Customer Reviews: SanDisk SDMX18R-004GK-A57 Sansa Clip plus 4 GB MP3 Player,Factory Refurbished (Black)
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on September 16, 2011
In my opinion this is the best mini mp3 player on the market (however they have a newer model that looks great!) I bought this refurbished mp3 to replace my clip+ that I had for about 2-3 years. It seems as if the batteries have failed so I am just replacing it for as cheap as possible. I have an 8gb card in the player so I can hold 12 gigs. It is perfect for running and I love the clip too! A great player and a great alternative to an expensive ipod player or annoying itunes software. This player is drag and drop so it makes updating music as easy as it could be! I highly highly recommend this mp3 player!
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on May 24, 2013
Amazing and surprising is how i would describe this mp3 player. It is only 2 inches long , but it packs a lot of power and well thought design.

Music quality , is the BEST you will ever get for anything close to this price range , you can spend over a hundred bucks and most likely it will not sound as accurate and warm as this mp3. best sounding mp3 i have ever gotten , sent chills down my spine lol.
music on my other mp3's ( i have like 4-5 ) do not sound nearly as good as this , even tho i use the same earphones. westone 3.

design , is very good. It is small so they had little to work with , but i think they couldnt have done much better , as its screen is nice looking and has good animations. it has fast transitions from one song or page to the next. and it has features like radio , voice recording , and the most important feature of all , a EQualizer that lets you even make your own custom one just for you.

Cons? almost none. you must do this tho , you MUST UPDATE it , or it will not work , simply plugging this in your computer and installing a couple things is not enough , you need to update its firmware. if you cant figure it out google " sansa clip plus firmware update " and you should find there site/forum page to download the firmware updater.
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on August 16, 2011
cheap, small, sturd, GREAT sound with the right amount of bass (can be boosted up with the EQ settings).
FM is good, music plays well, battery life is good.
i didn't know you can even record what's being played on FM, great feature!
also has voice recorder, good for taking notes.
30 bucks for a 4GB mp3 of this quality is worth it!
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on October 1, 2011
First, the only downside, and it is close to universal for small media players: the battery can not be replaced. Once the rechargeable cell reaches the end of its useful life, the entire unit becomes junk to be recycled. Sad but true, this is typical of portable players.

Otherwise, this is a lot of player for the bucks. Interface and loading could hardly be easier in Windows environments, and scarcely more trouble in Mac.

