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on June 3, 2017
Outstanding radio!
It is, unequivocally, all it is advertised to be, and perhaps more.
Rather small. Solid. Nice looking Terrific sound and great reception.
Hard to beat for the price ($68.95).
Prompt delivery - four days - and well packaged.
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on December 4, 2017
So glad I got this. I am a radio freak, and this Sangean is great in every way. Great tone and FM reception. (The antenna is useless for AM. But that is OK. Interior wall...) Very good looking, and selection buttons easy to use. Lot of great surprise features also.
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on May 24, 2016
OMG! We camp in some remote areas, so listening to the St. Louis Cardinals games was typically an exercise in futility or frustration. This radio is amazing, both with reception and sound quality. Even along the Current River, surrounded by bluffs, we were able to listen to the Blues and the Cardinals games.
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on December 7, 2014
Bought this one over the PR-D15 because of the fact that it is less complicated. (No Bass/Treble Adjust and some other thingy)

This thing worked great on our vacation in the British and United States Virgin Islands. It would pick up stations in Martinique, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic and of course, the BVI & USVI when we were in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda. It also has an 3.5mm auxiliary input for your phone which I have thousands of songs loaded onto my S3. So, it became great entertainment for the two weeks we were there.

Also, it fits very well into the 1 large-front pocket of our, old school, Skyway, carry on bag. I used the felt bag it came in from the box as a scratch protector.

If you are handy, and from what I know now, buy the BrightTech Bluetooth Audio Receiver and figure out a 5-6V battery source for it and you have wireless Bluetooth connection also!

(4)AA-1.2V rechargeable batteries=4.8V... Or, 4 regular AA's ain't gonna kill it... Search for a 4-AA battery case with switch, find and solder an old cordless phone power adapter cord to the battery case, for the "DC In" to the Bluetooth receiver)
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on July 11, 2014
Fantastic AM performance, most likely thanks to the huge ferrite antenna inside. Sounds good and batteries seem to last forever. FM is decent too. You can manually select mono FM reception. This is great when trying to listen to a distant "fringe" station. Every good FM radio should allow you to select mono, but few do. The finish is gloss black which looks great but is hard to keep looking good. (hint: use Turtle Wax Ice synthetic spray wax and a microfiber cloth to polish it up - the shine will blow you away)
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on November 28, 2017
Works well. Tuning is very simple. Sound is very good. the only drawback is no extended information on the display, song name, artist, ect..
This should not come as a shock as the radio was not advertised to have this feature. All around a very good radio.
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on January 23, 2014
I rarely review products right after I receive them, however this products just screams quality. This was purchased to replace an older analog radio that is used in the bathroom ... my wife listens to hockey games while getting ready for work, and I listen to a talk station. The problem is the talk station has a relatively weak signal and her hockey channel is strong ... I can never find my station again in under 30 minutes of dial turning. I thought this radio would end that problem - only half right - it is way too nice to leave in the bathroom, so she has permanently inherited the old radio. This is better than an old Grundig I had that was ahead of its time. It is so nice too have the ability to preset stations, and there is no station drift ... the stereo speakers are amazing for their size ,,, and when I'm listening to music it is nice to see the name of composition and composer scrolling across the display. I might have to eventually buy a second one to sacrifice to the steam gods of the bathroom.
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on February 18, 2014
I have enjoyed this radio immensely since purchasing it in December of 2012. I'm a bit of a "cheap" radio collector; I have all sorts of portable/tabletop radios, including the Panasonic RF-2400, the Sony ICF-F10, Sony's ICF-38, Sangean's TB-100 and LB-100 models, etc. It's a bit of a side hobby, so believe me when I say this is one of THE BEST tabletop radios I have ever owned for FM Radio. It has great tuning capability, holds a signal quite well, sounds solid (even allowing an option for FM Stereo), and is pretty good on battery life (although I prefer to have it plugged in). The only downfall I have seen in this radio is in its "Portable" has no carry handle/no place for a strap, and that is truly my only complaint. If I wanted to pick up and move any of the radios listed above, they all have a handle or carrying strap option...this one? Well, I hope you don't mind lugging it around without any built-in carrying option. Is this worth subtracting one star? To me it is, and some might not agree...but I stand by this rating. A radio that is touted as "portable" should have some sort of carrying option built in. With that said, let's recap:

◘ Great sound
◘ Great tuning (as always, your mileage may vary)
◘ Good battery life, and a great AC option that's included from the outset
- No carry handle/strap option

Overall, it's a great radio for tabletop radio lovers (I'm not a huge AM fan, so take note), but for a truly portable version of this great radio, go for the Sangean costs a little more, but is easier to lug around with you, plus it allows for rechargeable batteries. If it's just a tabletop radio you want, the PR-D5 is fantastic for this purpose.
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on May 12, 2017
Great product for my use - listening to the news or music in the background. Only negative is the quality of musical sound (at loud settings) is not great especially the bass.. but for the price and my purpose it was perfect. Very sturdy and compact.
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on August 15, 2011
Bought this for our bathroom radio (no electricity, don't ask).

Sound: Very good, solid. The sound leans more to the bass than I would have guessed. I listen mainly to public radio, so the bass helps with the voices (with my prior radio, I turned the bass way up and the treble down). My kids listen to contemporary pop, so again bass is good.

The player has a stereo/mono switch. I couldn't hear much difference between the two, which was good and bad. A little stereo separation may have been nice, but practically difficult given the size and speaker placement. On the other hand, I notice a big difference between stereo and mono on our regular stereo receiver, so much so that I always need to switch it to mono to cut down on the fuzz sound. Here, no fuzz.

Reception: So far, rock solid. Our prior radio, a great RCA model, had some problems with reception but the stations here came in spot on. I'm using the antennae fully extended against an inside wall.

Size: Most surprising. The player is much smaller than I had guessed. It is a bit narrow, so that freestanding I suspect it may be a bit tippy. There are four rubber pads on the bottom. There is no handle or loops for a strap. A ridge extends on the back side, just below the cut out for the antennae. If you put your hand over the top, with your fingers under the ridge, your thumb can control the buttons of the front easily.

The tuner and volume are on the right side. I suspect that confusing the two will be common, with the tendency to reach for the top button (tuner) to control the volume. The buttons adjust the volume nicely, no clicks, just smooth control.

The body is completely plastic but feels like good quality. The speakers are set back slightly from the covering grill, presumably to avoid damage.

Set-up: Tuning the stations in to the presets is easy. There are only five presets, no second level for another set of five presets. This is OK but it would have been nice to have two levels. We often use the two levels in other equipment to differentiate between kids and adult stations.

The sleep function will be nice, in case we walk out and forget to turn off the radio. Haven't used the alarm. The LCD panel light up but then shuts off, to preserve battery life I presume. There's a clock. There's the obligatory external auxiliary device (a/k/a iPod) plug-in on the right side as well.

There is no weather radio, which is a disappointment. How difficult would it have been to add that in?

Power: Six C-cell batteries. I guess the C size was a compromise. D's would have been too heavy and AA two light. Still C sizes are harder to find, especially in rechargeables. Still, if this player is anything like the RCA, the batteries may last years. Also, there's a plug in on the right side for AC power and a wall wart comes with the unit (not used by me, see above).

Hated to see our old radio die after twenty plus years, but this will be a great replacement.

October 2011: Battery life is short. My first set of five C cell batteries lasted about 40 hours. My guess is that the display drains the batteries as radios themselves don't generally suck much power (our old radio, no display, used to last years on a set of batteries). Replaced with rechargeables and am getting just a little less play time. Be warned.

Other than that, we love this radio. Sound is great for the entire family. I particularly like listening to public radio programs.

One unexpected use was the auxiliary plug in. My kids plug their MP3 players in while taking a shower and I use for podcasts. I don't know if this use drains the battery more or not.

June 2013: Still going strong. Batteries (rechargeable) last about three weeks in our house (four people, in the bathroom), mainly radio listening, probably about an hour a day.
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