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on August 30, 2011
I am a big old fat geek that recently got into doing...(GASP!)...exercising.

I have many MP3 capable products and reasons why I am very fond of this little one for my new found effort. I have the following list of products and have tried my:

Nexus S (too big and heavy for running, no physical buttons)
iPod touch 4th Gen (Big, expensive at the storage size i wanted and no buttons for music controls)
iPod Nano 4thGen (little, has a clip, but why the hell can't they include buttons?)
iPod shuffle (not enough storage and I don't want to mix in my metal songs from lifting weights into my up beat running songs...)

The clip Zip sounds great, is very small, has a clip and has physical buttons.

It fits every need i want. The bonus is the MicroSD slot, I can not stress this enough. Skip the 8GB version and get the 4GB and pair it with a 16 or 32GB card. Bam 20-36GB of storage, insanely small and still clocks in under $100.

FLAC support.

Low rez color screen does what it needs to. Won't knock people over but tells you whats playing with album art.

As for the other areas, the stop watch works like a stop watch...It keeps time and does splits. Not a huge thing and if you are using a polar watch or at a gym, the machine you are on will do just as well and be more convenient. In a pinch it works.

The FM radio works fine. I live in a rural area, so my station choices are limited. From my experience, it works just fine if you are in an area with good recption.

*UPDATE* MM works on updated firmware...still broken on stock firmware. Drag and drop also works, so you have that going for you.

General gripe: The included headphones are perfect for giving to people you hate. You can use them, i guess, if you want to torture yourself, but like any MP3 player, Apple or otherwise, get some better phones...your ears and your music will appreciate it.

Considering you would need to pay twice as much for an iPod with fewer features, no physical buttons and no storage expansion, just to run in a hampster wheel, save your scratch and get this guy. You will be glad you did, as it looks good, sounds good and does a it in a small package that just screams to be used in your fitness routine.

Update of an update: A new firmware patch was released, make sure to update your new Clip Zip or you will experience the "Static Blast" between some of your songs...not fun, but it has been addressed, so make sure to update right away.
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on December 17, 2011
After absolutely loving both my older models of the Sansa Clip, I was super pumped to get this one. Love the lcd screen and color choices, but was disappointed they did not make the clip stronger. I have had two of the old clips snap and hoped this one would be designed sturdier. However, this one feels as weak or weaker than the last one.


After a 2 days of light use, it turned off suddenly and would not come back on. I plugged it in to the usb, pressed every button, and every combination of buttons- nothing. Finally I read online that if you hold the power button for over 30 seconds it would unfreeze it. It finally did. However, since then it has been crashing several times daily, and even holding the button won't make it come back on. Eventually, it may return to life several hours later on its own, but not when you need it. Highly annoying, and I already consider the thing useless.

Am I the only one having this (or similar to this) problem?

I am ordering the Sansa Clip+ again. Screw this.
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on February 7, 2012
I purchased a Clip+ Plus over a year ago and have enjoyed so much that I purchased a Clip Zip as a backup as I never wanted to be without my portable music.

At first glance it seems to be a slightly upgraded model with a color screen and a stop watch. Which just about covers the main changes.

The problem comes when you start loading it with music and play lists. Just like the Plus model it supports external memory cards up to 32gb. However, unlike the Plus model, the Zip model does NOT support play lists stored on the external memory card. As I see it this makes the memory card a useless waste of space, no way I'm going to navigate 32gb of songs one at a time.

I contacted SanDisk and confirmed that this is the way it is intended to work so there is no fix expected.

My recommendation (and what I intend to do) is to stick to the Clip+ Plus model that actually works as expected.

As for the color screen that displays album art, I'd rather have the better information on the currently playing song as well as the additional storage space for more music files than album art that only stays visible for 30 seconds if at all (screen goes dark after music starts to save battery life). The old mono screen is much easier to read as well.

