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on November 10, 2013
I was so excited about the Chromebook. I bought it to replace my old laptop, which doesn't comes on anymore. I'm a college student and don't really need anything major just for typing my papers and getting on the web. I wasn't planning on using this for gaming or anything thing like that. So far I've had this for a couple of months and sadly tonight is the the first time I needed to print something from it. All the other times I printed from school, anyways what I found out is that I can't use a classic printer to print from here. Meaning I CANNOT plug a printer on to here and print. I have to either buy a Cloud Ready Printer or use a PC as a host. TO us my PC as a host, the PC that doesn't turns on anymore, I would have to download the cloud print software and then have the PC on every time I need to Print. WTH is that!!! I promise if I would've known I had to go through this much to do a basic computer function then I've gotten the ACER. But by all means if you have a laptop that can be your host or a Cloud Ready Printer then this is a overall good computer...well so far. I regret waiting so long to figure this out because now I can't return it.
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on September 24, 2014
Great product for the 1st 364 days. I bought it to be disposable and Samsung did not disappoint!

Excellent battery life. Good performance/durability. Very Slim/Lightweight.

Back to the reason I gave it 2/5 stars(reduced from 5/5)
My Chromebook had a TPM failure ~1 week before manufacturer warranty expired. Samsung's customer support was a 5/10 on this issue at best. My opinion was it seemed like they considered dealing with their quality issue to be an unfortunate chore rather than an opportunity to restore confidence in their brand. Very disappointing experience.

Assume designed obsolescence when purchasing this product and do not expect their warranty department to be eager to correct their mistakes if they find themselves liable for a repair. Credit where credit is due: the return shipping to California was very fast, however I resented that they refused to pay for residential pick-up(making it my problem to drop off the package).

World's smallest violin and all that, but their handling of the situation was already unsatisfactory. :/ Squaretrade warranty can resolve some of these issues, although the need for a secondary warranty is a hidden cost which should be considered when purchasing goods from Samsung. If I wanted customer support to treat me like a nuisance I would buy my laptops from Acer. I have no illusions about their brand(they charged for recovery DVDs last I checked) so I'm glad Samsung finds themselves in good company(I used to consider them on a higher level)!

For comparison, if Harbor Freight was this tight-fisted I would shop at Home Depot. I don't make returns often but I buy enough cheap garbage that I know better than to pinch pennies by going though suppliers that don't stand by their products when they break. If I wanted "Caveat Emptor" I'd knock another 30% off the sticker and buy through Chinavasion/DealExtreme/Alibaba Express. I wouldn't be surprised if their customer support was actually BETTER than Samsung so I don't want to insult them by making a comparison.

If Samsung wants to compete with Apple they should increase their prices by 5%, and add a week to their designed obsolescence. Then they can have as much contempt for their customers as they want because their products will fail under warranty so rarely that their only job will be to recommend that their customers "should have bought the extended warranty if they wanted it to last 366+ days".

I blacklist brands for years when they burn me on customer support. Maybe I'll try another one of their products in ~2018 after their shareholders have had some time to cry over sales figures.
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on January 3, 2014
I've used Windows products nearly my entire life and have grown tired of the OS BS so when I saw Samsung, a company I trust, had a netbook with Chrome OS, I decided to try it out since I was already using Chrome web browser on my Windows 8 laptop because I hate IE and Firefox was pissing me off.

