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Breaking Benjamin first CD Saturate shows to their fans that they truly redefine rock and metal music with this starting CD and grew into a massive following to this day. I enjoy every song on the CD even though with the hard metal sound in a few songs was hard to understand the singer's voice. Track 1 even when the world is falling down around you, you still hope you can make a wish that comes true, track 2 you want to escape the other person you recognize by name but only way is to "Runaway...and Medicate." Track 3 truly a headbanging song you can rock out to in the car or at home, track 4 another rock song pondering idea how can the other person can save their own skin. Track 5 If you blessed enough to live a full life your life will go "full circle" and "your born and you die", track 6 shows that the person feels like he is nothing without that special someone. Track 7 shows that you truly care for people but watching out for your friends and nothing letting them drown, track 8 makes the person happy to realize that he or she is going home along "Yellow Brick Road." Track 9 is this part of your life really just a "Phase" as the song keeps saying as the lyrics play along, track 10 as you get older you choose to not play games anymore so "No Games" and also you will tolerate nothing. Track 11 we all face the truth along our road in life so it's always better to never "Sugarcoat" anything, track 12 the singer makes it sound like he is like the sound just a "shallow bay" or area and slightest little thing will set him off then the hidden track: life is so good for him he wants to "stay alive forever." In closing it blew me away with the rock riffs and metal and after listening to this CD I can truly say and understand why so many people are fans of Breaking Benjamin now.
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on May 8, 2017
Badass debut album from Breaking Benjamin, awesome stuff. Every song was awesome.

1. Wish I May - 5/5
2. Medicate - 5/5
3. Polyamorous - 5/5
4. Skin - 5/5
5. Natural Life - 6/5
6. Next To Nothing - 5/5
7. Water - 5/5
8. Home - 5/5
9. Phase - 5/5
10. No Games - 5/5
11. Sugercoat - 5/5
12. Shallow Bay - 5/5
13. Forever (bonus track) - 6/5
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on November 11, 2017
While this album is widely regarded as the worst one by post-grunge band “Breaking Benjamin”, I personally feel as if it doesn’t get enough credit. There are a lot of odd sounding songs, especially considering how the band would later develop a very recognizable sound, but that doesn’t mean it’s terrible. Songs like: “Polyamorous” and “Natural Life” are very energetic and great for excercising. Others, such as “No Games” and “Forever” offer an emotional detour from the rest of the albums sound.
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The BEST band ever!!! There isn't one bad song by them(in my opinion)- which is very rare to find. This is their "heaviest" CD. I've been a fan for 11+ years and already own this CD but its in bad shape now and needed a new copy. Another reviewer thinks Breaking Benjamin sounds like Disturbed....I'm a fan of Disturbed and I fully disagree, they sound nothing alike- yes this CD is "heavier" like disturbed, that's about it. If you like toned down music try out the other Breaking Benjamin CD's.
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on July 24, 2007
Breaking Benjamin always seemed (to me) to be that band that would release mildly entertaining singles but never seemed like they could release a CD full of good songs. Saturate proves my theory wrong though. The CDs that followed aren't nearly as good but with a CD as chock full of good songs as Saturate is, that's understandable.

What makes Saturate better than BB's newest offerings? It doesn't sound like they're out to impress anyone. Sure there's quite a bit of melody here but for the most part heaviness reigns supreme, something newer CDs can't easily claim. I also think another main factor in what makes Saturate so good is the fact that Ben's voice is so engaging. The riffs are a lot meatier this time around as well, another added perk.

Ask me what two of my favorite BB songs are and without hesitation I'll say Wish I May and Home. If I ever lost this CD you can bet your bottom dollar that I'd buy it again just for those two tracks. Wish I May is just a hard rock romp with a nice riff throughout and a stellar vocal performance. Home deserves the same praises, especially in the vocal department. There's a part towards the end of the song where Ben's voice never ceases to blow me away. Other notables are Polyamorous, Natural Life, Water, Phase, and Shallow Bay.

My favorite songs are Wish I May, Water, Home, Phase, and Shallow Bay. I know Breaking Benjamin will never make another CD like this and I'm happy with that. I'm glad they're maturing and experimenting with their sound as they progress through their career. Knowing that they probably won't top this (in my eyes) makes me wary of even following them further though. As far as debuts go, however, this is definitely a great one.
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on December 29, 2014
Breaking Benjamin's first album to me came out as a sucess and great start for this legendary band. im just going to go over my personal opinion and review of each song.

