Customer Reviews: Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp with Touch Control Dimmable Lighting, 1 Hour Off Timer & Smart Phone Charging Port (Black)
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on March 3, 2013
Great Lamp. This is a very modern, sleek looking light with fantastic LED light output, low voltage and green technology. There are 4 light choices and multiple intensities and a USB port. Dick De Bartolo, the Giz Wiz gadget guru on the TWIT network recommended it and I agree with most of his recommendations. I love it. My only problem with the lamp is that the light strip part does not rotate. The light gets in your eyes since it is bright. I would like to rotate the light away from my eyes or have an opaque edge facing the user. All in all its a GREAT BUY. I can live with this very minor design limitation.
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on February 15, 2013
This lamp is great and everything about the purchase was excellent.
I am looking at replacing many lights in the house with LEDs as the need arises. I came across a review of this lamp on mashabledotcom and decided to check price on Amazon as my usual first step. At $100 without my accustomed free Prime shipping I was not an easy sell but decided to proceed nonetheless.
First good sign was getting an email from the manufacturer/seller. I do not recall the content of the message but it is enough to say that this is an unexpected pleasantry in this day and age of internet shopping. When the lamp arrived there was no question as to its likability and ease of use. I do like the various lighting modes and am happy that by going with LEDs that I am saving money on my power bill and having a light which puts out much less waste heat than my other incandescents and bedside reading lamps.
I have now ordered a second and will most likely add a third as other members of the household are showing desire for my lamp. I do like the color selection of black or white but this could be further expanded for better decorating options.
A few of the pluses that I like are that it has a solid base, various lighting levels and colors, a USB port which has been fine for charging a smart phone (did not try tablet), and what I consider a low profile mode whereas the body folds down and the lamp can still be left on i.e. a nice little night light for kids that can even be triggered off after 1 hour by the built in timer.
A few improvements that I can think of: adding slots on base that would allow wall mounting, ability to turn lamp on to desired lighting mode vs. need to power on then select mode, further telescoping arm reach.

Overall I think this is a great addition to my home and hope that it will last a very long time.

8/14/13 Update now that I have been using this for about 6 months. It has worked extremely well as bedside lamp and now that I have 3 in full time use, I am getting a request for one more.
My general use seems to be to turn it on when I sit in bed for the evening and I leave it folded down and have it set to come on at the third level. This seems to provide enough light for basic tasks like seeing laptop keyboard. I do extend it when reading and it has replaced my previous halogen reading lamp for all but the most intense needs.
All 3 units in my house are bedside and all are used for charging a cel phone whether it be an iphone or an S3. Have never had an issue with getting fully charged phones overnight using the usb outlet on the back.
My younger child leaves it on as a night lamp at the lowest level with the timer enabled to shut off.
Still very happy with this and would be glad to give more stars if I could.
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on February 16, 2013
I was in search for a lamp that could give me the feeling of natural light. After using this lamp, I was truly impressed with the emitted light. On a daily basis, I read a lot of documents and the lamp provides that natural sun light feeling which makes it easier on my eyes. The design is great, and it looks great next to my mac computer. In addition, its great that I no longer have to crawl under my desk to plug my iPhone charger as I can charge it directly into the lamp.

Before this lamp, I tried out a few cheaper versions, and ended returning them. I'm extremely happy with it and i highly recommend it.
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on January 30, 2014
This is a wonderful desk lamp and deserves a 5 start rating. Bright with many options for level of brightness. I can pivot and tilt to better direct light to where you need it.

But, I would tell buyers to check lamp before throwing away any packing material. The lamp comes in a box that is packed inside a bigger shipping box and there is not much fill material to stop the inner box from moving around. The first lamp I ordered was damaged where the arm meets the base. I could be wrong, but it sure could have been from being jostled around during shipping. More/better fill material would have secured the inner box. Amazon was great as usually with accepting the return and refunding my cost. My second order went fine, but please be cautious just in case.

It was worth it to wait for the lamp. It makes my reading much easier.
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on February 10, 2013
After my work desk lamp accidentally broke, I needed a replacement. I really wanted something that would look nice on my desk, and after reading some reviews I thought this LED lamp looked like a good combo of form and function. I hadn't really thought about having features besides brightness settings and on/off, but I really like the different "modes" of this lamp, as well as being able to charge my phone! Very nifty.

The modes of this lamp are a lot nicer on my eyes, especially when I'm working throughout the day. The softer lights are perfect for reading (especially at night), and the brighter lights are better for when I'm working at my computer. I've heard that a "bluish" tinge can affect LED lights, but that doesn't seem to be the case with this lamp. It even has a timer, which I suppose would be nice if you like to sleep with a light on. The lamp has a glossy finish, and has several pivots so you can move it to different angles.

Cons aren't too bad. The power adapter is pretty big, so if you're short on space on your outlet or power strip you might have to move some things around. The touch screen is fairly responsive, but sometimes requires one or two additional presses.

