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on February 18, 2017
I've used this now for about a week and absolutelty love it. I see this radio is now 19.97$, I got it a week ago at 18.74$ Feb 11, 2017...mmhh is Amazon jacking the price thinking I'll buy another ?

Anyway I look over all the radios in this price range, some reviews say great and some say bad and I beleive them both. Your reception depends upon your location (like on flat plains or in mountain/hill areas) like where live. So its hard to tell from the reviewers "will the radio work well for me in my area". I wanted a radio in this price range, give or take a few bucks. I just wanted a radio to listen to AM talk radio while working out in the back yard or talking a walk, listening to FM rack was also on my list. Not know how well any of these may work in my area, I did a search for Sangean SR-35 and of course got hits for amazon reviews, then found a youtube reviewer.

This reviewer is a radio enthusiast and bought just about all the pocket radios and other larger radios from amazon and did a side by side review of each from the same location at the same time. Now that still doesn't answer the question how well will this work in my area, but it certainly answers the question, how good is the AM and FM reception between each other under the same conditions. He starts with a physical go over of features, then slowly runs it up and down the AM and FM bands, counting how many stations come in on each band for each radio, again at the same time (give or take and hour) and same exact location, so it is truly an oranges vs oranges comparison, he also reviews how well it does if you are walking with it or taking it for a bike ride (how well does it keep lock). Search youtube for "bigslick radio" bigslick is one word, if you make it 2 you will get something completely different.

To keep this short, I was looking at the Panasonic FR P50 @ 16.95, the Sangean SR35 @19.74 (lthough a week ago I got it 1.20 cheaper) and the Sony ICPF26 @ 19.75 ( a week ago this was 21.75 or so, I remember clearly just a nitch under 22$ which I thought was to high but still considered)

The Panasoinc per the youtube review showed pretty showdy physical case and a pretty short antenna about 13 in, the sony and Sangean had 17 inch, it also had no clip on the case to lock it in place when folded down and turned against the case so its pretty easy to break the antenna and I read alot of reviewers who said they broke the antenna. It also came in the lowest in picking up AM and FM stations and had poor ability to keep station in tune when moving, but it is in expensive and if you are just sitting there, its probably just fine. One other thing, it has an integrated on/off/volume switch, the others have separate switches/controls. Dont mean to trash Panasonic just stating facts.

The Sony ICPF26 watched this next, case it very nice as you would expect from Sony, ling 17 inch antenna, large speaker, but the Sangean is a bit larger, it had near double the AM and FM stations that the Panasonic did, the only negative is this thing is a boat, at like 1.3 - 1.5 thick its like a computer har drive, I did not like that and you should consider that the most. Also reception while moving was very good.

The Sangean SR-35, Case is beautiful and sturdy, I already dropped it 3 feet onto rock, continued to play like nothing happened, integrated on/off and volume control, some dont like this so they can have volume at same level when turned back on, as if your volume wheel wont move after you put it down or pick it up and fiddle with it, I dont see this as a problem, just one less thing to break. It has a nice large tuner wheel, the larger the better as it helps you tune the station in, a smaller wheel makes it much harder. His side by side comparison had this pull in a few less AM stations than the Sony but just a few like 3 or 4 out of 23-25, but it beat the Sony hands down in AM reception, I can remember the number but it was 5 or more. Plus it has a 17 inch antenna and it has a really nice swivel on it and a locking tab at the bottom of the case to keep it secured. This is quite a bit slimier than the sony, like you would expect from a packet radio, height and width about the same or smaller.

My own review of the Sangean SR-35 Gald I bought it, love it. Again its light and far far thinner than the sony, nice rounded edges on sides, its speaker is just a bit bigger and it is very very very high quality speaker, I tuned into an FM rock station and had volume maybe halfway up or less and could hear it 100 feet away with nice clear sound, I was really shocked, I thought the speaker would not be this good, but it is. I live in Morgan Hill, Ca. its a small town in a small valley surrounded by mountains and I can pick up tons of AM and FM stations from San Jose and Monterrey, I also get the station I really wanted 560 KSFO talk radio on AM 5000 watts, that comes from San Francisco 60 miles north of my as the bird flies and blocked by many mountains and my shielded valley, and it the Sangean picks it up great. If that is not enough I can get AM 580 from Fresno, Ca. which is 109 miles away and we are separated by the Hayward Fault mountain range and my house is about 150 yards away from the edge of this mountain range, I'm backed right up to it !!

The batteries are lasting for ever, I've had it running for 8 hours a day for the last 5 days and one day I had the volume all the way down but did not turn it off. Battery life will be excellent for any of the old time transistor radios that you get, they will last for weeks or longer while digital radios will die quickly. Plus you use 2 AA batteries for this. I did not want a radio with integrated battery as you can't recharge (or at least easily recharge) when your out hiking or in a ark and the battery dies.

