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on March 23, 2015
Not quite as robust a flavor as the Tully's French Roast decaf in a conventional K-cup design I have been accustomed too. Enjoyable but not as full-flavored, maybe is a better way to describe it. So I had to cut open a cup to see how the amount of coffee used compared; the environmentally friendly, hybrid looking OneCup appears to be significantly smaller than the conventional K-cup size. Upon examination the amount of coffee used in the hybrid appeared to be the same. My order did come with the "Freedom Clip"; since my Keurig brewer is a 2013 model, it was not necessary, or possible, to install the override device, evidently necessary for the later models. Well, because this coffee provides a flavor-able cup and to assuage the little voice in my head that starts chiding me about "saving the planet" every time I load a conventional K-cup into my brewer, I will buy more of this environmentally-aware, biodegradable San Francisco Bay OneCup coffee.
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on May 24, 2014
It smells great, but when I brewed it I could taste the decaf taste in it. Not very strong taste, mind you, but still present. It also has more kick than most decafs I have been drinking. It's okay, and with my usual mix of creamer, it comes out fantastic. The creamer masks most, if not all, of the decaf taste. They only real complaint is that it is more like strong half-caf coffee. I get skipped beats with too much caffeine, which is why I went on a long journey hunting for the perfect decaf. With this, it is strong enough to elicit a few skipped beats, especially by the second cup. I have found that the Green Mountain Decaf K-cups to have a better taste with less caffeine. I had high hopes for this, and many people at work love it and swear they can't tell its decaf. Maybe I have a more sensitive or discerning palette they do. I don't regret buying it, but I won't likely buy it again. YMMV.
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on June 20, 2017
Note that a Keurig K250 will not work with these single serves - and you cannot return them to Amazon

Update: I called San Fran - very polite lady gave me three suggestions - but was adamant that these cups would work in the K250. The suggestions were: unplug coffee maker wait ten minutes and retry, make sure the cup is securely seated in holder, and rotate the lettering on the cup such that it is level. I tried all three and the brewer still says it is an incompatible cup and the machine will not accept or process it.
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on May 14, 2014
I really like coffee and I have learned to really like the single cup brewers--I only make what I drink. That said, I am PICKY about my coffee and I really hated the waste aspects of the packaging of the K-cups. Avoiding waste by only making as much coffee as was intended to be drunk could only rationalize away so much of the environmental impact of all those plastic cups.

First, the coffee. I love to drink a cup in the afternoon and evenings but don't like the caffeine at those hours. The vast majority of decaf coffee tastes horrible--probably the processing (um, formaldehyde, really???). The only tolerable way to drink it has been to order a Cafe American Decaf in a pricey coffee shop (watered down, decaffeinated espresso, what a silly order and $$$) or use the one shippable brand I have found to actually taste good (Peets). This coffee is actually GOOD. Automatically that puts it in the top 2 of my coffee choices.

Second, the packaging. I used to order my favorite and use the eco-cups...that was good, but a little more time consuming and not easily portable--I generally stick a couple K-cups in my bags for work or travel so I can have a decent cup and the eco-brew things were just not easy to tote around. I have caved and used the environmentally unsound plastic cups and have hated doing so...but succumbed to the weakness of convenience.

This cup gives me the perfect blend of healthy processing for decaf (water), recycled and biodegradable packaging, recycled and biodegradable cups and, single serving cups so no wastage AND, this is the big one, THE COFFEE TASTES GREAT. I don't care how environmentally sound something is, if it tastes bad I wouldn't buy it. This tastes fantastic and has all the benefits of thoughtful production and packaging.

Complete and total win!


