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on September 18, 2009
I owned the first generation clip, and the new 8gb clip+ retains everything that was great about the first while adding all around refinements.

- Overall build quality has improved, but especially with the clip mechanism.
- Files on MicroSD integrate seemlessly with the on board memory.
- The volume and power buttons have more ergonomic placement on the device.
- Sound quality remains great.
- Audiobook files can be sped up slightly to save some "reading" time.
- The interface is a little smoother and nicer to move through.
- The square trackpad makes it easier to navigate without looking at the player. (good for runners)

- No cap on the MicroSD slot, so that could potentially get dirty.

If you don't need gimmicks such as touch screens and web browsers, then this player is quite possibly the best on the market for value, size, and quality. The Clip+ is definitely worth the few extra bucks over what the first gen clip is selling for now.

UPDATE: Having used the product for a while the one thing I'm disappointed with is battery life. The meter drains down to 50% at the expected pace, and then goes from 50% to 0 quite fast. I haven't timed it but i'm sure the battery life (using all default settings) is quite less than the advertised 14-15 hours.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 26, 2014
This is a good music player if you want something small, light and relatively inexpensive with a large storage capacity. It has a few flaws that can be overcome with open source firmware. If you are going to use the open source Rockbox firmware with this player you can add another star to my review. I took one star away because of the poor firmware included.

High internal capacity (8 GB)
External SDHC slot (up to 32GB)
Very good sound quality in lab and listening tests
Included Headphones sound good
FM Radio
Voice Recorder
Relatively inexpensive
Standard miniature stereo jack
Standard mini USB connector for charging / data transfer
Supports MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) and MSC (Mass Storage Class)
Button placement is good
Button lock function in firmware

Musical pitch error of +0.25% (can fix with Rockbox firmware)
Battery time may be shorter than advertised (may be worse with Rockbox firmware)
May not see some or all files on external SDHC (can fix with Rockbox firmware)
Only basic features in firmware (can fix with Rockbox firmware)
SDHC file support is flaky (can fix with Rockbox firmware)
Can't record FM radio (can do this with Rockbox firmware)
Small display
Headphone jack is not well constructed
Construction quality is mediocre
Included Headphones do not stay securely in ears
Included USB to mini USB cable is ridiculously short (6 inches)
A/C adapter / charger is not included
Case is not included

If you are not going to buy the 8GB version of this player nor use an SDHC card, you may want to look at other players. The large internal storage versus the size and price are what makes this player unique Most other players are less expensive with less storage, or more expensive with better construction and features.

The standard firmware is poor considering the price of the player. If you don't want to use the open source Rockbox firmware, look at more expensive players to get better construction and firmware, or save your money with less expensive players. In my opinion, the Roxbox firmware makes this player worthwhile and without Rockbox the player is just an overpriced, mediocre player.

The small display means that you will not be able to display much information about the song being played and menus will require a lot of scrolling. The standard firmware uses a large enough font to be readable and wastes a lot of space with flashy icons in some places. Rockbox can display more information using tiny fonts, but I found those to be unreadable for someone like me with less than perfect eyesight. Using Rockbox with the Classic theme works well and I can read most of the information except the simulated keyboard without a problem.

The buttons are large enough and positioned well. With a silicone case (not included), the "home" button is hard to find and the cases do not have markings to indicate the location or function of the buttons.

The size and weight of this player make it very convenient to keep in a pocket or clip to clothing. That was one of my reasons for choosing the player along with the high capacity (40GB with external SDHC card).

The sound quality is excellent and even the included headphones sound good. The only flaw here is the ridiculously high error in musical pitch (+0.25%) using the standard firmware. Most other players have musical pitch accurate to about (0.05%) or better. The Rockbox firmware fixes the problem and reduces the error to (+0.05%) at the expense of somewhat shortening the on-battery time. Sandisk obviously made a tradeoff between pitch accuracy and power requirements that I think was misguided. If you're considering the older Sansa Clip beware of the pitch problem since it is off by (+0.70%). Whether any particular person can hear a less than 1% difference in pitch is rather subjective.

The external SDHC card slot is in a convenient position on the right side of the player. When inserted, an SDHC card is almost entirely inside the player. The edge of the card sticks out less than 1 mm. I doubt that the card can be damaged because of the slight edge sticking out. You will probably need to use your fingernail, paperclip or small screwdriver to eject the card. It is necessary to be careful when ejecting the SDHC card because the spring is much stronger than needed and will launch the SDHC card at high speed. Keep your finger or palm in front of the card slot when ejecting the card to avoid possible damage. It is best to leave the card in the player as much as possible rather than swapping cards frequently. I haven't seen any comments about the durability of the SDHC slot but the spring tension makes card swapping hazardous.

