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on March 23, 2012
I just received the card today, so not a lot of time logged... But it is smokin' fast! I had some issues recording 1080/30fps on my D5100 with previous PNY Professional card. Several tests with HD video and consecutive still frame bursts never even hiccuped! I'm 99.4% sure this is going to cure all of the past woes. (The PNY is now relegated to my sweet new Samsung TL500. No HD video on it, so No worries!)

What I wanted to point out to those looking is that this IS the latest 45MB/s SDHC Extreme 16GB card. AND it's at the same or better price as others selling the previous models!

Maybe I'm the only one that's confused about the different versions of the SanDisk SDHC cards. But I searched and searched trying to make sure I was getting the latest card instead of overpaying for old stock. I even contacted SanDisk, and their customer support didn't even know that the Extreme is now 45MB/s! They actually told me that I would have to buy the (now outdated and overpriced) SDSDXP1-016G to get 45MB/s. I researched this for a couple of evenings, and still knew enough to explain to SanDisk that the SDSDXPA-016G is the new version of what they told me to buy, and it's now 95MB/s for the same price!

So here's the breakdown of what I found as of 3/22/12:

Lower price Extreme SDHC:
SDSDRX3-016G - 30MB/s - OLD
SDSDX-016G - 45MB/s - CURRENT (Apparently Brand New)

Higher price Extreme Pro SDHC:
SDSDXP1-016G - 45MB/s - OLD

The cards are all about the same price if you buy the same classification and GB size. (A 16GB Extreme is going to be twenty-five to thirty bucks regardless if it's 20MB/s, 30MB/s, or 45MB/s.)

I don't know if you really need this Extreme card vs. Ultra or Extreme Pro. You can determine that... But don't Overpay for the same performance! Be sure you Get the Latest Version of whichever you choose.
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on January 11, 2012
When I bought the new Canon DSLR camera I got what I thought was a fast memory card for it. The camera would stop "automatically" after a few seconds of HD video which was VERY irritating. The suggested fix was higher speed memory. After installing the Extreme memory the problem disappeared entirely. The price was good and the function is great! I recommend it!
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on November 4, 2011
The speed of this card may be overkill for standard shooting/filming. However, I use Magic Lantern on my 60D, which is a firmware modification that runs off of the SD card. I noticed that my Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card TS32GSDHC10E had a hard time keeping up with some of the functions of the additional software. I decided to give the faster card a try, and the functions (such as magic zoom and focus peaking) work much better now.

Of course, pulling pictures and video off the card is also quicker than with the Transcend. Although both cards are "Class 10," the SanDisk is 50% faster than the Transcend.
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VINE VOICEon October 17, 2011
After a bit of research I purchased this card when I bought my Canon EOS 60D. I shoot RAW + JPG and have no trouble shooting at full speed with this SD card. Full HD video isn't a problem either.

I've put the card in both my desktop and laptop computers and haven't had any problem reading the images off them.

If you've spent a bunch of money on a DSLR why go cheap when it comes to the storage? A slow card can reduce the performance of the camera if you're shooting rapid fire. After looking at many reviews here and at photography websites I decided on this card and I haven't been disappointed.
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on July 8, 2013
I was hesitant in buying a SanDisk because of all of the fakes on the internet, but this one turned out to be genuine. It is sold directly from amazon, so it has a greater chance of authenticity to begin with. The day it arrived, I registered the number on the back on SanDisk's website and it was a match.

We've used the card for over a month and have had no hiccups with speed in our Lumix G5 with video, continuous shooting, storage, etc.

I would highly recommend this card for people who have more than a point and shoot, who have HD video capability or take lots of pictures before backing up. It's a great card for the money.
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on March 21, 2012
I am very happy and I will be ordering another for my SLR. This card is marked as 30mps in the picture but I was sent a 45mps one. It is a newer version on the card. I wasnt sure if this was a mistake or what but I am happy and I am buying another to see if I can get it again.

The card works great. It is worth spending a little more for this card over the transcend card because the speed is so much faster. In a newer camera it makes a big difference. Also, when you are uploading pictures it is a lot faster.
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on December 21, 2011
I recently purchased a GoPro HD Hero2 which shoots both video/still pictures and have been very satisfied with the performance of this card. Without going in to what a GoPro can do and why I matched it with this card I will simply say that it handles approx. 5 hours of video time in various settings and easily handles the rapid burst photo setting of 10 photos/!
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on January 9, 2014
I had a 4gb generic card in the camera while I waited for this to arrive. I would get busy displayed on the screen. This card is fast I rarely see busy now only in low light sometimes. Fast to review pictures in the camera. The colors are true and really stunning with this camera. I love photography but don't want to lug around big cameras anymore. This card with my camera I get the same results as a pro. It pays to upgrade the card!!
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on March 30, 2012
I shoot RAW, 14bit, "lossless compressed". The files are about 20mb in size. I usually take about 2000 pictures at a 10-hour event and 64gb is just the perfect size for this amount of shooting.
I also use dual memory card slots on my camera for instant back up. Which means the time that it takes to clear the buffer is twice as long. That's where the 45 MB/s come into play. Of course there's also the 64gb Sandisk Extreme Pro, which is twice as fast and costs twice as much, but it may be an overkill especially if you're not doing the instant back up.

I think this card is just the perfect compromise between the cost and the speed, but if money is burning a hole in your pocket might as well go for the Extreme Pro version. For my purposes 45 MB/s is plenty.

Btw, this card is a little bit slower in real life tests. The two cards that I bought topped out at about 42 MB/s (obviously it was tested over USB 3.0)
I remember when Sandisk cards used to be 2-3 MB/s faster than the speed they were rated at, even when the fastest cards were only 15 MB/s, but I guess Sandisk isn't trying to make a name for itself anymore so no real need to go the extra mile. I think as long as it's within 5%-10% of the advertised speed it's not a big deal.

Word of advice: make sure that your equipment is compatible with the SDXC standard and can take advantage of UHS-I, because most of the stuff out there isn't, so the card will either not perform at the rated speed or won't work at all.

There's also a 128gb version of this card. I'd go for it if I shot a lot of HD video, but for taking pictures 64gb should be enough.
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on August 10, 2013
I purchased this SD card for my Raspberry Pi as a backup to my original SanDisk SD Card. It is totally compatible and is just as fast as my other SanDisk SD card that is rated at 95 Mbs. Both are about 22 Mbs for read and write. The read/write limits are imposed by the Raspberry Pi SD card reader, not the SD cards.
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