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on January 23, 2018
This is the 3rd time I’ve purchased this decaf and it is amazing! Tastes just like I got it from a coffee shop with a rich smooth flavor! It’s hard to find decaf and some brands decaf taste weak. But this is strong coffee and its decaf! Also it is organic and environmentally friendly. Just can’t say enough good things about it! Give it a try if you love a strong decaf coffee.
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on September 6, 2014
If anyone out there loves a dark, rich, strong cup of coffee and MUST drink decaf coffee for medical or other reasons, this decaf coffee is for you. I LOVE a strong coffee and sometimes even put a shot of espresso on top of the poured coffee. I LOVE THIS COFFEE! It's absolutely delicious and no one would ever guess it's decaf! I do spoil myself with 'leaded' coffee on weekends, doctors visits and holidays. I'm just a one 'cupper' so I don't think it's too bad for me to hop that coffee up with espresso once in a blue moon. If I ever decide to buy the regular coffee from them (whole bean) I'll let you know how it stacks up to the decaf. I'm almost afraid to try it because it might make the decaf TASTE like decaf! ;o) LOL Anyhoo, give this decaf of theirs a try. We get the k-cups as we have a single serve Keurig. I also LOVE that the cups are 97% recyclable!!! Keurig should take note of this because NONE of their cups are recyclable. I am very, very thankful to Amazon for providing an online shopping service for those of us who are limited in movement but can still shop and get the best prices and quality products 99.99% of the time. Amazon is a God send to us.
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on February 13, 2017
👍Works perfectly in Keurig K-Cup machines. Actually works better than regular K-Cups! If you like Decaf that smells and tastes like coffee you will be super happy with this San Francisco Bay product. I'm ordering more today!

Added benefit - The compostable inner bags retain the coffee aroma for quite a long time. They work really well as an air freshener! 😊
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My wife and I drink only decaf coffee and tea, and the downside to that is mostly the lack of choice in coffees and other products offered in decaf versions, particularly choices that have a good taste.

We've only recently begun using a Keurig machine, and I decided to try this San Francisco product after browsing through decaf coffees (for the Keurig) sold here on Amazon and deciding that the reviews looked positive enough that it was worth a try.

I'm very satisfied with the taste of this decaf. It is a strong enough blend to have a good coffee taste, and I do not detect any of the aftertaste that is present in many decaf blends. It's as tasty as our tried and true Neumann's Blend decaf coffee that we brew in our drip machine.

The only downside (kind of) to this coffee is that the individual Keurig pods are not all plastic, they have a mesh bottom and differ from other pods we've used that are entirely plastic and rely on the Keurig machine to pierce the bottom and top of the pod in order to create a path for the hot water to flow. It doesn't seem to matter although the first pod I tried seemed to have some difficulty in working right. After that I had no problems.

I've had quite a few cups of coffee made using these decaf pods and I'm very satisfied with them. The price is good, less than many brands, and this could become our go-to when we want to brew decaf with our Keurig machine.
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on February 15, 2015
I was SO SO looking forward to having a nice strong decaf. I am not a decaf drinker but for various health reasons had to start drinking decaf. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH KEURIG 2.0. It DOES work with the older Keurig. It really fries me that a company tries to do everything right (this coffee company) and that Keurig would deliberately try to monopolize the market. I saw NO decaf pods available through keurig. This is so intensely unfriendly - so 20th century and not in keeping with anything that is good, and peaceful for the world. I am the stock researcher for our group of women who have been together for over 25 years with over 1/2 million $ portfolio as a group. Do you think I would even begin to research and suggest Green Mountain/Keurig!!!! NO! By the way, this 2.0 also does not accept the refillable cups. Of course all of these say that they are compatible with Keurig but not the 2.0. Shame on you Keurig.
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on December 4, 2013
There is no better Keurig K-cup alternative than San Francisco Bay's OneCup! This product is amazing and here are reasons why:

Cost: My wife and I consume only one cup of decaf coffee a day each, so using a conventional coffee pot would leave us with stale decaf coffee for the next day. We chose to get a Keurig brewing system to help us conserve our coffee, however quickly found that from paying about 11 cents per cup in a coffee pot, we were paying about 75 cents per cup with the Keurig brand K-cups. We switched to the OneCups at about 55 cents per cup when buying the 36 pack. Not as good as using a traditional coffee pot, but perfect for the rate at which we consume coffee. We also subscribed to this deliver this product once a month and saved another 5%. We have Amazon Prime, so no additional shipping costs.

Taste: This coffee tastes fresh! This is the boldest decaf offering of San Francisco Bay in the OneCup and it doesn't disappoint if brewed at the stand 8 fluid ounce cup size. Perfect accompaniment for a watching TV on a cold night.

Environment: Part of the reason the OneCup cost is so low is that SFB uses recycled plastic, uses it only around the rim of the cup, and uses a built in filter rather than extra plastic usually found in K-Cups. The OneCups and the sealed packages they come in are both compostable making it a perfect choice for those with the environment in mind.

All in all, I'll be drinking OneCups as long as my Keurig holds out!
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