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on June 4, 2012
This is a great product for the purpose I wanted. I have a SUV with a built-in DVD system, however most of the movies that I have are in digital format including MKV, MPG and AVI. I had initially though of getting a dvd player and then converting the videos to MPG2 and creating DVDs with it, but that would have been cumbersome and also suffered from loss of quality. Also since I have composite video pins in the SUV just having HDMI output was not an option. At all these level this product fits properly. I have attached a 1 GB external HD powered buy this units USB. I can play all of these videos directly to the car video and the kids have about 60 movies to choose from. I also was able to take this out on vacation and then attached this to the hotels TV thru DVD and watched HD quality movies in the room. Also I found out that it will play all the HD MKV both 1080 and 720 p also thru the composite video. All in all a great product.

Some quirks and nuances: The product natively has been set for PAL. Most HDTVs will see it and you have to change it to be NTSC while connected to the TV, however you have to do this every time you connect it to the HDTV thru HDMI. If you do not connect it thru HDMI, last selection of NTSC will stay. So if I take it out of the car, I change it after using it on the HDMI connected TV.

Remote certainly is very small and not very intuitive, I had a spare learning remote which learned the most basic buttons and I use this. I could not find the digit code for this unit. Since the unit is not functional without a remote guard the remote.

Overall an excellent entertainment product that is priced very right.
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on December 18, 2013
I really enjoy this little player! It's exactly what I was looking for in price (under $50 including shipping) and performance. Once you get it into NTSC mode the first time you use it (which took me a bit of trial and error), it's very easy to use and highly versatile. I'm actually thinking about buying a second one for my other room.

I wish I could knock it down just one HALF star, however, because it isn't quite perfect...

- SMALL SIZE! I had to put a couple strips of velcro onto this box so I could affix it to the TV, just because it's so tiny.
- MANY file formats supported!
- High Def up to 1080p.
- Can read from my Seagate external HDD, turning it into a GREAT video/music library!
- Will remember where you left off the last time you played a video, and ask if you want to resume playback.
- Can use either HDMI or Red/White/Yellow connections.
- Metal housing and no moving parts, so it *seems* fairly durable.
- Doesn't overheat easily. I have played it for six or seven hours at a time with no problems.

- No controls AT ALL on the unit, so if your remote battery dies (or you lose the remote), the unit won't do ANYTHING. In other words, buy a couple spare batteries ASAP and keep the remote in one specific place so it doesn't get lost.
- The buttons on the remote are printed as blue outlines on black plastic, the same size & shape (round), impossible to distinguish in low light.
- Remote has a VERY short range, so you might want to keep it on a leash, attached either to the unit or nearby. I may use more velcro on my remote, actually, and stick it next to the player.
- The default video output was PAL, so I had to navigate the setup menu almost blind the first time to get it into NTSC mode. (I haven't used it with the HDMI output, so I'm not sure if that will have the same issue.)
- When scanning thru a video (2x, 4x, 8x etc.) you can't just hit Play to return to normal speed. It's actually easier to hit Stop, then Play from where you left off.

Hopefully the next generation will address the shortcomings with the remote, and maybe have a couple buttons on the player itself (ESPECIALLY adding a #&@% switch for PAL or NTSC). But on the whole, I think it's worth the money!
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on February 12, 2014
I just got this few days ago, and It so far is the greatest thing I've ever purchased for $45. It comes with it's own AV cords and AC adapter, as well as a remote. The whole thing is rather self explanitory, but works wonders. I bought it to have on me when I travel and want to show friends a video without doing it on a small screen. This way I can show anyone anything I need to anywhere I go. The ability to select aspect ratio's on the device is great as well, that way if it's a "widescreen" video and you want it to be a 4:3 full screen, you can do that with a push of a button. I will be buying it, its own HDMI cable to have with it that way no matter AV or HDMI I can still throw it up on any tv. Highly recommended.
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on December 7, 2014
This device worked okay, but had a few glaring flaws. They deal mostly with the remote. The remote has to be aimed pretty much directly at the sensor on the media player. Kind of hard to do, when you're sitting back 8 to 10 feet away. But the worst issue I found with the remote, was being black with blue lettering. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but most times you're probably going to be watching you media in a dimly lit room, so navigating the control is nearly impossible. Being unable to locate any universal remote codes anywhere, so you're stuck with a control you can't see the buttons on. I would think with as many reviews pointing out this fact, the manufacturer would change the lettering to white. If you can live with that, the Cyclone seems to work okay, but I find there are other media players that work just as well or better without these flaws.
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on September 20, 2013
I snagged one of these nearly two years ago to replace a DVD player that we used to play commercials and informational videos to customers in a greenhouse environment.

