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on February 24, 2012
I only have an SDHC card reader and not an SDHC-I reader, so I can only test SDHC speed, but my findings were a bit lackluster.

Original card: Transcend 16GB class 6 card
Sequential Read: 19.6 MB/sec
Sequential Write: 8.8 MB/sec

New card: Sandisk 32GB class 10 card (45/mb sec version)
Sequential Read: 18.1 MB/sec
Sequential Write: 10.2 MB/sec

Conclusion: For SDHC only hosts (and not the new, I hosts) this card is not worth the extra money. Normal SDHC 32GB cards will be enough for your device and you can save about $25 by going with a normal card.

I bought this card to future proof myself with the new I standard. Hopefully when they become more common-place my extra money I spent on this card won't go to waste.

By the way, this card works great in my Canon HF-S100 camcorder. I went through the hassle of shipping the thing to Canon so they could update the firmware to support a class 10 card.
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on August 23, 2012
The item that I purchased was advertised as a SanDisk 32GB EXTREME SDHC Card Class 10 45MB/s UHS-1 300x (SDSDRX3-032G-A21. (Newest Version). The package arrived with a non standard UPC barcode label glued over the original UPC printed on the package which reads SSSDX-032-X46. According to the service Rep. at SanDisk, they did not place the glued on label over the original UPC on the package. It appears as though a label has been placed on a lesser version's package to make it appear to be the A21 (Latest Version). I have made many purchased from Amazon.com and this is the first time that I have been disappointed. I am now waiting for a response from Amazon.com with an acceptable explanation and hope that we are able to arrive at a mutually acceptable adjustment. Only then will I be able to continue to make worry free purchases from Amazon.com.

Please forgive the delay in responding to my original review but I have been very busy making the necessary hurricane Isaac preparations. The storm is due to go directly over us late tomorrow evening.
On 8/25 I received an e-mail from Amazon.com containing an adjustment to the original purchase price of the item. I am totally satisfied with the response from Amazon.com. My confidence in Amazon.com being a provider of quality products at fair prices has been totally restored.
Gary C.
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on October 28, 2012
DO NOT BUY THIS MEMORY FROM THE "EVERYTHING BUT STROMBOLI" SELLER. I don't know if the seller is intentionally selling counterfeit product but mine had no permanent markings of SanDisk on the back, and no opaque translucent backing.

The memory is clearly fake. I benchmarked using the same HD_Speed test on the same computer with same settings vs. the exact same memory card bought from a physical Costco store....

The memory I bought from "EVERYTHING BUT STROMBOLI" had a VERY UNSTABLE write rate meaning the memory quality was very poor. Also, the speed of write was HALF that of the Costco-bought version of the same exact memory. The version bought from Costco also wrote at a very stable linear rate (actually above the speed rating guaranteed by SanDisk).

If in doubt, buy your memory card from a local store. It may save you a lot of hassle!
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on April 7, 2015
Great card, but be sure you buy from an authorized SanDisk seller, such as directly from Amazon.com. The list of SanDisk authorized sellers can be found on SanDisk's website. I purchased (6) of these cards from a 3rd party seller here through Amazon, the seller I will not disclose, but instead I suggest you buy from only an authorized SanDisk seller.

Here are the qualities of my fake cards:
- First, when in doubt, call SanDisk. They have a toll free # to call to verify your cards.
- The cards are marked with "Made In Taiwan", while the packaging says "Made In China"
- The serial numbers are not where SanDisk's serial numbers usually are (per http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12703/~/product-code-and-serial-numbers-location#sd)
- The sticker is highly reflective, much more than cards I purchased directly from Amazon.com
- The back has a lot more writing on it than shown on SanDisk website
- The lock slider is yellow, versus grey from the authentic cards
- One of the cards failed on the 2nd attempt of using it
- The plastic case the cards came in is much lower quality than SanDisk
- The packaging says SDXC while this item listed on Amazon is for SDHC
- The cards say 60 MB/s while the packaging says 45 MB/s
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on August 1, 2014
I bought this card as a replacement of my dead sandisk extreme. The old one (sandisk extreme 16 gb 45mb/s) was bought 5 years ago and it had been used heavily (almost on daily basis and occsionally under extreme weather conditions) until it suddenly died a few days ago.

Although I was a bit upset since I lost some data with the dead SD card, I still wanted to stick on the same brand and model due to its great overall performance under challenging conditions. Basically, sandisk is among a handful of companies that are famous for the storage devices and that was the driving factor behind this purchase.

It came in a frustration free package and the labeling was strikingly different from what is shown on the amazon product page. That picture looks like my old sandisk. This one came with a golden colored tag instead of this red-black classical tag. Another surprising part was the lack of sandisk imprint at the back. It only says' made in China' and a serial number and that does not help much at all..

After a bit of google search I found out that many people receive fake (imitation) storage devices and Sandisk website does not posses a handy mechanism to distinguish the fake from the genuine one. The only recommendation is to buy it from an authorized vendor and a list is given for each country. Luckily, Amazon is among the authorized vendors and if you are buying the product directly from amazon (not a third party seller of the amazon market place) you are doing the best and the only thing you can for getting a genuine device.

During my internet search, I found out a highly praised software called H2testw developed by Herald Bögeholz which tests the portable usb devices and memory cards bit by bit against bad sectors and other hardware issues. It also gives write/read speed information (that part you can do by transferring a file between your computer and the sd card and let windows measure the transmission speed for both directions).

