance between the tv and wall. We recommend this option. Pictures were added.
review image
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on May 21, 2012
I bought this mount because it was "made" for my 59" plasma TV. After examining the instructions I realized that the only option for me was to do a dry wall only mount. My husband and I did not feel comfortable with this as the TV is quite heavy. The attachments that are secured to the wall need to be 7inches apart, my wall studs are the standard 16inches apart. If we did place one of the wall mounts into a stud the TV would not end up centered over our fire place. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to look at the instructions until after the return window was over. Now I'm stuck with this mount that I just don't feel comfortable using. I think the description of the product should indicate that it is not possible to mount into wall studs.
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on March 15, 2012
Samsung WMN2000C Ultra Slim Wall Mount for 58-Inch to 64-Inch TV (Black)

I will keep this short....

Used on Samsung 64" Plasma
Hang your TV like a picture
Virtually flush mounted to the wall
Ease of access to cables and other inputs on the back of the TV
Very forgiving with mounting, no need to be perfect as you can adjust the TV to be level

No tilt or telescoping functions (I did not require this feature)

Don't quote me, but I believe this mount could work with other TVs, the only limitation is the weight of the TV. If you want true flush mounting this is the mount to get!!!

I also have used this on my 40" Samsung LED.
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on September 20, 2011
great and keeps monitor very close to the wall. However, what the instruction doesn't tell you is that if you don't install with spacers, you will not be able to use the tilt stand. Tilt stand is the circle thing with the metal bracket. bottom right piece on the picture it allows you to tilt the TV and leave your hands free to work on the cabling. but if you don't use the 1/2" spacers that come with the kit top of the TV hits the wall long before the bracket can get used.
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on August 26, 2011
Ordered this from Amazon. Used it to mount my new Samsung Plasma TV that weighs 63 lbs. Was concerned about mounting the TV using using the provided drywall screws. So made some adjustment in the placement so that one mount would screw into the wall stud and the second mount in the dry wall. One has to make sure that the dry wall is at least 1" thick and it is better to tighten the screw manually rather than using a power tool. Once I mounted my TV, I noticed that there was a small sag - so I removed the TV and tightened it again. Highly recommend using the provided spacers as this way you can have some gap behind the TV for routing cables.
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