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on February 26, 2012
I bought this so I could listen to music while undergoing chemotherapy. I read all the previous reviews both good and bad. I also took note of the recommendations to go for the 4Gb version and add a 32Gb micro SD card.

So I ordered one in black ($10 cheaper than other colors) a 32Gb Micro SD card and a pair of Grado SR-60i's.

The pictures on Amazon don't come close to showing how small this thing really is. It's not much bigger than two postage stamps (snail mail) and as thick as a stack of four quarters. The clip which I was concerned about lies flat and is unobtrusive.

The battery had a small charge so I was able to use it as soon as I cut it out of it's plastic prison. I was able to program in the local FM stations easily without using the manual or quick start guide. It has plenty of volume for the Grado headphones. I've heard they are not an easy load for some devices. The supplied ear buds? The best I can say about them is they work. This thing deserves something better than bargain basement buds. I connected it to one of my PC's using the supplied USB cable and it was picked up immediately (Windows 7). Drag and drop from PC to Clip Zip worked just as it should.

How does it sound? Well, I'm a serious audiophile. When I'm home I listen to a surround system with three sub woofers and four tube driven full range electrostatic speakers. I didn't even own a pair of headphones until now. Several years ago I gave away a pair of Stax electrostatic phones to a friend. His apartment leaked sound like a sieve and his neighbors didn't want to hear his stereo. I don't know if it's the Sansa or the phones but the combination works for me. The sound is very good with smooth response from top to bottom. I'm hearing very good bass and a clear clean very smooth midrange.
Electrostatics tend to do midrange especially the female oice particularly well. Grado and Sansa get it mostly right. I'm particularly sensitive to excessive treble. The treble is there but it's not in your face and I don't hear any ringing. The Clip Zip and Grado phones sound quite good in comparison to my home system. My home system is in another league so that's a real compliment to Sansa and Grado. I recommend this Sansa/Grado combination to anyone who wants good sounding music on the go.
I have not used the audio book or recording functions so I can't comment on them. My only regret is that I didn't spend the extra $20 and get the SR-80i's. Maybe I'll give my brother the SR-60i's and order a pair of SR-125i's!

I compared the Grado's to some Skull Candy buds and a pair of Dr. Dre's beats. The Grado's are better then both for less money.
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on July 13, 2013
Recently got fed up with my iPod Color Photo 4th gen MP3 player because it kept locking up for no apparent reason.
After searching the net I found the Sansa Clip Zip 8GB at a reasonable price through Amazon
Also got a 32GB micro class 10 card to slip into the Clip.

Very easy to operate and Windows XP and 7 don't have any problem finding it when I hook it into a USB port.
Just about everything is Drag and Drop through Explorer and you have the ability to make folders and playlists as well.
It even has a "Go-List" that lets you add favorites as they're playing.

I'm using Skull Candy Ear Buds which have a good frequency response.
The built in graphic equalizer allow you to taylor the sound to the ear buds that you're using.
The buds that come with the unit are marginal at best, but hey, I didn't buy the Clip for the ear buds I bought it for the music capabilities.

The FM radio and Recorder function, to me, are nice plus as well.

I've got over 20GB of music on mine in various directories and playlists.
I use it for the gym and in my car through the cassette adapter in my radio.
No complaints, in fact, I like this unit better than my iPod, (I'm so fed up with Apple and their proprietary software anyway), I'm not even gonna look back.

Absolutely worth the price and very easy to use - That's the bottom line.


Update: 08-21-2013

Have had the Sansa Clip Zip just over a month and absolutely no problems at all.

Battery life is around 10 hours on average. I let the battery drain and then recharge.
I found an LG phone charger that that I wasn't using anymore that outputs the same voltage that's needed to charge the Sansa.
It works very well so I don't have to plug the unit into my computer for charging.
I plug it into my computer for updating and moving music around.
I've not experienced any lockups nor have I had to reset the player.

I have about 7GB of music on the player, (8GB player purchased), and another 20+GB on the 32GB card.
Still using the standard Sansa interface, (GUI), with no problems whatsoever.
So there's no reason for me to use Rockbox or any other interface.

