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on February 15, 2007
This is a delightful little radio. It has excellent FM and AM reception. It even rivals my Denon receiver at home for pulling in some of the weaker stations. The controls are intuitive and easy to use and the radio is also surprisingly light. Battery life is also great.

Overall one off the best purchases I've made this year. I'm very impressed.
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on November 21, 2009
I am a letter carrier for the post-office and my pocket radio was my constant companion. In this age of MP3 players and
I-pods, it would seem that the AM /FM pocket radio had become extinct. No electronics store, even in New York City could offer a reasonable replacement for my worn out AIWA CR-LD100. I thought my radio days on the route were over. In desperation I searched the web and came upon the SANGEAN DT-120. If you are looking for a pocket sized, lite-weight radio that offers outstanding reception when you are on the move, then this is it. Only slightly bigger than the AIWA but not bulky at all. The reception is outstanding and there is plenty of volumn. With 5 preset buttons for 2 FM bands and 1 AM, you get 15 presets. The controls are not complicated at all. The on/off button is at the top, on the edge, and the volume toggle is directly below it(maybe a little too close to the on/off). On the front face, 4 buttons control the band selector, x-tra bass, and manual tuning. The digital display is plenty big and highly visible. Across the top edge are the TINY and close set, preset buttons. You can easily cover two of them with one finger tip, so you need a light touch. Its the only feature that is problematic for me, but in no way is it a deal breaker. The AM receiver is quite sensitive and easily pulls in distant stations, especially at night. Which is perfect if you like to search for sporting events from local stations in far away cities. The FM stereo is superb, loud ,clear, with lots of seperation. The sound quality of the ear buds is excellent, but because I walk all day I needed to replace them with the type that hook around my ears. I use this radio all day sometimes 10 hours a day, and the battery lasts about a week and a half. I never thought I would find a radio as good as my AIWA, but the Sangean DT-120 does the job for me.
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on August 12, 2009
This thing is smaller than a deck of cards but really delivers. I am pulling in a AM station clearly that two big boom box type radios I own will not, and one's a Sony the other an Emerson. You turn this radio on in two different modes. If you just press and release the on/off button, it will turn itself off in ninety minutes. If you turn it on by holding in the on button for a couple of seconds it will stay on indefinitely. It has three band settings, AM FM1 and FM2 and they all have five presets easily set so you can program a total of fifteen presets. Searching for stations is easy, you can click the up or down buttons or hold them down to scan for a station. You add them to a preset button by just holding down the preset button for a couple of seconds until you hear a beep. It has a stereo/mono switch for ear bud listening and a rocker switch for raising or lowering the volume. It has a DBB (Bass) button that really works. Lastly it has a lock switch so that absolutely nothing can be changed (station/volume etc.) accidentally. Runs on one AAA battery. When turned on all settings are clearly shown on the LCD screen. I use a pair of Skull Candy ear buds and the sound quality is very good, i don't like the large button ear buds that are typically included with sound equipment. I'm happy as a clam with mine and it will be in my pocket most of the time.
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on April 14, 2014
So this little radio worked perfectly for me for about six weeks - just until my first set of batteries ran out. After the radio auto powered off I put in some new batteries and the screen was dead - nothing. I looked through the other Amazon 1-2 star reviews and there seem to be a bunch of others reporting this arm problem.

Before sending it back for repair (or to the trash) I read the manual and learned that this radio has a feature so that you don’t have to reprogram the radio when changing batteries. It has an internal capacitor to give you enough time to change the batteries. So what I did was to remove the new batteries and let that capacitor fully discharge. I left mine out all day, but I bet 30 minutes would be sufficient. After 8 hours w/o batteries I put them back in and the radio now works perfectly!

I think this is probably a design/manufacturing problem with the radio that hopefully will be addressed in a new rev. The headphones aren’t great, but other than these two things I love this little radio.

