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on November 21, 2009
I am a letter carrier for the post-office and my pocket radio was my constant companion. In this age of MP3 players and
I-pods, it would seem that the AM /FM pocket radio had become extinct. No electronics store, even in New York City could offer a reasonable replacement for my worn out AIWA CR-LD100. I thought my radio days on the route were over. In desperation I searched the web and came upon the SANGEAN DT-120. If you are looking for a pocket sized, lite-weight radio that offers outstanding reception when you are on the move, then this is it. Only slightly bigger than the AIWA but not bulky at all. The reception is outstanding and there is plenty of volumn. With 5 preset buttons for 2 FM bands and 1 AM, you get 15 presets. The controls are not complicated at all. The on/off button is at the top, on the edge, and the volume toggle is directly below it(maybe a little too close to the on/off). On the front face, 4 buttons control the band selector, x-tra bass, and manual tuning. The digital display is plenty big and highly visible. Across the top edge are the TINY and close set, preset buttons. You can easily cover two of them with one finger tip, so you need a light touch. Its the only feature that is problematic for me, but in no way is it a deal breaker. The AM receiver is quite sensitive and easily pulls in distant stations, especially at night. Which is perfect if you like to search for sporting events from local stations in far away cities. The FM stereo is superb, loud ,clear, with lots of seperation. The sound quality of the ear buds is excellent, but because I walk all day I needed to replace them with the type that hook around my ears. I use this radio all day sometimes 10 hours a day, and the battery lasts about a week and a half. I never thought I would find a radio as good as my AIWA, but the Sangean DT-120 does the job for me.
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on January 19, 2013
I feel uniquely qualified to give an opinion on this product as (Amazon can verify) I have purchased several Sangean DT-180's over the past several years.
I have yet to find anything else out there that combines the compactness of this radio with its audio quality. Station selectivity is good. Music and talk quality are above average. Battery life is commendable. Operation of the product is intuitive. The price is reasonable. It fits easily and unobtrusively in my pocket when I'm hiking or walking.
All of this being said, this radio has one major (and one minor) flaw.
I am easy on my electronics... I still have functioning radios that I bought over 25 years ago, so I don't attribute this flaw to lack of care.
Inevitably, if you buy this radio, the radio will reliably begin to malfunction after 12-18 months and soon get to the point that it is unusable junk. You turn the power button on and in minutes (later seconds) it will turn itself off. Replacing the battery will not help. Nothing I tried helps. Not sure if it is a problem with the on-off button, the radio timer, or whatnot but the problem appears to be irreversible. Of course, by this time, the Sangean warranty has long expired.
The second flaw is the headphones. They have good sound quality and sensitivity, but, if well cared for, will last approx 9-12 months before they fall apart and you have to go out and replace them. Count on this expense.
As previously said, I haven't otherwise found a radio that combines this one's positive attributes, so i just swallow hard and buy a replacement every year or year-and-a-half and chuck the old one in the garbage. If you can't afford to do this, you'd best look elsewhere.
Undoubtably, Sangean knows of this power problem which has been ongoing for years (just search through prior Amazon reviews here and see what I mean) and either doesn't know how to fix it or simply does not care.
Happy listening.
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on October 2, 2017
This is a very good sounding radio that performs very well. But it has one serious problem: the station selection buttons on the top of the radio are made of soft plastic, and they shear off in your pocket. I've tried two of these, hoping that the first one was in some way defective, but both of them began losing buttons from the first day I began using them. It's really too bad. And it's strange, because I used Sangean's old clear plastic portable radio for a decade, and the buttons on that model never ever broke off. SANGEAN--FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!
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on June 29, 2017
Excellent pocket radio. All stations that I am able to receive come in loud and clear; and I can receive many. I like everything about the radio. I recommend it.

This review is an update. Initially, I gave this radio 5 stars. But now, less than 3 months since I received it, the batteries I install die in 1 day. I've tried 3 times with new batteries but it always dies the same day. Now I remove the batteries whenever I don't use it for any length of time. My radio still go off automatically every hour or so when I am using it to supposedly save the batteries. I don't know the problem so when I get tired of wasting batteries, I'll look for another brand to buy.

If you, the seller or maker of this type of radios, have had this problem and know how to prevent or fix it, please let me know thru Amazon.
Thank you.
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on April 26, 2014

I am not sure if I should be pissed about this or not, I ordered on 4/20/2014 and was sent an older (type I) unit. Not what I wanted or was expecting. I wanted the front volume on the type II and the 2 batteries as I was hoping for longer battery life.

WARNING to anyone who orders one of these, amaZON is shipping older (type I) units on some orders so be prepared to get older technology for your money. I HATE having to ship something back specially if I have to pay for some one else's F-UP or just out and out cheating of the customer - THIS PRODUCT IS BEING MIS-REPRESENTED BY AMAZON. Maybe I was even sent a refurb, how do you tell?

I bought this unit specifically to use with an FM transmitter for late night TV viewing, then maybe, some times some FM or AM listening for outside yard work. So far I have it fired up for 10 minutes and the local stations are clear and the FM transmitter is clear and sounds good, so it is working fine.