The FM Radio is decent but does not receive weaker stations well. That isn't surprising considering the size and lack of an antenna. The standard firmware does not allow allow recording of FM stations but the Rockbox firmware can. There are probably better portable FM receivers though they may not be as small and lightweight.

The built in monaural microphone is good. It is designed for voice recording, not recording performances or entertainment. This feature is most useful for dictation or recording nearby conversations. I haven't tried it for recording lectures.

The manual for the standard firmware is horrible, and gives very little information except the basic functions of the buttons and menus. In particular it does not say what the requirements are for the directory layout, file names, tagging and playlist formats. Nor was there any more information available on the Sandisk web site.

The most frustrating thing about this player's firmware was transferring files. Both MTP and MSC worked as expected when the device was connected to the computer. However, files transferred to the external storage were often not found by the player's firmware and did not appear in either the database or the file browser. Yes, I did safely eject the devices each time! Placing files in the root directory of the external storage worked better. Also, files transferred using MTP were not visible when using MSC mode. The Rockbox firmware had no problem finding files on the external storage. If you're planning to use the external SDHC storage you will probably want to install the Roxbox firmware. Another minor problem is that for MSC mode the player must be connected to the computer after the power is already on. If I plugged in the player using MSC mode with the power off, Windows would often report that the internal or external storage was not formatted (because the firmware had not finished booting). As long as I did not choose to reformat the disk, it caused no problem. A non-technical user is likely to choose yes and erase the files already stored in the player. The Sandisk user manual for the player and the Sandisk support site provide very little help or information about these issues.

The standard firmware supports play lists that are downloaded to the file storage (cannot be created or edited by firmware). Online posts have mentioned that the playlists must use relative (not fixed) path names, especially for files on the external storage card. I did not test playlists. The open source Rockbox firmware has better support for playlists.

The package includes Windows software from Sandisk and the player is compatible with Windows Media Player, Media Monkey and other programs. Configuring software to work with the player may be challenging due to the lack of any documentation about the directory, file and tagging requirements of the player firmware. It may be necessary to use MSC mode with Linux and Apple operating systems.

The price is OK considering the sound quality and decent electronic design of the player and the ability to run open source Rockbox firmware. You should decide if you want accessories such as a silicone case, wall charger, car power adapter and miniature phone patch cable. Those extras will cost another $5 to $15 depending on what you want. The device is light enough and sturdy enough that I don't think a silicone case is required. Any standard USB wall charger can be used with the included cable, though the cable is very short and leaves the player dangling in mid air.
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on January 25, 2017
This is a little workhorse of an mp3 player. I bought it in April, 2015 for 42$. I see now that it's more than twice that price and that it's discontinued. I don't think it's worth 91$, but I do think it's a shame this thing was discontinued.

I use this approximately 35-40 hours a week. Mostly I use it for when I'm writing for extended periods of time, and I use it, with guided imagery and delta waves, to go back to sleep if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night.

I took this on an extended trip to Europe and used it to listen to Gregorian chants while I wandered through great cathedrals. I use it listening to Credence Clearwater Revival while I do house work. As I wrote above, this thing is a fine little workhorse.
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on November 25, 2014
I purchased this as a Christmas gift. I researched a lot of MP3 players and decided on this one since it had so many good reviews. I opened it up and tested it out to make sure it worked when I received it. It was defective or so I thought. I could not get sound out of the earbuds. I even tried a different set of earbuds and same thing. I only got sound sporadically. I thought the earbud jack was loose. I contacted Amazon and they immediately shipped me a replacement. When the replacement came it was the same way, so I figured it must be something I was doing wrong. I looked at the reviews closer to see if anyone else had had the same problem. I discovered that there was. I found a link to SanDisk's web page with pictures showing that I was not pushing the plug into the jack fully. I thought it was in all the way, but it was not. The metal prong should be all the way into to player and not showing. You have to push hard but it will go all the way in and when it does you will hear a click. No problems with the sound if it is inserted all the way in as it should be. The player is small but it has a clip on the back to clip on you. I liked the fact that it is expandable with a micro sd card slot.
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on November 29, 2016
I have two Sansa Clip+ players and a Clip Zip. I used to have a second Clip Zip, but it got fried from a bad usb port (very rare thing). They all have Rockbox installed, which I think is the best for these players, as it vastly improves the functionality, despite being a bit more complicated. But Rockbox of course is optional and may not be worth the hassle for most.

