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on November 18, 2007
I am using this card in a Garmin 60CX GPS. So far it has performed flawlessly. The price was low, and SanDisk has a good quality reputation so I bought one to go with the Garmin. The card came with an adapter to "convert" it into a regular-size SD card, so you can switch it between devices requiring Regular SD and Micro-SD. I am actually using the adapter, along with the 64 meg MicroSD card that came with the Garmin, in my HP-50g calculator.

BTW, these micro-SD cards are really tiny, like the size of a pinky finger nail, and a little hard to handle with bare fingers if you are on the clumsy side and prone to dropping things, so be careful and maybe use a tweezers or something similar to handle it. If you drop the darn thing in tall grass, or even on a thick pile carpet in your house, you might never find it again.
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on October 6, 2007
This was a great price for 2 GB of storage for my Samsung D807. Oddly, you have to put the card in "upside down" for most of Samsung... that is, contact facing UP.

Don't have a use for the adapter, but I'm sure it works as good as the memory card.

In any case, I bought mine from Straight Trading. No problems. Item arrived well, and worked as soon as I plugged it in. Fully Sandisk, it came in the Retail packaging. All they do is send it to you, the rest is up to USPS. :) I was worried because it was sooo cheap. But, I took the risk. I found out there IS NO risk. Buy it cheap, wait for USPS to deliver it, and BAM. Straight Trading sent it right out.

MAKE SURE YOUR DEVICE is COMPATIBLE WITH THE AMOUNT OF MEMORY you PURCHASE! :) It isn't their fault if you buy the wrong stuff!!! If you do, don't be like the rest of the people around here, and give them a bad rating because you didn't pay attention to the features of YOUR device. They didn't say it would work with your device, they simply sold you a 2 GB MicroSD card from SanDisk (that works!!!), so if YOU want to complain, call up tech support for YOUR MOBILE DEVICE, and tell them YOU are an idiot!!!
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on January 2, 2008
This card was recognized by my mobile phone right away, and the added storage capacity is helpful. However, my PC would not recognize the card when it's in the adapter, which isn't helpful in allowing me to transfer files (photos, video, mp3s) between the two, which defeats the purpose of my needing larger storage for extra mp3s and photos.

This card also suffers from very poor user design. The micro sd is tiny as expected, but when it slides into the adapter, it becomes virtually impossible to remove. I'm a small woman, with small hands and fingers, and it took me at least 15 minutes each time to remove it (I kept trying to make sure I wasn't inserting it incorrectly) with great difficulty. Twice I got it out by chance, and the last time I had to find tweezers to pull the thing out. That the adapter and the card itself feels like flimsy plastic isn't helpful as I was afraid I was damaging the card and/or the adapter in the process.

While I'm sure the average user will be able to get the storage they need out of the card, there is much room for improvement in this product to make it one I would highly recommend.
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on August 5, 2007
There is not much I can say about this item. It is extremely small and somewhat fragile. Therefore one must use extreme caution when inserting and removing this memory card from their electronic device. It would be very easy to drop and lose and could likely snap if much pressure was used. Still, this is to be expected from such a miniature item made of plastic. The cost is amazingly low for such a large amount of capacity. More and more electronic devices, such as cell phones and MP3 players, are using the MicroSD memory cards. I can tell you that you can't go wrong with the SanDisk Micro SD 2 GB memory card.
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on March 9, 2011
Micro-SD is useful for cell-phone devices and other small portables that utilize this format. The card works well and can be used to move data between any with SD card slot as well (using Micro-SD to SD adapter). So you can easily transfer pictures or music from cell-phone to laptop and vice-versa.

I got it to move all my pictures from an old cell-phone to new one and it worked great. Saved some money as well, since Verizon store wanted to charge me to transfer pictures and data between phones.
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VINE VOICEon January 5, 2008
In some ways, this review will be useless to some people: My wife uses this card in her phone, and she's not a very strict taskmaster. She doesn't do anything with her phone except make calls and calendar reminders, so this product really isn't being put through its paces.

From the physical side of things, I feel comfortable with guessing (this is strictly opinion) that this product represents a mix of issues.
GOOD: The ratio of size to memory is great, and with 2 gigs a casual user of a smartphone should get some good use out of it (no crazy wannabe Ipod use from a phone, etc.). If you need more memory, you should be using a computer, not a phone.
BAD: If you are the type of person that will be constantly removing and reinserting the card in your phone, thick fingers or clumsy fingernails might get in the way. This thing is DAINTY; "Micro" is a perfect designator.
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on July 14, 2007
It works like it's descrribed. I got it for my LG Chocolate phone. I see that many people are having propblem putting music to get to work but what they are doing it wrong is first of all you insert the card to the phone to create the folders that you need. Next, connect it to the computer and when you transfer the musics in the music folder, do not put it in any sub-folders. All the songs, pic or videos cannot be in the sub-folder. They can only be on that direct folder. For example, "music1.mp3" can only be in the "Music" folder. Not "Music/Music1" folder. Goes same for pic and videos.

Only bad thing is that since it's so small, it lacks the speed. Will take a bit to fill up the whole 2 GB. But it is worth it.
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on July 26, 2007
One of the best memory card makers out there, Ihave had no problems with any of thier products, including this great 2 gig Micro SD card.

It works flawlessly in my Nokia 5300 cell phone/mp3 player and in my Nintendo DS R4 cartridge. I have also not had any problems with the various USB readers and SD card adapters I have used with it to access it on my PC.

If you need a Micro SD card, this 2 gig is a great value and well worth the purchase.
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on April 12, 2011
The card works great for storing and transferring files, but not for running programs off of it. Specifically, the card's performance is incredibly poor when it comes to running homebrew applications on the Nintendo DS. When using this card, games and applications suddenly have graphical glitches, screen stuttering when scrolling, and gameplay speed reduced by about 10%, especially when things get demanding. The card I received was manufactured in South Korea (important to know as cards perform slightly differently depending on where they were made).

If you are planning on using this card for your digital camera, GPS, or for small backup purposes, it's an excellent buy. But if you're looking for running programs off of it, look somewhere else.
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on January 19, 2008
This SanDisk Micro SD card does exactly what it should do - store stuff. It is used in a Garmin GPS reciever to store map data and has worked perfectly.

A general note that I've found about Micro SD cards - they can be a little finicky to insert and seem to hang up sometimes. Double check to be sure the proper side is up and then wiggle it gently until the card slides properly into the slot and press until it latches. Gets easier with practice.
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