Setup was easy, just drop the MPEG files onto a USB stick or SD card, pop it in, and you're off. Set the video to repeat and if you don't lose power to the device you can just let it run and run. Longest I've gone is 7 days, but that's only because we have an automated generator test that cuts power for a few seconds which shuts the device off. Wouldn't surprise me to see somebody else let it churn for 30-60 days without a hitch.

I'm very happy with it. I purchased a second one earlier this year and it too runs like a champ.

I did manage to crash one a while ago. I had 4 videos in a directory that I wanted to loop constantly. They had very long filenames which, apparently, was a problem. I shorted them up into something that held to the 8.3 convention and it had no problem with that.

The remote is not fun. That's obvious as soon as you unpack it, so it wouldn't be me "go to" for a media center device at home for that reason, plus I've seen it choke on long filenames, but for a museum or retail store setting where you want a reliable, inexpensive, low power, low footprint, easy to use device to loop various videos this thing is the ticket. I'd buy it at $100.
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on October 27, 2013
This device is great for entry level TVs with no video reproduction option. Plays everything, even RMVB, RAM and many other video formats (MKV, MP4, WMV, JPEG, AVI.....),. I've connected USB sticks and HDD portable drives (USB 2 and 3) with no problems. I've not tested the sd card option, but I'm sure it will work (probably I'll run a test now that think about it)

The remote control is a very slim little one, perhaps it is not easy learning curve and has small text for some people, but not a big deal.

The video quality is nice. I do notice some dull colors compared with video reproduction in a Samsung 3D Blu-Ray that has enhancements in the video.

You an try also the android TV devices that appeared after this devices, but I don't know how the interface will work in terms od lag and speed. This Satechi device has a quick menu and options.

You can change the subtitle color, size and many other options. One issue is wen you fast forward a video, if you push play, it will keep fast forwarding. You've to press enter instead... or press return, play the video file again and choose continue i the current time.
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on March 24, 2014
I produced .MP4 Instant-HD videos for entertainment events delivered on USB Thumb Drives.

So that performers could test and watch these thumb drives, I needed a device that they could plug it into and easily play their video. This device worked flawlessly each time.

The only thing I'd like improved is the "Auto Play" feature. When inserting the USB drive, the "USB" menu becomes available on the Satechi device, but to play the video we must use the remote control to navigate several submenus from USB to F:Drive and then select the file. Apparently the "auto play" feature requires videos to be in a specifically named folder. If the firmware could be enhanced so that it scans the root for any playable video files and just starts playing them, I would change this to a 5-star rating.

Overall I'd highly recommend this device.
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on September 30, 2011
We've ditched cable since 90% of what we watch is CNN. Been using an old (2004) laptop to watch internet content and downloads on our HDTV. Often when I try to run downloaded videos through the laptop (using the TV as a cloned monitor) I get the message on the TV, "Change computer screen resolution). And when I change the screen resolution, the video no longer shows on the computer screen. So, I got this and connected it with an HDMI cable (not included, a composite cable is included). I went through the "add devices" on my TV and was quickly brought to the Satechi menu - Movies, music, photos. I plugged in my 1 Terabyte portable hard drive (no external power needed) and the Satechi readily recognized it. I browsed through variety of files - blu ray rips, long 4 GB movies, short clips, you name it. The picture quality was outstanding, sound was great and could be increased with the Satechi remote, fast forward worked fine. I'm really impressed. I got it for the sales price of $39.99 and it plays any content that my computer could, for a LOT less money. I can't say enough good. And it is tiny, smaller than a pack of playing cards. Have not tried the SD card slot, but why would I need that when I can plug a 1 Terabyte hard drive into it.
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on December 18, 2012
This little box is versatile and powerful in so many ways. If your a movie buff, a music fanatic, or a picture taker; this little guy does almost everything you would need be done. Standard Def, High Def, MP3, FLAC, JPEG, GIF it processes about 90% of all formats with minimal errors. The GUI is very simple, great looking and very simple to navigate. It includes all the basic options you'll need without going overboard with too many un-needed options. It will please the basic and moderately power users equally. What I'm trying to say is, for the money you cannot get as many options with such an easy user-friendly design.

