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on April 7, 2014
I originally bought this card in July of 2012. I wish I had an exact number, but between shooting from weddings (favors for friends), and being a VFX cinematographer who has to shoot thousands of reference photos while on set (multiple exposures of each angle to create HDR images), I would ballpark 50 to 100,000 shots on this card alone; possibly much more (Yes, I shoot a lot). Well, this card just failed; luckily I have many other cards, so I didn't lose anything important. I put it aside, figured it was trash, moved on. I ordered another SanDisc Extreme and when it showed up I happened to glance at the warranty. ****The EXTREME cards by SanDisc are covered for life.**** So I hopped on their web site, got into a chat with a customer service agent and should have a replacement for this card in a couple weeks. I will have to send back the original. But still, I did not know it's warranty was so good. All that aside, I love the SanDisc Extreme cards. I've used a lot of other brands, but keep coming back to these. They're fast and reliable and now I find they have a lifetime warranty. (I always feel weird when I write -- or read -- a glowing review like this. Due to the way the internet works, I read all reviews with skepticism. And things like brand loyalty are kind of hard to quantify. But my ultimate message is this: these cards work great... the customer service at SanDisc was excellent and fast... and they replace their cards if they go bad). I highly recommend.
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on December 6, 2014
The Sandisk Extreme cards have been my go to for the years that I have been shooting with DSLRs. There has never been a single write error (I own six cards) and I highly recommend it. A couple of things to take into consideration:

1. Older cameras may not be able to accept memory cards with larger capacities. Please refer to the camera's user manual to check for compatibility.
2. 16GBs is can take a while to download from a DSLR with a USB 2.0 connection. One item you may want to consider is purchasing a SanDisk ImageMate All-In-One USB 3.0 Reader/Writer if you computer has USB 3.0 ports. One time, I forgot to bring the card reader on a shoot with me and 16 GBs took about 40 minutes to download - excruciating!
3.I touched on this in another review. Some retailers on Amazon on will offer "bulk packaging". I have become cautious of this as I had one SanDisk Extreme card arrived in a bubble envelope in its plastic snap case and nothing else (image recovery software, etc.).

There are other reliable brands of memory cards available but this is the brand for me. Happy shooting!
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on May 27, 2013
Last Halloween I was taking promotional pictures of some fire dancers wearing only body paint when my 8 gb brand X compact flash card failed. I didn't need to go into hysterics because in my bag I had a 16 gb SanDisk CF card. It was much older than the card that crashed. That seemed a good enough reason to replace the failed card with another 16 gb SanDisk CF card. This card writes faster than the old SanDisk, though taking those pictures indoors at night, it was the flash cycling, not the speed of the card, that slowed me down.
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on May 19, 2015
I purchased two of these cards to use in my Canon 5D Mark II for professional photography, including weddings.

The cards have never missed a beat or lost any data, despite me cycling through the cameras 9999 image counter many times.

The moment I get home, I plug the CF cards into my Sandisk ImageMate USB 3.0 Card Reader and copy off the photos at between 30-40MB/s. One working copy goes on my editing workstation, two copies onto the RAID setup in my HP N54L Microserver, which then uploads a further copy into the CrashPlan cloud. That is 4 copies of each photo, and with this backup system I have never lost a photo.

I strongly recommend Sandisk CF cards for their reliability, as they are used by fellow pro photographers. A good back up system only works if you have a reliable card to take photos with.
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on May 12, 2014
I use this in my Canon 7D and it has no problem keeping up with the camera. I take a lot of action shots in high burst. Depending on the game, I'll take them RAW, and the card has no problem keeping up multiple shots RAW.

The same for 1080 @60fps the card is flawless.