Anyway, the players are great, I've used them a few years now, but now that they are discontinued, I would not recommend purchasing at the latest prices. Even though I love these things, it's still a cheap chinese plastic player. A few years ago there were not many options for Sansa Clip-like players, but there are more options in 2016-17. If I was going to spend a hundred bucks, I would look at players by Fiio, for example. Sansa players are great because they are usually only around thirty or forty bucks, so if one gets fried, or lost, it's not a big deal.

That said, if you've used the clip+ in the past and love them, then it could be worth it. I paid almost seventy for the last one I bought, but only because I already had experience with them. I won't be buying anymore unless they bring it back.
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on June 11, 2014
Installing open source Rockbox firmware makes this one of the best players on the market. If you are using the stock firmware, you're missing out.

This music player is fully supported by the latest Rockbox release 3.13. Rockbox 3.13 supports the audio codec Opus and it supports SDXC cards. SDHC only goes up to 32 GB. SDXC is 64GB and up. Rockbox has a much improved mixer and a slew of other features. Check out the Rockbox manual online.

To use a SDXC card (64GB class 10 SDXC works for me), you have to intall Rockbox and reformat the card as FAT-32. exFAT (default for SDXC) will not work in Rockbox or the factory firmware. If you're using Windows, you may need to look for third party utilities to reformat it. I used Linux.

SanDisk should ditch their firmware and use Rockbox instead.
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on March 6, 2017
Great ! This is my second one in the last 10 years, and it far surpasses the IPOD NANO which is so very expensive and it plays any MP3's, no matter what type of file, and it will play in the order in which you have it in the folder, and it is STILL the LOUDEST little tiny MP3 player I've ever had ! Wish they had not stopped making these, and I hope there will still be some discontinued ones just like this in the near future, if I ever have to replace. I tell EVERYONE about this one, but no one else can buy it now ! Sad !
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 8, 2014
I got one of these primarily to record voice programs on FM radio. Unfortunately, that's probably it's weakest feature. The FM radio is not great, reception is often poor. But even when you do get a good signal, the device records a noise burst every minute or so, which I've determined is related to writing the file to memory. The noise is loud, and unavoidable. I tried the Rockbox firmware, it added a lot of nifty features, but the write-noise didn't get any better. If found that the size of the card relates to how frequently the noise burst happens.

I find that getting in and out of record is a little difficult and ambiguous. I end up with lots of 2-second recordings while I get it figured out, then on occasion have goofed and thought I had it recording when it wasn't. I can't seem to get it to record to an SD card, so increasing the record time by adding a card doesn't work.

My reference recorder is a Zoom H2, which is much easier to deal with, noise free, records in stereo or 4 channel with built-in mics, has external mic/line input, and you put whatever size card you want in it to record. Yes, it's much bigger and more expensive. But the results are way better too. No FM though, which is why I got the Clip+.

As a basic MP3 player, the Clip+ is just ok. The sound is good, navigation is just by folder, so kind of lame if you're used to an iPod. I find the display to be too small to read easily.

On the good side, I have used this to make acoustic recordings with the built-in mic. That does work fairly well, considering the size and cost of the device. The size, weight, cost and potential capacity are the strong points.

If you get one, I do recommend Rockbox. It does add some useful features, key of which is the ability to set the .mp3 codec for different bit rates.

Overall, not a great recorder, FM reception is below average, recording FM is flawed by write-noise.
As a player, good sound, average navigation.
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on May 1, 2011
Disclaimer: I have had an ipod mini, ipod shuffle, and the Sansa clip, so my review is based on my experience with these three products. I originally bought this because I misplaced my shuffle and like to listen to lectures from class as I do chores. I wanted to have more control to skip, rewind etc than the shuffle provided and this was cheaper anyways. I was pleasantly surprised with all the extras the player is jam-packed with. I am a student and better with computers than some older folks but am no technophile.

WHY IS THIS THE BEST PLAYER? (in order of importance to me when I was buying)
1) Easy file transfer: No itunes needed! I had itunes because it seems doubly redundant: I've gotta get the file on my computer, then copy it to itunes, then move it on itunes from my music to my ipod. I find this very irritating. With the Sansa Clip, you link the player to your computer and it opens like a thumb drive: just click and drag the file onto the player. There are pre-arranged folders you can drag the mp3 into: Audiobooks, Playlists, Record, Music, Podcasts, Service. You can still use a media manager like Windows Media Player or itunes to sync if you want to, but you don't need to!

2) Product Brand: Sansa is the mp3 player created by Sandisc which most of you will recognize as the memorycards you use in your camera. This is a company that has been around for awhile which has a history of creating good quality products. They are not a "flashy" company like ipod, but that just means they are spending their money of R&D and not advertising campaigns.

3) Pretty colors: The 4GB player comes in a lovely array of colors, including my favorite shade of purple. I really only needed the 2GB player, but upgraded one size to get my favorite color. :-) The 2GB and 8GB models currently just come in black.

