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on September 10, 2017
My dad loves this little radio! He really, really loves it. I got him a Google WiFi system at the same time - and he raves way more about this silly little radio! He listens to it every night as he goes to sleep. Apparently, it works great, and he is so happy with it. There are several slightly similar radios like this by this company - apparently - this model is the best, according to him. So glad my dad is so happy with it! I think if this is what you are looking for - you will be too!
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on June 3, 2017
Disappointing - I must have received a bad one as most of the reviews are positive. The "Band" button only works occasionally so you are stuck on either AM or FM for weeks at a time. The sound is uneven and needs to be "jiggled" to get sound through both ear buds (and I have tried several). I have two other Sangean radios and they are great and needed one to take along when walking the dog so I bought this based on the table-top models. As I say - must have received a bad one.
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on September 20, 2017
I bought the Sangean DT 120 for myself and my wife and had very good experience with it. They are good reliable radios. However, the DT-210 is a much different story. After about a year, just before the warranty was up, my DT-210 would not operate. I looked at the manual and tried to find the reset button but could find none. I called Sangean in California. They told me to hold the power and memory button to reset the radio, but this did not work either. They told me to ship the radio back to them for repair. That cost $12. After two weeks, I called them back and they said it could not be repaired and would be replaced. I had to pay for shipping back - $8. Now the exact same thing has happened to my wife's DT-210. I am not going to ship it back but throw it away and just use the DT-120. Do not waste your time and money on the DT-210
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on March 3, 2017
Great little radio!! i love the option to have audio without the the olden days! only draw back, is upon turning up the volume, the speaker gets a little distorted, although it could be an alert that the batteries are weakening, but all in all...Fantastic radio! reception is also fabulous!! locks in the station too! love it!
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on June 22, 2012
After using the Sangean DT400 for a couple years while working (it finally gave up after I dropped it into a mud puddle), I purchased this radio as it is small enough to fit into a jeans back pocket, has a digital tuner, has a button lock switch, and I didn't need the weather band function of the DT400.
In general I like the radio, but I was disappointed that it doesn't have a clock display when it is turned off (the DT400 has this feature). In addition, setting the station memory is a little cumbersome and the button lock switch is in an unusual place on the radio.
Overall, decent sound from the speaker (I mostly tune to AM talk/sports radio stations) and I like the size. A decent radio for how I'm using it, but I may go back to the DT400.
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on April 23, 2016
Purchased the DT-210 after my trusty Sony Walkman SRF-43 was dropped one too many times.

I am very pleased with the Sangen. Very compact, more memories than the old Sony, good sensitivity and selectivity are are all good. AAA batteries, even better. I’m using the Eneloop Pro NiMH batteries, and the radio works fine. Have not had it long enough to comment on battery life, but hey, when they quit, just pop ‘em in the charger and have another go.

What I like most is the sound quality. I typically listen with good quality earbuds. You can run two or three-ring plugs and they all work. This radio has nicely low self noise. You can turn the volume down and not experience ear fatigue from self-noise. At high volumes, the radio compresses and distorts. What would you expect from AAA batteries? FM sounds great, especially classical music, and the bass boost is not over-hyped. My only complaint in this regard concerns the distortion levels… again, the result of a two-volt system. Sorry, I’m spoiled. This radio would be nirvana if it sounded as good as my iPhone…

Just for fun, I tried a variety of good headphones, including high impedance Senheiser 650s, low impedance Senheiser 280s, and Bose noise cancelling 25s. All sounded great, with plenty of volume, but not that much better than the earbuds. Except the Bose. If you have never experienced these beauties, you need to. They eliminate background noise and require far less volume for listening enjoyment. And that’s a good thing. Okay, I’m getting geeky here; use good quality earbuds and be happy.

The built-in AM loop antenna is directional when listening to distant stations. Strong station sound good from any direction. At night, it pulls in distant station as well as a good quality table-top radio. FM sensitivity with earbuds is commendable; this radio can pull in low-power stations better than other receivers costing (and weighing) considerably more.

In summary, this is a great little pocket radio. It does everything you want and sounds good. Definitely worth the money.
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on November 26, 2013
I have had this radio for about 10 yrs now. It is light weight, easy to carry and fit in any purse pocket. Before I purchased My Little Radio I did my research on the best portable handheld radios. And at that time the Sangean brand came up number one. And for the price it is very, very good.

