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on July 16, 2014
I'm a pretty large guy 6'3 241 and I have a big foot "15" so with those challenges in mind and wanting to get back into shape with running. Comfort was of utmost importance! I have always been a Nike Pegasus 28 and 29 guy, and was reluctant to try anything else, until I needed a new pair of training shoes and saw the price on these and decided for the price "Why not" I'm not married to Nike. I can tell you without a doubt that these have become my favorite goto training shoe. I was pleasantly surprised on how light and comfortable these shoes were, and for some reason you just feel faster when you power walk and run in these shoes. Great alternative to Nike's especially when the price is right!
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on July 31, 2014
These shoes do run about half a size small, they will feel tight, as if your socks are too thick but that works for me to keep my foot better supported, and it's not unbearable. I have back, knee, and a ankle issues probably related to my severe underpronation on right foot. I have tried many shoe brands from Nike Pegasus, Asics Gel Cumulus, to Brooks something and while they are all soft on the heel, they lack support on the edges when my foot strikes the ground. These seem to be stiff enough on the edges to keep my foot in place without moving out and placing too much weight/pressure on the outside while being soft enough on the heel to absorb the impact. I was finally able to go running three times in one month and each for at least 30 minutes. And that then lead to a different problem: these shoes were too comfortable while running so that I then had shinsplintz or something like that and was barely able to walk for three weeks, but I think this is just my own overdoing the running given how out of shape I am and how I overdid the workout. If you have underpronation issues I highly recommend these shoes but just ease back in to running if you are out of shape. Enjoy! I am ordering a second pair, however, all that being said.
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on July 30, 2014
I waited a couple of weeks to write this review so that I could break them in by wearing them everyday. I finally ran with them yesterday (07/29/14) and was really pleased. I was running in the Saucony Guide 6 ,but after doing my homework (which I should have done before purchasing the Guide 6's), I discovered through Saucony.com that there are basically 3 types of runners and 3 types of running shoes made for those runners. I discovered that I was a neutral runner which, unfortunately, the Guide 6's were not a shoe recommended for neutral runners. I noticed a big difference after running in my new Ride 6's immediately. I felt that I could go a couple more miles in them as to where my Guide 6's would have let me know that it was time to stop. I can't wait to run again this afternoon in my new shoes. Another awesome benefit the saucony web site offers is a "see how the shoe you are currently wearing (any brand), "size-wise", will match up with the Saucony you are interested in purchasing, in 3-D! This takes the guess work out of buying shoes online without having to try them on first. I highly recommend, after finding a pair on Amazon, go to their website and make sure the size you are ordering is what is compared with the brand you currently wear.
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on April 21, 2015
The Saucony Ride 6 is a Neutral shoe, and does not provide extra support or motion control, but good cushioning. All of the running shoes I wore previously were support or motion control shoes, and they were not correct for my feet. Changing to the Ride 6 eliminated several foot and leg problems that I've struggled with for years. The Ride 6 seems to fit just a little more narrow than other D width shoes, which is perfect for my narrow feet. Just for the record, I pair them with Superfeet Green insoles, which are much more flexible and neutral than the previous insoles I used, and I think that helps too. I have about 150 miles on one pair and they are holding up well, so I am one happy customer.
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on January 27, 2014
Im a NCAA D1 XC runner. I run 70 miles a week and this shoe plays a critical role in my rotation. I highly recommend it and it really likes to go fast. Iv had some of my best half marathons in these and it really lets you move your foot in the run and is well worth it. Its also an average road race shoe. Will have no trouble doing sub 5 mile pace tempos with these.
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on September 29, 2014
I've been running in Kinvaras (2, 3, and most recently 4) which I love except that I'm only about 180 miles into my 4s and they are about shot. I had tears in the front of the uppers after first couple weeks. Recently experiencing abnormal foot pain which I assume is do to too little cushion. I ordered this pair of the Rides to save a little cash after trying the 7s in a store. The Ride 7 was very cushy and I'm looking forward to buying them confidently...when they go on sale. So far this shoe is a little stiff and I don't like the stiff plastic bit in the midsole. I've only put about 20 miles on them and those on the treadmill. Granted I'm coming from lighter more flexible shoes so I'm hoping these will break in soon and I will get a little more longevity and cushion for the long haul.
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on May 6, 2014
Purchased this shoe for my high school son for track practice. These shoes were very comfortable and provide him with excellent support for wind sprints, and track conditioning interval training (100m, 200m, 300m, 400m & 500m circuit drills). First pair only lasted about 2 weeks before the tread at the balls of his feet started to detach in several chunks from the bottom of the shoe. I was able to exchange for another pair assuming it was just bad luck with the pair we picked. The second pair lasted about 4 weeks before they started showing the same wear patterns and chunks of tread detaching. I can only assume these shoes are not up to the task for heavy duty training on an outdoor track in the southwest in spring time. This is unfortunate because these are the most comfortable, supportive, and light weight shoes my son has used in +5 years of track training.
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on August 25, 2014
After my initial review, where I had only run in these shoes for about 30 miles and felt them real good I have to say that after the second long run I had with them I started developing miled to moderate pain in my calves and my right shin. I also felt some lack of support in the heel area (and I'm not a heel striker). To make the long story short, I stopped using these shoes completely after only 80 miles and went back to the Mizuno Wave Riders I had been using for over 1.200 miles.

The material on the Saucony's feels very "plastic" and does not breathe as much as I want it to.

The shoe offers great reviews on most sites I've visited and I do believe it is a good shoe, just not for me.
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on March 20, 2018
It’s been awhile since I have bought a Saucony. Is it me or they don’t make them like they use to. I see all the reviews that it’s cushioning is tremendous. I’d like to try it out more but I know what I use to get from them in terms of cushioning. But it is apparent in my first few strides in them that this is not the same shoe. Are they making these completely different. Albeit it’s been several years but there is no close semblance of fit and plushness that Saucony use to have. I am sending this back at the moment
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on October 21, 2014
Great shoe that continues to evolve - and I cannot say for the better. I definitely liked the Ride 4 & Ride 5 better even though this Ride is much lighter in weight. The fit just seems different and i've had to add inserts that I didn't used to have to.
Overall the construction on these are top notch. They usually last at least 300+ miles and most often upwards of 4-500 miles. They have done a great job at reducing the weight on these as well and for the price it is one of the smoothest rides out there. (Pun intended.)
As for the use of inserts - I never used to have to have them. I believe - don't know for sure - that the insoles have been reduced/flattened from previous editions. I recall they used to have pretty good insoles and definitely higher arches than what they have now.
These are still my go-to distance shoe, and i've got a marathon coming up shortly. But now i've mixed in a few other brands/models for speed/hill work and also adding them to my distances runs.
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