After I use this for a while, I'll try and remember to update this review but not sure if I should bother as, after all, this listing says (Type II) and I was sent an old (type I).

I really just wanted to spout off about that and provide a warning to all of you contemplating buying one of these and thinking you might get something up to date:

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on August 30, 2017
I use this to listen to AM radio as I go to sleep keeping my better half up. AM reception is better than the older Sangean radio I had (that is now in the car for emergency use). The plastic is glossy and doesn't have a quality feel to it, but I have no concerns about it lasting. I have always loved the 90 minute timer to off that Sangean's small radios have, perfect for what I use it for. My biggest concern when I purchased this was the volume control, if it would adjust in small enough steps. I was pleased that getting the exact volume desired is easy with this radio.

Update Nov 2017: perfect radio to go to sleep with. The best change would be adding a small simple mp3 player to it.
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on June 20, 2016
Sangean DT-120 AM/FM: Complete Review!! So I got my radio today and it's slightly smaller than a deck of cards or pack of cigarettes. As you would expect from Sangean it's very well made but also very light. There is a clock on it that I probably won't be using much. There is room to save 15 stations (10FM, 5AM) As is typical with Sangean the reception is pretty good. I am able to rotate the included antenna/headphones and receive the co-channel within 100 miles. I noticed slight bleeding next to strong signals, but it's nothing to worry about. Example, I was able to tune in 107.7 WRKR, right next to my strong local on 107.9. I say this radio is a success.
review imagereview image
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on February 18, 2016
This is a great little personal radio with stable reception and 10 FM presets. It replaced an old analog Sony that I used when I walked and lost (Of course, I found it after I ordered this one) But this has presets and two features (other than it's digital and has presets) that I really like. You can lock the buttons so that they can't be accidentally changed by hitting something in your pocket and it defaults to turning itself off after 90 minutes, which can be over-ridden by holding the power on button for a few extra seconds when turning it on. I would recommend it whole heartedly. I really like this radio.

***UPDATE**** April 10, 2016
I have really enjoyed this radio for all the reasons the reviewers have noted: easy to use; digital; 15 presets; button locking. etc. Up to now. I usually take this on my walks and went to use it today, and it was dead. I thought it was odd, since I had just replaced the batteries a few days ago after my last walk. I replaced the batteries and tried again, and again, it was dead. I looked in the manual and found a means to reset it. That didn't work either. This thing is just dead. I can assure you, that it was not abused. It hasn't moved from my desk since my last walk, when it worked fine. So I went online to see what the warranty is on this and it's 90 days. However, not only do you have to ship it back to them in California at your expense, but there's an $8 fee fpr them to fix or replace it under warranty. It was $32 on Amazon. Not a great buy if you have to add another $12+. I am very disappointed as I really liked this radio. It's the weekend, so I will call on Monday and see what they have to say for themselves. I'm hoping they have good customer support, as it's just under 90 days from when I got this on Jan. 21, 2016.

***UPDATE*** April 13
I called them and the tech I spoke to said to leave the batteries out for a day to see it would re-set itselt. It turns out, it was a much simpler fix than that. I use rechargeable batteries. It turns out, one of them was bad. It had nothing to do with the radio; it works just fine, as it always has. I thought I had put in a different set of batteries, but I didn't, so this is my fault. I would definitely recommentd this and their tech support was very helpful in tracking down the problem.
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on May 25, 2017
With the smart phone taking over the portable audio scene it is now almost impossible to find an am/fm digital pocket radio in any store. I purchased the DT-120 about 3 years ago and the buttons finally went crazy. I thought I would try the DT-180 which is supposedly exactly the same except for the color. Black instead of white.

My DT-120 had 2 batteries and a rocker switch on the side for tuning. Volume was on the front. There was a clock.
I heard there was a older model with only 1 battery with the volume and tuning reversed.
The DT-180 that I received still has all the features of my old DT-120 except the volume and tuning are reversed again and the rocker switch is gone. There are now 2 buttons on the side. I actually like this layout better.

It is a good radio for the price and the stations stay locked in. I hate the earphones that come with it. They are the type that hang in your ear and always fall out. I use a plug in your ear earphone. The am antenna is a bar built in and the reception can change if you are walking are turn a corner. You have to adjust the radio in your pocket. For fm it using the earphone wire so there is no problem.
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on November 15, 2016
Strong reception for this size, especially for FM. You can use it in an airplane at 35,000 feet and pick up whatever FM stations are on the ground in the area you're flying over. I've done this a couple times now on flights across the night when you don't know where you're at it's kind of fun to listen to the radio and see what stations you're picking up. AM reception is not nearly as strong but that is always the case, it seems, with handheld radios so no points docked for that.

Battery lasts a long time.

Presets are handy. Can tune manually or scan if you hold down the buttons a moment longer. The screen can't be turned off so it will always show the time so long as there is a battery in it, but apparently this does not run the battery down.

Weight is negligible. Quality manufacturer, I had a smaller manual dial-tune radio of theirs about 15 years ago that lasted me a long time and took a beating with no problems as well.
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