I have loved Sandisk products for many years but this time they just missed the mark by such a wide margin it's scary.
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on April 20, 2012
I liked the size and the sound was great from such a small device. Audiobooks came through bright and clear and I liked the clip so I didn't have to worry about where to put it. It would clip on anywhere.

What disappointed me greatly was that it totally quit working less then six months after I bought it, and it's not used on an ongoing basis. There's weeks when I don't listen to it at all. When it is used, it's no more then a half hour at a time. There's no reason other then bad quality that it should have stopped working. It won't even boot up.

Too bad...I don't like giving negative reviews, but in this case, this one deserves one. Now I have to go spend more money to buy another when I should have spent a bit more in the first place to get a player with a higher rating. Oh well...live and learn.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 17, 2014
If you are looking for something to run your audio books on THIS ONE IS NOT IT. In spite of it's reviews (I don't think they even tried it).

It wasted a lot of my time trying to get it setup. Then I realized that it could not be setup.
This thing first of all shoves Windows software down your throat to manage your media. Although there is a link that says “Change program” it does not present any choice. Your still stuck with Windows media player which only does music. Your files won't even show up.

If you load files in folders from your computer to this unit it will not show the folders at all. Everything will be in a continuous list. If you have named chapters their order will not be maintained.

This is for music only.
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on June 18, 2014
I am really enjoying using this.....my only downside, which applies to all sandisk sansa.....BRING OUT THE BLUETOOTH MP3 PLAYER, PLEASE.

Now that we have that out of the way.

The size and weight of this thing is amazing. I love that it is so small, yet the buttons are so easily accessible.

The ability to use a microSD card is absolutely the best. In the world of "iEverything", it is nice that a company can put out a player that allows us to manipulate it how we wish. I plop a microSD card in my cardreader on my pc, drop and drag files and I'm set.

On the go playlists are easy to set. Just a push of the button adds songs to a playlist for you. Great for me, since I have 28gb of music on there and sometimes realize a song I just shuffled to is a good workout song.

The 3.5 jack fits very snug, which is good, as I've had jacks where a slight tug pulls the cord out.

The clip is sturdy and solid, although I do hear they break? Oh well, I also see there are options to fix that.

Their customer service is amazing as well. I had some questions after receiving the product, and went to their website. They had a chat feature, and the rep was rather knowledgeable without needing to look up every piece of information on a script. It was a very friendly, colloquial conversation.

The battery is lasting me for a couple days worth of work music, mowing music, and running music. I would say a good 12-16 hours or so....and that's me constantly pushing buttons to jump to the next song.

It is loud....I compared this to my little garbage nano, and to my s4 that I used to use. The volume on those does not compare.

I saw where some people complained about this screen, but I have no issues with it. I don't care about artwork or anything, so I agree, it could just be text, but nothing worth griping about.

I do wish the micro sd and charge port was covered, but I think a case and some electrical tape will do. (too bad there is only one silicone sleeve that covers the slots, otherwise it would be perfect...that one silicone sleeve, you can only buy in packs of 10 that I can find)

it has plenty of settings to set to your preference. I will never use the memory on the system itself, and i would recommend to everyone buying this, look for a good deal on a 32 gb card. I just got another for $17 from sandisk, and it has plenty of room for thousands of songs.

I am definitely using this more than I expected. Great device, I love the simplicity.
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on November 26, 2013
I purchased the Sansa Clip Zip 4GB + a 32GB micro SD card. I was hoping to put my entire music collection of 30GB onto this device, but I didn't know there was a device DATABASE LIMITATION of 6000-8000 songs ([...] I spent considerable amount of time before learning this information trying to figure-out why the player would get stuck on "refreshing your media" and never move past this screen. By moving a small amount of music at a time I learned the greatest amount of music that the player would be able to accept was 28 GB (out of 36 GB total storage). This might not be a limitation for you, but it was a big disappointment for me. And buying the 8GB player doesn't remedy the situation as it has the same database limitation of 6,000-8,000 songs max.

