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Color: White Trim (7 USB Ports)|Change
Price:$34.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on December 12, 2013
1. I did receive the 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub with the packaging in great shape and on time.
2. Aesthetically, the HUB is perfectly matched to the finish of my iMac. I appreciate the construction, look, and the feel.
3. It appears solid, sturdy, and durable. Kudos!

1. A nit. While the blue LED is awesome, it is extremely bright. When my office is dark and I'm working by the dull glow of the monitors, the blue LED shines like a focused flashlight onto the ceiling of my office, brightly illuminating it beyond belief. I've had to resolve to shut my office door now in order not to keep others in the house awake. It seems to me there should be a way to provide the indicator without the intensity. (Note: I have temporarily resolved this particular issue on my own, in a way that doesn't please me much, by placing a small partially transparent sticker over the LED. This attenuated the luminosity of the light enough to not be so blinding.)
2. The HUB's power cord and USB 3.0 cord are on opposite sides. While I can understand that this may have been due to the amount of space needed for each, having them on opposite sized does pose a problem for the placement of the HUB. You can't place anything close to either end, limiting it's placement. I can see the USB cord remaining where it is, but moving the power port to the same side or the rear of the unit would be a better location in my situation. As it is, I have to loop back and secure the feed and power cables in the same direction in order for it to remain neat and tidy. The USB data cables I am able to leave free without issue.
3. Even though the HUB is externally powered, when plugging in my Apple SuperDrive my iMac indicates that the HUB does not have enough power to run it. The reason for me spending as much as I did for this unit was based on the fact that it was externally powered and would have the extra juice needed for power hungry external devices. This, by itself, almost was a deal breaker. I have another external BlueRay drive on order, and I fear that the same situation may befall me. I will know more when that drive arrives. I'm not sure of the purpose of the external power supply if it's not even able to provide enough power to meet the requirements of a single Apple USB powered device with nothing else plugged into the HUB.
4. The largest problem that I have with the unit is the fact that it will not allow the iMac to power down any external drives attached to the HUB. I'm not sure exactly why, but when plugging my brand new USB 3.0 4Tb external drives into the HUB they spin up perfectly. I can transfer data to and from without issue, thankfully. When the transfers are complete, and after the drives sit inactive for a given period of time, the iMac instructs them to sleep to conserve life and power. However, when the drives are plugged into the HUB they are not allowed to matter what the Mac tells them to do.
5. On a side note, and one that will also be causing me a lot of grief is the fact that the HUB appears to limit the speed of the data transfers to almost half of what I can achieve when the drives are directly connected to the iMac's external USB 3.0 ports. It would be great if I could get some accurate specifications on the HUB regarding maximum transfer speeds and any documentation indicating if the maximum speeds are divided among the 7 individual ports in the HUB or not.

Final Word
I can tell you that I am more than just a bit disappointed, for at this point it appears that the only thing I can use the USB HUB for would be for temporary thumb drive, camera, video camera, and printer. Using it with my external drives appears to limit my transfer speeds, puts extra wear on the drives by keeping them spinning, not to mention the thermal issues that come from running all the time. I am hoping that there are a few solutions that you might be able to provide me regarding my current situation.
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on November 30, 2013
I own a 2010 Macbook Pro 17" laptop and it has the unfortunate problem of only 3 USB ports. I had been looking (and fruitlessly spending money on) cheap USB hubs that would house the absurd number of devices I connect to my laptop. In all cases, one of two things would happen. 1.) The hub would break or 2.) The hub couldn't handle the bandwidth.

I found this via iLounge and they highly recommended it so I gave it a shot. I'm here to reiterate their high praise. This is a very well made USB 3.0 hub that fits right in with my MBP. It's made of the same aluminum that the laptop is and it's fully powered so it never chokes on the more power hungry devices I have plugged into it (ahem... iPad). I don't see this hub breaking anytime soon as the ports are all very well glued in.