4) Price: circa 2GB=$30, 4GB=$40, 8GB=$52. ALOT more bang for your buck.

5) Size & weight: 2" x 1" x 1/4" Easy to use clip which I clip to my bra. I can forget it is there, then plug in whenever I want to use it. The player is plastic which means it is lightweight and durable (no glass screen!)

6) Good sound quality. I'm not an expert, but the quality sounds great to me. There are two basic volume options you can choose from the menu (normal, high). Then you use the +/- volume control on the side of the player for smaller adjustments. I think this is done to increase the spectrum of volume you can listen to.

7) Microsd slot and slotradio cards: I did not buy it for this reason, but enjoy this greatly. If you are a fan of Pandora, you will love slotradio. These are tiny memory cards each costing ~$30 which come in a variety of music types with 7-8 preset playlists. Each card contains 1000 songs (yes 1000!). A song can appear on more than one playlist. The playlists are great; each slotradio usually includes a workout and a chill playlist with the rest being more specific to the type of music on that chip. Why so cheap? slotradio avoids copyright issues the way that Pandora does: You don't have control of the order of songs played and cannot replay a song. However you can skip forward as often as you like (which you can't do in Pandora) and there are no adds either. You also do not own the mp3; you can't download a song file from the chip to your computer. I love it because I don't have to buy, upload, and organize songs.

8) FM radio! It is easy to create presets and then skip from radio station to radio station.

9) Recorder. The black outer rim of the player is a microphone which can be used for dictation. Easy to record. When you press stop, the file is automatically saved as an mp3 file which you can delete on the player or copy onto your computer. Just an added bonus.

10) Auto transfer of other file formats to mp3. I had a bunch of files I wanted to listed to but were in wpa or something format that I couldn't put on my ipod. I dragged the file onto the player and was asked if I wanted to store the file or listen to it? I selected listen and the file was automatically converted into an mp3 that I could listen to or drag back onto my computer. MAGIC!

HOW THE SANSA+ COULD BE IMPROVED (for me at least). Other than the first two, these are picky points.
A) Annoying on/off switch: a button similar to that on a computer as opposed to an instantaneous slide on/off like on the ipod. It takes a few seconds to turn on and load; just long enough to be moderately annoying. I think it is set to turn off at 5 min, which I changed to 15 min so I could easily pause, unpause whatever I was listening to without having to wait a few secs for the player to turn on. You can change the setting for length of time for the screen to darken and for the player to turn off.

B) Battery life is ~8 hrs to play music files, ~4 hrs if playing from the slotradio chip (obviously dependent on how often you use the screen). You will have to recharge the player every day or so if you use it every day. In comparison, I could go weeks without needing to charge my shuffle. For someone sitting in front of a computer every day, this isn't a big problem, but if you are going to be traveling somewhere without access to a computer to recharge or overseas, this might become an issue. Fortunately it doesn't take to long to charge completely. However it is a convoluted process to figure out how much batter life is left. There is a bar at the top of the screen, but to get exact % left, you have to go Settings> System Settings> Info> Power. This is not explained in the manual and I had to hunt to find it.

C) Style: the design is a little boxy looking. Even though my player is purple, only the top plastic is colored- the edges and back are black. I would rather have function over cuteness though and I bet future generations will be more attractive. I imagine it also decreases cost to have all players have the same colored base.

D) No case (although no mp3 I know of has one which will store the earbuds, charging cord etc). I need to be able to throw everything into my jumbled bacpack without getting cord snarls, etc. Not a big deal though: I bought a $2 chinese jewelry purse to keep my player, earbuds, charger, and slotradio cards safe which works great. I would love someone to come up with retractable earbuds.

E) Because I listen to a lot of 50 min lecture files it would be great to have a player that remembers where each lecture is paused so I can skip around different lectures without losing my place in each one. The Sansa remembers the pause location of only the last file you listened. This is advantageous for listening to music (be bad to come halfway into each song), but annoying for listening to longer lecture files.
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on May 14, 2017
Battery life sucks. I don't know if the MP3 itself isn't charging anymore or the little cord it came with is no longer charging. It didn't give up one day, it gradually decreased in quality almost pretty quickly. I didn't use it a lot, only to get to work and go for a short jog which would be about 40 min a day and on the average of 3 days a week. I could be partly at fault considered the amount of times I turn it on and off because the destinations I need to get to is so short. Also, sometimes the battery displayed in the top corner was deceiving because it will say it's fully charged and then die after one and a half songs. And the battery goes from full to one bar when I take it off from charging.

Besides all those issues for this $100 device, the music quality is good and the volume goes up very high.
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