Otherwise, this is a nice little player for the price. If you aren't trying to max it out like I was than I would recommend it. Definitely don't buy the 8GB Clip Zip player as it is cheaper to buy the 4GB Clip Zip player + and a micro SD card.
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on August 30, 2011
Although the description of the Clip Zip states that it will play audiobooks that's not totally honest. Audible.com is the largest provider of online audiobooks. The Audible books are in files with an .AA extension. The Clip Zip will not accept this file type (even though the Clip and Clip + do). As a result Audible's Audible Manager rejects the connection of the Clip Zip. It makes no sense that Sandisk would decide to exclude the AA file type but they do. So if you're getting the Clip Zip to listen to Audible Audiobooks forget it -- at least until Sandisk comes to their senses. Otherwise the Clip Zip is a flashy little device with color screen but for one who uses it strictly for Audible audiobooks it makes a nice gizmo to hold up my running shorts.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 23, 2016
I dont often write reviews, but needed to for this MP3 player. I purchased 3 of these for my mother, as gifts. She likes to exercise and listen to music. The reason behind the 3 purchases is because this player lasts about a year or less. She really loved this MP3 player at first, and for $50 its not a bad deal. However, the first one started locking up at about a year, the second one would lock up from the beginning every few days or so but my mom would reset it until the next time. The last one, only lasted about 3 months, until I gave up and ordered her a shuffle. No screen, but has lasted her over a year already. Also, you should note that my mom is not computer savvy, and never plugged this into a computer. I have always pre-loaded all her music then shipped it to her or brought it when I visited.

FYI: I called for warranty support on the 3rd sandisk, and they wanted me to perform a bunch of resets and things before they would consider it under warranty. I couldnt, since I didnt have the product (mom lives in another state), and so ultimately they wouldnt honor any warranty. To much hassle to ship and test and ship again so that I could get a brand new piece of crap.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 19, 2014
I loved this player from the day I received it until today.... after 5 1/2 months it has died!!! This one was bought to replace another that I had that died after 16 months, only because I dropped it -- totally my fault. Hear my warning (and those of many others) this little device works extremely well.... but not for long!

Above was my original review that accompanied a one-star rating. Since then, a Sandisk Support member contacted me and quickly explained how to perform a hard reset. Tada!!!! It's working again!! Furthermore, I performed a hard reset on the one I thought I broke last April by dropping it. Guess what? The hard reset allowed communication between my computer and it is now charging. If you are considering purchasing this SanDisk, I recommend it with a 5-star rating. If you have purchased one and think it has inexplicably quit, contact SanDisk, or pull out/find the quick start guide and give a hard reset a try. Obviously, I do not know whether this will solve the issue with yours, but it solved the issue with two of mine!

Edit: April 21, 2015 This is my second edit of my original purchase. Indeed, a Sandisk Support member helped me out with my last problem and I was thrilled that my favorite little player wasn't a lost cause. Unfortunately, my player has stopped working AGAIN! Yesterday, a year after purchasing this player, it stopped playing while I was running. I attempted a hard reset, as I was directed once before, but this time to no avail. The "drops and spills" coverage wouldn't have helped because I neither dropped my player nor spilled liquid on it. As you're probably ready to point out, yes, I was running and my sweat was all over this little baby (I truly love this little player -- when it is working). Searching for help online, I have read that others having this same trouble (i.e. player "dies" while owner is exercising) and they have poured distilled water one it (to wash away sweat) and then let it dry out for 1-2 weeks and theirs fired right back up. I am worried about purposely dousing this with water, albeit distilled. If you are interested in this popular device, I would like to warn you about some of these Sandisk Sansa Clip Zips being fickle. Even if you do not read here about people sweating on these and them dying, read elsewhere before deciding on this device. It's a day later and my device is still not being recognized by my computer when I plug it in. There is absolutely no response when I perform the hard reset. My fingers are crossed that I can edit this review again because it miraculously begins working.
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