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on June 26, 2013
Upgraded to this card from my old EVGA GTX 480 and wow has it made a difference! The 480 typically ran at ~80-85 C under load and had a fan that was louder than a vacuum cleaner. I could hardly play video games during the summer because my computer was heating my room up to boiling point. The 7970 runs in the high 60's to low 70's under load and even with the fan at full blast it makes about a quarter of the noise that my 480 did. It has had no problem wrecking every game I throw at it in 1920x1200 on full settings (BF3, Hitman: Absolution, Crysis, etc).

It's also an excellent card for mining crypto currencies, easily pulling 700 MH/s for BTC and 680 kH/s for LTC. I have had it mining almost non-stop since it arrived about 20 days ago, and it's had no issues at all. Peak temps of ~76 C mining, but fan control quickly drops it back down to a steady ~71 C. This card has lots of OC potential as well, mild overclocking hardly has any effect on the temps.

Seems like if it were going to fail it would have by this point after 20 solid days of 100% usage but it's showing no sign of stopping any time soon.
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on November 24, 2013
A very powerful GPU, currently I believe it's ranked the 5-6th for most powerful GPU available on CpuBenchmarks.

First to give information on my rig.

Hp-800-060 (I know, not self built)

I7 4770 (non OC version)
16gb Of ram 1600MHZ
Windows 8 64bit
Samsung SSD Pro 250Gb
Basic HP Motherboad "nothing special"
Sapphire Radeon 7970

My pc scores a 8.1 Windows Experience Index with this GPU included.
The original Graphic card that came with the pc was a Nvidia GTX 645.
GTX 645 scored a 7.1 and was great for playing older games or simple games at HIGH Settings..such as Black Ops 2 or Left 4 Dead 2 at high, not maxed out.

FRAMES PER SECOND for this GPU all without VSync on.

Battlefield 3 - 140FPS
Battlefield 4 - 130FPS
Left 4 Dead 2 - 170FPS
Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed - 60FPS (locked at 60fps by software)
Hitman: Absolution - 60FPS (locked at 60fps by software)

I have been able to overclock it 1120MHZ for Core and 1550 for Memory.
It does run around 70 degrees full load, so far not bad.
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on October 14, 2013
In building my new desktop I originally purchased a HIS HD 7850 and regretted the decision pretty quickly.

That's not to say that HIS is a bad company or that the Radeon HD 7850 is a bad product. Overall, I thought the product was great. However, I had buyers regret that I didn't spend a little bit more and buy a more robust card that would last longer, while providing bigger gains immediately as well.

After some research, the HD 7970 met the perfect cross section for me in terms of Price and Performance.

In terms of my gaming preferences, I just want things to work. I was a PC gamer in the early 2ks, and transitioned into solely console gaming for nearly a decade. At this point, I'm not overly concerned with being able to set all graphical settings to Ultra, but I do want things to run smoothly and not have to worry about if I can play certain games.

So far, I've been very pleased with the Sapphire HD 7970. I've played many games on it including Bioshock Infinite, Hitman Absolution, X-Com Enemy Unknown. All have run at maxiumum settings (which is nice) with no noticeable slowdown or "hiccups" of any kind.

Based on I can even run Battlefield 4, (limited only by my PCU at this point from being at max).
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on October 22, 2013
This card rocks in crossfire with an HD 7990! As Fast as two Nvidia Titans in SLI at half the cost! Due to possible overheating issues, it isn't recommended to pair two 7990s in crossfire. You can, however, crossfire a 7970 with a 7990 (Mine was a Diamond Multimedia HD 7990) for a total of three 7970 processors in only four slots (two slots per card). I've been running DDO Online at 1920x1080p resolution with 4xAA and almost all settings maxed out in DX11, and they kick butt!

Gameplay is smooth, and runs at a high fps, without any herky-jerky drops in framerate! The combination of cards is 3x faster than just one 7970, and runs at 12 teraflops! You can't beat that for the money. You'd pay twice as much for an Nvidia solution, and I wasn't impressed with their cards running DDO Online. (Best MMORPG out there!) Long story short, if you're looking to make the ultimate graphics setup, or upgrade to one later, this card (or a ghz edition) with an HD 7990 will rock your world!
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on March 22, 2013
This thing is a beast, but keep your drivers up today. I had a lot of severe crashing issues straight out of the box. I updated my graphics drivers, but the problems continued. Turns out I had to do a large bios update to make my system stable- no crashes or any problems at all in a few months since doing that. Nothing too hard for someone that is computer literate, and man oh man is this graphics card a beauty when you get it running. Every game I've gotten I'm able to play at absolutely maxed settings, and since I have severe ADHD I'm often able to run 3 games at once or two games and an hd movie at maxed settings on my 3 different 1080p monitors.