--Wish i may (9/10)
I love the intro and the gitaur which is really hard and plays well with the others elements of the song the gitaur solo/break this is one of my many favs of the album. to me though this song doesnt feel like it should be in the begining there are other songs that could've switched places with the song.

--Medicate (8/10)
Again another great song the word medicate is used a little too much but that kind of is the point but because of that nothing really sticks out about the song

--Polyamourous (8/10)
I think this song is just overrated nothing again sticks out about the song the video was confusing at points but i got the gist of it the acoustic version he did was better.

--Skin (9/10)
I love the lyrics to the strong along with the strong gitaur besides the rhymes at the begining this song is pretty origonal and well written.

--Natural life (8/10)
A decent intro the song itself isnt that creative but goes along with just about every song in the album which is great the lyrics arent the best but aren't bad the album though would have an out of place feeling without it. u can say that this song holds all of the others together.

--Next to nothing (9/10)
i like the slow beginning and transition to chorus although Ben makes it choppy which feels awkward but otherwise lyrics are okay the message is pretty relateable for many its a song id buy.

--Water (10/10) the newer version of the song sounds cleaner but other than that its a great song really relateable (at least for me) the double negatives used for most of the song stand out alot to me which is really easy to remember. also to make a song named water and make it this good takes real skill and talent only BB has truely one of a king

--Home (7/10)
No creativity points whatsoever and its noit the lyrics of the obvious theme but what reallygets me is the same style of chorus is recycled in a few songs especially in No Games.

--Phase (10/10)
sure the intro is unessisarily long but after sitting through some RJA songs you learn to tolerate it and once you do the intro feels like it lasts just a few seconds again this song i relate to on a personal level (hence the high rating) the ending though is in what i call the language of Ben when if you been listening to him for a whiule you can understand but for new listeners you will not understand and to be honest i can interpret the ending but i dont understand the meaning of the end.

--No Games (8/10)
again not a creative chorus but the lyrics are decent the dramatic like sound is nice and the question in the chorus and how he repeats it without repeating it (saying "would you" in different tonesthats what it sounds lie to me at least)coming from a questiuon at the beginning to a statement at the end.

--Sugarcoat (8/10)
i never really connected to the song but it still sounds great has the most screaming in it which makes sound intense the beat is new (at least to me it is ) but still nothing else sticks out

--Shallow bay (10/10)
i love the song the origonality the gitaur and i know you guys love it you named your website after the song its a great ending to the regular album especially the ending ofhe song wich again relates to most of the songs on the cd. i liove it

--Forever (8/10)
it starts out slow and peaceful and builds up twards the end i dont understand why its a bonus track you couldve just added it to the album you had 10 years...

i love this album after 10 or so years its still great and mostly origonal

*apologies for the many spelling mistakes i know i have a ton just dont let that be all you take away from this
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on September 11, 2004
This CD has been reviewed plenty of times already, but I just have to add my praise. Breaking Benjamin are masters of "the hook", making hard rock songs that are seriously loud yet irresistibly catchy, not just a lot of noise. In my opinion, "Saturate" is the finest piece of rock artistry to come along since the work of Stone Temple Pilots and Tool. Ben Burnley is a talented songwriter and vocalist, bending his voice into an amazing range from almost choir-boy-like smooth tones to edgey loud soaring choruses, to near-unintelligible screaming (which he wisely uses sparingly...just enough to spike your attention when you're getting complacent). He has a way of tweaking the end of some words with a kind of wailing that I find addictive. The guitar player also has an original & excellent style.

It's too bad this album didn't get promoted better. If you like their more recent & better-publicized "We Are Not Alone", you really need to buy "Saturate". "Saturate" has a harder overall feel than "We Are Not Alone", but I love them both.
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on December 3, 2016
Great debut album by an amazing band! Even for it being a first studio record, there's a reason BB are still as big as they are. If you ever consider listening to these guys, don't hesitate! Instead, SATURATE. (I'll see myself out the door. But pick up this album when you get the chance. It sells for some great deals on here.)
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This is a great album by Breaking Benjamin, love the songs.
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on December 10, 2014
Great first album for a great band! I am a fan of all the albums, but this one has a good amount of grit and growl that I really like. The album is a bit on the heavy side, adding just enough melody when needed to make me listen to the whole CD repeatedly.
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