The unit is simple and dependable. It does what it's supposed to do - It plays music.
The FM radio works great in the Gym for listening to news and the Voice Recorder also works without having to remove the Gummie Protector that I purchased for it.

Bottom line:
To me the Sansa Clip Zip is an excellent piece of equipment for MP3's. Simple to use and reliable.
If you want more you'll have to look for something else to use.
This unit puts my iPod Photo to shame and I don't even know I wearing the Clip half the time it's so light.

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on November 25, 2011
This is a good mp3 player. I read the reviews before buying it and decided to go for it. I found one review that proved to be true. That is the meter on the battery doesn't reflect the real battery life of the device. After about the halfway mark it depletes very quickly (about 30m-1h). Fully charged it last me about 10h on full volume. The volume by the way is pretty good, , I listen to them with beats by Dre headphones (solo edition) but the headphones that come in the box are surprisingly good. Love the clip function, I just clip it to my belt loop and go. The whole thing is A LOT smaller than I was expecting, it measures approximately the distance from the tip of the index finger to the second knuckle. I also like the fact that I can increase the size of the memory card, lastly it has an fm radio on it that honestly had all the stations in my area once it came out the box. That I really like. Once again It's a good mp3 player especially for those not looking for too much extra e.g. something to work out with or listen to in commute.
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on April 18, 2012
This is a major rewrite of my original review. When I originally got this MP3 player, I expected that when time came to replace it, something even better would be available. That time came almost 4.5 years later, and only because it received an accidental electric shock. This happened when I first plugged in the USB port to a power strip, then plugged in the audio port to a plugged-in stereo with a connector that had been resting on the carpet. Since the Clip Zip has been discontinued, I looked into its successor, the Clip Sport, and the first thing I checked was whether it would work with Rockbox. Unfortunately, what I learned is that Rockbox does not work with the Clip Sport. Since Rockbox expands the usefulness of this MP3 player so much, I ruled out getting a Clip Sport, and I replaced my broken Clip Zip with a used Clip Zip.

Rockbox is an alternative firmware for MP3 players that is freely available for several different models of MP3 player, and the ability to use Rockbox with the Clip Zip is the main thing that sold me on getting another one. So, here are some of its important features:

1) A customizable display. I use the smallest font I can easily read that fits the most text onto the screen, which is important when you have a small screen. Toward the same end, I have removed its scrollbar and icons, which frees up space for text. I have also colored it the way I like, purple text on a black screen without any distracting backdrop.

2) A file browser. With the file browser, I can access files right away without taking time to build a database first.

3) A database with customizable browsing criteria. It lets me browse the database in various ways, such as by artist, album, or genre (which is technically artist by genre). I have added album by genre, which is the main way I browse for music, and which is essential for playing Coast to Coast AM podcasts in chronological order.

4) A crossfeed option, which greatly improves the sound quality I can get through earphones. When you listen to speakers, you hear a bit from each speaker with each ear, and crossfeed simulates this for earphones. The difference it makes is huge. Before discovering crossfeed, I listened to Yes Years volume 3 with my earphones, and it sounded somewhat boring and left me wondering why I once liked Yes so much. After discovering crossfeed the same day, I listened to the same album again, and this time it sounded wonderful, easily reminding me why I love Yes. I then went on to listen to Stravinsky's Firebird Suite on the radio, followed by Music from the Hearts of Space, and both sounded excellent, easily giving me the best quality sound I've ever gotten from the radio through earphones.

5) The ability to create and shuffle playlists. I normally exercise to Psy Trance or other electronic dance music, and I have put all music of this sort into a huge playlist that I shuffle once, then gradually go through from beginning to end. Since I keep an exercise log in my Kindle, I use that to keep track of where I left off listening to my exercise playlist. When I get all the way through it, I reshuffle it again.

6) The ability to read micro SDXC cards. The Clip Zip has a slot for micro SD cards, which is great, but its native firmware only works with SDHC cards, which are limited to a storage capacity of 32 GB. When SDXC cards became available, I bought a 64GB one, and it worked out fine. When ones with even more storage capacity became available, I bought a 200GB card, a SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD (SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A), and put my entire digitized music collection on it. Note that SDXC cards come formatted as exFAT, and you have to reformat them with FAT32 before they will work with Rockbox. Since Windows puts an arbitrary limit on how large you can format a FAT32 drive, you may have to use a third-party utility, such as fat32format, to get the job done.