Unfortunately, I cannot attest to the USB 3.0 speeds as my MBP doesn't offer that port. However, this hub is backwards compatible and the 2.0 speeds are speedy as possible. I moved 12Gb of images off my CF card in record time while I had a thumb drive, a monitor calibrator, an iPad, and a Logitech MX mouse plugged in.

My only complaint is the obnoxious blue LED can't be turned down (or off). I don't like that blue glow in my eye so I mounted it behind my desk. Problem solved.
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on January 22, 2015
So, read a review on Macnn,com and thought this might be a good product. I was wrong.

The powered ports, are just that powered. So, it is NOT a 10 port hub it is a 7 port hub, with a charging station. The powered ports do not allow for data to flow from the hub to the computer, so that was a waste.

I have gaming peripherals that do NOT work with the hub. I have a Logitech G510, G13, and G700s. All of these peripherals do not work through the hub. The does not have enough power to power these items. So, when I boot up the computer and try to login, I cannot type, therefore I cannot login.

I connected my Apple branded Lightening cable to attach my iPhone and iPad, and even that would not pass data. Both the iPhone and iPad just sat there, and would not connect.

I do have two Seagate external HDDs that are connected to the hub, but both of these HDDs have their own power supplies. So, they seem to work.

I would not recommend this product to anyone, as I can only use 2 of the 7 ports that pass data.

I have returned to my older Belkin USB hub with 7 ports and it works great. I have never had an issue with my Belkin USB hub.

** Grammar edit: changing to charging
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on November 13, 2013
UPDATE! After using this hub for a month I have to downgrade my review from 5 stars to two. It seems the only thing I can get to work on this hub are thumbdrives. Once I finally got around to fully testing it with a memory card reader, external drive and a SuperDrive, none of them worked on the Satechi at all. Too bad because this hub is a perfect fit and look for the iMac. I have since purchased an EasyAcc 7-port hub and all devices work on it, including charging my iPad4. It doesn;t have the matching look of the Satechi, but it had functionality. I really, REALLY wanted to like the Satechi. Now, I will try it on the PC and hope it doesn't become a $50 doorstop.

I did quite a bit of research and reading a myriad of reviews before purchasing this USB 3.0 hub and I have to day it's nice that I got what I paid for. This is the ultimate hub for a Mac user. Not only does it match your Mac in design, but also in reliability and speed. The one thing it does not do is charge an iPad. But, I am not one to use USB to charge anything as I find it more efficient to use the device's actual charger, so I do not consider that a fault. My item was delivered promptly from Satechi and they followed up with a nice email. Class company delivering a class product. Get it. You won't be disappointed.
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on December 4, 2014
This is a very nice hub. It matches my mac mini and all my accessories so I can't be upset over the aesthetics. Plus nothing comes unplugged from it since it holds usb devices firmly in place. The only plug it doesn't hold firmly is the one connecting to the every time I unplug something from the hub the incoming cable unplugs from the hub just long enough to stop a hard drive or cause issues with something. I didn't even realize it was unplugged for almost 3 hours. Then I realized when I needed my external drive that it was ever so slightly unplugged. I'd totally give this a 5 star review if it either was not so tightly holding the usb devices so it didn't have to move every time or had a much stronger grip on the incoming cable.
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on June 29, 2014
Since the first writing of this review (see below), Satechi has replaced my faulty product with a better, 10-port model. I am happy with this new piece of equipment and very impressed by Satechi's customer service. They found my review and got in touch with me.... I simply had to accept their free upgrade offer and send back the defective device in the mail, pre-paid.

I would recommend checking out Satechi's 10-port USB 3.0 right here:

This new product just arrived and I already like it much better. It is worth the extra money to buy this. No power issues staying plugged in, plus the ability to turn the ports on and off.

Thank you, Satechi!

Here is the original review I wrote about the Satechi 7-port aluminum hub:

Unfortunately this nice device has issues staying plugged in... the power adapter port is extremely fragile and sensitive. I have to keep it out of the way of everything else on my desk. Plus, i have to carefully unplug anything from it to avoid a power outage. I'm disappointed by this flaw in design. I wish I had bought something more sturdy
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on October 11, 2013
Since my setup involves hooking up my macbook pro to a 27" monitor, I needed up USB Hub to use my portable drives, iPods, keyboard, and wireless mouse.


