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on July 29, 2011
This is my fourth Sangean radio, and it is a perfect work radio because of the sound quality at this size. I had the Sony ICF S10-MK2, but broke it when I was taking it apart to assess the possibility of upgrading the speaker. I purchased the Sony because the sound was not quite loud enough on my Sangean DT400W radio.

For a pocket radio, the sound quality is excellent, and the volume is loud enough if within ten feet or so. Reception is not an issue for the stations I most commonly listen to, but I did notice that it does not pick up two stations that I get on my Sangean PRD7 (which is my favorite radio, but is too nice to be on a jobsite).

Another advantage it has over the Sony is the antenna. The Sony's only swings in one direction and could easily break off. The Sangean has a bi-directional pivot and is much more securely attached.

The Sony was not bad for $10, but the sound was only okay and distorted easily when increasing volume. The Sangean is easily worth the extra money due to better, louder sound and overall better design/build.
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on July 25, 2017
I have the discontinued Sony s10. There is controversy over whether its replacement p26 is better or worse, and the s10 is selling for inflated prices.

Using both the s10 and the Sangean sr35 side-by-side, there's no reason to want the Sony (except maybe if you really really like the appearance). The sound quality of the Sangean is much better. The Sangean's reception is either the same or better. The Sony's speaker is inferior enough that it's actually a bit hard to tell exactly how much of the end result is due to the speaker or the receiver. Mind you I've used the Sony without disliking it (the sound is similar to the last equivalent RadioShack model), but now that I have the Sangean I really don't want to go back to the Sony or RadioShack. It's just better.

In addition to the performance, Sangean uses a nice wide knob for both tuning and volume, rather than the typical thin disc found on every other radio.

Then there's the antenna. These radios are mostly for hand-held use, but if you want to leave it on a table while you listen it's nice to be able to position the antenna. The RadioShack pulls out and stays there. The Sony antenna rotates in one direction on a pivot screw. The Sangean both rotates on a pivot screw, AND has a swivel between the pivot screw & radio for 2 planes of adjustment. Also, like the old Sony s10, the Sangean's body is designed with an indent along the back edge for the antenna to fold into. The new sleek-looking Sony p26 looks like the designer forgot that FM radios need an external antenna, and the antenna had to be mounted on a little block which sticks out of the back. Unlike the Sangean, the new Sony cannot lay flat on its back because the stowed antenna is hanging off the back.
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on May 19, 2017
This radio replaces a 15 year old Optimus Radio Shack one which performed admirably but was getting hard to tune. The Sangean is the second of their products to come into our home in the last year. The fidelity for such a small speaker is superb. The tuning is precise, aided by an led. It is lighter than the last one which is great for my shirt pocket. Highly recommended. By the way I am an obsessive audiophile in my spare time!
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on February 8, 2016
Wow! This the best little portable AM/FM radio I've ever owned. It's my second one, and I love it. Beautiful ebony piano black finish and fit. Superb tone quality. Bought it primarily for AM talk radio, but love the FM too. Can't recommend it highly enough. If you're looking for an AM/FM radio that won't disappoint, look no further. Hope Sangean never takes it out of production. They've definitely hit the bulls-eye sweet spot with this little jewel.
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on January 15, 2017
I recently received this product and am very pleased with it. It is solidly constructed and performs well, receiving all AM and FM stations I regularly listen to. I had originally planned to buy a small transistor radio at a big box store, but was unable to find one. I am glad that Amazon carried this item and was able to send it so quickly and efficiently.
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on July 17, 2017
I am surprised at the quality of sound that comes from this little radio! Wow. It's very lightweight and small enough to fit almost anywhere, so that it delivers so well with rich sound is pretty amazing. I have no trouble receiving the radio stations I like, but I live in a large city and tend to listen only to a few FM stations. I cannot speak to battery life yet as this little gem was delivered only yesterday. It takes two AA batteries; I always have dozens of them on hand. I bought this radio to listen to my favorite station for long periods of time without draining my phone battery and using too much data. And I swear, this radio weighs less than my phone so I can easily carry it around while doing just about anything. Since it has a built-in speaker, I don't have to use uncomfortable headphones/earbuds in private situations. For the money, this is a really great little radio!
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on January 6, 2017
Very good sound from the speaker, doesn't eat batteries too fast, and the tuning LED is a reliable indicator of having dialed the best signal. It's in the earthquake kit along with spare rechargeable AA cells and a solar charger, for when we need it.
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on April 30, 2014
This is a great little radio. Has superior full sound compared to the Sony ICF-S10MK2 with less hiss on AM. The AM band has great receive and sensitivity and is equal the the Sony. The 4 star rating is for the FM receive as it is easily overwhelmed by stations in the city, but away from the strong signals it works very well. This Sangean also has a nice multi-swivel extendable antenna that the Sony lacks. Tuning is very easy and this radio also has the nice feature of an attached battery cover that cant be misplaced. I'm not sure why this radio and the Sony have a tuning light as it only uses the battery power more lighting it up and tuning can be easily done without such gadgets.
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on May 1, 2017
I had an old cassette walkman with a digitally tuned FM radio. When that radio died I used an older knob tuned AM&FM radio. I found my batteries lasting much longer with the knob tuner. When the wire to the speaker & phone jack failed I bought the Sangean. It has an active filter which cuts off a signal that's too weak. This modestly sips a little extra battery juice.
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on March 7, 2017
I am not a radio enthusiast, however I know what I like, and LIKE this little radio! It seems to pull in more stations than any other radio I've had. It's got a front and rear speaker, good sensitivity, looks nice, seems sturdy, you can stand it up (if you need it to), and it locks in stations very well (little to no drift). I will enjoy using it this summer to listen to the Cleveland Indians games, working out in the yard, and walking my dogs. Glad on bought it!
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