Customer Reviews: 8GB Sandisk MicroSDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter
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on January 20, 2008
I bought this along with a Sandisk MicroSD-to-MiniSD Adapter (Bulk Static Package) for use with my Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. It was detected fine after insertion, not requiring any further installation or OS updates to detect and use all 7.44GB (see below). Make sure your device specifically supports SDHC (different from regular SD) type memory cards before you buy or else you might be limited to using only 2GB or 4GB of space (if it works at all). Also, this card should function perfectly in any devices that accept full-size SDHC cards, simply insert the MicroSDHC card into a MicroSD-to-MiniSD adapter, and insert that into a MiniSD-to-SD adapter.

This is a Class 4 card meaning that it gets real-world performance of about 4MB (1 MB = 2^20 bytes) sustained write speed, which is about what I've experienced with it. It feels quite acceptably fast for most applications. For example, playing back WVGA resolution 1.5mbps H.264/AVC video plays back smoothly at full 24 fps. This card can hold approximately 8-9 feature-length movies at these settings.

In the Box
This package includes the 8GB MicroSDHC card and an extremely small USB 2.0 MicroSDHC reader which can, for example, be plugged directly into a Mac/Windows system to function as a sizable USB thumb drive. There are no moving parts on the reader. An optional mini-lanyard is also included for use with the reader. This does not come with a MiniSD adapter, a full SD adapter, cables, or any other accessories. The MicroSDHC card is *very* small, in case you haven't seen them in real life, they are much smaller than they appear in the pictures. In my case, it's actually smaller than my thumbnail. Be advised that if you don't have a safe storage place for it, it will, no doubt, get lost very quickly.

Be aware that even though this is advertised as 8GB, it is notated as 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes or 10^9 bytes (decimal definition) while most all computer systems will interpret it as the binary definition: 1GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes or 2^30 bytes. This means that the actual usable capacity is actually approximately 8*0.93 = 7.44GB (i.e. about 7.44GB of actual space, not the full 8GB). This isn't a con, just saying don't be surprised when you get it installed and it's not the full 8GB.

File systems
This card comes pre-formatted with FAT32 which is compatible with most operating systems and mobile devices. You can, of course, format it yourself to whatever other file system you want such as NTFS, HFS+, ext3, and so forth. If you don't know which file system you need, chances are you won't have to change it at all as FAT32 is compatible with numerous devices and operating systems. Check your device's documentation for file system compatibility information specific to your device. Be aware that if you format this using the FAT16 file system (might be required for some legacy hardware) you will only be able to use 4GB of the card's total capacity (minus the additional decimal-to-binary conversion loss as explained above).

I bought this for around 140 USD just a week ago, and in that short amount of time the price has already dropped to only about 90 USD, this is certainly a great deal, and I would definitely expect it to fall more as time goes on, especially once the expected 12GB and 16GB capacity cards are available.

Just as you would expect from (and partners), this is, without a doubt, a genuine SanDisk memory card. I have specifically verified the security hologram on the packaging to have the following authentication features: 1) Large sparkling 'star' sign in the top right hand corner of the rectangular block with embedded SanDisk logo. 2) Unique, ten-digit SanDisk Serial Number along the bottom. 3) Embedded logo block has a unique amount of virtual dots on the left, right, top and bottom when viewed at the appropriate angles. 4) Dots are white on black (new feature introduced in 2007). 5) Secondary SanDisk logo visible *underneath* the first holographic logo.

The Future
According to Engadget, SanDisk has announced at CES 2008 a 16GB MicroSDHC card which will be available in June 2008, so if you want more capacity than this 8GB version, I'd recommend waiting to get the future 16GB version which is said to be compatible with all current compliant MicroSDHC devices (including the N810). The SDHC specification allows for cards all the way up to 2048GB (that's two terabytes!), so expect bigger and cheaper cards to be released regularly.
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on March 16, 2008
The key to this review is:

"I then formatted the memory card just as I do to all new memory cards, and the memory went down to 3.6 GBs."

The poster must have reformatted the card to FAT16 from the factory format of FAT32. FAT16 only supports a maximum of 4GB, which is why the card seems to have lost half of its capacity. If the reviewer had left the formatting alone, or reformatted as FAT32, he/she would still have the approximately 8GB of capacity.
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on August 16, 2013
I love my Garmin, but Garmin is kind of dumb. They barely put in enough memory for a map of the United,States, if you add much of anything else, you cap out the memory. Fortunately, my GPS has a MicroSDHC card slot. Now, I've got plenty O memory. Happiness reigns in the valley again.
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on December 31, 2011
Purchased this usb card for around 8 bucks; they have the same item in Walgreens for $30 - do you BELIEVE that. Holds mucho songs. I don't have any problems with it. I load the songs with a little usb reader and then play them in my car radio that has a usb plug. Love it. If I should need another one, this will be the first place I will go.
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on January 6, 2008
The card worked perfectly with my Australian Nokia N95, flashed with the latest Nokia firmware at the time (something to the effect of Did not have to do anything special, just plugged it in, checked the memory and sure enough, there it was at the correct size.

The included USB adapter is really handy, allowing the card to be plugged straight into a USB port without the need for MicroSD to SD adapter followed by an SD to USB or card reader. So it is also useful as a USB key.
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on January 30, 2012
Title says it all. Slid this into my new Roku 2 XS, the Roku formatted it without a hitch. The Roku company sells 2 gig cards, so I assume this 8 gig card is more than enough.
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on April 7, 2008
There's nothing wrong with this great product -- it was pure and simple stupidity and operator error.

Like one reviewer wrote, do not sneeze when handling this card! ((S)he wasn't kidding!)

I had to use a pair of tweezer to get it out of the tiny reader (no nails). The card bounced off the carpet and straight into the heating system air-intake vent ...

Had to order a second card 5 minutes later (after having expelled a lot of "French").
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When I ordered this I did not realize that the card included the adapter so I ordered an adapter at the same time. However, I now know that was not necessary because the same adapter was
included in the holder with the card.

Never having used an adapter before I had to look on the internet for instructions. None come with the card/adapter. The adapter looks like a regular SD card with the contacts just like an SD card. There is a slot on the bottom edge of the adapter to insert the card. It took me several trials and errors before I learned that the card (contacts down like the contacts on the adapter) must be pushed in all the way so that it does not protrude from the bottom edge. Only then will the sd card register on your computer. It takes a little pressure to push the card all the way into the adapter and it takes some effort to pull it out. To pull it out you must grip it with the nails of two fingers and pull. I must admit that I was concerned that it would not come out, but with continued tugging it did. The sd card is so tiny that when pushed all the way into the adapter there is not much exposed of the card that you can grip with your finger nails.

But the price is very good and the card and adapter work. Good value.
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on March 15, 2012
I paid for a new card, but when the card arrived, not in original packaging, but in a letter envelope, I discovered that IT WAS USED AND HAD SOMEONE'S PERSONAL INFORMATION ON IT from an android phone. WOW! How do they dare do such things?
Additionally, there was no adaptor as shown. It was only a class 2 card, different than shown.
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on April 24, 2008
Love this card. I have the HTC Tilt 8925 / TyTN II which supports up to a 32GB MicroSD card. I have the card partitioned, 2 and 6GB. 2GB for TomTom GPS Software and the 6GB for file storage. The phone see it as 2 storage cards. Great Price. Love the MobileMate Reader. The lanyard clip broke on the first day but I don't use it anyways. Great Price!! AT&T sells a 4BG one for $80!!
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