7) Support for many more audio codecs than the native firmware supports. However, the native firmware does support all the ones I use, which are MP3, WMA, and OGG Vorbis.

Okay, now I'll turn to features that make the Clip Zip better than other MP3 players that support Rockbox.

1) Flash memory and micro SD card support. My previous MP3 player was a Creative Zen Xtra, which was the size of a cigarette box and used a 2.5 inch harddrive. Because of moving parts, a harddrive will sometimes skip or mess up. With flash memory, that's not a problem, because there are no moving parts. Allowing the use of external cards allows me to expand its memory capacity, and in combination with Rockbox, I can expand it to the largest size currently available. Also, when my first Clip Zip broke, I was able to move my SD card to my new one.

2) Small size. I have dropped my Clip Zip many times without hurting it. The small size also lets me put it in the MP3 player pocket of a moisture wicking shirt I wear when exercising.

3) No touch screen. An MP3 player is for playing audio, not for browsing the web, running apps, or playing games. I normally just want to put it in my pocket without any danger of changing what it is doing by accidentally brushing against a touch screen. Also, not having it leaves one less thing to drain the battery.

4) A rechargeable battery. It can charge while plugged into a USB port or a USB power adapter.

5) A larger screen than the Clip+ has. Having a screen with more rows makes it easier to browse for music or podcasts.

6) An FM radio. Even without any music files stored on it, it can play music.

7) It's not a phone. It's not going to interrupt my music by receiving phone calls.

One feature you might want in an MP3 player which this lacks is Wifi support. This player will not stream music, and you have to connect it or its SD card to a computer to put music on it. Although I do use Spotify a lot, I have other devices I can stream from, and I do not require this ability in my MP3 player.

Finally, I will mention that I have not used the earphones that came with the Clip Zip, because I already have a good pair of earphones (Panasonic RP-HS33-D In-Ear Water-Resistant Sport-Clip Earbud Headphones (Orange)).
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This mp3 play is the best of the best! I have had tons of them in the past going back at least 15 years now. Technology has improved through the ensuing decades from when this type of devise was first introduced. One cannot do much better than the SanDisk Sansa Zip. it is tiny but can store tons and tons of books or music files. I clip mine onto my shirt pocket and use a unibud short cord earphone when I am gardening or doing projects which don't involve a lot of concentration. I also subscribe to audible hence have a large supply of downloaded books which fit very nicely on this devise. I prefer this product over the Sandisk Fuse, esp when driving - because the fuse has a "hair trigger" screen. Seems like you just think about touching the fuse and it reacts. The fuse is totally unsuitable for driving because you need to actually look at it to change tracts or pause or backspace or whatever. Not so with this devise. it is NOT touch screen (unlike the Fuze) so you have to physically click it to make it respond. In short order, you will memorize the location of the buttons and you can do so without looking at the devise - handy when driving. Also, it does not have a "hair trigger" so you can't change it by breathing on it (I exaggerate but you get the point). It is hard to say enough positive comments on this little devise. it is the best all around mp3 player I have ever owned - and I have had a ton of them. Several points which folks might find useful. When listening in the car or at home doing desk work - during times when one is likely to pause the devise to concentrate on something - keep it plugged in vs running on battery. Why you ask? Well if you run it on battery and you pause it, the devise will shut off in short order. Then when you are ready to resume listening - say after a tight spot in traffic wherein you shut your audiobook off - you have to restart the devise and it will need to reboot. If you keep it plugged in to your cigarette lighter jack and you pause it, the devise will not shut down. Now when you hit the replay button, it will start up immediately where it left off without the need to turn on and reboot. Not a huge deal but it makes life simpler. Same with desk work. If you plug it in to an outlet vs running it on battery. Now - when plugged in and you need to pause it - say to answer the phone, or concentrate on something you are doing - it will start right up again after you hit the resume button. No need to wait for the thing to reboot. Other times you DO need to run it on battery - say when you are gardening or cleaning the house or whatever. Here, however, you are less likely to pause it. No need to concentrate much in these settings so you are less likely to shut it off.