(1) Google Docs/Drive - I use this feature all the time, and love how I don't have to worry about the hard drive crashing and taking all my hard work with it. Yes, backing it up is the name of the game with Windows, and something I do religiously, but there are always exceptions (one time both my hard drive and the external drive I had went kaput around the same time, causing me to lose a year's worth of docs). Now, I don't have to worry because not only is it in the cloud, it's also accessible anywhere I go on any computer. On the netbook, it's own app located on the taskbar so really easy to just click and start writing without any hassle of looking for it.
(2) Search. This is something that not everyone will like because of how we've been trained, but the left enter button was changed into a search button, so whenever you hit it, a search box with apps menu pops up. It doesn't bother me because I"m right handed and hit the right enter key with my pinky, but it might take some getting used to for lefties or people who use that particular button.
(3) Chrome. I'm a big fan of this web browser already, so the ease of access just makes it even better for me. I have two separate Gmail accounts, and use both on the Chromebook., As a result, I have two different sets of apps and uses, much like Windows user accounts.
(4) Battery life. My laptop is an Acer with only 4 hours of battery life, so I always have to carry a charger with me and hope I'm near a convenient socket to plug in. So far with this Chromebook, I've gone at least 8 hours with heavy use (I run an e-commerce store so I'm online constantly) and don't need to worry about the charge until I get home.
(5) Browsing. I won't lie, this isn't the fastest I've ever used, but it works for what I need. Right now I have about 25 tabs open in 3 windows and haven't had any problems switching between them.

(1) The keyboard. Now, this isn't really a big deal for me since I have small hands, but I know my boyfriend has problems typing on it, and I miss the side number keys.
(2) Chromecast casting tab. Again, not a huge problem, but quality does suffer when I'm watching Amazon Prime shows while having a bunch of tabs open. (This only applies to people who own Chromecast so skip if you have no idea what I'm talking about).
(3) Mouse. I've never liked touch pads and have always used wireless mice with my laptops. This time, however, I have opted to learn how to use it and for the most part I've learned to work with it, though I would recommend watching the tutorial or reading through the instructions to get full use out of it. Maybe with more practice this will turn from a con into a pro.

I've only had this for a little over a week, so I haven't found more cons, but so far I really love this netbook because it does what I need it to do and gets it done with less hassle than Windows at a better price than even budget laptops. Is this Chromebook for everyone? No way, but it's definitely a great option for those who don't need the full array of a laptop and just want an easy way to browse.
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on August 3, 2014
After reading a lot of reviews I had a pretty good idea of what to expect and have not been disappointed. Things I like best are the simple and streamlined operating system, the great keyboard, quick start up and generally fast action from one website to another. It is highly portable and has long battery life so is great for outdoor writing or to take along to the library or laundromat to watch something from Prime. It doesn't do everything a laptop does, but used in combination with my older xp machine it is a perfect combination. With the chromebook I do my email, watch Amazon prime, catch up on the daily news and satisfy my curiosity with web searches. When I want to upload and edit pictures in Picassa or watch a DVD I use the XP laptop. I use the laptop very little for internet use where it is the most vulnerable to virus infestations and such and where the Chrome OS is pretty safe from hackers, viruses, etc. By limiting the laptop use it will serve for a lot longer than it would have and won't bog down as easily as other Microsoft OS machines have in the past. I sit the little Samsung on top of my closed laptop and type away, writing this review. I don't have the money for an expensive machine to do everything, but with this combination I have the best of both worlds on a senior's budget.
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on October 20, 2017
I bought this product on Oct. 13, 2017 for $75 knowing that it is a refurbished 2012 chromebook. I took a risk and it paid off. Before purchasing this device I did some research and knew what to expect of it. I plan on using this mostly to write term papers and do some basic web browsing and streaming.

- Appearance wise, it is obvious that the product has been used before and is not brand new. As seen in the pictures that I attached, there are scratches (which I personally would not describe as "minor" like the seller did) on the outer part of the chromebook. Hence, the one star I took off. The screen, the keyboard. and the track pad of the chrome book are not scratched.

- Keyboard is not back lit but has a very good feel to it. Search button can be remapped into caps lock since there isn't a caps lock button, just in case that matters to you guys as much as it does to me haha. I love the feel of the keyboard!

- System wise, the device is still up to par. Very fast boot up and it loads webpages very quickly (not sure if its just my internet connection or the device but it is pretty darn quick). It stutters a bit when i have 7-8 tabs open but not so much that I would consider it a big deal.

- Battery is fantastic. A full battery lasted 7 hours of mainly browsing, writing papers, and some video playing. I did not have any problems streaming from Netflix and Amazon video.

