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on August 23, 2015
I have a small (1200 sf) house, mostly hardwoods with throw rugs, and 6 cats. I bought a hand-held Oreck with a shoulder strap, no wheels, that I like for spot cleaning, but when I clean the whole house, I end up with a backache from carrying it around on my shoulder. This one solves the problem. It works as well as the Oreck on cat litter, kibble, and fur, but has wheels! I am keeping the Oreck for quick jobs, but this will be my main vacuum from now on. Well worth the money.
Pros: (1) Bags. Bagless vacuums are nasty. (2) Nice long cord and hose. (3) Wheels! But light enough to carry too, love this feature. (4) Great suction. Adjusts on the hose so you can turn it down to dust shelves etc. (5) Swiveling hose. (6) Really great price.
Cons: (1) Noisy. Doesn't break my eardrums but I wouldn't run it at night. (2) Gets hot. As others have said here, it does get warm after several minutes. But I did not smell an "electrical" smell, and it cooled down after a few seconds off. (3) Wrap cord. A minor inconvenience for me.
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on July 11, 2017
Had high hopes for this vacuum, bought it as a backup to my large canister vac for quick pickups like tracked kitty litter, thinking it would be a back saver and work better than the useless dust buster. My chief complaint is the sound, it is a hearing-damaging decibel. I bought this one over an Oreck because of the wheels so I wouldn't have to carry it, and the rear wheels are somehow not seated correctly because on the floor, they don't turn, the vacuum just slides and scrapes along. I also think I was sent a returned/refurbished unit based on the package and scuff mark, possibly for the same problem. Turns out too that it's just as much of a hassle to drag this thing out and work with the long hose knocking into everything as it is with my big Kenmore. The only improvement with that task is the weight. Giving 2 stars instead of one because it does have pretty powerful suction for its size. Unfortunately I'll be sending it back, and hopefully Amazon will let me return the extra accessories I bought to go with it.
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on September 29, 2015
I received just about an hour ago, I removed it from the box, attached the hose and turned it on, I was amazed how much suction it has.In our home we have a lot of wood panel doors, old picture frames with ornate decorations and 26 windows with wooden grids all of these things are difficult to clean. I have a Dyson that does a good job on carpet, but I dont care for it on the wood floors and I really dont like cleaning with the extention hose, my old canister is so heavy I cant use it anymore. The Sanitaire has ended all of my problems, it is powerful, light weight and the long cord makes it easy to move around,also the wand attachment makes it easy to reach high places, as well as making it easy to clean floors for a taller person. It travels nicely on both wood and carpet, it stores upright and the wheels make it east to put into the back of the closet, the cord storage is sturdy and easy to use, I dont care for the self storing cord feature on sweepers, I have found after a while they dont work well. I didnt bother with the tool storage attachment, I keep mine tools in a cloth bag. I am very impressed with this little work horse, it is nice to be able to clean the stairs and all of the things I have not been able to do with ease for quite some time.
I always feel comfortable purchasing through Amazon, I can read the reviews and form an opinion, if there is a problem, it is an easy no hassle return and everything is delivered to our door.
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on July 21, 2015
My first vac arrived with the hose cracked right at the wand handle. This is my first return ever with anything I have ordered from Amazon in the many years I have purchased through Amazon. I would suggest that Sanitaire coil the hose with the weight of the wand handle resting on the bottom, not hanging from the top of the coiled hose like mine arrived.

I printed out the return form, requested a replacement and drove the package to the UPS drop off to be returned. I received my second shipped Sanitaire within 5 days, it was a reasonable time for me since it was over a weekend. I opened the box in anticipation of possibly getting another cracked hose, but was pleasantly surprised that it seems fine after the first use.

A little background information. I am a male, 6'2" and do most of my families cleaning, my wife says I have some OCD issues. LOL..... This is my second Sanitaire Vacuum in this model family. My first Sanitaire vacuum is still in use currently at my son's new home. The hose is the original and it did tend to kink after many years of use, the new Sanitaire SC3683A has a more ridged hose. Time will tell if the new hose lasts. The old Sanitaire has held up well, besides the hose kinking, the power switch sometimes needs an extra press and the nose wheel is loose and wobbles when pulled a bit and does not lock as well when it was new. Not bad for how old it is. I do use the old style 9" nylon brush tool instead of the head that came with the old one. I did try out the new 9" floor tool that came with the new model and it is adequate, it has a tab that you push for either hard floors or carpet. The tool glides effortlessly over hard floors and grabs small pile carpet very well for great suction. The floor plate of the floor tool is metal and works great on my hard rubber entryway mats and with the suction adjustment the floor tool works on cloth mats as well. But I like the full contact of the nylon bristles on the old floor tool and it gets around my toilets and such much easier being thinner. Unfortunately I can no longer find the old style nylon floor tool to buy, it works so much better at catching cat hair and loosening dust from wood/hard floors and is compact for tight spaces. (Hint to manufacturers)

