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on April 3, 2008
I loved everything about the player as far as the usability, versatility, and style. I did have a problem with how frequently and seriously it was broken. After a few months of ownership the connection point for the USB port became loose and had to be held in a certain way in order to charge or put music on. Less than the first year (luckily still under warranty) I had to send it to Samsung for the earphone jack to be fixed. They did fix everything but the USB port became loose again and remained that way until it gave up life less than 2 years. Bottomline, Samsung makes crappy products. I do not recommend.
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on November 19, 2008
This mp3 player/FM radio is an older version and small in the memory department but none the less a great player with so many features! There's games, great sound quality, different EQ settings and so much more. If you want to listen to a relatively small song list with really good quality, this is the mp3 player for you!
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on April 13, 2015
It seemed like a quality item but it requires an OEM cable to transfer data and unfortunately, I never received it. So now I just have a fancy paperweight.
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on June 14, 2016
It is still going strong Have had it a long time
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on August 27, 2006
I really like this player. It is so much better than my last one from Creative. Easy menu choices once you get the hang of it. Very good sound and lots of good features. I recommend it highly to anyone wanting a low price but better alternative to the Ipod units.
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on November 5, 2006
My daughter wanted this beacause her friend got one and liked it well about a month later she traded it for an ipod. With the player make sure you have the right program for downloading or you will have problems. Research it to. We also couldn't play video so check the direct X version you have and see if it is compatible first. My suggestion just get one of the new ipod nano's. We like the ipod a lot better.
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on June 30, 2006
I gave this to my husband for his birthday. He had wanted an mp3 player, but this one does so much more than just play music! We are both very pleased with this product.
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on July 19, 2016
I bought the Samsung YP-T8X a week ago at Best Buy and it is amazing! I think they should call it something like an Entertainment Player or something instead of Digital Audio Player because it can do so much more than play audio. The videos actually come out really good on the screen. I just added a few music videos and recorded tv shows and they work great. It may seem like 512MB is not enough for videos, but once you convert them to the format required to play, the file size shrinks because the video isn't as big anymore. The photos and music and games are also great. I love how the games use motion instead of just pushing buttons. The battery also lasts a long time, 20 hours. The only time it runs out fast is when you use the USB host feature to connect another device to it, because the player is powering both itself and the device, which the manual clearly explains. Overall, I am very satisfied with my new player!
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on December 14, 2005
Samsung really put together an impressive package here. Plenty of features make this device an extremely attractive alternative to the pricey iPods.
There are only three negatives I'll give this little wonder:
1. Confusing navigation. One would think the NAVI button on the front bottom center of the device would control the main menu. Alas, it's the obscure little button on the right side. Until you had the device long enough to memorize which button to press, and when... and for how long, you'll find yourself accidentally navigating out of, rewinding, or advancing past various features. It's also notoriously easy to unwittingly wipe all your radio presets.
2. The FM tuner isn't the greatest. OK, but not great. It does, however, allow you to record and even create scheduled timed FM recordings.
3. This dang device says "DIGITAL AUDIO PLAYER" right across the front of it. Had I not done extensive online shopping before I went to the store to buy this sucker, I'd never have known about its fantastic multimedia capabilities (not even the know-it-all sales clerk at the department store knew it could even play video).
That being said, I think this device is fantastic and my post-purchase impression is nothing short of excellent. No buyer's remorse here, folks.
Although somewhat time-consuming, ripping one of my DVDs and converting it to the Samsung proprietary format necessary for viewing on the YP-T8X is relatively easy using free tools available on the web (you have to rip the DVD, convert to mpg, then to an svi file). A two-hour plus movie can easily fit in its 512Meg memory. The 4:3 TFT screen provides great viewing resolution, and battery life is way more than sufficient to watch a full-length film - more than a match for poor video iPod.
The sound is excellent with a wide variety of preset and customizable equalizer and 3D options.
Start with a great mp3 player. Add full-length movie capabilities, an FM tuner, text viewer, voice/radio recorder, motion-sensing games (you tilt the unit and it follows the motion - way cool), and image viewer and you have one heckuva little powerhouse. Only the frustrating navigation system kept me from giving this 5 stars.
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on January 22, 2006
I currently own a 2GB Ipod Nano and just recently purchased the Samsung YP-T8X (to play videos). In my opinion, the Samsung is a superior product. The 1.8" screen is fantastic. The colors are rich and vibrant and the sound quality blows my Nano away. I chose to purchase the 512MB player instead of the 1GB, because I haven't even used half of the Nano's storage space yet.

However, I haven't looked twice at my Nano since purchasing this player. My only regret is not purchasing the 1GB player and that Samsung's 2GB (YP-T8A) version isn't available yet in the US. What a pity!

This player is an excellent choice for those with smaller media collections. If Samsung makes the 2GB version available in the US, I'm ditching the Nano altogether.

To those who ask the question, Is 512MB really enough space for anything? The answer is yes. I've been able to get music, photos, text and video (converted to smaller format) on the player and still have more than half of the storage left.

However, if you have a huge multimedia library (which you wish to carry around with you all the time) 512MB or 1GB is not going to be suitable for your needs.
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