Now the way you keep it plugged in is to also buy either a dc or an ac (depending on whether you are in your car or at your desk) charging devise. Here are links to both and a highly recommend you get one of each.

The devise comes with the cable so you don't actually need to buy a usb cable to plug into these charger but one can never have too many usb cables. I personally like the colored ones so I have something akin to this item I like to use a different color for my various devises but that is just me. If your budget is limited, the cable with comes with the devise is enough.

One last thing. It is a very tiny devise and easy to get lost if you are not wearing a shirt with a top pocket. Accordingly, I have also purchased something akin to this item

I attach a lanyard to it and wear it around my neck when gardening, traveling on a plane, walking/hiking etc. The devise is small enough to fit inside along with a short unibud ear piece. The devise will not get lost and it is ever handy esp on a plane when one can simply pull it out and start listening. Audiobooks makes a 5 hour flight go buy much more quickly and saves the hassle of rummaging through the carry on bag looking for the devise. This devise is very tiny so it can easily slip out of a pocket. This system is esp useful when checking into a hotel after listening to it while driving for several hours. It keeps the devise safe and handy so you can pick right up where you left off when you arrive in your room and start to settle in. A small earbud will fit right into the plastic case as well so you will have both at your finger tips at all times. Handy when you are listening to a really good book. I also keep a charger and an extra cable in my toiletry kit so it is always handy once I arrive at my hotel room. These items are cheap enough that an extra can be stowed away and one need not worry about forgetting to pack the charger. There is nothing worse than being engrossed in a great book while traveling, having a dead battery on your mp3 player and then remembering that your charger is on your nightstand at home. Questions? email me at
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 11, 2015
Many users have had problems with the screen dying shortly after purchase. It happens if the device battery gets discharged nearly or completely. Mine died after 4 weeks. Sansa sent me a new one, but it died too, the first time the battery got low. If you buy one, don't let it completely discharge, if you can avoid doing so. However, I have had other devices where this is not an issue, and really, you shouldn't have to worry about that IMO.

Update: Jan 30, 2015: Spoke with customer service, and they empahasized doing a complete charge and discharge 5 times in the beginning, when you first get it. Frankly, I don't thnk a product that requires this is well-designed (or perhaps, they should do the break-in at the factory, before selling it). However, I do recommned following their advice; perhaps it will help avoid this problem.
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on October 5, 2012
I bought this Clip Zip as a replacement for my Ipod after the click wheel stopped working. So far I love it except for a few minor things.

First the good: It's super portable. I knew it was small but it is even smaller then I thought. I love listening to music while I clean, workout, dance, just about everything; the clip attachment so far hasn't snapped off. Songs are real easy to sync/add using windows media player. The FM radio works great; I get a lot of stations but of course it depends on where you're standing while listening. I really love that I can use a microsd card. It's easy to put in and has not popped out.

Now the bad: The reason why I gave only four stars is the tag issue. Depending on where you get songs from, songs will display `unknown artist' even if you rename files before adding to the player. Also the songs used to skip. This can be fixed with something called "MP3 Tag" so it's not so bad. I suggests using this as soon as you start to add songs to the Clip Zip. I didn't and had to rename over 700 songs!

NOTE: When I first plugged in my earphones it didn't seem to go all the way in. I had to push harder but after that it goes in without problems. Also I don't use it for audio books so not sure how good it works. The earbuds that come with the player are not that bad sound wise. They are the hard in ear ones and the cushion ripped pretty easy on mine.
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on October 9, 2014
I buy these and the previous models over and over. I am rough on them because they are used constantly. I also give them away full of music to friends and family that are new to digital music which explains the multiple purchases. They last and last. Even the refurbs. I have had only one that failed. The battery refused to charge on a two year old player. I cant tell you strongly enough how good they are. Buy the player with the smallest installed memory if you like to get a lower price then put in a mini SD card. Here is a list of supported sizes:

Sansa Fuze+ - supports micro SDHC cards up to 32GB, Sansa Fuze supports micro SDHC cards up to 32GB of Class 2 & 4. Clip Sport supports micro SDHC up to 32GB. Sansa Clip Zip supports micro SDHC cards up to 32GB. Sansa Clip+ supports Class 2, & 4 micro SDHC cards up to 32GB.