I do like the new retractable metal extension, it is 2" longer than my old extension and it helps since I am 6'2", just make sure to firmly connect or the metal wand will drop to the floor. After pressing together firmly I did not have any troubles with it loosening. The small tools, a small squarish brush, small hard plastic tool and of course I can't forget the handy crevice tool in the handle. The suction is great but the plastic adjustable suction collar moves too easily when using. A ratcheting style collar would be a nice feature. The 20' grey cord is a nice feature so that it does not leave any black marks on the wall corners, it is stiff now but will loosen up with time.

I purchased the reuseable mm style bag and there does not seem to be any reduction of suction but time will tell how it performs. The black rubber seal on this one is much better than the regular rubber seal on the replacement mm bags I have purchased in the past. Beware of buying too many bags in advance, the seals on last bags (economy brand) I purchased, dried up and could not be used after a few years in storage.

I also purchased a HEPA filter. After running for 1 hour the vac did seem to get a bit warmer than the 1 hour I ran it without. Running without the HEPA filter was noticeably noisier than with the filter. That is not much of a concern for me as I always vacuum with headphones hooked up to the IPOD.

Overall the vacuum is what I had expected and was anxiously waiting for this Sanitaire to arrive, it is a must have for our house. I have always used another upright for our carpets in the past and used the Sanitaire for the hard floors and cars. I purchased the Shark Rotator but the hard floor attachment was very disappointing, but great for carpets. The Shark hard floor/stair use is really hard on my carpal problems. I will try to get to that review soon if anyone cares.

I will update if I run into any problems or anything to add.
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on July 22, 2016
This is one of the best purchases we have ever made on Amazon. We bought a house that had been partially flipped after being unoccupied for a few years and it was a mess. The flippers installed drywall and simply swept the dust, nails, pieces of board into the brand new ductwork in the floors and it was about an inch thick on the joists in the basement. Also, there were a host of spiders who were reluctant to move away. When we got this I was impressed at how simple and well built it was for the price. The suction is excellent. The long handle is metal and the head is sturdy and does work well on carpet and smooth flooring. I must have used this thing for a week straight, and went through about 20 bags. They aren't big
but they don't loose suction until they are almost full so you don't loose performance. The long hose reached into the ductwork pretty deeply and it handled massive amounts of dust and debris. There was so much dust I got the additional hepa filter that clicks onto the back of the machine. The microfiltration bags simply seal up and you toss them so the spiders can't come out and seek revenge. A replacement for the foam filter in the back is available so one can be washed and keep a clean one in the machine.
I spent hours holding the handle over my head cleaning each support in the basement with dust and debris showering down on me and the shoulder strap is a great feature. Today I wiped it down with a damp paper towel today and changed the bags, and filters and the thing still looks awesome, so I decided to share my opinion. It's a keeper.
It does get hot after extended use, but so do I and after an hour or so I need a break anyways, but in my mind there are no other problems with this1 Eureka HF8 Mighty Mite HEPA Filter & 9 MM Bags, Part# 60666, 60666A, 60666B, 60666-6, 60295, 60296 & 60297, Designed & Engineered by Crucial Vacuum little, hard working machine. Tip for carpets; pull the head toward you and it lifts the nap and does a good job without that sometimes damaging agitator bar.
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on April 4, 2016
I bought one for myself 6 years ago and it has been working great this whole time. I liked it so much that I bought two more for family members and they also like using this vacuum. It works well on hardwood floors and it is light enough that one can use the included strap to put it on like a backpack and pretend to be a ghostbuster.
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on June 21, 2012
I bought this little vacuum to replace my upright that costs almost as much, but has none of the suction power this little guy has. I use it mainly for bare tile floors in south Florida (lots of sand and fine dirt particles). I have three kids and a boxer that sheds quite a bit of fur. This thing sucks up all that dog hair and food crumbs with no problem. I bought the HEPA filter too. I used to have a very dusty house but not anymore (sweeping just moved the dust up into the air). As a bonus, this thing is small and stores away in the limited closet space I have for it.
If your thinking about buying the yellow MM, don't. I'm sure the yellow one is well made too, but this one has a metal retractable tube, a stronger hose that doesn't really kink, as well as a stronger motor. Definitely worth the extra $20 for me.
Bottom Line: This is an excellent buy.
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on October 26, 2016
The image and product description is a misrepresentation. Image shows a discontinued version (SC3683A) of this vacuum. The new version does NOT have "telescopic metal wands". They have replaced the metal wand with a plastic wand which is very poor quality and does not fit snugly into the attachments, making it frustrating and nearly impossible to use because it pops out.
Below is an accurate and updated description and image of the vacuum, now known as SC3683B. Amazon needs to update their website to properly represent what a customer will actually receive when they order this vacuum!