Fidelity and stereo imaging are great. Battery life is outstanding. Picking and choosing tunes or options is intuitive and simple. For those not sold on, or do not need, the Apple "mystique" the Sansa is money well spent.
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on October 17, 2013
I still have, and use, my original Sansa Clip, it's been going strong for over 4 years now. A while back I bought this refurbished Sansa Clip+, partly to have a back up Clip and partly because the Clip+ has the Micro SDHC card slot. Using Drag-and-Drop with the Micro SDHC card makes adding and deleting audio content much easier and more convenient. The Clip+ looks, and works, like new. But the battery life was noticeably less than my other Clips. Upon doing a little research I found this on the Sansa website, but it is NOT in any of the different Clip manuals - "NOTE: Upon first time use, it is recommended to condition the battery to maximize the useful life. The player SHOULD be fully charged and then fully discharged before recharging. Repeat this cycle for the first 3-5 times you charge the player." Fully discharged means to use the Clip+ until it turns itself off because the battery has discharged to the point where it will no longer power the unit. After doing as Sansa suggests, the battery life of my Clip+ has increased noticeably. Other than that, each of the different Clip models has some minor (to me) Pros & Cons as compared with each other, but nothing major. I enjoy using all 3 of them, but if I HAD to pick just one to keep it would be the Clip Zip because it plays the most formats, seems to have a bit better FM radio reception, and I really like the Menu Looping feature. ALSO, the Clip Zip is slightly larger than the Clip & Clip+ (which are the same size), which makes the Clip Zip (for me) easier to handle and use, while still being very small. I think the Sansa Clip line of MP3 players are the best of all of the MP3 players made because of their small size, ease of attachment to just about anywhere on just about anything, EXCELLENT sound (even using the included ear buds!), Micro SDHC memory card expansion slot (on the Clip+ & Clip Zip) and all of the additional features like FM radio and being able to record FM broadcasts, Voice recording, supporting a wide variety of audio formats, customizable EQ settings, and especially for the (refurbished) price, a GREAT deal. I recommend the Sansa Clip+ and Clip Zip (the Original Clip is no longer made) to everyone in the market for an MP3 player. I also bought a GoGroove BlueSense TRM Bluetooth Transmitter to plug into the Clip (or any) stereo headphone jack so I could use my LG Tone+ HBS-730 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with it. This setup gives me superb stereo sound without having any wires to get snagged on things. I just twist tie the GoGroove Bluetooth TRM to whichever Clip I'm using, clip the Clip to wherever is convenient and out-of-the-way, hang the LG Tone+ around my neck, and I'm ready to listen to my music wherever I'm at, whatever I'm doing. I'm still devising a way to use this bluetooth setup with my Clips AND be able to listen to FM radio as well. No wired headphones = no FM antenna. But I'm sure there is a way to do this, and will post an update when I get it done.
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on September 1, 2011
This is my first mp3 player. I bought this so I could listen to music while in cardiac rehab after a heart attack. Rehab was tedious and boring. But one day I listened to some music I had stored on my cell phone and realized I needed a player to do it right. I know I'm probably the last one to purchase a player but I really didn't think I needed one. Well, this little (and I mean little) toy about blew me away. I've loaded a number of CD's and mp3's on it and it's like exercising in a new world. IMO the tone is great. I tried it yesterday while working out and the time went by so quickly I was trying to figure a way to extend it. All music came through loud and clear from Classical to Talking Heads, the Stones to Mannheim Steamrollers. Exercising to music is so much easier. Wish I bought this a long time ago. And as I said, it's sooo tiny. Good thing it has the built in clip to attach to clothing or pocket. Now I just need to find a better headset because, as anticipated, the ear buds that came with it have a tendency to fall out. Better yet, wish this was blue tooth.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 24, 2013
I have only had it for a day but so far it works great. I charged it for 3 hours, loaded the internal memory with my music, hooked it up to some headphones and let it run in order to test battery life. It's been about 3 hours and it's still running and the battery meter still shows full. Plug it into windows and it's instantly recognized; just drag and drop your music in.

My only issue is that I bought this as a gift and it has the word "REFURB" large in all caps engraved across the whole side of it. It doesn't say that in the description and that is not shown in any of the photos. I feel that it is a little insane. I have never seen a car with the word "USED" in all caps carved into the side. At the least a warning would have been nice.

Update 2-7-2014: The unit died about a week ago. Just after the warranty period. Doesn't turn on, no signs of life. I would avoid this product.
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on March 8, 2012
I have used this sansa to record since last summer. It is conveniently stashed in my purse for whenever I encounter some sounds I'd like to remember or review (birds singing, a lecture, songs in choir rehearsal, my piano lesson or piano playing, a recital, etc.). It began shutting off in the middle of recording (after I'd been recording for months), and I discovered that the memory was pretty full. After I deleted some recordings, it worked again.
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on November 1, 2011
I love this player! It's small, easy to load and easy to use. I love that it clips almost anywhere.

I use it for audio books when I'm driving, or just waiting around. I specifically got it to work with files, but it also works with free library downloads (in MTP mode instead of standard MSC mode). When I first got it, it was a little confusing to find the audio books in the music section of the main menu. But there is an Audiobooks sub-section within the music menu. I bought an 8GB micro SD card to increase the memory. Neither the internal nor SD memory are full and I have 22 audio books loaded (none of them shorter than 4 hours and one is over 20 hours long).

Although I don't use it much as an mp3 it has great sound for music. And I love that it has a radio, for when I don't want to listen to anything else.

I haven't used the recording feature, so I can't comment on that.
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on March 16, 2013
I have had bad luck with it since I bought it. It never did hold a charge for very long and now it wont come on at all. I have had this particular brand and model before and had no problems. I should not have bought a refurbished one because now I have to replace it anyway after just a couple of months.
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