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on July 25, 2015
The quality of this card is relative to how you plan on using it. I bought it last year to use in my point and shoot digital camera (12MP) while on vacation and it worked perfectly. No, a year later, I've bought a DSLR and found it just wasn't up to snuff. My DSLR (26MP) creates files of too large a size for this card to quickly save. Want to take one picture? Fine, but be prepared to wait 20+ seconds for it to be fully saved onto the card, during which time you will be unable to take any other photos. Want to shoot in burst mode? Forget about it; it's not going to work.

What I had been unaware of when I first bought this card is that memory cards have speed ratings which indicate how quickly they can process the data you want to write on them. To further complicate things, there are two types of ratings, Speed Class and Ultra High Speed. Speed classes come in four ratings, C2, C4, C6, and C10, which means they can write data at a rate of 2MB/s, 4MB/s, 6MB/s, and 10MB/s, respectively, or UHS comes in UHS U1 and U3, which writes at speeds of 10MB/s and 30MB/s. The higher the MB/s, the better the card.

This card writes at a C4 speed (as indicated by the number 4 encircled by a C on the label). It's a decent speed for smaller files, but considering a RAW photo files can be rather large, if you're shooting high res, RAW files, this is not the card for you. It will absolutely freeze up your camera.
If you are interested in an SD card for a DSLR, look at something like the Lexar Professional 600x 32GB SDHC UHS-I Flash Memory Card LSD32GCRBNA600. Since switching to the C10/U1 Lexar, I've been infinitely more happy with my camera. The Sandisk C4 32GB remains in my point and shoot, where it's better suited.
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on October 26, 2017
We bought these to use in our camera and they both worked exactly as intended. Buying a two-pack allowed us to keep two separate events apart from one another without the photos running together, so that was super convenient. 16GB really is a pretty good amount of storage for us. I hesitate to buy larger storage cards in the event they are lost or damaged. I'd rather lose 16GB worth of data than 64GB etc., but that's just me, a personal decision.
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on May 12, 2017
I bought this to accompany the ViewSonic VFD820-50 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame. I can't tell you how many photos it will hold because that depends on the size of each photo, all I can say is that I saved over 30 to it at about 200 KB and didn't run out of room. The price was great and the packaging was well protected and arrived quickly.
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on May 29, 2017
This card was recommended for use with a Film to Digital Convert I purchased, and made the Converter freeze. Only because the Converter could not accept it. User Manual with Converter states such, but Amazon recommended this card to purchase with the converter. Now I have a perfectly fine memory card without a slot to use it in. I'm sure I'll find a use for it someplace.
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on October 11, 2017
There is nothing wrong with this memory card but I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND IT!! Because... you can buy a micro SD card with that comes with an adapter for use as a standard SD card which means that you can use it in cameras that wont accept full sized cards. Sandisk makes a good product that you can rest assured will work, I have one from pre 2000 that still works great.
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on November 27, 2015
I had purchased this flash memory card to make an emergency boot disk for my MacBook Pro. The application, 'Disk Maker X' did not recognize this SDXC card. OK, I'll use the application, 'Techtool Pro' to make a recovery/repair boot volume... This card "worked", but the speed of the interface was w a y t o o s l o w . I should have spent a couple of extra bucks on a USB flash drive instead. This card will be regulated to the camera bag.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 28, 2014
I ordered 2 of these (2gb SanDisk-branded SD card), they arrived promptly, and did not function. So I shipped them back for a replacement. Two new cards also arrived promptly, and ALSO failed to work.

- Attempting to copy files to the card results in a "disk not found" error.
- I tried two different card readers, both of which work perfectly well with other SD cards.
- I tried reformatting the cards -- this also failed, with a cryptic error message.
- I tried toggling the lock switch -- which did nothing.

Shipping these back for a refund.

UPDATE -- I ordered a brand new SD card reader, and these cards work with it. They don't work with any reader more than a few years old. I don't know why.
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on June 5, 2016
I bought this as a replacement card for my daughter who lost her school borrowed memory card. This is the same product her schools journalism class uses in their cameras. I always purchase SanDisk cards and never have a problem with them in our cameras. Reliable memory cards. I was happy that it came quickly! This was a personal purchase, I was not asked or felt obligated to review.
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on May 15, 2013
I have been using SanDisk cards in my DSLR Canon Rebel for the past three years and have found them to be reliable as far as recording pictures and sound. They are versatile in that it is easy to transfer data to and from them when inserted into my laptop computer. I use them largely for pictures and movies I take with my DSLR (digital single lens reflex camera).




You don't get 32gb of memory, you get 29.7gb of memory according to my computer. What the rest of the 2.3gb are used for, I cannot say, but that is what you get.

Video is usually recorded in MVI format (Apple supported), which is more the fault of cameras like Canon, Nikon and others. So you have to convert the video to MPEG format if you wish to edit it using Windows software (requires a separate program). MVI files are also about four times the size as MOV files or MPEG files are.

Transfers are slow for movies but almost instantaneous for pictures. Movie transfers usually take several minutes.

These little cards are quite fragile. I recommend handling them with great care. Rough handling, such as "shoving" a card into a slot because you're in a hurry can damage the ultra-thin copper connectors. Dropping and accidental strikes can result in an useable chip and there goes your money. Keep them in their little plastic cases when not in use. Insert them slowly into their slots. Prepare before you take your picture. Be ready to shoot, even for spontaneous pictures.

If you slide the little plastic tab on the side, it will render the chip "permanent" until you slide it back into the top position. This makes it impossible to transfer memory away from the chip but allows you the ability to make pictures at your local kiosk such as a Target or Walmart or Walgreens that have such kiosks that accept disks. Once you slide it back, you can transfer data to and from your computer.
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on September 10, 2017
I use these in my Primos Game Camera's that I use for security camera's.
I can put 1159 High Definition Pictures on these memory cards.
I can review them and erase the files I don't want or I can lock them where they can't be erased.
I highly recommend this product.
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