I've seen a few complaints from people who complain about the card's resilience and they gripe about it failing. Well... if they would stop taking the card in and out of the camera all the time, that would not happen. Unless I do not have a choice, and seriously pressed for time, I almost never take my cards out of the cameras, and use the built in USB transfer. However, since many of you are really impatient and just can wait the extra minute it could take to transfer the files. If you must take the card out of the camera all the time. Take some basic precautions, and you'll be fine. - Turn off the camera before pulling the card out. - Never force the card in or of the slot - don't leave them on your card dashboard in the sun - blah blah blah blah etc. etc. etc. you get the idea.
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on October 28, 2013
my original CF Card was becoming unreliable in my Canon 20D DSLR so i just replaced it with this CF Card. went with this larger-than-necessary size because of the higher transfer rate, which should allow faster shooting as it reads/writes faster. also transfers to the computer faster when i download them.

follow up comment/tip:
it's now several months since i began using this CF card and there were several photos on the card that i could view on the back of the camera but when i connected my computer to the camera the computer does not see them, so i can't download them. i've discovered the problem was that the photos were taken in 'RAW' format (by mistake) instead of 'jpg' and the Adobe program would not see them. i've used the viewer utility that came with my camera to successfully move them to my computer. they will have to be converted/saved as jpg images. this was not a CF card issue.
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on August 27, 2013
This is the second 16GB card I have purchased and have only used Sandisk Extremes. I have been very pleased and have never had an issue with the cards. The issue that I have is with the seller I purchased from, eBADA. I will preface this with saying it was my fault for not paying attention to who it was & were it was coming from. I did not realize that this was a "Chinese" product and would be shipped from China (which took almost 2 weeks) and that started to raise my suspicions about whether or not this was a legitimate Sandisk card. After receiving it and doing some searching on the internet I'm pretty sure that it isn't a genuine one and I can't trust it for any of the paying jobs I do. They offered to have me send it back and they would "check it out" and refund my card for the charges & shipping back to them if found to be not real. Right now it's not worth it to go all through that hassle and I will just write it off as a lesson learned & will be more diligent in who I am getting supplies from now on. I guess I would like Amazon to have the sellers make it glaringly obvious where the product are coming from. If anyone is interested in the card it will be for sale cheap on Ebay (with full disclosure as to what I think it is!)
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on August 1, 2013
I Have used the 16 GB San Disk Extreme (actually 2 of them) several times and find them fast and the color is accurate to my eye. I have had a2 4 GB San Disks for many years and find them very reliable, have never dropped an image. Unfortunately, I am cheep and have tried several other compact flash cards. Last year I was going to Florida on a 7 day bird trip and wanted lots of storage (our tour guide suggested at least 16 GB cards and preferably 32GB cards). I tried 2 cards that were not San Disk, because they were about 1/2 price. They actually worked for that trip, and for a few other weekend trips. Each time I downloaded each days images to my laptop and reformatted the cards in the camera, rotating them every other day. After about 6 months both 32 GB cards began to lose a few images, at first one or two in two or more spots of the cards. Gradually the numb of images lost began to increase, so i threw those cards away. I next tried two name brand 16GB cards, at about 2/3 the price of the San Disk cards. By the 4th time out with these new cards, I began to lose images. Having finally learned my lesson the hard way I ordered two 16 GB San Disk Cards, and will only order San Disk Cards in the future.
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on August 9, 2013
I love San Disk media. SD or Compact Flash. 32GB is perfect. I would like the price to come down a little more, but over the years the price has come down on these some.

These never fail. I own like 12 of them right now, over the years In have owned hundreds never have I had one fail..... just incredible.

A couple of years ago I thought about switching to PNY or Lexar media cards so I purchased a few. 2 of my 4 Lexars failed and all the PNY compact flash cards failed. Some within months of purchasing them others almost a year or more later. But San Disk, never fail. I still have some that are 2gb from years ago.

Both Lexar and PNY were great at replacing the cards, but that is not the problem. Its the confidence knowing that it will not fail in the field. I shoot with a backup card in my cameras always but still I need a card that will not fail.

This particular card is fast and is perfect for todays cameras. I don't shoot video so I am not sure if this is the card of choice for video but for photography its excellent.
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on July 12, 2017
I purchased a few of these for my Canon 7D camera. They work great, always fast, always reliable. I've owned some of these now for 5+ years and although I don't use them but a couple times a month they still work gerat!
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