review image
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on December 1, 2012
After reading as many reviews as I could find on canister vacuum cleaners, I chose the Sanitaire Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner by Eureka. I was looking for a good quality canister vacuum for our travel trailer, and to use on the stairs at home. Most reviews were good for this vacuum, so I thought it was a good choice. The vacuum arrived in perfect shape and on time. Thank you, Amazon shipping! After reading the instructions, I went over the vacuum carefully, secured the bag, attached the hose and wands, attached the carry handle and attached the additional hepa filter I had purchased. I then proceeded to vacuum the stairs....and discovered, that inspite of not having banged or mistreated the vacuum in any way, the top plastic "hook" that holds the hepa filter in place had broken off...I didn't find it. It seems to be a poor design flaw....the bottom of the filter snaps onto two large plastic pieces that look like they should last well....why there wasn't the same type on top makes no sense. Anyway, the vacuum works very well. It does a great job in corners and edges, as well as bare floors. It does okay on carpeting, if you are surface cleaning or picking up "tracked in" dirt...leaves, sand, etc., but doesn't have the deep clean that an upright has for carpets. The suction is sufficient for deep cleaning, I just don't think any plastic canister vacuum is made for that kind of use, and the floor attachment isn't well made for carpeting. I really like being able to adjust the vacuum suction with the slide on the handle, which is especially useful when vacuuming around curtains or other flowing fabric. While the hose is a light plastic, it doesn't seem flimsy, as some reviews stated. Overall, this vacuum seems to be well made, in spite of being mostly plastic. For a light, canister vacuum, this seems to be a good choice.
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on July 2, 2011
What I like:
*The price is very reasonable for a canister vacuum with full HEPA capability.
*Lightweight enough even for my pre-teens to use easily.
*My child with asthma/dustmite allergies can remain in the room during vacuuming and even operate this vacuum without any difficulties.
*Good suction, comparable to a Shopvac. My home has only hard flooring...see above I was able to use this vacuum to give my vehicle a much needed vacuuming as well.
*Bags are inexpensive (less than $1) and easy to change. There are different bags available that increase suction if you don't need microfiltration.
*There are dozens of specialty attachments for this model, and almost every part,including the wheels can be replaced.
*My old electrolux parts fit.
*The shoulder strap! It is so much nicer than trying to roll the vacuum around furniture or balance it on the stairs.
*This vacuum can handle ash or drywall dust in moderation, both of which have caused the untimely demise of previous vacuums.
*I don't find the noise level uncomfortable like other reviewers, but I've been using a 20 gallon Shopvac that required earplugs for the past several years.
*The cord is wound manually. I have never had a retractable cord that lasted as long as the machine.
*A nice surprise...the plug is two pronged, a huge bonus in an older home!
*Excellent reach. I only plug in once for my entire downstairs. I am able to easily vacuum my nine foot ceiling corners, too.

What I don't:
*The on/off switch is a piece of plastic that looks like it's going to break, and wouldn't be repairable/replaceable.
*Tool storage is less than ideal because the vacuum is so small.
*The head that came with this unit for floors & walls is a compromise at best. I already had a large floor head with horsehair bristles from an old Electrolux, but if you have wide swaths of hard flooring, purchase the larger head or you will probably be frustrated.
*HEPA filter has to be purchased separately from the vacuum. Not a negative, just be sure to order it if you need it.
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