Even with the Sony price dropped more than 2$ and the Sangean raised by 1.25 this past week, I would still buy the Sangean, the Sony is a boat which is why maybe its price was reduced, see it in bigslicks youtube video, he points it out, much bigger impact when you actually see it. And side by side this had better AM reception. Amazon did have the Sony listed as Amazons choice and with all respect to Amazon I think that means they get a better deal through Sony, than it actually being about any quality or operational features, I know they will "buy this back from you" but it is literally pennies on the dollar, guess that is why it is their choice. I don't know why they changed the prices but usually if you put something in your cart and then in the save for later category you will see in a few days or a week a message about price drop in your cart or write Amazon and ask why did they suddenly raise the Sangean by a 1.25

There are draw back to these old type transistor radios, after you tune it in, it can fade out a bit if you turn its direction, because you are changing the direction of the antenna, also as you may take a walk the signal may need adjustment, but I walk everyday for about 2.5 miles and it locks pretty good the whole way, but its not without a few adjustments here and there. The digital radio have phase lock loops that compensate for frequency drift, these dont. These radio are aslo subject to background static noise, but who cares.

I just wanted a simple radio to listen to while I garden or walk and its really a nice feeling to have a reminder of your childhood. Wow back then we were more than happy to have a small pocket radio all the rage back then for a few bucks. Today you cant get along without spending 500$ every few months to upgrade your phone and 100-250$ months for your families monthly bill, so you can type messages on a phone that was meant for talking on and so it can tell you how to do everything in your life while spying on everything you do in your life, because you have become so dependent on google, Microsoft and many others to tell you how find and do simple things ( In my days we did research, today the nation does "asking") or how to get to locations you should now how to because you have never looked at a map and like most high school kids these days can't even name 20% of the names of states in the US or even know where they are, dont even know where countries in the world are, actually there is very little they do know.

Well to much ranting, I think things were better when they were simpler, this radio is simple and will give you an eternal amount of joy and good tunes.
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on January 10, 2016
I compared this to some other radios under $50 which included the Kaito KA-210, the Sony ICF-P26 and ICF-8 and the only digital-tuning radio I tested, the Sony ICF-M260.

My interest is primarily AM through a speaker. Eneloop batteries were installed in all radios and all radios were allowed to break in for about 6 hours before I began to test and listen. The break-in time is important because performance changed somewhat during this time.

The first thing I noticed with this radio was that the "On" light never lit up on my unit. Then I noticed there wasn't a light at all, but a little red mechanical 'flag' came into view when the radio was on. This is useless as an indicator because it is far too dark.

This is one of the two radios that I could listen to AM voice through the speaker and not be instantly taken aback by a too thin or boxy sound. AM voice sibilance was present but not ideal for best intelligibility. Held at arm's length, the radio produced a full and fairly loud sound, but like the other radios, the amplifier showed distress if you pushed it any further. Attaching my quite neutral Sony 7506 headphones produced monaural sound in both earpieces with a centered image. AM band highs were rolled off more so than on the Sony ICF-P26. The FM band sounded quite good for a pocket radio amp but not neutral, with a rather recessed midrange and boosted bass with somewhat rolled off extreme highs.

As others have said, this radio has rather poor selectivity on the FM band limiting the number of stations received clearly. Selectivity on AM is better, but not as good as the Sony ICF-P26. Tuning on the AM band was helped a bit with the tuning indicator, whereas on FM it was mostly useless staying lit across most of the band.

This Sangean has the most intelligent and sturdy antenna attachment system of this group of radios, allowing it to be used as a support when the radio is set on a counter. The switches' lettering is clear and fairly easy to read, but small.

I recommend this radio if you're listening primarily to AM and those stations should be local.
All these pocket radios under $50 seem to have serious performance shortcomings. You have to pick whatever shortcomings you can live with.
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on January 19, 2017
The first time I heard about Sangean Radio's was from Radio Shack . I purchase a radio from them yers ago which I still own and it works great.
Most Radio shack Store have closed but I found a better source of supply Amazon. I being a buyer for more than 30 years at a major Aerospace firm. I went out and quoted 3-4 different suppliers of these Radio's and found Amazon to be very competitive in price.
I love this radio great sound very clear great reception. I put one in each car along with 1 in my bedroom and 1 in my computer room.
I have purchased 5 or 6 of these Radio's and would recommend them to anyone.
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on October 7, 2016
First off lets do the CONS. No belt clip may not mean much but if your wearing a T shirt and levis man what a pain. It has a wrist strap - yuck! If your looking for AM stations forget about it. This radio has very poor reception for AM. The dial wheel is very sensitive and can be tricky trying to find a particular station. Digital readout is better. That's it.