All in all, a very solid LED lamp. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good looking lamp with function to match.
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on January 14, 2014
I purchased the lamp based on reviews and the LED goodness. Unfortunately the lamp head does not swivel so the lamp edge light shines in your eyes if the lamp is anywhere in the field of vision. On the upside, the colors of the light (bright white to soft orange / golden) is great for filling any space that needs some light. All of this is to say, I like the light but not as a reading or desk lamp. It is better in the corner behind the desk.
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on September 14, 2013
I bought this lamp earlier lthis year...and truly didn't want to spend the same amount again...but after I've worked a few hours at my desk, the regular lamps create an almost a hot house environment. However, my 2nd desk where this lamp sits, is the same temp as the rest of the room! - I decided I need to bite the bullet and ordered 2 more.

I do like the sleeker style. Based on my prior purchase, it is also ready to sit up and use directly out of it's packaging. Obviously, I'd recommend it since now I purchased 3!
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on December 29, 2013
My husband claims this is the best gift he's received in a very long while. He reads a good portion of the day and with eye strain, and aging eyes, finds it hard to see smaller and more dense print. We looked online and read reviews of magnifying lamps and Verilux and Ott-Lites (both table and floor styles), but thought we'd give the Satechi (in white) a try after reading reviews. I especially loved the way it looked - sleek and clean and well-balanced. Of course the icing on the cake is the technology behind this type of lighting. We have a traditionally-furnished house but this modern-style lamp both complements and looks fantastic in our living room (looks like it should be in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) collection). My husband likes its long overhead light bar and the flexibility of the arm, as well the variable choices within each light category, although he mostly uses the brightest setting. We've placed it on a table next to his reading chair, and as the table is elevated about 3" higher than the chair arm, we find its the perfect height for providing excellent over-the-shoulder reading light. The lamp was perfectly packaged and came in perfect condition. After seeing a YouTube video about the lamp and how to set it up from the get-go, we didn't even have to refer to the enclosed directions in the package, as we'd already been prepared. We've had the lamp for a little over a month and appreciate its value more and more by the day. My husband is no longer complaining of eye strain, which was the original impetus for buying the Satechi. The cord is about 6 ft long and was a concern to us because of where our outlet is, but it has worked quite well. Just be sure to measure before you order and plan carefully where you would use the lamp. We read other reviews about wanting the light bar to pivot sideways but we haven't missed that as a feature. We like the Satechi so much that we're considering buying another for a bedside table. A terrific purchase. We are very happy.
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I have many LED desk lamps, but is am always looking for "the" lamp that will fit all my needs, and they are plentiful. ;)
On my desk, I want a light that is stylish. I have to look at it all day, and I like to look at pleasing things. This light is very stylish, and it looks great on my desk. It also has a small foot print with a base that’s 7.1” x 6.8” and a weight of ~ 2.5 pounds. The lamp rises from the base to a height of about 17.6”, then bends at the LED arm, which is about 12.9” long. Extended to its fullest height, the lamp can reach about 26” tall. So depending on how you bend the joint at the base and the joint at the LED arm, this lamp can cast light to a wide area or just focus light where you need it for detailed work.

Having to read legal documents for many hours at a time, I can spend a full day under a desk lamp. That means, I need it to be my "best" friend. It must be able to provide enough light, and variations on that light, so no matter what I am doing, the lamp has adjustments to can accommodate me.
I also need one that has as versatility of movement. Too many lights have great features, but you cannot move the light into the area you need to.
First let's discuss illumination. The Satechi Smart LED, provides Eco-friendly, Natural and non flickering light, so my experience is stress free, allowing me to be more productive.

The lamp has four light spectrum modes, which consists of:
1. Cold Light Environment (for Studying),
2. Natural Light Environment (for Reading),
3. Warm Light Environment (for Relaxation),
4. Dim Light Environment (for Bedtime)
The Smart also includes a 5 step brightness control in each mode, allowing you to have a high level of control over your adjustments, that you can set for your own comfort level. This feature helps you to reduce any eye strain.
Then Satechi, also includes a built in touch pad, and dimming control system, that really makes this light superior. If you touch the pad once, the light comes on. If you then tap it in a different position, it will change the color. Arrows up and down change the brightness of the light. The controls are just incredibly easy to use, making the lamps versatility excellent, especially for such a moderately priced item.
The next big feature is flexibility. The lamp swivels at the base to the left and right, then a joint at the base allows you to bring the lamp down closer to your desk, while a third joint at the LED arm allows you to angle the LEDs, so you can get the light exactly where you need it.
It also has a timer switch, which is something I now cannot live without. What a pleasure! Of course, it also has a USB charging port in the back to charge your phone, or the device of your choice.
Whether the lamp is on or off, there is a red LED indicator on the touch pad that lets me know where I need to press the lamp to turn it on in a pitch-black room.
This lamp is really a highly energy-efficient light that consumes only 1/8th of the power of an incandescent lamp, and less than half of the power of a fluorescent lamp. The savings add up.
Also, this Smart LED lamp has a lifespan of over 40,000 hours, with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90. The LEDs remain cool to the touch, making it a safe choice.
All this said, all in all, this is a very powerful LED light, at a very reasonable price.

I was sent a sample to test and review. The opinion in here is my own.
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on February 25, 2014
I've used it for a couple of days now. The brightness selections are excellent. It is just tall enough to come over the top of my monitor so I reach under my monitor to select the brightness. The extra USB is used for my phone so now I have room for another flash drive in my computer. With the night light function this lamp will stay on 24 hours daily. Next to no heat comes off the lamp. I'd buy it again!
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