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on September 9, 2015
Without Rockbox, this device would be 3.5 stars. With it, it's better than any other portable mp3 player I have ever used.

2 complaints:
- Sweat will get into the d-pad in the bottom and ruin the connectors. I have had two devices lose their down function because of this. The simple solution is to keep it away from sweat. The more elegant solution would be to throw on a silicone cover.
- The screen isn't all that bright, and you will have issues reading it in full sunlight.
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on July 18, 2013
This is my first mp3 player, so I would like to share some of the things I learned while setting it up with the Rhythmbox music player on Ubuntu 12.04.

Before you connect the device to your computer, you have to choose a protocol (settings->system settings->usb mode). There are two choices: MTP and MSC. Each has it's own pros and cons.

-- MTP supports album art. However, the version of Rhythmbox I was using did not support playlists over MTP.

-- MSC does not support album art, but Rhythmbox will automatically upload the playlists from your computer.

When I plugged the device into my computer, it was recognized immediately by Rhythmbox. Right-click the device and select "Properties" to select which playlists to upload. Exit the dialog box, and then press the "sync" button a couple times to initiate the transfer.

Other Tips:

1) If you want to manually create your own playlist in MSC mode, navigate to the root directory of the device (in my case, "/media/0123-4567") and create a plain text file named using the following format: "<my_playlist_name>.m3u". Inside that file, list the names of the songs and their relative paths in the following format:

#EXTINF:,Made Of Wood
MUSIC\Floex\Pocustone\01 - Made Of Wood.mp3
MUSIC\Floex\Pocustone\02 - Phi_log.mp3

2) If you want album art AND playlists, you might have to do a little bit more work. The underlying library -- libmtp -- looks very mature, and there exist Python and Ruby bindings for it. In the worst case, you could write a quick script to manually upload your playlists over MTP.

-- UPDATE --

If your sansa clip zip won't turn on, try resetting the device:

Resetting a Clip Zip, Clip+, Sansa Fuze+, c200 series, e200 series, or e200R series player:
1. Press and hold the Power/Menu button for approximately 20 seconds.
2. Release the Power/Menu button.
3. Press the Power/Menu button again to turn on the player.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 17, 2016
The only reason gave it 2 stars. I would buy this MP3 player is because it is sported by audible books. But it does not do nearly as good as the old Sansa disk version. I work in the Sillcon chip design industry as an engineer so I understand some of the challenges that require continuous updating of silicon. But with that in mind SanDisk really dropped the Ball on this one. They would have done better if they had keep the digital logic part as is. I would rather have a bug free lower memory than have 16GB that only half way work. I have three younger brothers that were these things out listening to audio books. These newer version have so many bugs that I will only list a couple: It will not keep you place, so you have manually find you place again each time you turn it off. Sometimes it is unable to find books on the SD card. the controls are more cunky and difficult to use. To give you and idea on how bad this new version is the older discontinued version (without color screen) is selling for more than $100 while this one with 4 times the memory is barely able to sell for $34. SanDisk you really screwed up this time you should be ashamed of yourselves.
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on June 8, 2014
I really do love it! I needed something small that I could listen to my sleep tapes and music on in bed. This unit is very small and easy to operate in the dark too. I must mention that I am way behind the times as far as all these new players and gadgets. It took me a while to figure it out, perhaps because I am 73. I asked a little kid out at the bus stop and he helped me get it set up! Ok, if I can use this player, anyone can! It is easy to upload music and programs from the internet. I did buy some regular headphones since the little ear buds wouldn't stay in my ears. This player was worth the money and I was lucky to find one on Amazon because all the local computer stores don't carry them anymore.
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on June 22, 2014
I received the unit on May 3, as a gift given on May12. When my boyfriend plugged the cable into the headphone jack yesterday (June 21), it made a snapping noise and the screen went blank. So why did I give it 4 stars? I have used Sandisk flash cards and other products for a long time, and never had one fail before with normal use. My first instinct was to come here to Amazon and give it a one star rating for giving out so quickly, but instead I went to the Sansa Clip zip webpage and checked support. Sure enough, there were instructions on what to do it the screen goes blank. I was dubious, thinking it has gotten a nasty shock that nothing could revive, but I followed the simple instructions (hold the power button down for 20 seconds), and sure enough it came back to life!

This is a cheap little device, and after it quit, I thought maybe I should have sprung for something pricier/better quality. I was happy to discover that a quick trip to their website yielded a simple fix. Oh, and I am a hero for raising it from the dead!
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on May 23, 2016
Awesome mp3 player. Delivers all the features you're looking for, has none of the drawbacks or restrictions of other players.

Size: smaller than I expected. Wide as two fingers and fall as half my middle finger. Weighs next to nothing.

Ergonomics: Button placement is perfect. Physical volume, play/pause, select, back, and on buttons. Buttons are very responsive. Takes just the right amount of pressure. The clip is great. It works like a lever so you press one end to open the clip. Makes it much easier to use!