- Sound from the device is nothing special. It gets muffled sometimes when I use the device on my lap as the speakers are on the underside of the device. I haven't used the device offline as much. I'll update my review when I have.

The chromebook is great for Chrome remote desktop! I have a windows 10 laptop and can easily access it through the chromebook.

In conclusion, I love the chrome book. I like the Chrome operating system and I think that it is a fit for my basic needs. The scratches on the outside can be easily covered by a case. I haven't used the device offline as much. I'll update my review when I have. I'm just hoping that the device will prove to be durable. For the $75 that I paid, this chromebook is definitely worth it.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on June 23, 2013
I'm going to just go blunt with this review, because we all got s*** to get done, and not enough time to do it in.

This computer is good.

If you got basic writing/internet surfing needs, this will get s*** done. It's fast, doesn't heat up, and is super quiet. A nice contrast to my Alienware M17. But I wanted a computer I could use that could go without being plugged in after 45 minutes. SOmething less than 20 pounds. And this computer fits that need.

Plus, for the 200 bucks I paid, I don't feel like I got ripped off. In fact, it's surprising how responsive this computer is. It stutters on some things, but for real basic needs it's good enough. Especially if you're already using a lot of Google's services, like All Access, or Docs. It's such a good value, I bought one for my mom who is a writer, and she loves it.

I feel like I got something about as useful as a modern day Apple laptop, for 90% of what apples cost. You probably won't use something intensive like photoshop or music editing software, but if you're looking at $200 dollar computers, you probably don't need those services.

It's a solid little computer that I don't regret buying at all.
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on May 19, 2013
7/24/2013: This thing is proving to be durable. I have dropped it once and had my bag smashed numerous times. The only draw back is the lack of clear path to Microsoft Exchange for Outlook which I use for my company's email and calendar. I have on-line access via Web Mail but it is not the same. The smaller form factor and nearly instant are still its best features. The Chrome browser gets better with every monthly revision. Still an unbeatable bargain.

6/12/2013: This car charger Universal Netbook Car Charger is an incredible buy. Now I can keep my Chromebook fully charged while driving on long trips. This thing is only $5.99 via Prime and is the best built charger I have ever purchased. See my review of it.

Main Review

I bought my Chromebook used in "Like New" condition from Amazon Warehouse Deals for $189. It had a dented and opened box but it appeared to be unused.

This review will focus on daily use from a traveling salesman. I fly once per week and stay 3 nights per week in hotels. My goal is to have something light, quick to start, easy to use, and fulfill my basic tasks.

I unpacked it, plugged in the charger, turned it on, logged into my Google account, launched Chrome, signed into my wifi, and started surfing. I did not read anything to get started.

I have a 13" Toshiba laptop, a 10" Toshiba Thrive Tablet, and Droid 2 cell phone. This device is rapidly replacing everything but the cell. Since I use the cell to tether the Chromebook for internet access when needed the are now a pair.

I use this to surf, read both gmail and corporate Exchange email, do light spreadsheets, word docs, and even power point in their Google Docs equivalent programs, read Kindle books (which are down loadable), and listen to streamed music and down loaded to the SD card music. I can even stream Amazon Prime and Netflix. I have also accessed my corporate reports on a COGNOS system.

I have paired it via bluetooth with a mouse and keyboard and hooked it to my 50" plasma tv and played Angry Birds. I also opened some web pages, printed them via Google Cloud Print, and downloaded them to read later.

This by far the best technology buy I have ever made.

hint: use "swap enable" for better performance, make sure download some apps, books, and games for offline use.

I will update periodically as I try it over a range uses , apps, and settings,

May 22: Two days on the road: This thing is light and thin which makes it easy to carry. Used it on a 2 hour flight with no wifi and read a downloaded book and worked on a letter and a spreadsheet. Loved the way it fires up in about 30 seconds. Logged onto hotel wifi and streamed Amazon and Netflix with no problems. Added some more apps and downloaded Angry Birds for offline play. Have not found a way to store music internally so I am buying a micro usb card (the kind that barely protrude from the slot). Next thing up is to figure out how to download some email for offline use and trying out Office 365. I went two days of light use never turning it off and I still have 30% battery.