First off, the materials that was used is slightly disappointing. For $50 it's around the range of most Apple and third-party aluminum peripherals. Compared to gadgets the mobee magic bar, and the rain design laptop stand, the Satechi 7 Hub has the least appealing grain of aluminum. It's not nearly as smooth as other products I've own. It might not be a problem for most people, just a heads up on what it feels like.

The choice of white plastic for the bottom isn't so great either. The blue LED bleeds through the white on the left side and the USB 3.0 input plug. Again, not a big deal but It make me wonder if I should have gotten the black instead.

After having a look inside, there's a whole lot of extra space, but not used efficiently. Making the wires plug from the back is possible but requires a significant amount more work instead of a using a standard USB Hub board. This is probably the one thing that I find unforgiving because it increases the footage of wires (plus a bulky power supply that's as big as the hub itself) on my desk. Then again, it's not an Apple product where they go to extreme ends to make everything fit in the best possible way.

LED Solution:

For all of you that HATE the blue LED light, I have a solution for you. Remove the rubber feet from the hub and open up the bottom cover. you can place solid tape between the LED and the clear lens. I used about 10 small layers of masking tape and it has a very faint glow of blue now. I could cover it up with black electric tape or something, but for now it's not bothering me anymore.


At first, I had some issues with my wireless mouse (usb receiver) which occasionally bounces around the screen with the wrong touch. It seems to be an on-and-off problem when I use it with the hub, so I can't really say. I also have my Apple keyboard and portable drive work just fine. Connection speeds seems to be as advertised. I haven't done any tests, but the speeds seem to be standard.

It's also a bit stiff to plug your usb wires. I don't know why this is, but it is a really tight fit for usb ports. So yeah, you need a bit more finger muscle to plug and unplug your wires.


Of all 3.0 Hubs on the market right now, this is probably the best one right now. A decent attempt at Mac aesthetics, but honestly, the first 4 port version did a better job at that despite not being powered. I'm sure a better one will come by eventually when USB 3.1 is publicly available. But for now, this will suffice.
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on June 21, 2014
1. Strong, durable, very clean looking product.
2. Arrived quickly and in god condition.
1. The plastic surrounding each USB port is made too small. Most of my USB cords will not insert (even when forced). This includes a standard ipod/usb cable.
2. The unit shorted out when I plugged in a WD external hard-drive (portable). This happened within the first hour I turned it on. It no longer works.
Now here’s my rant:
I ordered this several weeks ago, but kept it in the box because I didn’t need it at the time. Now that I’ve turned it on and it doesn’t work, my window for returning the product has expired. Yes, that’s my fault – lesson learned. Nonetheless, I threw away +$50 on this product, and I urge you to not do the same.
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on May 22, 2014
The only thing that this hub has going for it is looks.
NONE of the USB ports would accept any of the USB cables I had on hand.
When you look at the actual ports they don't look like normal ports you find on a computer they look like some kind of weird port on a PCB that is hovering under the faceplate. They are not smooth and don't have the normal "guide" to smoothly engage your USB cables. They are very "gritty" too. I managed to force one cable in at one point but even though the hub was plugged in and powered on (the blue LED was lit) the device was not acknowledged and it would not show a connection to a USB hub/port. Also, it would not start charging. It is nothing more than a useless hunk of scrap metal. I am returning it immediately!!!
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on November 17, 2015
I don't think these are real 3.0... do the job for normal stuff (headphones, thumb-drive, LAN adaptor). Don't think it read/writes on a HD at 3.0 honestly, so I guess it's "OK".

Only complain is that they should make more visible that it doesn't work with 2.4 ghz dongles... this was the main reason I bought it to use my PS Headset paired with my computer and have the dongle hidden/out of the way; specially since I have to connect/disconnect my computer constantly at work and I don't want to ruin the dongle. I imagine same happens with 2.4 ghz Mice too.

Well now I got the nice shinny one doing light stuff and a freebie doing the real work... oh, well!.
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