Customer Reviews: SanDisk 4GB Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card- SDSDB-004G-B35 (Label May Change)
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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Size: 4 GB|Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$11.79+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on March 20, 2008
I bought this to go along with a Canon PowerShot SD850. Even with the camera set to take the highest quality pictures (3264 × 2448, around 3mb each) this card will hold over 1100 images!! I doubt I'll ever fill the card, especially since I try to download once a week or shortly after pictures are taken, but still...1100 pictures! It's almost ridiculous.

The card itself seems very fast and has been reliable so far. If anything changes, I'll update this review. I think it's worth the few extra dollars to have all the additional storage capacity.
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on July 13, 2009
No complaints at all about this card, works great for me.

Just make sure you are ready for the SDHC card as opposed to a standard SD, as SDHC is a newer format to allow more storage and will not be compatible with some older cameras or PC card readers that can read standard SD.

If you have an older PC but a new camera, you can still download the images by connecting the camera to the PC via the USB link, instead of using the PC card reader. If you're not sure if your camera can use this card, look up your camera model online and see if it's SDHC compatible before buying this.
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on October 23, 2012
The cards showed up fast! The strange thing is they are white label cards? They don't look like any of the other Sandisk cards I own (thats all I use). They had no packaging, just the plastic holder. I'm guessing they are a bulk application? I tried all of them and they seem to work ok. I wish they would disclose that these are not "consumer" packaged!
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on November 13, 2013
I see 1-Star reviews being posted for this same card. Take the time to assure BEFORE you Click "Add to Cart" that your source is "SOLD BY SANDISK, FULFILLED BY AMAZON." BUY FROM OTHER SOURCES AND YOU MAY GET BURNED*

I have four uses for a card like this:
1) Storage for an HP Photo Frame
2) Storage in a Nikon D40 DSLR
3) Storage in a Panasonic Video Camera which shoots H.264 video and writes to a mini-DVD or an SD-Card.
4) Moving images between devices.

I want to get this review published ASAP to save others looking for SD and SDHC cards some time. So, I am going to focus on #2 above and edit the review for points 1,3, and 4 above after I use the card in the other devices.

This card arrived quickly (Fulfillment by Amazon, sold by SanDisk + Prime Membership)! I ordered two of them, because ordering individual cards was a little less expensive than ordering them in pairs or quads (go figure???).

*The reason I wanted to get this review quickly published is because I wanted to help stop others from WASTING HOURS reading negative reviews about cards sold by other vendors that were maybe knock-offs, not the same as the picture, SDHC cards substituted for SD cards, etc. Simply look for "Sold by SanDisk" "Fulfilled by Amazon" in the product description BEFORE clicking "Add to Cart."

Hope in the future that Amazon punishes vendors who ship inferior, counterfeit, or products different than described or pictured. Right now, the only way I see to determine if this might be the case is to S L O W L Y read the 1 and 2 Star reviews for a product. Four or maybe even two years ago, you could comfortably make a purchase based on 4-Stars or above. No more - especially on these commodity products where confusion exists regarding product specifications. [On this product alone: SD vs. SDXC vs. SDHC; Suitability of Capacity; Choice of writing speed for application. For in-depth information see SDCard dot ORG] An overall rating is NO LONGER a sufficient criterion for a purchasing decision since many of these commodity type products have their reviews gamed by paid reviewers.

Anyway - just as I was about to order this same card bundled in a two pack, I saw the link for "38 sellers offer this product" and clicked the link. Huzzah - here was the same card, less expensive, and SOLD from the MANUFACTURER, SanDisk! The worries about getting a product other than described or represented was eliminated! This product was coming directly from SanDisk and was fulfilled by Amazon.

Shipment was quick, and frustration free packaging meant the product was in my hand about 30 seconds after I retrieved that package.

2) I put it in the camera, and the Nikon D40 immediately formatted the card and it was ready for use. The information screen said that it was ready to hold 2.2K (2200) pictures. I held down the shutter in continuous mode, and fired off about 20 seconds of pictures (the D40 shoots somewhere around 3 or 3.3 pics per second in burst mode). There was no stutter, lag, etc. when writing to the card. This SDHC card (remember different format than SD, which was the format available when I bought the camera) worked flawlessly in this little test. I buy only SanDisk or Lexar products, and I can say that media from neither company has ever let me down. The two Lexar cards have stored downloaded and erased around 72K pictures over six years, generally at 300-500 pics per download/erase/format cycle and are still going strong with the original capacity intact.