The software did not find any damaged sector in the device. The actual storage area for 32gb one is around 30430 mb and it writes with a speed of 38-38.5 mb/sec and reads with a speed of 39.5-40.5 mb/sec. These numbers matched exactly with my own test by transferring two video files. These performance ratings are slightly low compared to the product claim of 45 mb/sec but still pretty close.

Finally, it comes with a 5 year warranty (what a coincidence my old one died exactly five years after the purchase) if you ever remember to file a warranty claim for such a stuff.

As of July 2014, I purchased the 32gb 45mb/sec version directly from amazon for $25. If you can find the same product with a similar price, then it is worth the investment. If not, I would go for other brands like transcend and kingston, this will not live forever anyway
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on November 7, 2013
I stopped being a serious photographer some 15 years ago, but I can tell you that this card is faster than the 16gb Transcend Class 10 it replaces in my camera. The test of time will be its next obstacle. I did not encounter any problems with the Transcend during the 2+ years that I used it. I'm hoping the same will be true of this Sandisk Extreme. I purchased an inexpensive no-name card for my cell phone. It self-destructed in less than a month, so I definitely recommend buying a memory card with a good reputation and warranty. Memory has become so inexpensive that there's really no excuse for purchasing generic memory. On the other hand, you won't lose much if you do aside from perhaps the shot of a lifetime. Contemporary photographers don't have to be as selective in their shot selection as those of us accustomed to 35mm and medium format film cameras. A 24 exposure roll of developed film cost a minimum of $10 twenty years ago. What a godsend digital photography is in that regard.
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on August 18, 2012
I ordered two of these memory cards to go in my Nikon D7000. They work as advertised, storing a ton of pictures with speed. I got these because I felt they were the perfect balance of performance and price. I wanted something a bit speedier than standard class 10 memory cards, but I didn't want to spend a fortune. They work flawlessly, although some macbook pro's do not recognize them. My friend's 2011 MBP wasn't able to read them, so I had to get a usb card reader to plug in, but they work perfectly in my 2010 MBP. I'm not sure why.

They are massive, at least for shooting pictures, and each stores around 6.4 thousand pictures for a 16.2 MP camera at JPEG normal, but since they're so big I took the opportunity to shoot in RAW/NEF where the camera says they store around 900 pictures, but I found I was able to put around 1400 on the card, even with a few videos. Not sure why, but it's cool.
The fit and finish is excellent, not that it really matters, but I definitely trust the SanDisk name with my once-in-a-lifetime shots. The amazon frustration free packaging was great, and I would recommend it if it's cheaper which it sometimes is.

If you're going on a big trip and are wondering how much memory you'll need, I bought to of these to go to Europe for a month. I ended up only filling one, but I copied my images to the other and kept it in a different spot in case my camera got stolen. You can also get memory cards abroad in case of an emergency, but you know, nothing is going to be as hilariously cheap like it is on Amazon. I went to Best Buy a few days after I bought these, and they were 'on sale' there for $99, when I got them on here for $33, go figure.
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on February 6, 2014
I order this a few days ago and I was skeptical about 1 star review regards to "Gold" label without "SanDisk" Etch on the back...
Well, I went to SanDisk site and found that they change the look to GOLD label!! NOT red and black like on this pages picture. "Extreme Pro" has Black and Red.

Here is what I received:

I ordered the Retail package to avoid possible fakes and the package seemed real - all of the fine prints on the front and back looked genuine. Upon opening, there was a small paper with serial number to download the "Rescue Pro Deluxe" w/ 1 year subscription. As far as packages were concern, they were genuine. But As far as actual SD card goes, it looked not so genuine - label sticker was put on crooked and no SanDisk etch logo on the back.... So I called SanDisk tech and upon sending picture of both front and back, they verified that it was a genuine item with Lifetime Warranty.

It seems like SanDisk tried to cut down the cost of the production and trim down some production works....

I haven't tried the performance, the camera is still on it's way, but now as far as order goes, Amazon did carry the Genuine SanDisk SD card.

*******Update: 2-11-2014*********
After getting a new camera (Canon T3i) and tested the SD card, so far, no errors nor slow transfer speed.So far, satisfied with purchase.
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on August 13, 2012
I don't purchase too many SD cards (SD=Secure Digital). But I know a good product when I see one.
Most people will buy this card for use with a camera. I am using the card strictly for DATA purposes with a computer. And let me tell you, NO bogging down at copy time and super-speed reads. One of the BEST I've seen.
I can't find anything to complain about this card. Except I HAD to get another one because it was "that" impressive.
They must work real well in a camera, But I will let someone else write that review.
Sure, they cost a little more, but you are getting what you pay for. It was well worth the few extra dollars.
The card is as fast as an external USB drive. And these days it all about speed. No one wants to wait for their files to finish coping, or for another program to be able to read the DATA on it.
This SD Card has scored a 10 at both write and read in my book. I would highly recommend this SD Card to someone else if they are looking for a fast, cheap, reliable (10+) DATA storage medium that will last for years.
Steve the Beav
Monday, August 13, 2012
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on January 27, 2014
Fast, large, reliable, well priced.

That really is it and really does say it all. That is until the 64gb version becomes as cheap as this which it will do over time and then that card will become the perfect card. By that point though we'll be seeing even faster speed cards and there will be more variables for sure. Right here though and right now this card is the perfect SDHC card for your camera.

1. You can't argue with the price as this card is a bit of a bargain these days.
2, It's a SanDisk extreme, top of their line card for reliability.
3. It a fast class 10 card which means it will and does record HD video continuously without any problems.
4. It's a 32gb card which is plenty isn't it? Be honest you know it is. :-)

Buy it, put it in your camera and just forget about it.
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