Fix those two complaints and I'd give it five stars.
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on January 28, 2011
I bought this radio to replace a 4 year old Sangean DT-200vx. The DT-200vx was excellent in every way, but unfortunately I dropped it in a bucket of strong ammonia based disinfectant where it remained totally submerged for 45 minutes. I pulled it out and ran it under a cold water faucet for 30 seconds to rinse out the disinfectant. I figured that radio was a goner and set it aside to dry. I decided to buy a replacement and ordered the Sangean DT120 since I had such good luck with Sangean products. In the meantime my DT-200 dried out and, to my surprise, it actually worked after I put batteries in it. I couldn't believe it. I must have dropped the DT-200 at least 6 times on hard floors, and it was submerged for 45 minutes in disinfectant, and it still worked! Now I had 2 working Sangean pocket radios, the DT-200 and the DT120, so I decided to compare the two. I put the 2 radios in one hand and walked around my house for 45 minutes changing the earbud jack back and forth to see if there were any differences. In terms of reception the 2 radios are very similar, which is to say the performance of the DT-120 is excellent. Strangely enough, the DT-120 has much better bass response though. I tested the radios with the Yuin PK3 earbuds from my I-Pod. The Yuins alone cost almost as much as the DT-120, but they are a great pair of earbuds. I will be using the DT-120 as my main radio now, with the old DT-200 as backup.
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on September 4, 2016
This cute radio looks so clean and elegant.

The reception is great! Crystal clear audio and the digital bass bost is a charmer especially with FM audio quality.
And fyi, this radio doesn't have a built-in speaker so you need to plug this to the earphone or at the aux input of any bt speaker.

The most annoying thing about the design of this radio is that when you plug this to the aux input of any speaker, the speaker, being a magnetic device, creates interference with the FM signal so when the FM reception is not that great, this can severly affect its signal :(

But overall, great look, reception and quality deserves a 4 star review from me.
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on January 5, 2016
I have a Panasonic RF-NA030 pocket radio which has analog tuning and no preset memory. I never appreciated the stable and clear reception of this radio and thought that is the standard and also I was annoyed to move the wheel every time I want to change station.
So I was glad when I came across the Sangean DT-120 which has all the functions that I was looking for. I read some reviewer saying the reception is bad and which I thought they must be very fussy and this radio can't be that bad.
I have been using this radio for a week and is happy with the preset memory but the reception and selectivity for AM is not very desirable. My only explanation for some of the review's complains may be because the tuning for this radio is increase or decrease by 10KHz. So if the station's frequency is 874KHz. The DT-120 can only either tune to 870K Hz or 880KHz, but never exact. So the reception is always off tune and unclear. I find if the station's signal is strong the listening is acceptable, but if the signal is average then it would be a pain to listen.
I also find this radio is sensitive to pick up hiss and hum if you turn the radio incorrectly, which I don't have the same issue with the Panasonic.
I only listen to AM stations, but FM may be alright, because when I turn the radio on, it will go to FM first and the reception seems to be quite good and the tuning is going up by 1KHz instead to 10KHz, so you can get spot on FM station's frequency.

Update: Thanks for Larry's comment I change the tuning step set up from 10KHz to 9Khz. The AM stations that I want to hear becomes loud and clear. Hence the upgrade from 2 stars to 3 stars because the hiss and Hum problem still exist.

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on June 20, 2016
Sangean DT-120 AM/FM: Complete Review!! So I got my radio today and it's slightly smaller than a deck of cards or pack of cigarettes. As you would expect from Sangean it's very well made but also very light. There is a clock on it that I probably won't be using much. There is room to save 15 stations (10FM, 5AM) As is typical with Sangean the reception is pretty good. I am able to rotate the included antenna/headphones and receive the co-channel within 100 miles. I noticed slight bleeding next to strong signals, but it's nothing to worry about. Example, I was able to tune in 107.7 WRKR, right next to my strong local on 107.9. I say this radio is a success.
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on September 11, 2015
I got this to use with the Boom audio amp and speakers on my Road King Classic. I have tried some other radios that were so so at best. This radio has a signal strength indicator and weak station amplification. The output is strong and easily drives the amp for listening at highway speed. The tuner is large enough to read at highway speeds and the presets can be pressed with gloves on. I have used it at NFL games to listen to the local play by play and it works great in that role, however it does not have a belt clip so you need to put it in a pocket or pouch.
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on April 14, 2015
Great little radio I take to NFL games. The reception is strong, setting up the stations is a little tricky but otherwise this is the best quality radio I've ever used. Finding a radio these days is rare, finding a good one is almost impossible. This is a keeper.
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