Storage: Mine came with 4 GB internal memory. I got a 64 microSD card and formatted it to FAT32 (came as exFAT). Works perfectly. I'm not sure of a size limit as long as it's formatted to FAT32.

Speed: Quick and responsive.

Features: Scrolls quickly through long song lists. Can resume a song where you last left off. Drag-and-drop functionality - no third-party software needed - which was a make-or-break feature for me. I haven't used the Audiobooks feature. Can create on-the-go playlists. Can read ID3 tags so you can sort by folder --> filename OR by album/artist/genre/etc.

Sound quality: Only area that's lacking. Not perfect, but not terrible. However, I Rockbox'd my devide, giving access to custom equalizer settings, which really improved sound quality.

Charging: Comes with a microUSB-to-USB cable. Charged in 2-3 hours with a wall charger (not included). Battery life is at least several hours.

Final verdict: Love this thing. Would highly recommend it to anyone, especially those with large music libraries, due to expandable memory, those who like podcasts, due the exceptional way it handles skipping through long files and its resume functions, and those who want to wear it during sports or other hands-free tasks, due to the clip and the external buttons (making it easy to navigate without looking at the screen). Also great for luddites like me who have stubbornly stuck to filenames/ID3 tags to organize large music collections.
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on August 28, 2013
- Cheap, cheap, cheap
- Very small and lightweight - clips to clothes and hardly noticeable
- Battery life (I've had about 7 hours listening out of it)
- Sound is great provided you use your own earbuds
- Simple navigation - can change tunes on the treadmill without looking
- Drag and drop song loading
- (I'm told) iTunes compatible
- Nice colors

- Stock earbuds aren't great - but cmon....

I bought this as an unobtrusive mp3 player for the gym and for hiking. It is a gem, The sound is great and the battery life is ample for a fairly long hike. It clips on the pocket of my T-shirt or my pants pocket and is completely out of the way in the gym and comfortable for extended walks. I've already given it a lot of use. It has been dropped, sat on sweated on and generally abused and still looks and behaves like new.

I use my own earbuds - the ones that came with it are okay but not as good as my old ones - which is no surprise at this price. The sound is easily as good as my old, old 5th gen classic iPod and the EQ options are better, I think.

I've seen a few concerns about the plastic rather than metal build but a. The plastic has withstood a beating from me and still works, All switches and buttons still function perfectly after fairly significant abuse; and b. Look at the price - I think it would be hard to use titanium alloy for 20 something bucks...

I would recommend this highly - it is a cinch to use and surprisingly well built.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 30, 2015
It worked fantastic for about 6 months then started having issues, turning itself off with full battery...not turning on at all for like 6 days then suddenly working again. Also super short battery life, every year we drive 13 -14 hours full trip to pick up my husbands older kiddos for summer and the silly thing doesn't even last half way with a fully charged battery when my other player I replaced this one with would go DAYS with out needing a charge...VERY disappointed with the short battery life :(
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on August 31, 2013
I bought this MP3 player and it worked fine for 2 weeks. At that point it would no longer boot or attach to my computer. SanDisk support (they were very good, actually) determined it is dead so I'm returning it to Amazon for a refund.
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on May 11, 2013
I received the unit one day ahead of time (Thank you Amazon). Amazon packaging was fine. The manufacturer package would have withstood a nuke blast. Geezzz, finally got the plastic packing open without damaging the player (well almost. Tiny scratch on case). Hint: Use Sissors.

Plug in the usb cable to computer and charge the player at least an hour. The unit comes up on the drives listing on the computer. You can make directories and copy paste music files into it. There is some free songs included, the Raveonettes "Last Dance" (Spin like Spurs) is fantastic.

I am a longtime Devotchka fan "How it ends" fav. I bought the unit to use as a meditation aid with Chakra tones (528Hz/OM). These exercises last for hours. Thus I needed a long play unit (15 hours is claimed)

The music can be in repeat mode and random play. The FM radio has user defined presets plus the receiver has a scan mode that will pick up all usable stations, which can be deleted later or each station can be deleted.

The included ear buds work fine for me. There is a settings menu that is well done with lots of custom choices. The instructions are quite good, but a complete manual can be downloaded from web site. Oh,, while you are on website check for update on op system for the unit.

Power up the unit by pressing a silver bar on top of unit (it has to boot up). Power down by holding button down for 2 secs. The menus are logical and easy to access. Didn't try the video I have a Kindle fire for that. The album pictures look good on the little screen.

Great value (eat your heart out, Apple).

Note: I bought the 4GB model and a 8GB miniSD. If you have tons of files I would recommend the 8GB model as the SD is a minor hassle.

Note: A local guy jogging with ear buds on a player got ran over by a garbage truck, he didn't hear the warning horn.. Becareful.
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