I was thinking I was going to upgrade to the new graphics cards when they came out in a few months, and this one would just be a stop over till they came, but it has done so well I don't feel any need to move forward yet. Great card!
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on October 18, 2013
This thing plays everything maxed out on 1080p. Games look great compared to my xbox and I'll probably never buy another console again. Every game looks great. I'm getting 110+fps on battlefield 3 and 80 on bf4 beta (im sure that will go up on release) I do have this thing overclocked at 1190/1690 1.3v which is a significant overclock compared to stock. Im new to all this pc gaming and overclocking thing but ive never had any problems with this card. A couple crashes but thats more do to me pushing its limits but more cause of old drivers. On top of everything, being overclocked, running everything maxed out for a long time, anything i do to this card, temps dont exceed 70-76 degrees celcius. great card especially for $300, also complained to amazon about something to do with the packaging and they took another 20% off ($60) plus -$20 (rebate). All in all I got this card for $220 which is insane!!!
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on September 19, 2013
This card is 5 stars when <$300 and there's no competition at that price point. Just wait for the right sale and rebate combo then it's an excellent deal.

Running a very slight overclock under a ~100% load for GPGPU computing 24/7 without a hitch. At 90% load the fan is running just under 40% and temps on the card are under 50C so the non-reference cooling setup works very well.

For me the card won't drive DVI + DVI + HDMI. Had to switch to DP + DVI + HDMI. Just something to keep in mind. Driving two 1920x1200 desktops and occasionally a 1080p TV just fine with that configuration. Upgraded to this card in anticipation of a new 2560x1440 monitor upgrade soon.
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on February 27, 2013
I purchased a pair of these for Crossfire. My prior set-up was an HD6990 in crossfire with an HD6970 (3 GPUs in total). I did not expect any real improvement in performance. I was pleasantly surprised to find my 3D Mark 11 score (Xtreme settings) went up by 20% to 6290! I should point out that I am running the cards in their BIOS 2 setting and at 1050 MHz on the GPU and 1500 MHz on the memory and with Power Control at +20. These cards are very quiet and rarely reach 70° even under full load (I understand that some early cards suffered from choke whine but these two cards are absolutely silent even when listening to them close up). In fact my CPU cooler (Corsair H100) is noisier than these GPUs. These cards in crossfire are the smoothest (and in fact the first really smooth ones at all) experience I have had in original Crysis (DX10) and Crysis 2 (DX 11) with every possible setting max'd out. They feel much faster than the +20% 3D Mark 11 improvement measures. The 6900 series just never felt truly smooth even though their measured frame rates may have been quite high. These 7970s feel as smooth as they measure. It's important to use the latest version of the AMD drivers as they are working hard to continuously improve them so as to milk out every last bit of performance these cards are capable of.
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on October 8, 2013
The card is excellent and impeccable. I overclocked on bios 1 to only 1000mhz core and 1475 for a cautious overclock. For some reason I had some really bad artifacts, my screen would flicker immensely, and it would make everything unplayable. Big Picture on steam would also crash due to D3D error because of this overclock. I then switched to bios 2 for the boost and now I am at 1000mhz core and 1500mhz memory. Everything is smooth and no artifacts, maybe I shouldn't have used bios 1, but this is my first dual bios video card.

The card is 2 8 pin connectors, and they really need to update that on every website, this isn't a reference card. Luckily my TX 650 v2 was prepared for it. Ultra every game smoothly way better than my 7870 oc, it's also a lot longer than my 7870 oc, I had to remove 2 drive bays from my Fractal Arc Midi R2 for the vid card to fit nicely. I also used my connectors and looped it around my case to create sort of a leverage on the card since it is very heavy and sagged on one side. It also blocked my 2nd pci-e slot on my MSI Z77M-G45 mobo so I can't crossfire it :(

The card itself gets 5 stars. I'm rating it 4 because of what I had received and how I had received it. The video card was packaged with only one bubble spacer and I was waiting at home for it and the USPS lady basically threw it on my door step. I was upset. When I opened the package it didn't seem like a new video card. I didn't receive certain adapters like all of the unboxings I had watched prior to purchasing this video card. I would hope Amazon or some sort of representative of Sapphire would advise me on this problem. The vid card only came packaged with the driver cd, a flier, the molex to 8 pin adapters (which you shouldn't use anyways), and a crossfire bridge. I am supposedly missing all of the mini display adapters, hdmi adapters, etc.

For an almost 2 year old video card I am confident to say that this card will get me through the next gen. AMD's prices are dropping everyday pick one up today!
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on January 2, 2013
I wasn't expecting a huge jump in performance moving from an unlocked 2gb 6950 to this Sapphire Dual-X 7970, but I can honestly say that I was blown away. Amazon's price at the time I bought it was unbeatable, and lower than even the reference 7970's. Card stays very cool, VRM temps are about 15c above core temps in Furmark extreme burn in. Plenty of overclocking Headroom without needing voltage adjustments. 2 8-pin PCI-E adapters for though's that aren't equipped. Note that if you don't have the proper connections you may want to consider a new psu with a proper 12v rail if you plan on overclocking.

Core idle: 31c load: 62c VRM idle: 35c Load: 77c in Furmark '1080 Benchmark'. At 1100/1600 1.175v

Went back and forth between the 680 and this, and I am not disappointed in the least.

edit: Requires Trixx 4.4.0b-MOD to adjust voltage.
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