May 30: Duh, downloaded music into Google Play Music for offline listening. It is very basic but good enough for the very little time I am not streaming Slacker. I am finding mixed reviews on using 365 on a Chromebook so for now I am learning to live with Google Docs and use my Win8 laptop for just very intense spreadsheets.

June 11: Office 365 can only be used online and not installed on a Chromebook. Office Apps by Microsoft is free if you have Microsoft Skydrive. It is ran online but it is real Office programs with all the functionality most users will need. I would not recommend Google docs for document creation but it is fine for light editing. So I now use my Win 7 laptop, anchored in my office, for MS Office document creation, use Google Docs offline if I must edit while away from wifi which is very rare, and use Office Apps while on the road with wifi. Which means the Chrome is still my road device of choice. The instant on and small form factor make it irresistible.

Wifi/Bluetooth tethering via my droid is working great so I almost never am without web access.

Durability is fine. It survived a 4 ft fall to the floor. No problem.

Started using a 32gb micro usb drive a "Cruzer Fit". Very small and lets me carry all my files.
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on September 26, 2013
Somehow I ended up with this laptop. I knew somehow I would end up with this one so I ended up giving my daughter my HP pavilion, dandelion breeze and I kept this one. She has a lot of school work and files she needs to save and she didn't think she could save them on this little laptop, secret pretty much can it's just a little different then your conventional laptop. It does not have windows operating system so if that's what your used to then you may not want to stray to this laptop. This is pretty much just google based but it does have many apps in it to choose from anything from games to business, I really like it. It's cute, made nice...I did purchase the iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case and it fit's wonderfully and protects it at the same time. You can save pics..etc. instead of right clicking and saving you will click your tab at the right hand side top of your google chrome page and scroll down where it say's save page as and it's simple as that. Takes some getting used to but all in all I love it and it's faster then the speed of light. You can actually turn off your laptop by just closing the lid of the laptop, simple as that. I say go for it and I love it!!!
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on September 26, 2013
I would guess you are either a fan of chromebooks or not, or perhaps you are just curious about what they are and how they work. I bought my first chromebook used off ebay summer of 2012 and it became a staple around my house. It took a while for it to catch on with all the family members. but once it did, it saw a lot of use. There is currently 4 of us living at home and we have 7 other laptops in the house as well as a 7 inch android tablet and 4 large screen android smart phones. Even with all these other internet access tools handy the chromebook is very well used and loved by all. It really does do most of what we want and it is quick and simple to use. If fact, my oldest son who is away at college needed something to take to class with him, so I offered to send him the chromebook since I could easily slip it into a padded envelope and send it on it's way. I woke up the next morning regretting my decision so much that I immediately started looking for a new chromebook. I just found everything else such a bother that every time I wanted to do something on the internet, I just didn't, becauseI did not have my chromebook handy. That's when I bought this one. My first chromebook was the first series Samsung, so I stuck with the Samsung line, and I am very happy with it. I just love the form factor and simple design. Everything on it works just the way I want it to. I've had a lot of laptops over the years and I do not know that I have ever had one I enjoy as much as my chromebook. It cannot do everything my full featured laptops do, but it does do most of what I need and what it can do it does very well.
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on November 16, 2014
Worked great for the first 3 days from arrival to my doorstep. The battery died after some time of watching prime video. Then I went to charge it, it would not boot up. Chrome OS is missing or damaged. Went through MULTIPLE attempts of recoverying the OS. I used a MAC and a Windows PC to work with the chromebook recovery utility. Google says if it doesn't work use a DIFFERENT flash drive or SSD card. I bought a 16 GB flash drive and 16 GB SSD card, which is another $ 40.00 expense. The chromebook would not recognize either. Unreliable. Amazon is going to refund my purchase price 100% and is paying for the return shipping label. THANK YOU AMAZON!!
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