The warranty information enclosed with this SanDisk SDHC product indicates a 5 year warranty in the United States. Warranty periods may be different in other countries.

These cards are each pre-packed in a certified Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) mailer labelled Amazon/SanDisk (No. 80-56-10641), and then shipped in a bubble wrap envelope which was 11.25" x 9". The bubble envelope seemed too big, but perhaps that size was necessary to accommodate the huge shipping label. I will post some pictures of the package and card.

There is NO Cardholder Plastic Case, so you will need to supply your own keeper.

--------------------------------EDIT UPDATE for Points 1 & 4 Above 11/14/2013--------------------------------
1) The card worked flawlessly in a Hewlett-Packard Digital Frame (both versions DF1010v1 and DF1010p1).
Hewlett Packard - HP DF1010P1 10.1in LCD Digital Photo Frame, 16:10 Aspect Ratio, 800x480 Resolution, Clock, Calendar Display, Dark Espresso Wood

4) Write speed is very quick from PC to this card. Bursts of over 30 MB/s with an average around 10-15 MB/s. Faster than the Cruzer Flash Drives SanDisk Cruzer Fit 16 GB x2 = 32GB USB Flash Drive SDCZ33-016G-B35-2PK w/ Everything But Stromboli (TM) Lanyard I reviewed elsewhere, but the utility of this SDHC card for moving files is limited by equipment that does not have a built-in card reader.

3) Will update for Panasonic CamCorder soon.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on March 21, 2012
SanDisk is the only company of Memory Cards I buy and trust. I bought a 32GB card here for the price of a 16GB card in my local radioshack! So I saved a lot of money and got double the storage capacity! Win/Win!
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on January 14, 2013
The SanDisk 2 GB SD card has served me fine, but I am a sophisticated user who purchased this card for a specific purpose with very low performance requirements (mp3 music player). I purchased this as a gift. It matched the intended use.

In general, however, I think most people would be well advised to avoid any memory card which does not carry a speed rating.

This essentially means guaranteed poor performance. Cards like this are sold in places like Walmart to people who think one SD card looks the same as another SC card.

If you intend to use a memory card in any kind of higher performance application like a digital still or video camera, you need to pay attention to class ratings. What does your camera specify? It costs little extra to get the right thing over this generic unrated product. You can bet this is cheap and unrated because the manufacturer could not certify it to any standard and charge a little higher price.

Class 4, Class 6, Class 10... be sure to get at least the minumum required by your equipment. Or, do like me and never buy anything lower than Class 10 for myself. Even if the camera will work with less, the faster speed costs hardly any extra. I wish cars were the same. I'd pay an extra $2 to upgrade to a Porsche, wouldn't you?
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on September 12, 2012
we use these in game cameras and always have great pictures. we use them over and over with no problems!
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on November 20, 2012
Although I had to liquidate the assets of an entire third world nation in order to afford these SDHC cards, they hold a lot of pictures of my dogs.
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on September 29, 2012
Love there cards for my trail camera's.
Have a bunch of camera's and like the Scandisk cards for their durability.
Have tried other brands (which I wont name)but they dont stand up as good.
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on April 1, 2012
just ordered a couple of these and am very pleased. although the picture of this 2gb card (at top of page) does not indicate which class it is (# with circle around it) the 'technical description' from amazon says it's a class 4. however, it is a class 2 (2GB/s opposed to 4GB/s writing speed) so i informed amazon and suspect they will change it. if you scroll down to the description by the manufacturer, the picture clearly indicates this card is class 2 (circle around the 2 on the card) so it really would be best if amazon displayed that same picture at the top of page to match what is found midway down by the manufacturer and also correct the 'technical description' to read class '2' opposed to '4' as is currently reads. ordered one through amazon and being a prime member, it arrived in 2 days. ordered the other for .50 less and it arrived from nj (i live in ohio) in 3 days.
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