Now comes the part were I need to forewarn possible buyers about. Let me preface this by stating there are three things, one is a suggestion, one is info that the audiophiles out there will need to know, the other one is just a design dream I have for the next generation that comes out. In no way am I saying that any of these should keep you from buying this product.

1: The build quality of the remote is just awful. I am not going to candy coat it. I like the size of it, it works, but this is an area Satechi can easily and cheaply improve. The Micca brand "credit card remotes" are much better design. The Micca is basically the same size, but with raised buttons that has a backlight. The Satechi has those cheap bubble wrap style buttons and that rarely respond the first time you push them. This is the ONLY reason I did not give this product a full five star rating.

2: this could be a make or break for possible buyers, but only a select few. Besides playing about every audio format out there one of the huge advantages of it for music lovers is the fact it plays FLAC files. You will have no problem listening to basic FLAC rips, but, and big but for audiophiles is that it will NOT play high bit rate rips. HD Tracks, 24/96, etc. And of course no DTS. You can here the audio it it sounds very distorted almost like your speakers are blown. The majority of buyers are not getting an item like this to listen to high end music files, we have our special equipment for such things, but I thought that this needed to be made clear. It's a bummer, but again not a huge reason not to buy this.

3: this is just a suggestion for the future. A rechargeable battery, docking station option would be awesome. Also a USB power cord for laptops,etc.

There are probably other players out there that do these things I've discussed, but this review is on the Satechi Cyclone Micro2+. I hope this review helps. It is a great little machine that truly is mind blowing with the tons of options it offers. If $40.00 is your budget, look no further.
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on November 17, 2011
I love my 'Dinky Doo'. I discovered great movie websites on the net and would spend hours at my desktop watching them. Finally since my DVD player could not play these movies (AVI, MOV, DIVX) I learned how to reformat and burn movies to disk. However, that became expensive, time consuming, and it put more strain on my 4 years old computer than I liked.

Finally, an internet friend from Ireland told me about the Satechi Cyclone media player and sent me the Amazon,UK's link. I immediately checked Amazon, USA, read the reviews and decided to purchase one along with a 17gb USB stick.

I am behind the times so when the media player arrived I was somewhat suspicious at the tiny little dudad I found in the box which was not bigger than my palm. I contacted my internet friend who assured me what I found was the actual media player and that his young children referred to it as the 'Dinky Doo'.

Connecting the media player to my outdated tv with the red, white and yellow plugs was a snap. But my media player arrived set at PAL (European setting) and when I connected it to my television it caused the screen to scroll in black and white. I did not initially know the reason for the scrolling but again I contacted my internet friend who sorted it out.

Now for movies it works flawlessly. It also includes settings for music, pictures and files which I have yet to try. However, now I download movies, transfer them to the USB stick (which holds approximately 23 full movies) and watch them on my little 'Dinky Doo' while in bed. I have ordered a 500 gb external hard drive where movies can be downloaded to while it remains connected to the media player.

The remote control is what prevented me from giving this media player 5 stars. It is black with blue writing. This color combination is absolutely ridiculous and makes the small letters on the small buttons difficult to read. However, the Satechi's logo is written in white!

I had some concerns about the reported overheating of this product but after having it for almost a month I have not had that problem. So far I am happy with this tiny product.
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