Now the PRO'S. Good quality feel, the radio is solid. It has a large speaker for it's size bigger than most pocket radios. The FM band is very strong. The FM stations are clear with great sound quality even without the antenna, amazing really. The radio has awesome volume. I like all of the dials, on off and volume all together on one wheel. Tuning on one wheel and AM FM on one switch. Regarding the size of the radio see the specs. It's average size for a pocket radio and does have a little weight to it. This is a good thing and back to quality.

I bought this radio to listen to football games and I'm happy to report they do broadcast in FM. That is why I'm keeping the radio and not sending it back. If I had to rely on the AM band, back it would go. It really should have some sort of clip on and off belt clip for hands free carrying. To assume you can slip it into a pocket is crazy. It just doesn't always work like that. I think Sangean should improve the AM band it really is terrible. With a few improvements this would be KING of the pocket radios. Now that I know the FM band covers all of my needs I like the radio and the sound. I would recommend this to anybody that listens to FM.
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on January 12, 2017
Quality pocket radio.

Tested a Sony, Panasonic, and this Sangean. The Sangean was easily the overall winner -- best audio, best overall reception (AM + FM), and best station locking onto the signal without drift or background noise.

Gave the Sony away to a friend, kept the Panasonic as a backup, but this Sangean was EASILY the best. And I use it almost daily.
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on February 8, 2016
Wow! This the best little portable AM/FM radio I've ever owned. It's my second one, and I love it. Beautiful ebony piano black finish and fit. Superb tone quality. Bought it primarily for AM talk radio, but love the FM too. Can't recommend it highly enough. If you're looking for an AM/FM radio that won't disappoint, look no further. Hope Sangean never takes it out of production. They've definitely hit the bulls-eye sweet spot with this little jewel.
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on August 29, 2017
I have another radio that I have to compare this Sangean with because the cost is the same amount on Amazon; it's the Sony ICF-P36. The Sangean is ok, but I have some issues with it. When tuning, the PLL (phase lock loop) circuit doesn't always pick up the frequency when dialed to it, even if you dial very slow. It's tuning is not always consistent, I've even seen a strong station get picked up where the weak one should be, strange. And the range of tuning on the dial is extremely cramped in some frequency areas. The Sony has a cleaner audio sound, can reach out slightly farther and doesn't use this PLL circuit function and is much easier to tune. And by it's design the Sony can't get knocked over on the table, that's a big plus unless the radio's home is to be in a pocket; the Sangean needs to lay on it's back cause that's where it will end up anyhow. So for or my purposes, the Sony ICF-P36 gets 5 stars instead of this Sangean radio. Sorry....
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on July 29, 2011
This is my fourth Sangean radio, and it is a perfect work radio because of the sound quality at this size. I had the Sony ICF S10-MK2, but broke it when I was taking it apart to assess the possibility of upgrading the speaker. I purchased the Sony because the sound was not quite loud enough on my Sangean DT400W radio.

For a pocket radio, the sound quality is excellent, and the volume is loud enough if within ten feet or so. Reception is not an issue for the stations I most commonly listen to, but I did notice that it does not pick up two stations that I get on my Sangean PRD7 (which is my favorite radio, but is too nice to be on a jobsite).

Another advantage it has over the Sony is the antenna. The Sony's only swings in one direction and could easily break off. The Sangean has a bi-directional pivot and is much more securely attached.

The Sony was not bad for $10, but the sound was only okay and distorted easily when increasing volume. The Sangean is easily worth the extra money due to better, louder sound and overall better design/build.
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on April 27, 2018
After using this radio for a full month now it's a like-dislike relationship developing. Some lovable points are: overall signal sensitivities, a sturdy shell housing the electronics, a nice antenna for FM reception, and aesthetics (it looks better than the illustration, the outside printing having been spiffed up). What's not so lovable is the way it grabs a signal. Even with the few strong radio stations out here in an isolated part of the country, if you pass up the station then roll the dial back it almost invariably misses the signal, having to fuss with the tuning dial until the chip finally locks it in. It's a bit of a hassle. The stereo output for earplugs (not included) is remarkably decent, and without them the speaker is good and sounds excellent for a radio this size. Am thinking that I'm simply slow to warm up to small PLL-synthesized radios in the way they grab and release signals as you tune across the dial. It's annoying the way it happens, especially when wearing earbuds, not at all smooth like fully-analog radios are. Easy on batteries. Sometimes progress has it's advantages, sometimes not. A good radio that you'll more than likely be happy with.
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on May 19, 2017
This radio replaces a 15 year old Optimus Radio Shack one which performed admirably but was getting hard to tune. The Sangean is the second of their products to come into our home in the last year. The fidelity for such a small speaker is superb. The tuning is precise, aided by an led. It is lighter than the last one which is great for my shirt pocket. Highly recommended. By the way I am an obsessive audiophile in my spare time!
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