The supported file formats are: AAC compatible (DRM-free iTunes), AA (audible), FLAC (16bit), MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, and WMA (secure). Be sure to check and see if your player is running the latest firmware to get the best user experience.

There is even an alternative OS called Rockbox for the adventure hounds. Rockbox adds extra file format support and a lot of cool sound adjustments as well.

If you need a small and rugged player that can hold loads of music or audio books then you really ought to try one of these.
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on July 9, 2015
I bought this player because it would play Protected/Secure/DRM WMA audiobooks. It does. Unfortunately, OneClickDigital, a library affiliate that provides audiobooks in Protected WMA format just mentioned to me that Windows will be not allowing Protected WMA books to be downloaded into portable devices such as this. One will need one of the Android or IOS or Kindle Fire like devices which run an operating system and can support apps.

Boy, I had this device for 10 whole days before it was obsolete!
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on December 1, 2012
Had it for, I think, three weeks.

Been using it with rockbox for ~half that time. Don't get me wrong the stock firmware is nice, if a little garish with bright coloured backgrounds, but I prefer the ability to create playlists on the fly in rockbox and am willing to sacrifice the nice automatic bookmarks for audiobooks. You can dual boot anyway, so there's no real lose in functions; but sandisks stock firmware refreshes it's media library on boot, which I don't even use, and recreates it's stock folders which I also don't want.

_Physical Handling_
Dropped it a couple of times. plugged it directly into the base of my headphones (superlux 668hd). Recently started using a short coiled cable, so that I can see it without unplugging it, and no matter where I end up having to clip it on my clothing it stays there despite the coils tension (of course too much and your headphones won't stay put). The 3.5mm jack is in a slightly awkward position for my liking, on the right side near the top. You have to cross a cable over the body of the player to see the screen, esp. with headpones with a left hand side cord. This is probably less of a problem for longer cables, but I can't tolerate either loose cords to snag or tucking the cables in through my shirt.

It's loud. Loud enough that you could damage your hearing depending on the initial sound level of your music. It drives my 52ohm headphones nicely, and before hitting max volume provides decent levels to an old stereo I have in the kitchen (I define decent as it's ~ the same volume as the radio if I had it on, so I don't have to up the dial).

The stock firmware is easy to use, yet feature packed. It supports many formats, my favourite being FLAC support. It has the media library type functions of browsing and playing music by genre, artist, etc; or you can play music by folders, including the ability to play a folder and it's subfolders. I prefer rockbox because I can add specific folders to a playlist, mixing artists and genres if I feel like it, without having to rely on metadata and/or media library processes organizing my music for me.

_Other Features_
There's the voice recorder, which is a nice feature but I haven't played with it much.
The FM radio is great. Headphone cables provide a good antenna for it (at least mine did), I clearly picked up a station that was fuzzy on my stereo.
The only microSD card I currently have is an adata 4gb class 6. Both this and the internal drives have the speeds you would expect. I've experienced no transfer issues. Heck, if I leave it plugged into my computer when I boot both drives show up in the bios as boot options, not that I'd try something like that unless I was really, really desperate.

Charging is quick, and battery life is great. Volume and screen time affect battery life of course, but I've had no problem getting 8 more-or-less straight hours out of it with enough volume to drown out some of the muppetry on buses as well as play around with the playlist every hour or two. At the end of that, every day, I have %30 to %50 battery left. Once, on %30, I put it aside and left it playing for a few more hours to see if I could run it out, but I ended up having to charge it before heading to bed so that I could use it the next day. Rockbox has a plugin to test battery life (creates a log file until it runs flat) but I suspect I'd be without my headphones for 15-20 hours and I don't have any spare to use.

Well if you've read this far you can see what I do and don't care about, at the very least. I, so far, find it to be a very solid and reliable player that exceeds all of my expectations; but as with so many things in life your mileage may vary.
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