It has a good sound especially the base...even when I use cheaper ear buds. Also, I have dropped my old ones about 1,000 times and it continued working for a long,long time. My old one started acting up finally after such good service, The dial started moving from station to station and I had to give it up. I highly recommend it.

Also, I don't like the white earphones that comes with it. I like a black color and the base does not fit into my is too large for me. So I don't use them.

And, Yes, I am a radio person. In Washington DC where I live, we have some wonderful stations. And it really makes a difference in my life, especially as I am walking about. As a matter of fact, I don't think people know that they can access these station via a radio. And have a much much fulffilling experience.

Also, I feel naked if I don't have two things with me as I go out the door earrings and my radio. Thanks to the people and Sangean and thanks to for having it.

Please keep selling it.
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on March 23, 2017
Extremely disappointed in the sound quality in speaker mode. Earbud quality is good, but my plan was to use this for travel and in situations where speaker mode is necessary (morning routine dressing, packing, etc.) The speaker is downright tinny and almost inaudible. For the price of the radio and product description, this should not be. I am surprised at the very positive but misleading reviews I read here as they were influential in my purchase. And overall, the radio has no heft and seems vulnerable to significant damage if dropped.
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on September 25, 2012
I am an avid AM radio listener and used to prefer analog tuning over digital but no longer. I have an older Radio Shack pocket radio with an analog tuner that I would clip to my belt while I walk the dogs. Well, there are areas on my walk where the signal fades to the point where I couldn't even hear the station less than 8 miles away. I would fiddle with the volume and the tuner trying to get the station back but would end up frustrated and usually ended up just shutting it off.
I wanted a digital pocket radio that would stay tuned while I walked. I read all of the reviews for this, the DT-200 and the DT-400W. I chose the DT-210. I can honestly say that I could not be more pleased. The sound quality is excellent for such a small radio. Of course, I am referring to tone quality and clarity not volume. You can't expect boombox volume from such a small radio but what it does do is let you listen clearly through the speaker on your porch or in a quiet room. You can even listen freely through the speaker with it clipped to your belt while you walk around the neighborhood, which is how I use mine.
Now, what really sets this radio apart from any pocket radio I've ever owned is its reception, which I personally rate a 5 out of 5. The reception is good on AM and FM. Adjacent channel rejection is excellent. And there is one other thing I simply must mention. AM reception is usually directional and reception usually varies with the orientation of the radio but not with this one. The signal and listening pleasure do not vary on my walk with the dogs regardless of which direction I am facing! Truely amazing! I've never had an AM radio where reception did not vary greatly based on its orientation. I was used to gyrating to and fro to get my old analog radio into the best reception and I was quite surprised that I did not have to do that with this radio. Those areas where my old raadio would fade out? The DT-210 receives loud and clear through the entire walk in those same areas.
I also like the belt cip in that it is locked into the radio but allows the radio to swivel. The lock feature is also a plus in that you can still adjust the volume while in lock mode, a very nice feature to have while walking. If I could change one thing about this radio, it would be to exempt the DBB button from the lock mode so that you could switch the DBB on or off along with adjusting the volume while walking without having to unlock and lock the radio.
Bottom line, if you like pocket radios, you will love the DT-210.

Update 2/6/2013 - I am an avid Baseball fan and only listen to games on AM radio. I would take my analog pocket radio to the grocery store during Baseball season even though I knew the sound would fade unless I was within a few feet of an exterior wall, but I could catch the occasional play or score and was satisfied. Now, there was a very important news conference here in Cleveland but I needed to go to the grocery store. I took the Sangean with me expecting to have the same experience. Well, let me tell you, I couldn't be more wrong or more pleasently surprised! This radio, believe it or not, carried an AM station throughout just about the entire store! There was only one spot where it got the floresent light buzz. I have never in my life owned an AM radio, digital or otherwise, that would allow listening inside of a huge grocery store.
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on May 2, 2016
Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he needed something durable and still have the quality craftsmanship and sound Sangean is known for....He is Very pleased with the pocket radio. As an independent contractor he works both indoors and outside on a weekly basis. He usually listens to talk radio and I purchased my first Sangean portable radio (Best sound quality he's ever heard from a portable) now he needed a pocket size too..He said the (Clip) on part is top of the line design, sturdy and very well made. The lock station is definitely a plus, sound quality is great for a small radio. Very happy with my purchase and would buy again from Sangean.. I shopped for months before deciding on a Sangean radio as a gift for him and I am happy he's so pleased with a great radio he wears on his hip for work.
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