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on January 29, 2011
I upgraded the onboard graphics on my Windows 7/64bit quad core/12GB RAM system. It was speedy before, but it's now demonstrably faster. I figured that with the quad core CPU and huge RAM figures, I wouldn't see a dramatic performance kick in NON-graphic related programs. I was wrong. What a surprising bump--in Word, Outlook...even moving data over my network. I haven't tried video editing yet, but there's no question that will be vastly better as well.

Two important things to keep in mind before you buy: this card takes up two slots; even though it plugs into the PCI-e port, it's a thick card that stacks the DVI jacks, so you need to make sure you have two rear bays open. Also, you'll likely need to upgrade your power supply because the unit requires a minimum PS of 450W; most systems are sold with 300 or 350W. I had to buy a Corsair 650W TX, which is a very nice unit.

It's also a long card, which should fit in most ATX cases--but best to be sure to avoid surprises. Final note: download the newest driver package off the website rather than using the enclosed CD (always recommended). I've only used the card for a day, but thus far I'm impressed.
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on March 12, 2010
I got the 5770 to replace a dying NVIDIA 8800GTX. This card cost me about 1/3 of what the 8800GTX cost me when it first came out. It is 2/3 the length of the 8800GTX, uses 20% less power and runs so much cooler, I am amazed.

I'm sure people will want me to tell them how it works with various games. I'm afraid I can't since I don't use them. I am, however, an avid user of Microsoft Flight Simulator X and can tell you that this card is superior in every way to the 8800GTX. Scenery textures are crisp with no blurries, FPS run 10% higher or more and light bloom looks a lot better.

This isn't the biggest and baddest card out there, but it amply fills my needs. I had seen a number of forum posts about people having problems with Windows 7 64 bit, but installing the latest drivers went flawlessly. My only complaint is that the Catalyst software can be a bit obscure about how to change certain settings, but I'll get used to it.
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on October 3, 2016
Very good value. Video Card supports 3 monitors. This is my second Saphire Radeon HD 5770 video card. The fans are super quiet and I haven't had any issues whatsoever. Highly recommended for a stock trading pc. Buy two of these and you should be able to run 6 monitors. I'd also recommend getting the HIS CrossFire Bridge Interconnect Cable.
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on February 11, 2018
Great budget video card. Bought mine back in 2011. If you just need to output to 3 monitors, this is a pretty good option.
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on May 1, 2014
This card has lasted me for over 5 years now. I originally bought it for my Dell XPS computer, and that lasted me for two years. I then upgraded and that computer with this card went to my wife. I am a gamer and when I first bought this card it would run all the games I played on the highest quality graphics settings. That was five years ago, but even now it will still run some games on their top graphic settings.
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on December 31, 2011
Just plug and play into a Dell XPS 420, reboot computer, and it's good to go.

Bought it on a computer almost 4 years old to play newest games like "Star Wars: The Old Republic" and "Skyrim."

Went from choppy on low settings to smooth as butter on maxed out on both games. Runs Warcraft on max as well, and Civilation V.

You do NOT need to upgrade your power supply (PSU) to run this, even if you have a 375W. I have the 425W and it's just perfect.
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on October 6, 2010
very nice card, I can play most games at my monitor's max res very smoothly(1280x1024), though at times i need to adjust the quality for games like Fallout 3, where it still has noticeably choppy framerates when im out in the open with everything set to ultra, but i imagine part of the blame for inconsistent framerates is due to the buggy nature of the game in the first place since its such a massive game. I play TF2, on very high settings, super smooth, its a VERY noticeable improvement over my integrated Radeon HD 4290.

a few things that i have to complain about are driver issues and somewhat inconsistent performance as far as i can tell. ATI still has not figured out how to make the card work perfectly, which is indicated by video card crashes that cause my computer to freeze. though to be fair, the only time i have had the problem is with L4D2, it just wont let me play the game, the moment i enter a game, i get a grey screen with different shades of grey and brown vertical bars, and the sound freezes and dies after about 5 seconds, there is no way around the screen, and ctrl+alt+del doesnt work either. its also weird because i can play L4D1 perfectly fine since it uses the same graphics engine. I have been looking around online and apparently its a common problem, having the cards crash randomly with little or no reason, i have heard that ATI has been continually trying to fix the problems but apparently, they havent squashed all the bugs yet, at least as far as i can tell the only real problems left are when you do 3d, like playing games, where it would just refuse to work correctly on rare occasions.

overall i think it is a great card that is well worth the money, plus its not nearly as huge as some of the more high end cards out there right now, so it will fit in your case much more easily. oh, and its pretty good for overclocking as well, since its quite good at keeping its temp down, I run my card at 950mhz with mem clock at 1400mhz.

bit of an unrelated note, i dont know why, but they decided to paste a picture of an ugly chick on the card itself, putting a picture of a humanoid character on a graphics card is just plain creepy in my opinion... though its not a big deal since my card is about an inch above my PSU, making it impossible to see it.

UPDATE4/5/2011: so far the 5770 is still holding out quite strong, the only problems I have really run into are odd framerate problems in Batman: Arkham Asylum, where the benchmark FPS maxes out at 18, and it goes even lower if I lower the settings for some odd reason. the other problem is not related to the card, my processor and RAM are actually the bottleneck in my system, im waiting for 2 more sticks of RAM in the mail, and Im just plain stuck with my budget processor for now. It will handle most games I throw at it with relative ease with smooth framerates at med-high graphics settings (with no AA, AA is pointless anyways and inhales resources), though it does tend to slow down when I max out the settings especially for games that are poorly ported to the PC, like BF:BC2 and Borderlands(certain large maps have FPS drops due to inefficient rendering). I expect this card to be fully able to play games at respectable graphics settings with smooth FPS rates at the very least for the next year or two. well worth the money in my opinion.

ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 - AM3 - AMD 890GX - DDR3 - USB 3.0 SATA 6 Gb/s - ATX Motherboard
AMD Athlon II X4 640 Propus 3.0 GHz 4x512 KB L2 Cache Socket AM3 95W Quad-Core Processor - Retail ADX640WFGMBOX
Corsair 4GB Dual Channel Corsair DDR3 Memory for Intel Core i5 Processors (CMX4GX3M2A1600C9)
Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1 GB DDR5 2DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card 100283-3L
OCZ OCZ550FTY Fatal1ty Series 550W Power Supply
Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB Bulk/OEM Hard Drive 3.5 Inch, 16 MB Cache, 7200 RPM SATA II WD5000AAKS
Thermaltake V5 Black Edition Mid-Tower Gaming Chassis VL70001W2Z (Black)
Lite-On LightScribe 24X SATA DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive IHAS424-98 - Retail (Black)
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on September 28, 2011
I bought this video card to replace the AMD Radeon 5450 which came with my DELL XPS 8100 computer. The AMD Radeon 5450 is a good video card however it just does not have the punch to handle higher resolutions in the newer video games. After installing the Sapphire Redeon 5570 wow what a difference. It has handled The Witcher 2 with no problem in the higher resolution modes where the 5450 had problems. This card performs as well as some of the higher and more expensive video cards. It's recommended that you have a 400w power supply however, I have had no problem with running it on a 350w and some in other reviews are running it off a 300w. It did however require being plugged directly into my power source. It came with a cable to do that which at first stumped me since the power source was a solid box. However after looking at some the the cables running out of the power source in my computer I found one that plugged directly into the card and off I went. The instructions that came with the card never mentioned that. I later found out that most power sources already have the cable required for video cards requiring direct plug in. You just have to find it in the computer case among all the other cables coming out of the power source. If you looking for a inexpensive video card which will provide outstanding gaming performance than this is the one for you.
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on January 21, 2012
I bought this card for playing some games like super street fighter 4.

I have a amd phenom II X4 955 with 16 gigs of ram, integrated video (some hd 4200 courtesy of the 785G chipset) 2 500 GB hard drives on raid 1 and a 1600 x 900 monitor (it's not 1080p but gets the job done).

Installing the card is simple: open the case, plug the card in the board, connect the six pin power connector, close the case and you're good to go. The card got detected and i proceded to install the drivers.

I only tested the card with two games: super street fighter 4 and the elder's scroll 4: oblivion. In street fighter 4 i set up the resolution to 1600 x 900 and applied every setting to the max; i tested with using fraps, in game play goes 60s - 70s fps with some hippcups in 40s (not i noted the hippcups).

In the other game (oblivion) things get tough (this game was the CRISIS on it's day in 2006) when i set the resolution to 1600 x 900 using the ultra preset and testing with fraps; the framerates hovers from 40s to 100s fps, but dips down to 20s (makes me think it's gets processor bound in some scenes).

When i buy the elder's scroll 5: skyrim i'll update the review with the results.
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on July 9, 2010
I bought this video card to play World of Warcraft. It is a huge improvement from the last one, I'm able to play in Ultra mode with 46 fps. No more slow motion when casting spells.

For the price, it's a very nice video card for this kind of games. If you want to play more video-demanding games, you should check another one.
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